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09-13-2003, 07:01 PM
We got our 3rd confirmation from DVC since we've made a few changes. The 1st 2 said preferred view but our last one has "boardwalk view". I have never seen this. Is this new? Part of my "request" was Boardwalk/Epcot view. Now it only says Epcot view. Since it appears our room will have a BW view should I drop the request of Epcot view? I really wanted the BV view and to see the Illuminations at night.
Also...haven't been to Disney since 9/01. Where is the best place to get tickets? The Disney Store doesn't give DVC discount anymore? AAA seemed to have good rates. Advise????? ! 37 more days to go!!!:Pinkbounc

09-13-2003, 08:13 PM
About a month ago, DVC announced that the preferred category will be split in two - Preferred Boardwalk View and Preferred Garden/Pool View. When you make your reservation, you actually reserve one or the other, same points. They went through the existing reservations by date of reservation and requests and assigned one or the other. You got the Boardwalk View! Congratulations! I'm not sure that all the BW view rooms have a view of Illuminations, you may want to request that.

As for ticket prices, The Disney Store was never supposed to give a DVC discount, but some cm's got it confused with Disney Club and gave DVC members the Disney Club price. There are advance purchase discounts for park hoppers at The Disney Store as well as AAA. The only discount for DVC members is on the Ultimate Park Hopper (length of stay).

09-14-2003, 05:29 PM
Thanks! I think we'll go to AAA. The prices did seem a little better than the advance ticket price from the Disney Store.
I'm so excited to know we have a boardwalk view! My request is for Epcot view but will now specify Illumination view.
We sold our points to friends for the annual due amount. They will be arriving before us by 2 hours. I hope they don't get the better of the rooms. I should request that we are close to make things easier.
Any recommendation for specific room requests?

09-14-2003, 08:05 PM
Originally posted by pigelet
Thanks! I think we'll go to AAA. The prices did seem a little better than the advance ticket price from the Disney Store

We like to buy our tickets from Paramount

7 day hopper, 4 plus features and free character breakfast coupon for $301. We than make this last 2 trips. Of course I messed with the plan and bought an AP last trip. It's a good thing the leftover days never expire.:p

Happy travels