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daisy maya
09-07-2003, 07:21 PM
I'm thinking of buying the DVC and I am undecided between the BWV vs SSR. I'm new to this board and any help you can offer would be great.

Daisy maya:D

09-07-2003, 10:07 PM
I am moving this to the DVC Forum for you.

09-07-2003, 11:04 PM
Hi: The most common mantra is "BUY WHERE YOU PLAN TO STAY !!" That being said, each resort has some definite advantages. You will have to decide what is right for you. It had been very hard to get into bwv at the 7 month mark a few years ago, but now that vwl, bcv, (and soon ssr) are open, it will ease up a little. It depends on what your priorities are as to which resort will be best suited for you. SSR will be nice and close to DTD, while BWV is wonderfully situated for Epcot and MGM. If you like to travel during DVC's busier periods (they don't always coincide with WDW's busier periods), it is very nice to have the 11 month priority at your home resort. I don't think you could make a mistake with either of your choices.

09-08-2003, 12:49 AM
I just made the decision to go with SSR. I usually go to BW once on a visit but go to DTD/PI several times. That was the deciding factor for me.

Think about where you'd like to be at the end of a day. Do you enjoy the Boardwalk activities and being able to walk over to Epcot and watch Illuminations and visit the restaurants? Then BWV is probably right for you.

09-08-2003, 04:22 AM
I think the extra years at SSR ( finishing in 2054 ) over BWV (2042) would lead me to buy there if I thought I was likely to use the extra time ( obviously if you mid 50s that may not be such an issue as if you're mid 20s). I think any residual resale value should be slightly higher for SSR ( and any other new DVC resorts) because of the longer timescale. There will be a level where a resale has a "fair value" to allow for the lower use years, but I think it likely that for the time being SSR will offer, stastically, the better value.

If you DESPERATELY want to own at any of the other resorts because you only want to stay there then I can see a decent arguement for buying a resale at that particular resort.

Disney Doll
09-08-2003, 09:54 AM
Buy where you think you'd enjoy staying the most. When DH and I were buying in 1997, the only 2 resorts available were OKW and BWV. OKW was overall a little cheaper. We looked at both, and while we enjoy the Boardwalk location, we also liked the laid-back atmosphere of OKW. We asked ourselves"If we could only stay in one reosrt for the next 45 years, would we be happy at OKW?" and the answer was yes, so we bought there.

BWV is a great location. In addition to being right on the Boardwalk, you have Epcot and MGM within walking/boating distance. It's an overall lovely resort, with nice pools, some lovely views(which will cost you extra points!),nicely decorated.

SSR is an unknown, but we do know that DVC properties do have a ceratin level of quality, so there's no worry there. You will be close to DD...there's wil be little boat that will take you there, I think, and it's also walkable. You will be near some great shopping, golf courses, and a very nice spa. The artists' renditions of the pool look spectacular, there will be a viewing area for the DD fireworks. All in all, sounds great.

Another poster brought up a good point to consider...your age. You get the extra years at SSR, but what good will they do if you're 90 and can't go???? Of course, they are willable, so if you have someone to will them to, that solves that. Even if you can't go when you get older, if you have kids, they'd probably make use of them. Of course, if something changes dramatically in oyur life where you think you wouldn't be using the points, the contract can be sold.

Remember, your home resort will give you an 11 month booking window, and the other resorts will give you a 7 month booking window. At certain times of the year, that can make a difference.

What do you like to do at WDW when you go? What do you think you'll enjoy doing as the years go on??? All of these are quesitons you should ask yourself. Keep in mind though, that there really isn't one property that's any nicer han the others. They are all lovely in their own way, each with their own charming characteristics. Really, what you have to decide is what characteristics of what resort best fit the characteristics of the type of vacation you want to take.

09-08-2003, 12:18 PM
Location - I would go with BWV - they are on the BW - so if you like to party - they are in the middle of the action.

Despite SSR being for a longer time- in estate location is always a more important factor - BWV location can't be beat - you can walk/boat to 2 of the 4 theme parks. I think until the 2030's BWV will be a high resale value than SSR. (this date may be in the 2020 - but I still think BWV will retain its value until 2030)

that being say SSR is a great location for DD/PI - if you know that you like to go there.

of course with DVC buying back the resale contracts that are undersold (their opinion) - they will set the resale value at each DVC resorts.

ten years more would not make me buy at SSR - but then I brought at OKW 93 (okay should have brought in 92).

if you are looking at SSR - I would go for a resale at OKW - should be cheaper.

09-08-2003, 04:06 PM
Spicey cat said in estate location is always a more important factor With the greatest respect the only other real estate "product" I can think of where length of time becomes an issue is where there is a lease on an appartment/condo. The length of tenure on that lease is certainly as important a feature when considering the value of that instrument. If you were buying a condo and you had the choice of two identical condos, one a 2 minute walk to the subway and one a ten minute walk you're telling me you would go for one with half the lease for the same money? Sorry I think you would be in a tiny minority.
It may not be an issue to you, in your particular circumstances, but it is an important part of viewing the product. IMHO when you've been going to Disney theme parks every year for twenty years I think saving 10 minutes travelling is going to be a relatively minor issue. The whole "location" issue is only vitally important if you travel at busy times of year AND you're able to book more than 7 month in advance, many people do not have the luxury of being able to book that far ahead. If you'll never get more than 6 months to plan ahead the the whole argument becomes a moot point.

Do you honestly think that in 2030 anyone, given the choice of 12 years of use of BW/BC (or any of the original DVC resorts) or 24 years use of SSR/EPV (or any other DVC II ), is going to pay the same price for the lesser time frame.

09-08-2003, 04:58 PM
I disagree, Location is everything for me and you save a heck of alot more than 10 minutes going from BW to Epcot or MGM than from SSRS. And you should never buy a timeshare and count on the resale value as an investment. So in 30 years yes SSRS will have more value than BW but most of us have owned longer and gotten our value out of it anyway by that point. I won't be looking to make a buck, if I need to sell in 27 years. Also you will have 12 years less of dues to pay, which is your primary expense anyway.
For me staying at DTD is no different than staying offsite, which you can buy into a lot cheaper. At least OKW has nice large accomodations.

09-08-2003, 05:14 PM
Wow. This is turning into a "whose resort is best" thread. Anyway, everyone has their own opinion. If you are undecided, go look at the accomodations in person and weight the pros and cons of each as they fit YOUR particular situation. See which property appeals to you the most. They all have a lot to offer, (and, no, this is not the "P.C." answer!)


09-08-2003, 06:15 PM
I have one question.....how old are you?
If you are young enough to reap the benefits from the longer contract, this IMO is a BIG consideration.
Without a doubt, I am a HUGE BWV fan/Epcot resort fan. I am also one that location, amenities and the ease and luxury these things provide for the guest are very, very, very important factors to me in regards to a resort. However, with things they way they presently are, with the exception of certain times of the yr and certain villas (GV & boardwalk view) you can usually book to stay at any of the DVC resorts at the 7 mo window. Just because your home resort is SSR does not mean you have to stay there all the time. Of course no one knows what will happen as more and more SSR contracts are sold and how this will effect the booking availablity of rooms at the other DVC resorts. There is a possiblity that some of the other DVC resorts might one day become almost impossible to book w/o owning there, or DVC could change the rules that you can only book at your home resort-- both most likely will never happen. But these are things that are also a big consideration. If you had to always stay at SSR would you be happy, if not then the extra years are a moot point.
I am glad I am not a first time buyer and young enough to be able to enjoy the extra years (well the young enough part I am not glad about, LOL), because the extra years would be a BIG temptation due to the fact you are getting more time/vacations for your money. However it would have been a dilemma for me because I know I would not want to stay at SSR the majority of the time and taking the chance of booking BWV, BCV or WLV all the time could be like playing Russian Roulette.

09-08-2003, 08:11 PM
daisy maya,

DW and I are just finishing what you're starting (we just made our down payment on SSR two days ago) and I agree 100% with the "buy where you plan to stay" crowd. We're young empty-nesters, and while the parks will usually get a visit or two from us every stay (and more so with eventual grandchildren), the idea of being a short walk or boat ride away from DTD/PI is highly appealing to us. I could see us ending almost every night there; being a regular at The Adventurer's Club, now that's Disney Magic!

Other points in SSR's favor: buying through Disney - just our preference; on-site Spa (for DW); slightly more relaxed area - we can get away from the parks if we want.

Good luck in your decision; the good news is that either choice is great!

daisy maya
09-09-2003, 11:35 AM
Thank you for all your advice, it has helped tremendously. I am 28 year old married with a eight week old newborn. We just decided to buy at Saratoga for the only reason of the extra years. We figured it would make a huge difference to us. We don't plan to travel much during peak seasons and we hope this will make it easier to stay at other disney resorts.
Just a small note. I was looking into the boardwalk not as a resale but to buy from disney. They have made more room and are seling more points at $84 a point with the $10 incentive. I'm not sure if you were aware of that detail.

We hope to go to disney soon and have a lifetime of disney memories with our daughter Maya!