View Full Version : Is this a good deal for the dream maker package?

08-26-2003, 08:27 AM

I was quoted a price of $776.38 for two adults, for three nights at CBR waterview room for Feb 4-7th. I also was quoted an AAA rate of $132 for the night of the 7th (no use for UPH as our flights leave early that day). So, total it would be $908.38 for 4 nights at CBR with UPH's (up until the last full day). This breaks even further down to $227.10 per night or $113 per person per night.

OK... whew... so, my question is this: I am a AP gal all the way. I have never purchased a package, it makes me nervous with all their "cancellation" laws. My family and I will be making a trip down in November 2004 for 5 nights so if I bought another AP for the February "girlfriend's" trip I would be ahead after the November trip (by $58). So, finally the question...

Should I book the package or test the waters for AP rates for the beginning of Feb? :eek:

Worse case senario is that AP rates DON'T come out, then I would be paying AAA rate for the room ($132 * 4) and an AP (since I would still be better off with it) which would bring my total to $66 per night plus AP $377.01.

Confused? I am too! ;)

OK, let me break it down some more for my own benefit (and yours if you are lost)...

Dream Maker Package = My share = $454.19 Room & Tickets
Add on a 5 day hopper for Nov 2004 = $231.11 = $685.30

No AP rate but still buy an AP for both trips = $264 Room + $377.01 = $641.01

AP rate for Feb... Might possibly be $89?/night = $574.59 (Room + AP).

Still with me? :confused: Looks like I hope for AP rates, and settle for AAA rate plus get an AP.

What do you think?

08-26-2003, 09:40 AM
Hey, would anyone be interested in exchanging MUGS? I have two POR mugs from July, in very good shape. I would be interested in exchanging for recent CBR mugs, also in good shape.


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