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08-24-2003, 04:55 PM
I am considering a stay at either the GF or Poly concierge in December? Are they the same? Any differences in the concierge offerings / service ?

Any one better for a family with 3 kids, ages 1 to 5 ?

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help....

08-24-2003, 05:19 PM
Service at the Polynesian in MUCH better, then lounge is much more suited for kids, and the entire resort is more kid friendly.


08-24-2003, 10:13 PM
What about the types of food / service ? Are they comparable ?

08-24-2003, 11:58 PM
The Polynesian Concierge is certainly more "kid" friendly. Although they are going through some tough times with the transition from Hawaii to Tahiti, they are doing all that is possible to make your stay as magical as can be. Their food offerings are as follows:
7am-10:30am Continental Breakfast: Bagels, English Muffins, Apple/Cheese Danishes, Cinnamon Rolls, Hawaiin Pineapple Bread, Fresh Cut Fruit, Fresh Whole Fruit, Cereals (Fruit Loops, Cruncharoos, Raison Bran, Frosted Flakes), oatmeal and of course coffee, milk and juices. If you have a special request just let them know and they'll do what they can.

12pm-4pm Light Snacks (this services somewhat lacks although it is the same at other concierges') Cookies, Dried Fruit Mix, Gummies, Runts, M&M's, Fresh Fruit, and all beverages

5pm-7pm THis is the best. You will always have one hot dish such as chicken wings on thursdays, sushi on mondays, beef and chicken skewers w/ rice and they're always be a cheese platter, vegatable platter, and fruit platter. In addition to the normal beverages, you will have a choice of 3 different types of wine.

8pm-10pm You have the choice of 4 different types of desserts and cordials such as Amaretto and Bailey's Irish Cream.

Keep in mind because the building is larger, there are more people and sometimes they people will overwhelm themselves w/ large servings. Suggestion, get there early for the evening services.

In addition, prior to your arrival, the itinerary planning office can help you out with all your questions and priority seatings, especially for Cinderella's Royal Table Breakfast. They have a bit of an advantage and all the gals in there are wonderful!!!!

08-25-2003, 07:55 AM
Originally posted by Tigger73
What about the types of food / service ? Are they comparable ?

We found the food offerings to be a little bit better at the Polynesian in the evening, not quite as much during the day where the GF actually offers some tea sandwiches and nachos with salsa. They have bottled water in individual bottles at the Polynesian that they encourage you to take for the parks--at teh GF it's only in large glass bottles. The soda is out and available for the taking at the Polynesian, at the GF you have to beg someone to get you one, and they do so grudgingly, maybe.

They also have jogger strollers that you can use for free(when available), minifridges in the rooms, a better themed main pool, and have I mentioned better service? At the GF we were treated like yesterdays leftovers, at the Polyneisan they were so welcoming and pleasant.

GF concierge will never get my business again.


08-25-2003, 12:18 PM
Anybody with any comments about the GF concierge ? It really makes me lean towards Poly.

Thanks in advance...

08-25-2003, 02:18 PM
I struggled with this decision as well, I have never been to concierge at any of the hotels, but have been to the GF before and loved it. I signed up as many did when it was offered as part of the fairy tale package that they ran until the end of June, and the cost was really not much more than a standard room, only $70 a night, and so many nice things were said of the service on this board that we thought why not try it? I had the choices at the time of GF- Sugar Loaf Concierge, Polynesian lagoon view Concierge for only slightly more, boardwalk Inn Concierge or Yacht Club Concierge for less. I leave this sunday, the 31st of August for Sugar Loaf at the GF, and promise to place a report here. What I can tell you thus far is that the pre-planning has been everything that I could have hoped for and more. Clarke has dealt with me three times (each time over 20 minutes), and others in planning two short other times and everyone operated with a smile, with diligence, and with seeming excitement over my plans that made me feel at home. I am on the waiting list at Victoria and Albert's Chef table (with reservations for V&A no matter what) for the night I give a ring to the one that I am going with (with Clarke taking the time to make special arrangements for the giving . . . at V&A and a surprise presentations with V&A part of it) . We have window seats at the California Grill the first night which is MK fireworks night. Clarke made a couple of changes to reservations gladly and was very free with his time.

If this is any indication of what is to come I will be pleased, but again promse to let you and everyone know.

*chuckles* . . .how ironic, planning just called to make sure about my room request (marina view upper floor) . . .again, great service thus far.

As for the bad experiences that some have had, I have lurked the boards as I too have been worried reading the good, bad and ugly things and see that no resort is immune to spotty concierge as well as regular service. The polynesian has mold smelling rooms, crowds from renovations, spotty food service compared to the past, etc etc . . . or it is the greatest place of all to experience concierge . . . GF has impersonal and even rude concierge service . . . and yet a post filled with ones who had a wonderful time was posted within the last month . . . even AKL which everyone has loved has had its detractors (too far from everything for one) . . .

*chuckles again* .. . which leaves you where you started. But if it helps, I will do as I said, post something here about the trip, either when I return the 7th of september, or perhaps even during from one of the online kiosks in disney.

Good luck to you on your decision and all on their trips.