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Mich Mouse
08-22-2003, 04:58 PM
Just returned from nine days at AKL... We found the Disney magic to be more evident there than at any other resort. Usually we visit each year and pick out which Disney property wll be "next"... Well for the first time my family wants to repeat a resort. I'd be happy to answer any questions about AKL. My new "home"


08-22-2003, 05:32 PM
Mich Mouse, welcome home! If you have photos, please post the link to them here. What was it that made your family fall in love with the resort?

08-22-2003, 05:37 PM
Hi! I am visiting AKL in October. I would love to hear anything you have to tell about your room and its location and convenience to, for example, the pool. Also...what ABOUT the pool!:D Did you like it? The hot tubs? Did you use the fitness center? What about the restaurants? And the gift shop? Did you spend much time exploring the hotel? I'd love to hear anything at all ;)
I wish I were going for 9 days!!!

08-22-2003, 06:31 PM
You have got it right there...AKL is the best!

08-22-2003, 10:34 PM
I agree 100%!! We too are returning to AKL next trip. My family just fell in love with this awesome place. We had standard view rooms. Next trip we are booking pool view. Can't wait to go back.

08-23-2003, 01:01 PM
We will be at AKL for 9 nights in February. I can't wait! I have a couple of questions:
1. Do you know if (well-behaved) children (ages 9, 10) are allowed in the hot tubs with a parent? (would only be for a few minutes, they would like to "try them out" lol)
2. While I am looking forward to the relaxing atmosphere, in your opinion, with a 10 day stay, will my boys get bored? (We will have a rental car and can go other places if need be.)

Thanks, and glad to hear you had a good time!

08-23-2003, 03:35 PM
we just spent a week there and had the most magical time. I will be posting a report, including my suggestions for the best savannah view rooms, if you can book those.

but to answer the hot tub question -- there are 2 hot tubs. One holds about 15, the other about 8. They let children of any behavior, whether they are monitored or not into them (supposed to be supervised by parents, but not enforced.)

08-23-2003, 03:48 PM
Glad to know kids can get in the hot tubs - we were at a resort recently that forbade kids under 12 in theirs. :(
I am looking forward to reading everyone's reports:D :Pinkbounc :bounce:

Mich Mouse
08-23-2003, 07:14 PM
There are so many things that we fell in love with at AKL. This exotic resort that is surrounded by wild animal habitats really takes Disney theming to a whole new level. It absolutely just transports you....We loved the resort not only because of its spectacular theme, but also because there is just so much to do there!

We attended the fireside story telling in the evening where a cast member from Zimbabwae told African tales, we went on a cutural safari where a young woman from Souh Africa enlightened us about the differences between our countries. My ten year old daughter was facinated by this. We also watched the animals through night vision goggles. These are only about a quarter of free and interesting thinks that go on every day at AKL.

The pool is also awesome!! It is huge and really looks like an African watering hole. There was plenty or room, and a great slide. The zero entry is great for young children, and those who are in wheelchairs. There is also a savanah overlook a few steps away from the pool.

As far as location, the resort is large! We planned ahead and faxed in a room request so that we would have a view of the animals that we preferred (different animals are on different savannah's and my daughter loves Zebras) and be in close proximity to the pool. Also, I did not want to have a view of a "people pen" (These are large wooded circular fences on the savannah intended to act as a barrier between people and animals in the event of an emergency.. so I was told.)
We were on the Arusha savannah, all the way at the end, which was not a close walk. This was OK with us, because the view was unbelievable!! We were also on the side of the resort that the pool is located on. We were thrilled to get a room exactly as we requested! I would definitely fax in room preferences ahead of time if you would like to be near the pool, or on a certain savannah.

The restaurants are unbelielievable as well. We ate at Jiko twice and did BOMA for breakfast and dinner. Jiko was my favorite Disney restaurant of the trip !! We also ate at other great restaurants like Caifornia Grill, Flying Fish, but I just love the flavor of the African foods !!

The Zawandi marketplace is also the best resort gift shop, in my opinion. I bought hand carved wooden animals and other imported goods plus they have a large selectionof the usual Disney "goodies"

I did not exercise at the lodge, so I cannot comment on the fitness center. I took time off from working out, but that is ok since I go to the gym year round at home.

The Mara is also another resaon this resort is so great. Many of the Disney deluxe resorts do not have food courts. I like to partcipate in fine dining, but a quick bite at the food court is a great option to have !! We ate there twice!

The Disney imagineers have ventured into darkest Africa and created an awesome, magnificent, tranporting experience with the AKL.:D

Maggi May
08-23-2003, 08:34 PM
AKL really is wonderful. My DH and I spend just 3 hours there while we ate dinner at Boma and walked around the lodge. We definitely want to go back to stay. :)

We don't have kids, but noticed what great attention was paid to children's activites. In the main lobby area, kids were sprawled out on the floor, making charcoal rubbings of the engraved stone images. We wandered past the main desk and watched for about 10 minutes as a CM played a game with about 10 children, asking them about traits of African animals. The winner of each question got to pick out a bead to add to a necklace. What a neat place!

08-23-2003, 10:24 PM
We too are very much considering a repeat at AKL for this February. We usually like to try a new resort each time and often check out possible new locations, however AKL won us over last Feb! Just last night we were talking about our wonderful vacation there and how it is the tops for our list for this Feb. too! So glad you also had a great time!

08-23-2003, 10:25 PM
Thanks so much for the replies! I didn't realize they had so many planned activities. It doesn't sound like my boys will have time to be bored! LOL

It's also good to hear they will be able to try out the hot tubs. I will make sure that they are well behaved AND supervised! LOL ;)