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08-16-2003, 06:19 AM
we are going to wdw 29th june-13th july(dh,ds 8, ds 11)i am quite worried about the crowds and the weather(mainly the rain)
can any of you out there tell me how it will be
also i was thinking of changing to go in october we went this time before and it was wonderfull am i panicking for nothing and will the weather and the crowds spoil our trip
if we do go at this time would it be better to do the water parks early in the morning and then head back to our rooms for a rest while the storms roll in,i was also thinking of making our lunch ps's in the afternoons and hopefully we would miss the rain and the storms
i would love to hear any of your experiances:Dcan you help ease my mind
i also posted this subject over in the planning forums and i thought i'd ask over here as well:D

thanks eve:D

08-16-2003, 05:54 PM
The afternoon thunderstorms tend to get more dependable and harder the longer you go into summer, late June to mid July shouldn't be too bad and you may not get bothered with them at all on some days but it is a little bit "the luck of the draw". In many ways the storms actually help to clear the air and take a little of the fierce heat/humidity out of the day. If they are short and sweet it shouldn't dampen :jester: your spirits too much. Again with crowds you should miss the worst of those by being a little ahead of the most of the crush.
I understand what you mean about October, IMHO for weather October and April/May are probably the best times to go, but even then in October you do run the risk of a late tropical storm/Hurricane blowing through.

It helps a lot to have a plan of action if thunderstorms are forecast for the days you are visiting, there are still a lot of things you can do that should mean any short storms don't upset your plans too much. MK, Epcot, Universal and MGM all have many indoor rides ( and more importantly sheltered queueing areas) that mean your days at those parks shouldn't be too difficult. AK+IOA are not so good in that respect and I would try to pick days that look the best weather wise for those two parks. SW is sort of middle ground, there is a fair amount that would be disrupted by heavy thunderstorms, but there are still quite a few "indoor" things like the manatees, sharks, penguins, Wild Arctic and Pets ahoy show that would give you plenty to do during short/light storms.

All in all I wouldn't panic too much, there are chances of adverse weather conditions at pretty much any time of year, but if you are aware of the possibilities and have a plan that allows for that chance it really shouldn't spoil your holiday.

08-17-2003, 01:32 PM
hi vernon
thank you for your detailed reply,you don't know how happy you have made me feel;) freinds of our went at that time of year last year and he said out of the whole holiday yes it did rain every day but it was only 40 mins a day and he said he has not seen rain like it but when it stops it will become completly dry as if it hadn't rained,fingers crossed that's what i'm hoping for:D :D

thanks eve:D

08-17-2003, 03:34 PM

We went at the same time this year (28/6 to 16/7) having only ever been in October before and I had the same concerns as you. We love October too and were wary of the difference.

However, we had a wonderful time and the rain didn't spoil it one little bit ! To be honest, it didn't rain anywhere near as much as I expected (don't know if we were lucky) - there were one or two thunderstorm warnings in parks but nothing came of them. Check out Fox 35 each morning for "Travel & Weather on the 5s" (I love this channel) and as Vernon says you can adjust you're schedule according to the rainstorm probability.

Neither was the heat/humidity that much different from October (IMHO) - more constant perhaps but not the difference I was expecting.

I'm sure you'll have a great time. We made a big effort to get the parks for opening and this made a big difference.

One other tip I picked up on the boards was to wear sandals rather than trainers just incase yo do get caught in the rain - trainers take a great deal longer to dry that shorts and t-shirts and it can be quite chilly in the a/c with wet trainers. Took a while to persued my 2 DDs to swap (I think they keep Adidas going as a company) but they were glad they did.


08-17-2003, 04:29 PM
June & July are the wettest months. In fact this June was one of the wettest on record!

June has almost twice the amount of rain than May.

August & September are better with most rain in the form of afternoon showers. Recent weather reports from Orlando are showing this dryer trend.

08-18-2003, 02:15 PM
hi garry
thanks for your reply,glad to see you didn't find it too bad this year,were the crowds hard to deal with or was it just like the theme park queues we have over here?my eldest son wear's nothing but trainers(he keeps nike going:D )i'll have to try and get him to swap for sandals although i don't think he'll be pleased

hi codge90
after reading your reply saying june was the wettest on record,do you think this has something to do with the abnormal temps we've seen all over the world this year, i mean even the hottest of countries were even hotter this year it could be that maybe florida was even hotter this then making it rain more,if that is the case i sure hope it will be baqck to normal next year:D

thanks eve:D

08-18-2003, 04:35 PM

In all honesty we didn't think the crowds were an issue because we got to most parks early (opening), used FP and then just chilled if it got really busy (only at MK on the Monday which I believe is always a busy day).

Only other times out of 17 days that were a problem were BB (even on a Tueaday) and Shrek - but this was always 100 mins.


08-19-2003, 03:29 PM
hi garry
oh how you have made me feel a whole lot better about going in june:D :D