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Princess Aurora45
08-13-2003, 03:37 PM
Has anyone else notice this, but when trying to get characters autographs, you are constantly pushed in front of by kids. It was really awful, the CMs didn't do anything. I only got 3 signitures 2 were at the hotel were you had to queue and the other was in the park as no1 was around the character. Has anyone else had this happen to them. The french were really rude wher it came to lining up.

08-13-2003, 04:55 PM
Hi :wave: ,

I totally agree. I found that the French were awful at waiting in line and coming to terms with 'Wait your turn'. I thought that most European people didn't seem to want to wait in an ordely fashion.

I remember once when we were waiting at Main Street Station for the train and two French teenagers jumped over the railings as soon as the train pulled in. There were a few English families around us all of whom shouted to try and get the CM's attention. Either the CM's couldn't understand or were just being plain ignorant as they didn't do anything about it - and nobody else in line seemed to be too bothered.

I'm not saying all the French don't queue in line properly 9I'm sure some of them wait their turn nicely ;) ), but there are certainly a few that don't want to wait.

I found the best place was in the Disneyland Hotel - much better queue control with Cast Members that actually do something to make sure everyone gets a turn at seeing the characters. Character Breakfasts are also great ways to fill up the kids' books.


08-13-2003, 06:15 PM

08-14-2003, 09:40 AM
I had already thought of that. While at DLR this spring I noticed that of the few people who tried to cut in line, they were all European. Seriously! There was an Italian dad and his teenaged sons in line to see Mickey at his house in Toon Town. If you've been there, you know that the queuing area is quite wide (it's where you watch the old Mickey movies while waiting your turn). I was just watching these guys creep up and up and up in line and when they got to us we closed ranks (there were 5 of us) and they didn't get by us. But I wondered, if that is a cultural thing in Europe, what is it like in a park with all Europeans?

08-14-2003, 11:18 AM
We were asked to complete a survey in the Park May this year and rated the Character greetings very poor . When asked why we cited the lack of organised queues and the castmembers reluctance to help form one. The CM doing the survey said dozens of people had made the same comment.

IMHO a covered meeting point like WDW has near Nautilus or something like the Character meet in toontown would vastly improve the situation.



08-14-2003, 11:22 AM
At DLR, each character has what I call a "keeper", i.e. a non-costumed cast member who stays with the character at all times, controls the queue, helps the charcter get from one place to another, etc. Does that system not exist at DLP?

08-14-2003, 11:36 AM
Hi Missypie,

yes like at WDW each character has a minder but some are better than others. A couple i've seen make a queue and help out but unfortunately the majority just lean against the nearest wall watching the "scrum" form around the character until it's time to lead them back in. last time we went it was Princess week - 2 were well organised with roped off queues 2 were crazy free for alls with pushing and arguing ( we heard arguments and language that woud get you banned from the boards if you posted it ).

one of the major reasons why we book the disneyland hotel is for the access to the characters at breakfast and dinner.

:bounce: Alec :bounce:

08-14-2003, 11:47 AM
Wow. I'll have to prepare my kids for that. The younger two really got into getting autographs at DLR.

Let me ask you this: When we were at DLR, the CMs we talked to seemed to think they had a good job, and they behaved accordingly. How does DLP compare to other French employers in terms of pay, benefits, etc? Are the CMs prouds to work there or is it considered a real bottom of the barrel job?

08-14-2003, 02:30 PM
I can't comment on the pay or conditions as I just don't know but can tell you 99% of CM's at DLP appear pleasant and cheerful. A couple of the waiters in the Hotel were very chatty on our last trip and seemed to enjoy the job. ( One was fluent in six languages and claimed he could get a job in any hotel in the world but loved DLP).

I don't think the minders are given clear instructions on how to organise characters and queues in the park.


08-14-2003, 02:40 PM
They just need to ask us! We'll tell them!