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08-07-2003, 09:55 PM
I decided I should start a journal since sometimes I just like to write down my thoughts. Also, I really enjoy seeing how well everyone's progressing, and hopefully my progress will help someone else.

Here's my story:

I started my program, Health Pointe by Lean for Life, on June 18, 2003. The program in a nutshell is moderate carb, moderate calorie, low fat, moderate protein, and includes a few days that are "protein only." It's a 6-week program that can be completed until the weight loss goal is achieved. The first few weeks carbs are limited to veggies and fruits (maybe a piece of toast or cereal at breakfast in place of fruit), and the last couple weeks, grains are reintroduced into the diet to "retrain" the body to be able to accept carbs without weight gain. I have actually done this a couple of times before, but this time I really am serious about achieving my goal. Protein snacks are also required, as is moderate exercise (usually in the form of walking).

My stats:

Age: 32 (I'll be 33 in November)

Start weight: 180.5

Height: 5' 2.5"

Left Bicep -- 13 1/4"
Left Thigh -- 25 1/2"
Chest -- 42 3/4"
Waist -- 36"
Hips -- 45 1/4"
Abs (what I like to call "the tire") -- 43"

Size: 14 or 16

My weight goal is 130.

As of today, August 7, 2003 (7 weeks later) here's where I am:

Weight: 171 (9.5 lb. lost)

Left Bicep -- 13 1/4" (no change)
Left Thigh -- 25" (1/2" lost)
Chest -- 42" (3/4" lost)
Waist -- 33 1/2" (2 1/2" lost)
Hips -- 43 1/2" (2" lost)
Abs -- 40 1/2" (2 1/2" lost)

My clothes are fitting better (they were probably snugger than they should have been), and I feel good. I'm in the 2nd round of the 6-week program. I'm hoping to lost another 1/2 pound by the end of the week to earn my 10 lb. clippie!

I did have a few setbacks, which I attribute to my own lack of planning: During my 3rd week, I went on a week long vacation to the Big Island, and did not follow my program. The day I returned, I weighed 2.5 lbs than the day before I left. A few days after I returned, I had to return to the Big Island on business for 2 nights. Again, did not follow the plan, and pretty much screwed up the remaining week. Two weeks after that, I went to Molokai for one night, but I had a plan and I followed it. I didn't lose weight, but I didn't gain either, so I consider that a success.

I work for the government in what is sometimes a stressful job. From January - May, the hours are NUTS (I know, not typical of a "state worker"!), and sometimes I end up eating whatever is around the office because there is little or no time to run out and get anything. Poor planning on my part too because while I start out with good intentions about bringing food to work, I often am so tired at home because of the work, that I don't prepare anything. Right now is a good time though, things aren't very hectic and shouldn't be too bad until late December or early January, so now's my time to LOSE! Hopefully by January it'll just be a matter of maintaining weight.

Since I started the 2nd round of the program a week ago, I've lost about 4 pounds, and have stuck pretty well to the plan. I have been in ketosis since last week. I really want to lose another 20 pounds by the time I go to Las Vegas in early October when we see BF's dad and step mom. I really worry about them, as does BF, because dad has high blood pressure and is overweight, and step mom is overweight and has had a few relatively minor health problems. We bought them a Health Pointe kit and gave it to them last year (last time we saw them), but are not sure if they've made use of it. I figure if I can set the example, they can see that it really does work, and hopefully they'll be inspired to do it too. (A side benefit of this program is that blood pressure is reduced, as is cholesterol.)

Thanks for letting me tell my story and for your support, this is probably the best place to come to support, and we can all do it on our own time! The WISH has to be one of the most supportive and positive groups of people I have ever been associated with, and I am very grateful to all of you. And thanks to all of you who've had the courage to share your stories...I know sometimes it's not easy (I won't even let BF know how much I really weigh!).

08-11-2003, 04:46 PM
I am happy to say that as of Saturday, I finally reached the 10 pound mark! I thought I was going to be stuck at 9.5 forever!

Another set back though, last week I caught a nasty bug from BF. In the beginning I didn't feel too bad, so I was sticking to my plan pretty well. Later in the week I deviated a little bit, mostly by drinking more orange juice than I'm "allowed" and by eating only soup when I should've had some veggies, etc. I also ate a fried shrimp and crispy gau gee that have more carbs than I should be eating, but fortunatley, I didn't gain any weight. I haven't lost any either, but I'm happy to be maintaining considering my illness. I also suspect that I may be retaining some fluids and other gunk while I am ill. I stayed home from work today in hopes that I will be ALMOST as good as new tomorrow. Today I plan to stick to the plan since I don't feel the need to have more soup or orange juice. So far I had an egg and cantaloupe for breakfast, and I had a protein shake for a snack. I'll probably have lunch in an hour or two.

I forgot to mention in my first post that I weigh myself daily, every morning after a visit to the bathroom, and I measure myself weekly, every Wednesday morning.

As far as exercise, I wear a pedometer and the goal is to hit 10,000 steps per day. I find that even if I hit about 8,000, I seem to lose weight, but if I'm really low, like I have been the past few days (under 4,000), I maintain, but don't lose. My program book says that people who walk at least 25,000 per week and stick to the plan lose more (an average of 3.2 pounds per week) than those who walk less, and I seem to be living proof of that. Most days I can get at least 8,000 steps in. I usually go walking every Monday and Wednesday with BF and a friend, and in those days I'll do about 11,000. I have some Pilates tapes too, but I haven't been very consistent about that. I'm thinking of getting the WATP tapes/DVDs that everyone's been raving about, but I'm having trouble finding them.

My mini goal is to get down to 160 by the end of the month (another 10.5 pounds), but I may have to reevaluate that considering my being sick and that I only have 3 weeks to do that. I think I may have to revise to 7.5 pounds, or 163. I will definitely be satisified if I can at least get the 15 pound clippie by August 31!

08-16-2003, 06:16 PM
My weight loss this week has been struggling...I've been fluctuating somewhere between 170 and 171. I think part of it is because I was still getting over the cold from last week. My program book says that sometimes illness causes a weight gain because your body feels it needs to "save up" in times of illness. Fortunately, the fluctuation was only a matter of about 1 lb. My book also says that a fluctuation of 1.5 lbs in one day is "acceptable" but anything more than that is not. It says that your body can fluctutate 1.5 lbs because of fluids, etc., but anything more than that is probably an actual weight (fat) gain. I also ate a few nibbles of things I shouldn't have been nibbling on on Thursday. However, I've determined to get back on track, and that was a relatively minor set back.

I was just thinking about a woman I met last year. She meant well, but I was a little annoyed by something she said to me...she asked what size jeans I wore, so I told her about a 14 or 16. She said she had a bunch of jeans she wanted to give away that were about my size, she had just lost about 30 pounds. I think I found it annoying that someone wanted to give me clothes that were now too big for them, and I felt that meant I was "big." I will be seeing her in about 6 weeks when we go to Vegas to see BF's dad and stepmom, and a part of me just wants to say, "see? I can lose weight too!" I know, childish!

I'm very excited about some trips I have coming up...after the visit to Vegas, I'll be going to Maine for a conference, where there are some outlet malls. I generally do all my clothes shopping at outlets in Vegas or California because they have clothes I like better than here, and they're generally cheaper. I will also be going back to Vegas again in November. My goal is to lose enough weight to buy more clothes that I really like. I won't be able to make my goal by then, but I'm thinking I could buy a few things, and maybe even a few things in smaller sizes to wear in the future.

For now, this is my revised goal: 165 by the end of this month (which will also give me my 15 lb clippie!). My September goal is to lose another 10 lbs and be at 155 by the time I leave for Vegas on Sept. 26. I'm going to try to follow my plan when I can, but I'm going to strive more for maintenance during the vacation rather than weight loss (gotta bring them carb blockers with me!).

08-23-2003, 05:30 PM
Woo hoo! I am officially in the 160's...as of this morning I am 168. I was getting really frustrated; on Thursday I was 170 and told myself that if I didn't get to 169 by Friday, I was going to start the special plateau diet that's a part of my plan, but fortunately, when I weighed in yesterday, I was 169! I was completely blown away this morning to see that I was 168!

I think I picked up my pedometer steps this week, compared to last week, and my cold is for the most part gone, so hopefully any fluids my body was storing is gone. Last night I "cheated" a little by having a small cookie and a really tiny piece of banana bread that I baked, but I didn't have the usual fruit with my dinner, so hopefully it equalled out in terms of carb content, which is what I'm counting. I also took a couple of carb blockers last night.

I'm really aiming to lose another 2.5 pounds by the end of the month so I can get my 15 pound clippie. Next Thursday I start the "metabolic adjustment" period of my program. What that involves is over a two week period, I can start increasing my portion sizes and starting eating a few carbs, and that's supposed to help to "retrain" my body to be able to eat carbs without gaining weight. While there is no weight loss during that period, weight is supposed to be maintained (and there are contingency plans if for some reason I gain weight). It's essential to the long term success of my weight loss...so I guess if I"m going to lose that 2.5, I have to do it by the 28th!!!

I was hoping to be at my halfway point (25 pounds) by the time I go on my vacation next month, I leave on September 26th, so that means I would have to lose 12.5 pounds by then. I think I might be able to do it, but I will have to increase my exercise to do that. Hey, I just realized that I am halfway to halfway, so I've reached 25% of my weight loss goal! I think a lot of us tend to get a little frustrated and want to lose faster, so I have to find these little minigoals and mini-achievements to keep myself motivated and to really appreciate what I have done so far.

So again, my next mini goal is to lose 2.5 by August 28th, and to be at 155 by September 26 when I leave for Vegas.

08-25-2003, 10:45 AM
Great job on getting to the 160s. I am sure you will meet your next goal by 8/28.....keep up the terrific work.

09-06-2003, 04:10 PM
I haven't posted in a while, I figured this is a good time since it's the beginning of the month and I just recently calculated my total losses since starting my program. Here it goes:

Weight: 167 (13.5 lbs lost)

Left Bicep: 12 3/4" (3/4" lost)
Left Thigh: 24 1/2" (1" lost)
Chest: 40 1/2" (2 1/4" lost)
Waist: 33" (3" lost)
Hips: 42 1/2" (2 3/4" lost)
Ab area: 40 3/4" (2 1/4" lost)

At one point I was down to 166 pounds, so I gained a pound back. However, I'm at a point in my program called "metabolic adjustment" where I am allowed to eat a certain amount of grains (carbs), which helps the body adjust itself to be able to eat more, including carbs, without gaining weight. As long as I stay within 1 1/2 pounds of what I weighed when I started metabolic adjustment, I'm okay, so I'm very happy that I've only gained 1 pound and I've been able to stay within the range for the past 3 days that I've been eating carbs!!! :smooth:

Next Thursday I'm supposed to start another 6-week weight loss period. The challenging thing is we're having a lunch the following Monday which is going to involve carbs. I'm thinking about starting the next round of the program the day after that instead...I'm sure I'll figure something out.

My weight loss hasn't been as rapid as I'd hoped, but I got off to a rocky start with my vacation and neighbor island trips. What's really keeping me motivated right now is the WISH, and that many people I know have commented on how "skinny" I look and that whatever I'm doing must be working! So even though I have another 37 pounds to go, I am happy that I am past the 25% mark of reaching my goal, and that I have managed to keep my weight fairly stable during the metabolic adjustment period.

Oh yeah, I was going to mention that after a bit of searching, I found the WATP DVDs!!! I did the 1-mile 3 times this week and I really like it a lot!

Believe, thank you so much for the words of encouragement!!!

09-07-2003, 10:35 AM
LuvTigger, you're sticking with it, in spite of losing slower than you'd like and I admire that!! I'm sure you'll get to your goal in time. Even if you're not losing, you're making more healthy food choices and feeding your body good food - that's gotta count for something!

It is so hard for me to stay on plan when I travel. With all your trips, I think you're doing very well. Maybe you can find some convenience foods that you can pack in an emergency snack kit. I do low-carb, so I ALWAYS have at least one Atkins Advantage bar in my purse, just in case. I've also carried individual packets of peanuts or sunflowers. I don't know what you can have on your plan, but these have been lifesavers for me.

Keep up the good work and the pounds will come off. You've lost a great amount of inches and sometimes that's more important than the weight anyway!

10-21-2003, 10:54 PM
Doreen, a belated thanks for your words of support!

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted in my journal! I just returned from my trip about a week ago. I was gone for 2 1/2 weeks: a night near Disneyland, 9 nights in Vegas, and 5 nights in Portland, Maine. And boy, did I EAT! I won't go into all the gory details.

However, I did also get a LOT of walking in. I did gain 2-3 pounds back, but I am happy that I am still down a total of at least 10 pounds (it's been fluctuating a little, but has always been at least 10, and TOM is right around the corner too). Also, I did try to eat a salad with every meal, which seems to help, and I did have a couple of meals that didn't include starches, which I think helped too.

So here I am, trying to get back on track. I am still kind of in the "travel mode" and I decided that while I will not allow myself to go hog wild, I need to get it out of my system to avoid "binging" later. So I have set Thursday as the day I will start my program again. Tomorrow we are celebrating a belated bosses day, and I also have a work-related dinner (Chinese food), then on Thursday I will start the first of 3 protein-only days which will kick me back into ketosis again.

In about 3 1/2 weeks, I go back to Vegas again, but it's only for a weekend, so that shouldn't be too bad.

On Thursday, I will post all my measurements and weight again so I can hold myself accountable to all of you. I would love to lose 10 pounds by my Vegas trip, but will be happy with 5.

10-23-2003, 06:32 PM
Okay, here I go with my updated measurements. As mentioned I gained some back, but today I started my program again and hope to lose what I gained within the next week, then start losing even more. My short term goal is to lose 11.5 pounds by Thanksgiving (for a total of 20 pounds lost; 50 is my total goal).

Weight: 172 (8.5 lbs lost) -- I refuse to give up my 10 lb. clippie. The other day I was 170, I'm pretty certain I'll lose 1.5 lbs by tomorrow since I started protein-only today.

Left Bicep: 12 1/2" (3/4" lost)
Left Thigh: 24 3/4" (1/2" lost)
Chest: 41" (1 3/4" lost)
Waist: 33 1/2" (2 1/2" lost)
Hips: 43" (2 1/4" lost)
Ab area: 39" (4" lost)

10-24-2003, 06:16 PM
Whew! Okay, lost 2 pounds since yesterday, so I'm at 170 now, and my 10 lb. clippie is legit again! So I'm down a total of 10.5 lbs., and have 9.5 more to go to make my Thanksgiving goal.

Yesterday was my first day back on the program, and was supposed to be a protein day. I did pretty good, but I have to admit that I cheated a bit in the morning and ate some custard pie. I threw most of the crust out, so I think that helped a bit, although I know there's still sugar in the custard. The rest of the day I stuck to protein, chicken, hot dog, beef jerky, steak, and fish.

Today I ate some custard pie again, and a little bit of pumpkin at lunch, but the rest of the day will be all protein. It should be interesting to see how much I lose by tomorrow.

I would actually love to lose the 9.5 lbs by November 13, when I leave for my quick trip to Vegas, so I can buy more clothes. I think I might be able to, that would be about 3 lbs per week, but I thought setting the goal for Thanksgiving would be more realistic.

01-01-2004, 09:12 PM
Hi LuvTigger,

I joined W.I.S.H. October 10, 2003 and I had never read the journals.:eek: until today.

Well today I decided to read a journal and I chose yours. I didn't read the whole thing but I did find it very informative.

I never heard of the program you are on, however, I have a question. What exactly do you eat on a protein day? I am a vegetarian so I know it would be different but I could eat veggie burgers, etc.

How does it work? I feel I have stalled would this help? If it works why does it work and when I add carbs would my weight go back up? I'm on the South Beach Diet.

Sorry for so many questions. If you don't have time to answer all of them just tell me what you would eat on an all protein day.



01-15-2004, 10:37 PM
Ugh, I'm so ashamed of myself for not having checked in on WISH for so long! I let myself slip over the holidays but have determined that there is always going to be an excuse, so I just have to get on with my program and lose the weight.


Thank you for reading parts of my post, I'm glad you found it informative. The program I'm on is not a widely advertised type of thing...you'd have to know someone who's doing it to find out about it.

However, from what I've read about South Beach, it seems pretty similar...we can both eat veggies, and SB seems to focus on leaner proteins, rather than fatty ones.

On a protein day, I eat any number of things (but in controlled portions -- usually 2-4 oz., depending on the item) including eggs, string cheese, steak, fish, chicken, shrimp, lean sausage, tofu, protein bars and protein shakes. Are you a vegan, or do you eat dairy and/or fish?

For the foods that require cooking, I try to cook in Pam or a little bit of olive oil. For the eggs, I just boil a few at a time and keep them handy. The first time I started the program, I had to do 3 protein days in a row, and it was very hard for me (now it's fine)...one of the tips that works for my program to help feel a little more full is to make some broth (I use beef or chicken, but I'm sure you could find some veggie bouillon or broth).

I'm not sure if you've read anything about Atkins, but while my program is more like SB than it is like Atkins, it does use the same philosophy of being in ketosis, so the protein days are used to kick the body into ketosis. If done properly, carbs can be added back into the diet, but the key is doing it "properly." The reason people fail on Atkins, or any diet, for that matter, is that they do it to lose the weight, but don't try to maintain it afterwards, or in other words, they use it strictly as a "diet" as opposed to a lifestyle change. For my program, carbs can be added back into the diet, but it's done on a controlled basis, and after all the weight is lost, there is a maintenance period. I believe Atkins is similar in that respect.

What I do on those days I fall off the wagon and have a few carbs is the very next day, I eat only protein, and that usually helps to get me back on track.

I hope this helps, and good luck on South Beach! I've heard wonderful things about it!!

01-15-2004, 11:40 PM
Hi LuvTigger,

It's funny just today I wonder what happened to that post.

I do eat dairy but no fish.

I am going to try a couple of protein days in the upcoming week. I want to do it on days I know I will stay on track.

It's tax season and I get really busy preparing tax returns now, so during our busiest time at the end of January might be the best time to try this.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I know we are all busy and I appreciate you helping me.