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06-02-2001, 05:25 PM
We were up and out at 2am, not to head to the parks but for a fire drill. That is so scary when you're sleeping and awake to the alarm sounding and a voice telling you to leave the building its and emergency. You'd be suprised what goes through your mind. I was trying to think what to wear. If there had been a real fire I would have been in trouble. After the false alarm we head back to bed.
We were up and out at 9am not as early as I planned. We ate at the buffet in the Storytellers Cafe. Plenty of food and a lot of selections. The carmel french toast is great, and that is straight from the french toast expert my son. After breakfast we went to California Adventure. We started out with two rides on CA screaming. Even Bob with his broken hand in a cast enjoyed this one. Next was Soarin CA, I took Michelle's advice and asked to sit in the first row, this ride is fantastic we rode this three more times before the day was out. As a side note here, we booked the Grand Plan and with that plan we got a fast pass for everyday of the plan, so we each got 4 passes ahead of time to use in any park we wanted. We decided to save them for this park because we heard the lines were bad. Two of the three times we rode Soarin we walked right on the third time we used a pass. Next we rode the big ferris wheel with the cages that go around. This ride terrified me and my niece Samantha we had our fingers through the wires in the cages and wanted to get out. My son Matt thought that us being scared was so funny so he just had to rock the cage even more. Well we rode that once and never again. Next was super star limo, this ride is stupid and has no point what so ever, enough said. We all met up for lunch at the Soap Opera Bistro, I love Prime Time 50's in FL so I knew I would like this also. The actors really played their parts and it was very enteraining. There were some people in the restaurant that were not quite with it and really thought they were on TV, watching them interact with the players was so funny that my sides hurt from laughing and I have it all on video and it is just as funny the second time around. After lunch we did some window shopping and bought postcards and magnets, the t-shirts looked kind of cheap so we decided to hold off on buying them. In the afternoon the park had trick bike riders and acrobats from Africa both were really good and we enjoyed watching them. The weather today was cold and there was a mist in the air. We decided that it was too cold to ride the raft ride since everyone seemed to be getting soaked, so we put that off until right before the parked closed. Bob and Matt rode that about 9:45 and we were able to run right from the ride into our hotel and get upstairs to get changed. Dinner tonight was at Grandville's in the Disneyland hotel. This restaurant was quite pricey and I had vouchers with our package that we used. The waiter at the restaurant was very nice he even suggested that since my cousins didn't have the vouchers we should use the vouchers for the adult meals and pay for the kids meals. Eventhough the kids are over the age allowed for the childrens menus they ate off them almost everywhere and we never had a problem. They aren't big eaters. The food was excellent and we were once against busting at the seems, there goes my 40lb weight loss. I did manage to gain 5 pounds on vacation but I have lost it since I've been home. After dinner we shopped at downtown disney and sat by the fireplace in the hotel lobby while the kids went to the game room. Around 11pm we decided that it was time to call it a night.
Tomorrow we say our good buys to my cousins and hang out in the Magic Kingdom.

06-03-2001, 12:09 AM
We were also there for the fire alarm. I agree that it is a scary experience. I saw many guests with the Hotel robes on. I wasn't quick enough to think about using the hotel robes they have in the room.

It is interesting that you had a good experience at Soap Opera Bistro. I really wanted this to be a good experience but there was not cast interaction. I wonder if the difference was that we were there on a weekday vs a weekend.

06-03-2001, 01:05 AM
We had a great time at the Bistro, I was leary at first because I had not heard good reviews, but we had a great time. I guess it just depends on who you get as the actors.

Marla Hellwig
06-26-2001, 09:04 PM
Even with your rocky start, you all had a great time. Thanks for posting!