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07-29-2003, 01:38 PM
I'm a newbie here and I'm excited to be going back to Disney (after a 5 1/2 year absence) in September. My DH has a conference at the Swan and Dolphin (poor man). As far as park restaurants, I remember loving the Rose & Crown and restaurant at Mexico in Epcot, but not much more.

So name a restaurant (for lunch or dinner) from each park that's your favorite. (Maybe indicate type of cuisine if it's not obvious)

Any recommendations on restaurants in the Swan or Dolphin?


07-29-2003, 02:05 PM
In the parks we love the Plaza restaurant in the MK as well as CP!

In epcot we love Yakitori, Le Cellier.
In MGM we usually eat 50's or sci-fi.

In the Swan area we have eaten as ESPN Zone and we have had a good meal every time! Cape May clam bake!

07-29-2003, 03:47 PM
Here are my favorites both in sit-down and counter service.

Cosmic Rays OR Pecos Bills(both counter)
Crystal Palace

Sunshine Season Food Fair
Garden Grill

ABC Commisary
PrimeTime 50's Cafe(their fried chicken is delicious)


Most of these places serve a variety american food with a wide variety of options at some.

07-29-2003, 05:33 PM
Liberty Tree Tavern

Restaurant Akershus
Restaurant Marrakesh

Disney MGM Studios
SciFi Dine Inn
50's Prime Time Cafe

Animal Kingdom
Flame Tree BBQ

07-29-2003, 05:58 PM
Liberty Tree Tavern

California Grill (my #1 favorite of all!!)
Chef Mickey's for breakfast

Flying Fish

07-29-2003, 06:01 PM
We love dining at WDW,

MK--Cinderella's Royal Table

AK-Tusker House

EPCOT/WS-Le Cellier
Chef's de France

MGM-Primetime,Brown Derby, Sci-fi, Mama Melroses

EPCOT Resort Area--Flying Fish

07-29-2003, 07:16 PM
For a quick, inexpensive lunch, we like to cool off in front of the piano bar at Cosmic Ray's in Tomorrowland of Magic Kingdom. For a slower paced, sit down meal, with more money to spend, hands down, Liberty Tree Tavern

In MGM, my kids LOVE the Sci-Fi Diner

Epcot is the Garden Grill ( character meal, all you can eat served family style) This is such a cool restaurant. The floor actually revolves as you are dining, so your scenery is changing.

Animal Kingdom, if we are there for lunch, we usually get PS for Rainforest Cafe.

tracy Hill
07-29-2003, 08:01 PM

Crystal Palace


Garden Grill


Prime Time CAfe

Wilderness Lodge -Whispering Canyon

07-29-2003, 09:05 PM
MK - LTT for lunch, CRT for dinner

Epcot - Rose and Crown

MGM - prime time 50's and Brown Derby

AK - I've only eaten at RFC which was fine

07-29-2003, 09:23 PM
no clear favorite

Kringla Bakery
Yakitori House

Pizza Planet

Animal Kingdom
Tusker House


07-29-2003, 09:47 PM
My favorites for lunch and dinner only:

In MK: Pecos Bill's or Columbia Harbour House

In MGM: Sci Fi (for the fun!)

In Epcot: Akershus, Rose & Crown or Kringla Bakery

In AK: Flame Tree or RFC

07-30-2003, 11:45 PM
Magic Kingdom:Cinderella's Palace

Epcot: Coral Reef

MGM:? We just get snacks here

Animal Kingdom: (Never ate a sit-down restaurant here) Counter Service though would be the place in Harambe Village.

DTD: Fulton's Crab House (My absolute favorite!!!)

07-31-2003, 12:07 AM
In MK -- aside from a good Turkey Leg (at cart in Fronteir Land), we don't "do" MK for food ... I'd hop to Epcot or grab a boat to WL and go to Whispering Canyons for fun! (Love that lodge...)

In AK -- hmm... no real fave. This one closes early, so we just get snacky food and eat at a resort or hop to another park. Sorry, not much help here!

In Epcot: So many places, so little time. Have had great lunch and dinner at Garden Grill; very good dining at Teppanyaki (like a Benihana's); and I like Chefs Du France (but dh doesn't... he's a no-frills kind of diner, the party pooper...) My son says go for the funnel cakes up at the American Adventure... and if it's hot, you gotta get a frozen lemon drink in Italy. I agree with the little man. It's his Epcot ritual! :) (A glass of red wine at the little cart in France...now that's my little ritual! :cool: )

In MGM: Probably Sci-Fi because the kids stay entranced the entire time dining under the stars...


07-31-2003, 12:23 AM
In the MK, for lunch, I like either Pecos Bills or Columbia Harbour House. I am not fond of the sitdown meals in the MK, therefore have no selection for dinner. We tend to eat at one of the MK resorts for dinner, and like Kona Cafe, Narcoosees or 'Ohana.

At Epcot, for lunch, we like San Angel Inn, and for dinner, Le Cellier is on the top of our list.

At MGM, we like Mama Melrose for either lunch or dinner, as well as 50's Primetime for either lunch or dinner. "50's" is one of our absolute favorites of any restaurant in the parks!

We like lunch at Tusker House at the AK, and since it closes at either 5 or 6, we always eat dinner at a resort restaurant. I would suggest Boma at AKL, to keep the AK mood, or perhaps Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club (just catch the Beach Club bus to that resort).

In Downtown Disney, we like lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express and dinner at Fulton's Crab House (pricey, but we think it is worth it)!