View Full Version : Which characters are at Chef Mickey's now?

07-28-2003, 09:06 AM
Hi all,
I hope some recent Chef Mickey's diners can help me out. I've never eaten there, but I am trying to help two friends who are going to WDW this fall plan some character meals for their kids. When we went to WDW last year, all the literature, boards, etc. said the Fab Five were there. Now it looks like there are far fewer characters there. I'd like to know who you have seen recently.

Thanks for any info!

07-28-2003, 10:05 AM
I was there in March and Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, Goofy, and Donald were all there. Also everytime I have been there so have they. Two days ago I made a PS for late Oct. and they said the same characters would be there. Hope this helps you!!

07-28-2003, 10:22 AM
We were there for dinner on July 1st. We had Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, Pluto come to the tables and Donald stayed in the front of the restaurant. Enjoy!:D

07-28-2003, 10:29 AM
Thanks for the responses! I'm glad to see Minnie and Donald are still there. They were missing from some of the lists I've seen recently.:D

07-28-2003, 11:11 AM
on July 1st when we were there. Just checked the pictures. Have fun!