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07-27-2003, 10:34 AM
just had a couple of days at the new beach club villas after the disney cruise. we decided to visit as it would only be for a couple of days before flying home. my first thoughts where that is was very smart, however after a couple of days noted a few niggles.
1. compared to the other resorts the one bedroom is a bit small
2.not much in the way of storage for clothes and bags
3 living room very cramped when the fold away is up
4 seems very isolated from the main hotel reception etc.
all in all a nice resort but not one that will be top of my list in future

07-27-2003, 02:37 PM
Sorry you weren't taken.
1) I'd agree. It's adiquate if you're VERY tidy or there are two of you (or just with a young child) , but with my teen daughter and Jana's son Gus I found there wasn't enough room. In general I prefer the bigger and better laid out OKW.
2) I'd agree
3) I presume you mean when the pull out sofabed is in it's bed mode, I'd agree
4) I wouldn't necessarily agree with this point, the BCV are no further away from the reception than many of the other "wings" of the hotel. Because it is relatively "low rise" some of the rooms are a fair old trek. But to be fair they are MILES closer than some of the OKW units are to the reception and main pool. Granted you can drive round at OKW (if you have a car) but for proximity to facilities in pure feet and yards terms I don't think BCV is anything worse than most of the WDW resorts and indeed is probably better than most.