View Full Version : August 9th teen cruisers... Any??

07-24-2003, 08:48 PM
Hi every1! I am goin on the August 9th DCL. 7 day magic eastern.

I am interested in common grounds but afraid i wont meet ne1! my friend just came back and said she had a GREAT time there and she said she met soo many new people! She told me that they have contests and late night parties. i have a 13 year old friend coming with me also and we are looking forward 2 checking it out. My friend even told me that they have a dance on the last nite! i cant wait to check it out! i hope i can meet some of u and then KIT (keep in touch) afterwords.

if there are any teens goin from about 13-16 or so please answer back on this thread and i will look forward to maybe meeting u!!
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