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07-22-2003, 11:28 AM
Hmm, might not get any replies to this one! You may only be able to comment if you have tried this yourself, well lets see!

We are 2 adults and one 9 year old with plenty of staying power. We are staying offsite about one and a half hours away (return journey only) and will be able to recover on Monday if we decide to do Disney on Sunday. We have been to DLP about 6 years ago and Disneyworld twice in the last 2 years, so don't need to do everything in great detail, only what we really fancy.

Sundays hours are MGM 0900-1800, Disneyland 0900-2300. Mondays hours are MGM 1000-1800, Disneyland 1000-2000. We plan to get a one day ticket and start at MGM. The same ticket will then get us into Disneyland for the final 3 hours, so it's either take a break on Sunday from 6-8pm or leave MGM early Monday at 5pm to go to Disneyland then. What do you think would be better. We mainly like the thrill rides and could give some of the kiddie ones a miss, but would like to see shows and fireworks, if possible.

If anyone has been before and used the 3 hour late access perhaps you could let me know how late it was and how you managed the park. Also is there any chance they will let us in earlier than 3 hours before closing on the Sunday? They seem to be quite lenient on this kind of thing in Florida but don't know whether it's the same in France!

Hope to hear your ideas soon.

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07-22-2003, 02:47 PM
All I'll say is that Sunday is typically the busiest day of the week, just edging out Saturday. You could get so much more done on Monday when the queues will be shorter and the crowds will be lighter.

07-22-2003, 05:38 PM
Not tried this myself, but a few comments:

If Disneyland closes at 8pm there will not be fireworks or an evening parade.

One day hopper tickets are now available, allowing you to hop between both parks all day. Price is Euro49 for adults and Euro39 for children. This is Euro10 more than the regular one-park ticket.

If I only had one day at DLP I would choose to spend most of it in Disneyland, and only a few hours in the walt Disney Studios. WDS has a few outstanding attractions, but it is very small.

Based on these comments my recommendation is to go on the Sunday, buy a one-day hopper pass, spend the morning in Disneyland, head to WDS for the afternoon (when the crowds will be very small) and then head back to Disneyland for the evening, taking advantage of the late opening to watch Fantillusion and finish the day with fireworks!



07-23-2003, 08:34 AM
Thank you both for your comments.

I was not aware of a one day hopper ticket, despite looking on the Disneyland official website! Do you know where you can get them from?

Another good reason for going Sunday is that we change accomodation that day, from Loire to Paris, so will save us travelling to our second place and coming back on ourselves the next day, which we can then enjoy relaxing before our return home on Tuesday!

Many thanks

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07-23-2003, 07:37 PM
I think the one day hopper we only recently introduced. They can be bought at the ticket booths at the parks; not sure if they can be bought at outlets like The Disney Store.