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07-16-2003, 05:22 AM
After a couple of emails being thrown back and forth with a fellow disser, I thought It would be nice to start the DDC.

Lets face it,we've all been there,terrible day at work,the kids are driving you nuts,and granny has gone walkabout in her nightie for the 3rd time in a week!!!!!.

Lots of you I know have trips coming up,some of us have been, and lets face it we all seem to hit the holiday blues at some point!!!!:mad: .

Maybe you havent got a trip planned for a a year and a half, and come on lets face it when you talk to people who dont understand the facination of disney(we've all had the blank looks):confused: ,it makes you feel worse!!!.

What I thought might be a good idea(if anybody is interested?:rolleyes: is to start a telephone club!!!. By this I mean if youve had a really bad day,or just need to talk to somebody who loves Disney as much as you,or to moan,or even have a cry, I or anybody who is interested can be at the end of the phone!

Im lucky enough to have 900+ free minutes on my mobile (off peak every month), that I NEVEr use, so would like to put them to good use, and maybe have a general chit chat,laugh:p ,or cry:mad: of an evening when Im not logged onto DIS.

If anybody is interested or thinks this would work, please mail me your HOME phone number(no mobiles please),and whether you would like to join a list of people(I would distribute),who could happy chat about disney as long as you would!.

Okay guys what do you think YES or NO???


07-16-2003, 08:20 AM
Hmm yes those blank looks and total lack of understanding as why we would want to go to Florida AGAIN! grrrr, no clue these people!

I think my poor DH would leave me though if I spent any more time talking about Disney!!! lol

07-16-2003, 10:10 AM
I know what you mean. People ask you where you are going on holiday and you reply Florida. They immediately say, "Bu you were there last year, haven't you seen it all yet, what else is there eft to see". This is from people who have never been there before.

With regards to the telephone number, would we not be better exchanging mobiles and that way you are only a text away. I'm just saying this cause I can't always guarantee being home at night but I always have my mobile with me.

Just a thought!!

07-16-2003, 01:55 PM
good idea,I didnt however want to start calling peoples mobiles(HUGE Bill!!), texting would be great, that way you can always confirm whether its ok to phone on the landline!.