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07-15-2003, 02:07 PM
Okay, my best friend is 21 days older then me and has wanted to go to WDW since I went my first time in 1996. We go in January/Feburary and my birthday is in March so it counts as part Christmas present, part birthday present. I have gone every year since and have invited her many a time but for some reason or another she hasn't been able to go as of yet. This year everything seems okay except for the money. This year I figure instead of bringing her birthday present from Disney I want to make her present Disney. I can get her the passes and since we have a house there will be no problem with having to share hotel costs or anything like that. Now, should I tell her to bring some extra money for food or should I try and get her parents in on this without her knowing in case something falls through? How should I handle this little issue or am I crazy for even thinking about it? HELP!!! I was planning on giving her the pass in January for her birthday in Febuary....kinda counting as a Christmas present and a birthday present.

07-15-2003, 06:19 PM
definitely tell her parents! you don't want to spend all the money planning everything to find out she can't come! make sure it's a good date for her, so her parents can make sure she doesn't plan anything else either! it's really cool what you are doing though. i've been wanting to take my best friend with me, but since we mostly go in the summer, she is always in sleepaway camp. we might be able to take her next summer i think. i hope everything works out for you...that would be so much fun if you could take her! and thats also cool that you guys have such close b-days, my bff and i share a birthday!

07-16-2003, 10:34 AM
Okay, how did I approach her parents? Hey, I want to kidnap your daughter? ;) I know I am going to have to get her parents in on this at sometime I am just wondering when. Should I ask her if she wants to go that bad first? Should I tell her about it so she can trying talking to her parents about it and they can work this out? It would feel kinda weird saying "hey I wanna get your daughter this Christmas/birthday present but she is gonna need to earn like $200.00 for food and spending money before she can use it."

LOL It stinks that our birthdays are so close. She holds those 21 days (22 on leap year) over my head like crazy. "RESPECT YOUR ELDERS" I am like 21/22 days does not make you my elder!!! :D It just makes you older! But it is really cool that people think we are twins. What is really odd though is since we have been friends for so long I get cards and presents from her parents and grandparents. She gets the same from mine. Then people really think we are twins when we have matching necklaces and we both got them from the same grandpa. What was really weird is that for Christmas a couple years ago we were talking about the present we got and we both got a Game Boy colour, same colour with the same games. We both got a pair of Tweety pj's....that were identical. Our parents hadn't even talked about it. It is really weird how a like we are. We even tend to wear the same clothes without planning it. ANYWAY....


07-16-2003, 11:51 PM
thats so weird! my best friend and i used to wear the same stuff too...and not always on purpose. we always get a lot of that twin stuff, more when we were younger cuz we looked exactly alike. she even thought that we had her nursery school pic hanging in our house when it was really ours! and since our families are so close, i feel like im a part of her family! and of course i hang it over her head that im seven hours older!

Anyway...Talk to her parents soon. Tell them that you want to take your friend with you as a surprise, but it would require them to pay a portion of the cost and to keep her from planning anything else during that time. Give them a chance to think it over and agree before going ahead and paying for anything. Be honest with how much they will have to pay, but dont pressure them, parents always hate that lol. hopefully they will appreciate how mature you are being and your generosity in offering to bring your friend! Hopefully they will agree, and keep it a secret! good luck!!

07-17-2003, 03:12 PM
I wanted my friend to come with one year, so my parents talked her parents into bringing her whole family with. It was lots of fun cuz my parents could hang out with her parents, and me and my sister could hang out with her and her sister (not her brother, he was a loner). Ask about something like that...then you dont have to pay for her ;)

07-17-2003, 03:59 PM
Sweet idea and we have done things like that before BUT her parents were given a free trip to Japan last year and they still haven't been able to go and my friends mom is Japanese and has friends and family over there. They were given the whole shebang and they still haven't had the time to go so I think hope floats but that is gonna sink.

Do you think they will keep it a suprise? Last time I asked for there help with keeping something a suprise they asked her straight out about it and blew the whole thing! Maybe I can get her older brother to help with this one. He is ssssooooooo good at things like that and can talk to her parents without them spoiling it. :confused:


07-17-2003, 08:22 PM
i hope they keep the surprise! that would suck if they gave it away! if her brother will help keep it go ahead!! good luck!

07-18-2003, 01:51 PM
Thanks bunches!