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07-13-2003, 01:47 PM
Hey everyone I am going to meet Hilary Duff star of the hit Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire and I am having a project where u can write a letter to Hilary and she'll receive it..to find out more go to my website www.twistednjuicy.tk
or just read below:
Hey I am the creator of the fan site Obsession! My
site just resently came out so no one really knows
about it. So you can go check it out @
www.twistednjuicy.tk and please participate in the fan
sites project..below>> and this project is originally
from Obsession anywhere else you find it, they
probally got it from here. Thanks oo and don't forget
to tell everyone about this, it ends on the 14th of
July so hurry!

Current Project: FanBook

What is it?
The Fanbook is exactly what it means, a book. I will
purchase a binder and decorate it with a lot of Hilary
Duff stuff. Inside will be letters from you to Hilary
Duff herself.

What can I put in it?
Your name
A letter to Hilary (no more than 500 words, please)
A picture

What you can't put?
Anything mean or innappropriate.
Basically anything considered BAD!

Where do you send it?
my email address: twistednjuicy@yahoo.com
on the subject line put >> fanbook

When will she get it?
I am one of the 500 fans to meet Hilary Duff in New
York City! The date is July 17th and I will
personally myself hand it to her. And on the 17th or
the 18th I will post on the front page what she said.

What I can't promise?
I can not promise you she will contact you in anyway
shape or form but I dunno she might. I never met her
before so she may or may not. Lets hope she does!

May I please ask you send in your letters a.s.a.p. The
deadline is the 14th of July! Hurry!