View Full Version : GRRRR! I need help with TOT layout!

07-10-2003, 01:59 AM
My Tower of Terror page is just not happening. Everything I've tried is either too crowded, too skimpy, or too boring.

Here is what I have:
Exterior Hollywood Tower Hotel photo.
Several inside queue area photos (check-in desk, table and chairs, etc.)
The "door hanger" they give you to purchase your photo (looks like a do not disturb sign from a hotel).
Our ride photo.
Black background paper with spider web design on it.
Cardstock for matting photos; any color imaginable.

Any and all suggestions are welcome! TIA

07-10-2003, 01:19 PM
Can you put the picture of the exterior behind the door hanger (using the door hanger like a flap to hide the picture of the tower)?

Then, on the page across from it, have the other pictures - and maybe "I told you not to disturb it" or something...

Hope this gives you an idea to build on - good luck!!!