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Pin Wizard
07-08-2003, 12:31 PM
As of yet, I haven't printed anything to put in scrapbooks. We're always so careful looking for acid-free and lignin-free things. What makes ink from printers okay to use? I'm really hesitant about it.

07-09-2003, 09:32 PM
Depends on your printer. CM says to treat those inkjet photos just like you would any "non-photo" item you put in your scrapbook -- that is mount it on photo safe paper and keep it away from real photos.

Epson claims that their life tests show 75 years and inks are 'safe.' I think they have a scrapbooking section on the web.

I personally use Ofoto for high volume printing since I know they are safe (and they have nice scrapbook info on their website) and a Sony Dye-sub printer for onesy-twosy prints (just bought it, love it but will treat it as "non-safe" just in case.

Pin Wizard
07-09-2003, 11:14 PM
Thanks!! I'll have to look into them.

07-10-2003, 08:07 AM
Epson inks are archival and acid free. There is a few documents that talk about this on the site.

Also if you print on their new scrapbook paper the photos will last 200+ years.

Inkjet prints are rated to last longer than 35 mm prints.

Pin Wizard
07-11-2003, 12:34 PM
Thanks for the info, Kathy! I'll have to look into Epson. I can't believe their pics will last 200+ years on their scrapbook paper. Hmmm...have to look into that one. :teeth:

P.S. Love your pictures of Pennsylvania. It's been too many years since I've been there.

07-11-2003, 02:53 PM
Glad you enjoyed the pictures. When printed and used in a scrapbook you get much longer life because the image is protected and is usually kept in a dark place. Traditional 35 mm film is only rated for 25 years so inkjets are getting longer life. The information below has been updated from the 100+ years mentioned in the article below.

A gentleman by the name of Henry Wilhelm does testing of papers and inks. I don't know if the report is posted yet for the papers but last I heard it could go as high as 300+ years. The tests are still continuing.


ANAHEIM, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 28, 2003--

EPSON Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper to be Offered for Standard 12" x 12" and Letter Size Photo Albums; EPSON Semigloss Scrapbook Photo Paper to be Offered in Letter Size

(HIA Booth #9046) Epson America Inc., creator of high-quality award-winning digital imaging products, will introduce three paper products designed to meet the needs of scrapbookers and make it easier for them to take advantage of computer technology to enjoy their hobby, including one paper that fits the most popular standard album sleeve.
The new EPSON Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper is an acid-free, lignin-free, buffered paper for printing photos and other elements for creating archival scrapbook pages. This two-sided paper, made of 100 percent cotton, will be sold in not only letter size, but also in a size that fits standard 12" x 12" album sleeves, making it unique as the only scrapbook size archival printable photo paper. This paper is compatible with all dye-based and pigment-based ink jet printers from all manufacturers.
With this paper, scrapbookers can digitally design pages in their entirety, importing photos, creating headlines and adding text directly to the file before printing out the completed scrapbook page. They can also use the paper to print custom elements of their pages, such as background patterns, borders, headlines or photos, then cut them out and adhere them to an album page.
EPSON Semigloss Scrapbook Photo Paper, which is a swellable polymer-coated paper featuring an attractive semigloss finish, is also acid-free and lignin-free. It will be sold in letter size, is optimized for printing photos for scrapbooks and is compatible with all dye-based ink jet printers.

Print Life in Album Conditions

Tests conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc. have rated the dark storage properties of EPSON Matte Scrapbooking Photo Paper with Epson inks well beyond 100 years without noticeable yellowing or other deterioration when stored in an album in archival sleeves. Tests are still continuing. Epson internal testing has determined the dark storage properties of EPSON Semigloss Scrapbooking Paper at 60 years using Epson Photographic Dye Inks without noticeable yellowing or other deterioration when stored in an album in archival sleeves.(a)
Epson officials said the new papers will be in high demand from scrapbookers who use digital photos because it will allow them to maximize the use of their computers to create truly one-of-a-kind pages by printing out elements to take to their crops or even to design and print entire pages.
"A lot of scrapbookers have been using technology to do bits and pieces of their hobby," said Barbara Kotsos, senior manager, scrapbooking solutions, Epson. "With Epson printers' unmatched photographic quality, superior output and archival properties, these papers are the answer to scrapbookers' dreams. Scrapbookers not only can print on them but also will want to print on them for every element on their pages."
Another way scrapbookers are likely to use the 12" x 12" paper will be to scan and print additional copies of traditionally made pages to share with others.
"With copies this fantastic, it will be tough to distinguish which was the original!" Kotsos said.

Software to Maximize Capabilities

These products include easy-to-use software, valued at $29.99, free with each of the papers.
The letter-size EPSON Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper comes with ArcSoft Collage Creator(TM) software, which enables users to easily print elements for a page or design complete scrapbook pages.
The 12" x 12" size Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper comes with ArcSoft Panorama Maker software, which enables users to scan portions of 12" x 12" pages on a letter size scanner, stitch them together, then print out the full page on a wide-format printer, as well as seamlessly combine horizontal, vertical, or tiled sets of images to create gorgeous panoramic photos.
The letter size EPSON Semigloss Scrapbook Photo Paper comes with ArcSoft PhotoPrinter(R) software, which offers users the ability to print multiple images on one page or multiple pages at one time and includes clip art and advanced calendar creation options in addition to automatic image-orienting features.

Pricing and Availability

EPSON Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper and EPSON Semigloss Scrapbook Photo Paper will be available beginning in May through national and specialty retail stores nationwide, mail order and the Internet, including Epson's Web site. The Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper will be sold in packs of 20 sheets in the letter size and packs of 10 sheets in the 12" x 12" size. Because the matte paper is two-sided, these packs will yield 40 scrapbook pages and 20 scrapbook pages, respectively. The Semigloss Scrapbook Photo Paper will be sold in packs of 20 sheets in letter size. The estimated street price for each of these packs will be $19.99.