View Full Version : Hotel Question-Hampton?Park Inn?Best website for cheapest hotel rates?

07-06-2003, 11:23 PM
Hi All!

AAAAHHH!!! Yahhooo!! We're going in August!

MAJOR hooray, after 7 years of NO visits to WDW (...arghh, aackk...insert choking sounds here...!)

So, just before I die from withdrawal....

We need a hotel for the 4 days before we go on-site. We'll be doing non-Disney stuff in Orlando, Mt. Dora & West Palm Beach. I'd like to be based near WDW.

We've narrowed the choices to sites like the Hampton Inns (LBV, East gate, West gate), Park Inn, & Country Inn & Suites. I would like a decent pool for my niece (almost 19) travelling with us & in case we are "done" our other activities before checking in at WDW on the 12th. I've admired some of the pools recommended like those at Hyatt Grand Cypress, Sheraton Safari, etc. but just can't justify spending that money when we may not be there most/all of the day. I definitely DON'T want Motel 6 quality.

I'd love to have recommendations on any of the above hotels. If there are reasons to choose one above the other, please tell me. For example, the Hampton Inns range from 50-80. for essentially the same type room/locations. How to choose? I've read all that I could find on this site so far. I'd ESPECIALLY love to know where people got the best rates on these properties (which website) .:Pinkbounc

07-07-2003, 01:14 AM
I like chosing a Hampton Inn, they are usually decent, offer a free breakfast & are 100% guaranteed. I have stayed at most near Disney & they are all fine.
But....for $50.00-$80.00 you can get a pretty nice hotel on Priceline!! Why not try it? That price range is a three - four star category.
Also the Club Doubletree near WDW is really nice and usually is in that price range.

07-07-2003, 12:33 PM
I think I'll have to agree with CPM. For what you need, you can't beat priceline. I'd bid 60 for *resort star in the WDW Vicinity and you'll likely come up with the Hilton DTD, Wyndham Palace or the Swan/Dolphin. If thats rejected, go to 65, then 70. The Hampton Inns are good enough quality, but why spend $70 there when you could stay at something like the Hilton or Swan/Dolphin for the same if not a little less.