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magic kingdom park
07-04-2003, 04:59 PM
We have a week at Orange Lake for October and a Disney trip planned, how close is this to disney and what about a shuttle, is there a charge and how often does it run? Can you request where you want your room? And is the splash lagoon just as good as visting one of the disney water parks if you are not into the big slides? please fill me in with information. Thanks

07-05-2003, 03:44 AM

Orange Lake is any easy fifteen minute trip to the parks.

The Splash pool is very nice - but it is nothing like a Water Park! The pool is pretty but small if you are comparing it to a water park. There is one very small short slide & an attractive waterfall into the pool - there is also a kids play area with an 'interactive'! mushroom fountain. The pool has has zero entry for young ones. There are at least three other pools - the big one is by the main clubhouse (West Village) so are the hot tubs! It is great for golf if you are into that and nine holes is not expensive.

I don't know the prices of the shuttles to Disney - but you have to book the trips you need - I can remember thinking when I looked at the prices that it seemed costly to me. We always rent a car. For travel inside Orange Lake there is a free internal shuttle - which you may need to get to and from your villa to the pools & eating places etc.

My family are owners at Orange Lake and have been for over fifteen years - so I don't really know about requesting where to stay - I have read on other posts that people have phoned about a week before arriving to make a request.

If you want to be nearer the restaurants and most of the activities you need to be in West Village. If you want to be near the splash pool and where the newer units are you need to be in North Village.

Orange Lake Website (http://www.myorangelake.com)

Hope this is a help,

magic kingdom park
07-05-2003, 07:05 AM
Thanks for all the info, I am trying to really make sure I plan as much as possible so we want be so up in the air when we get there. Thanks.