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07-03-2003, 10:16 PM
I understand the banking idea for the most part, But....I have 150 points starting in February 2004,
It is going to take 222pts for the one bedroom for a week at BWV.We are planning julyish 2004... So I know I have to borrow 72 points from 2005 that will leave me 78 points to bank to 2006. Giving me a 228 point total for 2006. My DD graduates High School in 2007. My question is can I bank the 228 points to 2007 for her to have along with the 150 for graduation or will I have to use the 78 points that came from 2005. Sorry about the length but I want to get this clarified DW is asking and I didn't know. I told her you guys and gals would though...LOL

07-03-2003, 10:33 PM
You almost got it.

You can bank points only one time. Your 2005 150-point allotment can be borrowed (72 points) for your 2004 trip and the remaining 78 banked into 2006. However those 78 points cannot be banked again into 2007 and must be used by the end of your 2006 use year (which for a Feb use year would be Jan 31, 2007)

Here's a chart for a February use year. It may help. You can bank points from any single use year into the next year, and you may borrow points from any use year into a prior use year. You cannot re-bank previously banked points into another year.

Your regular 150 point 2006 allotment may be banked into 2007, but not the 78 points that were previously banked from 2005. They are stuck in the 2006 use year.

<b>Use Year.....Vacation Dates</b>
2003.....Feb 1 2003 thru Jan 31, 2004
2004.....Feb 1 2004 thru Jan 31, 2005
2005.....Feb 1 2005 thru Jan 31, 2006
2006.....Feb 1 2006 thru Jan 31, 2007
2007.....Feb 1 2007 thru Jan 31, 2008
2008.....Feb 1 2008 thru Jan 31, 2009

07-03-2003, 10:35 PM
LOL!!! You've confused me, Pizzaman

With banking and borrowing take it slow and work it through. It'll become clear then.

Feb. 2004 you get 150 points to use by January 31, 2005.

You have a July 2004 trip that will use all these plus you will borrow 72 points from Feb. 2005. (You will not borrow more points than you need. The 78 2005 points will just stay where they are.)

Feb. 2005 you will get 78 points to be used by January 31, 2006. You can either use these or bank them into your Feb. 2006 Use Year. You sound like you are not planning a trip in 2005 so that is fine.

Feb. 2006 you will get 150 points to be used by January 31, 2007. You will also have your 78 banked points. This will give you 228 points to be used by January 2007. The 78 banked points have no option except to be used by this date. You can bank the 150 Feb. 2006 points forward into Feb. 2007 to be used for a trip to be taken sometime before January 31, 2008. You could also borrow from your February 2008 allotment for a trip in 2007.

Does that help or just raise more questions?

07-03-2003, 10:37 PM
I assume you mean a stay in June 2007. With a February use year, you could use banked 2006 points, current 2007, borrowed 2008. So you cannot use 2005 points for that date. If you banked 2005, they would have to be used for a stay by January 31, 2007. You could bank 150 from 2006 to use for that trip.

07-03-2003, 10:41 PM
I thought that was how it was but was uncertain.
I will have to figure a way to use up the 78 pts.
Maybe add to the 2004 stay to get closer to using all 300.
I am not planning a 2005 trip so that would make the most sence.

07-04-2003, 11:01 AM
It sounds like you are planning trips in 2004 and 2007. I'm not sure but I bet the add-on bug will hit you long before then if you keep hanging out on the DVC boards...or at least cause you to fit in another trip in 2005 or 2006. ;)