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05-29-2001, 10:50 PM
Now that I am home and the pictures are developed and the videotape has been copied, there is little left to do other than think back to those glorious days and jot down some random thoughts:
1. Being a WDW veteran I almost expected to be disappointed in DL. I have to say, it is quite the opposite. I found many of the rides to be better in DL than in WDW (POC in particular!) and I actually like the layout of DL better than WDW. I know it's because it's a smaller park but it eliminated the "tired" factor out of each day (you know - when your feet are barking, your back is aching and your head is throbbing!).
2. I really liked the close proximity of DL to DCA and DD. It's nice not having to board a bus or drive your car and find yet another parking place!
3. Main Street USA DL felt much cozier and homier (IMHO) than Main Street USA WDW. I really enjoyed just wandering around the shops and people watching!
4. DCA was a nice park but it needs more attractions. I know it's new and I am sure it will change during the first few years but I really didn't feel like I was in a Disney park. No burnt popcorn smell, though!
5. I can't get over the character interaction in these two parks compared to WDW! I know we were there during the week so I didn't have a lot of competition, but I was actually able to get my picture taken with Mickey! I have never seen Mickey or Minnie in WDW other than in a parade and I was able to see both in DL and DCA. I also saw everyone from Goofy, Pluto, and Donald, to Cruella, Mary Poppins, Esmerelda, and Belle (that's only some of the many characters we encountered!). I have been on two Disney cruises and haven't even found the character interaction there to be as great as it was in DL and DCA!
6. As a "Pooh Sized" person, I had been paranoid about not being able to ride some of the rides. I was delighted to find that all my fears were unfounded. When I arrived at Screamin' I saw the warning that the restraint may not fit all body types so I asked the CM before I got in line and she told me I would be fine and to just go and have a great time and that's exactly what I did!
7. I still can't get over the prices they charge for a bottle of Diet Coke! Not to mention, for that price it should at least be cold and refreshing! We purchased two and they were both warm!
8. I really enjoyed the Walk In Walt's Footsteps Tour. I tried to search it on the board before we left and had heard from just a few who had done it (and liked it) but was still a little nervous that DH would be bored since he is not quite the Disney fan that I am. I don't know that I would have done the tour had we gone to the parks when they were busy since more time would be required for rides (we had little to no wait the entire trip!) but I would highly recommend it to anyone who has the 2 1/2 to 3 hours to spare.
9. I faithfully went to my local Disney Store each and every payday and purchased 20 Disney Dollars. I used them to pay for meals and souvenirs and it worked out great. I spent a lot less cash than I imagined. Had I put $20 into my savings account each payday, I am sure I would have withdrawn it to pay bills and since my local cable company doesn't take Disney Dollars there was no chance of spending them!
10. I WANT TO GO BACK!!!! :bounce: :D :bounce: :D :bounce: :D :bounce: :D

05-30-2001, 12:05 AM
Thanks for your thoughts and insights - glad you liked DL -it's my favorite single park.

06-08-2001, 11:01 PM
Thanks for your sharing your thoughts with us...I'm glad to hear you enjoyed DL so much!

06-09-2001, 09:07 AM
Glad you enjoyed yourself too. I'm really glad we went. There were a few downsides, but none that would ruin a vacation for certain.
Like you, we thought it was great (and refreshing) to be so close to stores, the two parks, restaurants, the hotel. Great change of pace. That alone almost makes it worth going.
We really enjoyed it. But I would have to say... between the two coasts, WDW would win out for us. Just really because there is so much more there.

Marla Hellwig
06-26-2001, 10:39 PM
Thanks for posting your thoughts!

Judy from Boise
07-01-2001, 12:03 AM
You are so right ! Whenever I try to describe why I love DL best, I use words like "Charming, Homey, and quaint". I am glad you enjoyed your time:D

07-04-2001, 12:00 PM
Thanks for sharing your thoughts & insights on DL. I started going to WDW in 1974 when my grandparents moved to Tampa. I went to visit them every year from 1974 to 1983 and we always spent a day or two at WDW. I went again in 1992, 1994, and 1997 (twice). In 1996 I started working at a Disney Store and learned about the trivia competition that the division had for its cast members. In 1998, our store's representative had one of the top eight scores in the nation on the test that we look in early September of 1998. I went to DL for the first time that year, and cheered Carol D. on ask she proceeded to win the competition and become the National Champion! I got talked into going back the following year for what turned out to be the last competition. While I love WDW, I really enjoyed DL. there are things in DL that I like better (ie space mountain, and New Orleans Square), but WDW is closer to PA. Can't wait to visit DCA and DLP, hopefully next year!:D