View Full Version : Famlies of 5 in a 2BR--Safety Concerns

Johnnie Fedora
07-01-2003, 12:43 AM
Let me start off by saying we have three kids under 5. During our last stay, we had a 2 br because we were traveling with my mom and sister (they stayed in the 2nd BR). After experiencing the dedicated 2BR at BCV, I am convinced that many 2BR layouts (at least at the "hotel style" resorts) pose a real safety issue for famlies with little ones. For our adventerous kids, the balcony off the 2nd bedroom is a real safety hazard. I would never consider placing our kids in the 2nd BR alone. Our oldest, can open both locks on the patio door, and allow balcony access to the yonger kids (one of who loves to stand on the patio chairs). Since you can't hear or see the second BR balcony doors from the living room, monitoring is a big problem. Also the sinks and extra water access are a big temptation.

Upon returning, I spoke with MS on the family of 5/1 BR topic and received as official an answer as one can get to that question. And, let's just say I'm comfortable with the response I received. :D You can PM me if you'd like to know the response.


07-01-2003, 12:55 AM
The topic of occupancy in dvc resorts is not allowed on this board per the Webmasters of the DIS. Please feel free to debate the issue of these concerns on our debate board.