View Full Version : rental home dilemma/Oak Island vs. Windsor Palms

Lisa AF
06-25-2003, 10:23 PM
I need help making my final decision!!!!
I've organized all my rental home responses and have narrowed it down to 2, Oak Island vs. Windsor Palms. I know nothing more than the location of each. I've seen some post about WP town homes, but not about single homes. I would appreciate any help postive or negative!

06-26-2003, 12:38 AM
Depends on what you really want. WP has all the gloss whereas Oak Island has a 20 second quicker to Disney location.

If you have kids then WP will probably be better but if not then any community will do. Sunset Lakes is just along the road and is a wonderful gated community that will give you peace and quiet.

Really there is not a lot to choose between ** and WP...what does each home offer ? That's what your decision should really boil down to. Has the home got everything you want and maybe more ?

A lot of homes are much of a muchness but if you've ever only stayed in a hotel then it's still going to be so much more and so much better. Other homes have been better fitted out by the owners and will keep everyone occupied including the kids so WP becomes less of an attraction.

If you want peace and quiet and you have kids then find a home with these extra facilities to keep them occupied. If you want gloss then WP.

Finally , any home within 10 mins of Disney is a great location f you are going to the parks.....pick the house you want rather than the location...it's far more important. And most of all..have fun :)