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06-25-2003, 10:18 PM
So, has anyone here ever gotten into the Hot Seat at Who Wants To Be A Millionaire at MGM?

I actually did last December! It was crazy, but such an awesome experience. Even though I blew it sort of early (I got the 1,000 point level). You just get so nervous in that chair with everyone staring at you and the music playing. I couldn't make it on the real show.

By the way, the pins and the hat are really cool too. :D

So any of you guys make it? Or were you close to making it?

06-26-2003, 12:20 AM
lol,,very tru,,,, the hats and pins are ok,,,, they make it seem like the pins are more rare though when they talk about them,,,,anyway,,, i got to the 500 thousand mark,,, i took a gamble,,, but lost,,, i don't usually wear the hat tho,,, the funny thing is,, i heard a 9 year old won the whole thing once,,, he was the youngest winner,,,,

06-26-2003, 08:01 AM
I never actually made it into the hotseat:( even though I was really desperate to..lol

I thought the whole concept of it was excellent though. The only bad thing i have to say about it is that alot of the questions were made for Americans (which is understandable considering we were in America) but for us English people, we found it difficult to answer some of them.

I heard rumours that you only get picked for the hotseat if you are sat in certain places in the audience. I even heard that it is decided who gets into the hotseat before you even play because only selected seats get to play. As i say this is only a rumour but does any1 know if it has any truth?
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06-26-2003, 03:37 PM
i really don't think it is!! But i could be wrong a person be hind me got it once!! My step dad almost did!!