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06-24-2003, 08:37 PM
hi guys, well after the 3 days volunteering at the scrapbook convention here in VA, I needed (ok wanted) new toys. :D Had to get the wire jig, wire writer and whatever that other tool that was in the pack was, then I had to order fiber today. What will I need tomorrow? :D Thanks to the poster about www.fibersbytheyard.com it's an awesome site! 40cents a yard for most of them. I can't wait to get them! Now I just need the wire pattern book, anyone have any suggestions on where to find that? :D maggie
PS: oh yeah, also had to buy chalk set, chalk erasure, and stencils from the convention. I'm loving the chalk thing! :D

06-24-2003, 08:59 PM
Too FUnny!
Good luck with the wire! That is one thing I know I will never buy do or get interested in! NEVER! HAHAHAHHA Yes I have said that before! about fibers...oh and chalk and eyelets....and charms! But this time I mean it!

06-24-2003, 09:21 PM
but it's all so FUN!!!!! (I'm especially fond of the challk right now). I have done half the summer tags with chalk, they look so cute!!!! now I just need a brilliant idea for the other tag..... Maybe I'll do it in wire! :D (which will of course inspire you to run out to the craft store and purchase all kinds of fun new stuff! (I ordered pixie dust fiber from the fiber store, it's under the multicolour fibers, really cute..... ) maggie

06-25-2003, 08:07 PM
How could you not buy yourself new toys! LOL

I haven't tried the wire thing - I've heard mixed reviews - so I will be interested in someone I actaully knows opinion! So make sure you update us!