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06-24-2003, 12:40 PM
Hi! I need help planning my dd's birthday party, she will be 2!! :) I LOVE to plan parties, and do crafty stuff, so I'm looking for some great suggestions from my disbuddies! The party will "probably" be held at a park, which is the only downfall. I can't stand for bugs to get around food! :rolleyes:

PLEASE send me any comments or suggestions that you think would help for a great Tinkerbell party! :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

Thanks alot!

06-24-2003, 04:55 PM
I found this site a time ago.I hope this help! ;) Good luck!! :p


Tinksnook (http://www.tinksnook.com/index2.html) or
Birthday express (http://www.birthdayexpress.com/bexpress/product.asp?sku=2589&mscssid=MEA2MBV68MS92KBQ0G0R57G6W081124E)

06-25-2003, 09:02 AM
Thanks so much!! :) Tinksnook was pretty neat, and it has other links, too! I'm checking them all out right now! :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

Still looking for ideas from other diser's, though! Any suggestions on foods to serve? How do I keep bugs away from my food? (not used to eating outside! :rolleyes: ) Ideas for boys treat bags??

Thanks everyone! ;)

06-25-2003, 10:37 AM
You may want to try this website: http://familyfun.go.com/. I was looking around it yesterday for my DD's first birthday and found some helpful info. As for food and bugs, there are covers that you can buy for platters and such. I'm not sure where, but I know they are out there. For the boys favor bags, you may want to add things such as yo-yos, playing cards, pencils and maybe even some glow in the dark sticks. A good place for ideas for favors would be the Oriental Trading Company at www.orientaltrading.com. Hope this helps!

06-25-2003, 10:41 AM
toystoryduo... thanks!! :) I do visit the familyfun site, I even posted a question there yesterday! Have you visited birthdaypartyideas.com yet? You may want to check it out, they have a TON of ideas, that people submit. There just isn't a whole lot on Tinkerbell.

Thanks for the ideas! And good luck on your party planning! (we had a luau for our dd's 1st b'day last year!)

06-25-2003, 11:31 AM
Which park are you going to have it at:

MK, EP, MGM or AK? ;)

06-26-2003, 10:35 AM
I wish it were at Disney!! I just wouldn't want any relatives tagging along... ;)

06-26-2003, 11:07 AM
I saw something cute at a Harry Potter party the other night. They took straws and cut about 2 inches off the end. Then they inserted a pipe cleaner into the straw. It stuck out the end a little. Then they twisted a few inches of sparkle garland onto the end of the pipe cleaner. Easy. The kids could help and they have a wand just like Tinkerbell.

Let's see with Tinkerbell I think of the castle at WDW. I made a cute castle cake once. Let me know if you want me to try to describe it. Or you could make one in a star shape and turn it into another wand. I picture sparkles, so maybe some sugar to decorate it.

Trish Bessette
06-27-2003, 10:27 AM
I had a Tinkerbell party for my daughters 5th birthday. They all had the star wands and I made star shaped (from a cookie cutter) sandwiches. I found a smaller star shaped cookie cutter and cut out cheese and keilbasa to serve with crackers. I ordered a lot of the decoration from the birthday express Tinkerbell party and had tons of helium balloons. Our local cake shop made a really nice Tinkerbell cake as well.

Good luck and have a great time!

06-27-2003, 03:03 PM
I just did a Tinkerbell party for my daughter's first birthday in March. I had her picture taken with wings on and a diaper cover and we put that on the cover of the invitation with the caption "Time flies...." and then a collage of her pictures from her first year. For the actual party I ordered the Tink paper products from Birthday Express and mixed in solid colored pink stuff so it would not be "too much" cost wise and visually. I dipped long rod pretzels in pink chocolate and then used pastel sprinkles from my local candy supply store to decorate the last few inches to look like wands. I used various larger (so that they would not be as much as a choking hazard) sized star punches on pink and silver card stock and scattered them around our island where we had her cake. I made star sugar cookies with pink sugar crystals. A pink punch. But the biggest hit, and the easiest thing, was that I put her cake on a cake pedestal and surrounded the pedestal with pink tulle from Joanns then I put smallish silver card stock star punches in the tulle here and there. Everyone really liked that and it was so easy.

Maybe since your outside you could put a bit of two way tape on the back of the punches over top of the table cloth. Having at a park sounds ideal! No mess to clean up!

Good luck with everything and have fun!

06-30-2003, 03:39 PM
Hi and Happy Birthday to your DD!

My DD turned 5 in February and she had a Disney Princess Party. We did lots of crafts. One that would work for you if you can find Tinkerbell fabric:

I made hats from frabric and poster board and Tulle (the netting for a veil off the top.) They were regular cone style hats (like any cardboard party hat would be with elastic to keep them on) with the veil coming off the top. I traced the shape onto posterboard, cut it out and then attached the fabric. There was no sewing, I used adhesive to stick it all together and a glue gun for the elastic underneath. I had the hats all complete for the party, but to add something for the girls to do, I bought colored gems from Oriental Trading. They came in hearts, ovals etc, and we used pink, purple and the clear ones. The girls got to add the gems with glue to give their hats a personal look. The girls loved it because it was a hat that they could play dress up in at home. I got a lot of compliments regarding how beautiful the hats were from the parents as well. It didn't cost much, I actually found the Princess Fabric at Walmart!!! All together for 10 hats I paid about $25, but they were worth it.

Also we played a Snow White game, similar to hot potato, but with a "poison apple" This could easily be modified to Tinkerbell, just use a small plush doll of her or something like that. We used Disney Princess music, but I am sure any fairy type music would work for you. I cannot remember if Tinkerbell has a song!

We also colored "Belle Bookmarks" which I got from the Disney website. It was the actual size of a bookmark, I am sure they would have some Tinkerbell images as well. I bought yarn and punched a hole and...voila! an instant bookmark.

I also love planning kids bithdays, can you tell? I get more excited than the kids.

Also, a dress up trunk is a great thing to have. Get some fairy wings, tinkerbell accessories etc.

Have Fun!!!!

07-03-2003, 09:08 AM
These are such great ideas!! :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc I plan to use several of them. Thanks again to all who posted! ;)