View Full Version : Has anyone stayed at the Hyatt Regency at MCO?

06-23-2003, 09:55 PM
I just booked the Hyatt that is located in Orlando International Airport. I have a late flight and won't be getting in until 11. We wanted to stay in a hotel that had 24 hour room service prior to transferring to Coronado Springs the next day. I also thought it would be nice to stroll to the hotel instead of having to take a taxi at such a late hour. I couldn't be bothered with booking an All-Star and checking in so late since nothing will be open. (I try not to eat before flying so I'll probably be a little hungry once we arrive) Has anyone here stayed there? Did you like it? Any recommendations?

06-24-2003, 11:39 AM
I haven't stayed there, but had friends that did and they loved it. They also had a late arriving flight, and loved the fact that it's right inside the airport, so it's a 5 minute trip to check in!

If you haven't seen these, here's some other opinions:


06-24-2003, 11:49 AM
Not sure if they have 24 hour room service but the bar and grill has a late night menu until 12:30a (dinner until 11:00p).

06-24-2003, 12:40 PM
We stayed there the night before our cruise in November and it was terrific. The room was large and comfy. We asked for a runway view and DD spent a good part of the am watching the planes! You'd never know you were on the airport grounds, our room was dead silent.

We had breakfast provided by DCL that morning, so it was not their typical restaurant food (there was a buffet) but it was excellent. Lots of fresh fruit, juices, etc...

I HIGHLY recommend this Hyatt.

07-01-2003, 03:01 AM
When we stayed there, they provided a bellperson with luggage cart to meet you at the baggage carousel if you called the front desk once your luggage arrived. Also if you are on a departing flight, the bellperson took your luggage to the ticket counter for check-in. Remember to tip well for this special service so that they continue to offer it. ;)

Also, we found the room service menu to be unusually good for an airport hotel.

07-01-2003, 03:54 AM
Thank you for your imput! Much appreciated. :)