View Full Version : Go off Atkins when in WDW?

06-20-2003, 01:48 PM
So, I've been successful with Atkins, & have my WDW/Cruise vacation coming up in 3 weeks. I intend to stay on Atkins as best I can BUT I know that I will want the special souffle at Palo's & since we're staying at the Beach Club...& Beaches & Cream is right there...well, you get the picture. I'm looking at coming back from vacation and going right into induction for the following 2 weeks - to jump-start again. Does this sound logical to anyone? (I even checked American Airlines for their "low-carb" meal and the breakfast includes a bagel! that's not low carb!!)

06-20-2003, 02:24 PM
I'm not on Atkins, I follow weight watchers, so I don't know if my answer will help you much.

But I don't worry too much about my weight on vacation. I eat sensibly. If I'm hungry I look for snacks on my plan, but every now and again, if there's a treat I want, I have it. I just remember that I will probably gain, and I get myself ready when I step on the scale to deal with that.

SO, my advice to you is yes. Have a good time on your vacation and eat what you want. Then go back to your plan when you get home.

06-20-2003, 06:09 PM
We're going to WDW in October and I plan to have some indulgences. I'm on Atkins too. But where I can I plan to try to stick to the plan. But about a week before we go, I plan to have some extra carbs. If I'm going to get sick I want it to be at home, and not at WDW!

06-20-2003, 07:29 PM
I didn't go off plan during my May trip. I would have but there really wasn't anything I wanted. I don't know how I would do on a cruise, that chocolate souffle at Palo is wonderful.

06-20-2003, 08:02 PM
Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you asked this question, as I was wondering the same thing, but now I'm a little nervous with what I'm reading..

Barbruka, will I get SICK if I go off of Atkins for my vacation???? Do you really go off a week before? My husband and I plan on sticking to low carb as much as we can get away with, on our trip in August, but we intend to allow ourselves whatever we deem "magically delicious" enough to forget Atkins when we are there.

I am following atkins religiously, and I feel fabulous. But I don't want to go off and feel sick while I'm on vacation either!

Please advise!

06-20-2003, 08:33 PM
Sue, a lot of people feel really yucky after following Atkins for a significant amount of time then eating refined carbohydrates. I've heard the feeling compared to a really bad hangover.

There are also others who experience no ill effects from eating refined carbohydrates.

I suppose you won't know how you will react to refined carbohydrates until you eat some of them.

06-20-2003, 08:44 PM
Oh great.... well I usually love surprises, but this one I can do without. Maybe I better do a little bit of experimenting before the trip!

Thanks for the quick response!

06-20-2003, 09:03 PM
That's right - I felt SO LOUSY on days 3 & 4 of induction, that it makes sense that I would feel "hung over" if I eat refined carbs! I'm thinking that I just might need the kick-start when I get back anyway. I don't think I'll have trouble avoiding the pasta, potatoes, breads - but it's the desserts (and all that sugar) that I'm concerned about. I do intend to try a sugar-free dessert or two (although I know that doesn't necessarily mean low-carb!)

Thanks for the advise!

06-20-2003, 10:21 PM
I have no intention of going off Atkins when I am on vacation...only because I already know how sick I would be! The day I ate the two sugar cookies after being on Atkins for a month, I was so sick that night that I refuse to do it again! Sure, I could probably get away with a nibble here and there, but I am too afraid I will want more carbs once I have them in a huge amount!

You should do whatever you feel comfortable with! :) I am sure you will have a wonderful time no matter what you decide! :):)

06-20-2003, 10:30 PM
You are doing great!!!!

When you are at WDW, if there is something you REALLY want, and it's not something you would normally eat on Atkins but you really want it, I say go for it!!!!

I am on WW, but I am really careful about things like bread, potatoes, pasta, etc. We went to England for two weeks (after more than 2 months on WW and about 15 pounds lost) I had scones, potato chips (crisps), french fries (chips), fish (fried) meat pies (lots of crust and gravy), chips, crisps, scones, scones, and more scones! I ate way more carbs than ever in two weeks than I normally do in real life, even before WW! I am not an Atkins person, but I do try to make sure I don't overindulge in the starchy foods category.

We walked tons each day, as I am sure you will do on your WDW vacation. So try to stick to Atkins as much as possible, but if there is a special WDW treat you'd like to have, go for it. We really only indulged in things we thought of as "English" (like scones, scones, scones, fish and chips, steak pies, prawn crisps, chocolate biscuts, scones, scones, scones, and chocolates...) :)

Have fun and enjoy your trip! Life is woth living and food is part of it! As long as you know you will GET BACK ON TRACK when you return, GO FOR IT! :)

06-20-2003, 11:06 PM
TigH - Do you like scones??? LOL!!!

Join the club! I love them too, if fact I love all carbs way too much and thats why I'm in the mess I am!

By the way, for some of the best scones you will ever eat, go to Boma's breakfast. I got the recipe from the chef, and have probably made them at least 6-7 times. Out of this world!