View Full Version : Um excuse me . . . Have you seen my wagon anywhere?

06-16-2003, 11:37 AM
I was a very, very baaaaaaaaaaddddd girl this weekend - sounds like a lot of people - so maybe there are a few lost wagons out there! My DH said Friday morning - hey after work let's drive up north (MI) for 4 hours and spend the weekend in Mackinaw city!! Therein lies bad thing number 1 - I didn't exercise that morning thinking I would do it in the evening and he told me too late so oops - no workout!!

Arrived Friday night - ate on the road - restaurant had key lime pie and let me tell you I love key lime pie - yes I had some - yes it was devine - yes therein lies oopsy number 2!!

Saturday - went to Mackinac island - my first time. If you don't know anything about the island let me tell you it is the land of fudge!! They're famous for it and it's everywhere!! Fudge shops, the smell of fudge in the air, people everywhere eating, carrying fudge!! Did I have any - NO!! Did I have some peanutbutter fudge ice cream from the fudge shop - you betcha!! Oopsy number 3!!

Well I think that's where I lost my wagon. I was loving the ice cream - I'm not a big ice cream eater but this was sooooo good! and I think I stopped and the wagon kept going along. A couple more oopsies that night and on Sunday and well you get the idea!! So here I am looking for my weight loss wagon - if you find mine please let me know :p

Bichon Barb
06-16-2003, 11:47 AM
You know? I thought I saw your wagon, so I hopped on it. Guess what happened? I fell off. Sorry. :p

Here is my confession. Ten of the "wives" on my street (including myself) rented a limo and took off Saturday morning for the Finger Lakes wine region. By 10:30 a.m., the champagne was flowing. We must have tasted at eight wineries. I thought I may have laughed off all the calories, but alas, the bloatfairy has arrived.

I'm drinking lots of water today in hopes that the reading on my scale was just a fluke :rolleyes: .

06-16-2003, 03:47 PM
......but you had fun :D

06-16-2003, 09:03 PM
I found your wagon Piglet....here it is...I am holding it for you with my foot....HURRY up...get back on...I will hold it steady until you get secure. Hey look other WISHers are helping me hold it for you...Now you have to jump back on it all by yourself..and we will help hold it steady!! LOL

Sounds like you had a really good time...I would have cheated too.!!!


06-16-2003, 10:50 PM
<b>CrzyforPiglet</b> I love Mackinac Island.

Okay, here is the million dollar question: Did you have fun? That's the important thing, you know, the fun part. I hope you had a blast and made some magical memories.

Sounds like you really enjoyed that ice cream, too. That is excellent.

Are you back on track today? That's all you can do, you know. Focus on your goal and head toward it again. The only way to reach it is to keep on going.

<b>Bichon Barb</b> A limo and champagne--an irresistable combination. I don't blame you, I would have enjoyed the wine and laughter too. I hope you also made some wonderful memories and had a blast. Sounds like you did.

You are back on track today and that is the important thing. I hope the Bloat Fairy leaves you soon.

Onward and Downward!

06-17-2003, 06:39 AM
Think I passed your wagon as I was busy falling off my own.

Can't really blame anything in the air as I live in Scotland, perhaps it had something to do with it being Friday the 13th!!!

Bichon Barb
06-17-2003, 12:58 PM
Okay okay...are we all back on the wagon now? All right. Let's all hold on tight so we don't fall off again. :p

Wagon jumping may be fun, but it can be very dangerous. LOL.

06-17-2003, 01:37 PM
Oh, looky, it's the wagon!!! Here it comes to pick you up! :) Your bad weekend sounds like my kind of weekend, so I don't think you were bad at all (as a matter of fact, I don't think bad applies to our behavior here, just a way to describe rotten food, ie: that cheese is very green and fuzzy, I think it went bad!) ;) Hey, you are human, you gotta enjoy yourself once in a while!

So today is a new day (and tomorrow too!) What do you plan to do about it? Did you exercise yet today? Are you drinking lots of water? I bet you are already on the wagon, heck, you're probably in the wagon driver's seat!!! :)

06-17-2003, 03:41 PM
Thanks to everyone who helped hold it down - I found my wagon!! Now I'm still trying to get both feet into it but at least I've got both my hands on it and i'm not letting go!! You'd think after so much hard work it would be harder to slip but I guess learning healthier habits is a lifetime goal so temptation will get the best of you once and a while. I had to go to the grocery store last night so I didn't exercise but I got some new WATP tapes and plan on doing the walk/jog tonight! I have been good trying to get my eating back under control - tomorrow should be the clincher so I'm feeling good that I should be back in the driver's seat of my wagon by tomorrow!!

I may have lost my wagon but by golly I did have a lot of fun and yes that ice cream was delicious!!


06-17-2003, 03:44 PM
You didn't lose your wagon, you just forgot where you parked it. Happens to me all the time ;)