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06-09-2003, 08:57 PM
Checked over on the old DA boards and saw that Barb (Mistlestoes01) had posted this. Sounds interesting.

thought I would pass this along to my disney buddies...this is a really easy way to make 30.00 for 10 minutes of your time three different days thats just to talk on the phone .and you select the days and times for the calls. ( its really easy and convenient way to have 30.00 for more disney trips haha)

This is a telephone speech study supporting linguistic research, technology development and education conducted by the Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania.

As a FISHER participant you will take part in 1 to 3 telephone calls talking to other participants -- typically people you do not know -- for ten minutes. ( and it is only 10 minutes from start to finish)

A robot operator will initiate all calls. You need only answer your phone at the time(s) you will specify later during this registration. You may also initiate calls (using your PIN) by calling the specified number after you recieve your pin. topics are preselected and to view list www.ldc.upenn.edu/Fisher/topics.html
my first one was on comedy, I signed up one day and the next day my first phone call came during the hour (s) that I specified . even before I got my confirmation email , and pin. calls can be done on any type of phone, landline or cellular.

here's the link to sign up : www.ldc.upenn.edu/Fisher/
or you can call: 1-800-380-7366
monday thur friday 10am -6pm
multiple family members are permitted (they ask you select at least those with working papers if young enough)

PLEASE use the referral ID : 64343

where it asks

I have done two so far ,and hopefully my third tonight and they do call within the time frame that you select( you will understand this better once you look at the sign up online) figure its a easy way to make 30.00 to supply our Disney habit. NO one gets your phone number but the computer dialing, the folks on the other side of the conversation don't even know your name.

Thought I would post it here in case anyone ever checks in anymore..like I do occasionally