View Full Version : Shoretrips.com - any completed excursions?

06-06-2003, 09:25 PM
I'm interested in finding out if anyone has completed an excursion through shoretrips.com. We have made our excursions commitments with them and are satisfied so far with their fast service.

Any comments?


06-07-2003, 04:21 AM
I have been looking at using them. Which trip did you book?

I am intersted in a CATAMARAN trip to Stingray City. I have been searching websites and can only find Capain Bryan that shows a catamaran as the type of boat they use. This Shoretrips.com also lists an excurision called CAPTIVATING CATAMARAN COASTS TO STINGRAY CITY that looks perfect.

How long is the boat ride out to Stingray City? Will my 4 year old feel comfortable?

Thanks for your help.

06-07-2003, 06:57 AM
We were on the 2nd Western that DCL made last May and I booked the horseback excursion in Cozumel through Shoretrips.com.
Our whole day was wasted waiting on them to come and pick us up at the dcok. I tried calling the # that they had given me once in Mexico and it was out of order. The concierge # that was given was also incorrect. BUT to even make those calls I had to find a pharacy to purchase a Mexican calling card. I also inquired around the dock but no one knew who Shoretrips were or how to get in touvh with them. Also- I tried calling the operator and they had nothing. I went back to the phone booth on the dock and finally got through to Shoretrips.com US phone #. The phonebooth would not let her call me back so I had to call her back in 5 minutes while she tried to figure out what was going on. I called back and the people who she had contracted out my horseback excursion too in Mexico had gone to the wrong dock. By the time they made it to the correct dock- it was 3:30 pm- to late to take a 4 hour excursion. She apolozied profuslyand refunded the $ to my cc but said we were the first ones who had booked this actual excursion.
Once home- I was then greeted by my phone bill for the calls to Shoretrips- $80+ for the 2 calls which totaled about 8 minutes! SHe did reimburse me for these calls- since the mexican #s were incorrect and also offered me any excursion she had for comp on our next trip.
I have contacted Jean with getting our comp shoretrip in St maarten but haven't heard back from her. I do know that I won't be telling my family about the excursion- it will be a surprise. That wasy- if something happens we won't have a disappointed child or hubby again! I don't really care anything about horseback riding but DD loves it so if it happens it happens and if it doens't it doesn't. Mistakes do happen to everyone so hopefully it will be righted this time!

06-09-2003, 08:10 AM
Thank you so much for that story - I always say forewarned is forearmed!!!!

I do hope they are as professional with the excursions as they were in the planning stage for us. I definitely will post my comments!!!