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06-04-2003, 07:39 AM
I have thought about this for sometime and thought I would just add a thought - if at anytime any gift baskets, floral items are ordered, they should be in your rooms by the time you enter your room - Now there are times that even tho housekeeping does an awesome job of making sure they are in your room, there are times they run behind - give them time - NOW if your orders has not arrived - please contact housekeeping and they will find out what happened -
The reason for this letter? I had a terrible incident happen where a grandmother ordered baskets for her grandchildren - all were received except two - I failed to advise her at the time of the orders if they did not receive their gifts, to just call housekeeping - Disney does an excellent job of record keeping and can trace down the packages especially if they are delivered to the wrong room (accidents do happen) - unfortunalty the family that received the two baskets failed to return them to the rightful owners that were just 4 doors down from them - the children were rightfully upset especially seeing that their cousins had theirs - The problem was resolved tho the children went home without their baskets -
I know and have faith in Disney and they made it right but the fact remains that errors do happen so their is no one to blame excepts those that kept the baskets.
If there is a problem with a delivery again, just call housekeeping - they are more than willing to make sure your cruise is filled with everything good that is possible - in fact the entire staff of DCL is.
Thank you for your time and letting me finally express my sincere apology to the grandmother and her family for the disappointment - and thank you for believing in me and DCL.

06-04-2003, 08:26 AM
OF COURSE we have faith in you. As you mentioned, DCL does a great job delivering gifts. I still blame the people who RECEIVED the basket.... did they NOT think, when it had someone else's name on it, to SAY something to their cabin steward? As I mentioned in the previous thread, maybe the cards fell off, but how did it get delivered where it was delivered to.

I believe no one blames you, we trust you! I'm sure Grandmother explained to her two grandchildren it was an honest mistake, and I'm sure she more than made up for it... but DCL should have investigated what happened... maybe they could have TOLD ALL the room stewards there were two missing baskets and please check their areas when doing their housekeeping?? and if the same room steward had both rooms (Grammy's room and the room where the baskets were delivered to by mistake), you think they would have been checking (if they had known). I know they're busy and have a hundred things to do, but keeping something like that in the back of their minds may have FOUND the baskets... but I still think the people who received the baskets were wrong.

JMO, Jeanny :wave:

06-04-2003, 08:50 AM
Thank you - the grandmother was not aware she could call housekeeping, but she went to guest services a number of times and they unfortunalty did not tell her to call housekeeping - they did contact Disney and tell them there was a problem - DCL is very aware as to which room it went to and who signed for them - Even if our cards fell off, Disney's accurate record keeping also adds their card for signature which has the names of the customer so it is well covered so there is no errors - I just feel that those that kept the baskets are setting bad examples for their children regardless of their ages.
Anyhow Thanks again for your imput.

06-04-2003, 08:57 AM
I want to say that shirley and norm are absolutely the nicest and most helpful people and I am so disappointed that the people who received the baskets in error did not have the decency to return them to guest services.

In my book, that is stealing.:mad:

06-04-2003, 09:14 AM
I know that I have to sign for everything I have received in my stateroom and am appalled that someone would actually keep a gift that was intended for others! Mistakes do happen but this is just plain stealing! Great example to set for the children!

Shirley - you are wonderful and I've always loved our baskets!