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Dopey & Grumpy
05-28-2003, 07:51 AM
I've looked at the National web site and can't seem to find this answer. We've booked a car (at the low rate in March) and indicated we'd be picking it up at 12:30 pm. I'm now starting to look into plane reservations and the earliest we can get into Orlando is 7:30 pm (great rates on Air Tran out of Pittsburg - $310.00 round trip non-stop for 2 of us). Will they hold the car? I don't want to cancel and re-book because the rates are considerably higher and I don't want to change the time because then I'll have to go to the counter. I know I probably should have waited to book the car after the plane but I couldn't pass up the great deal ($131.83 for a full size for 7 days). So my question is...will they hold the car for us?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

05-28-2003, 08:19 AM
Since you are talking about 7 hours late, I'd definitely call National and see what they say and what they possibly can do for you without changing your rate.

I wouldn't just show up 7 hours late and 'hope' they saved a car for you!

05-28-2003, 09:23 AM
There is no way I would rely on them to hold the car that long. Call them and plead your case.


05-28-2003, 09:41 AM
I am sure that someone will post and say that it won't be a problem.

But I would call and have them change the time on the reservation. Also check when you do pick up the car to note the time it says the reservation is for. I was delayed once so I picked the car up later. When I went to return the car I was charged an additional day because the contract stated the earlier time. I did get it taken off but it took 10 days to appear on my card.

05-28-2003, 09:44 AM
National holds the car/reservation for twenty fours hours after your pickup time.

Dopey & Grumpy
05-28-2003, 10:31 AM
Thanks for all the replies. I haven't made the plane reservations yet but I keep checking and the 7:30 arrival at MCO hasn't changed. I'm going to give it another week and see what happens. I don't want to wait too long and lose the good fare. I was just curious about the delay in pick up time. We were delayed once because of an ice storm and we didn't have any problem getting a car. I realize this time will be my decision and not the airlines so the circumstances are a little different. Again, I appreciate all the input.

05-28-2003, 06:22 PM
I asked this question at the National counter once and they told me they hold the reservations until midnight. I would still call and see if they can manually change your time on your reservation.

Tigger Woods
05-29-2003, 02:44 PM
I had this happen once, and I spoke to someone at National's toll free number. For some reason, they put me on hold and actually called the National desk in Orlando to notify them of the change. (This was about a week before I picked up the car.) Flight times get changed all the time, so I'm sure it won't be problem. I would call them, though.