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05-15-2003, 10:16 PM
Ok so I am in such a state I can even begin to explain the feelings I am experiencing. This morning I hurried off to Wal Mart with 16 rolls of film to be developed. I weighed the options of 1 hour versus 2 day and being the very impatient person that I am chose 1 hours. I picked my pictures up later today only to find they had made a processing error and all my pictures are grainy and unclear. The worst part of this is they made the mistake in the developing not the printing so they pictures cannot be printed correctly. I am so sick. I am sure all my fellow scrapbookers can understand how awful this is. I had pages planned, books bought, stickers ready to roll.....oh I feel like I could, well you know......I am a littlle bit on the teary side. I took the negatives to a local photo store I normally deal with (what made me go cheaper today:( ) and he tried to print a few...but the best he could do was lighten them up a bit. Wal Mart refunded my money with out so much as a thought so I know they feel they blew it. But that doesnt replace my vacation photos.

So sorry to vent on you girls.....I needed a shoulder to cry on. :( :( :( what a mess....:( :( :(

Heres the worst part, my girlfriends camera quit on the vacation so I was taking pics for both families. I even finally had to tell her I was making a scrapbook for us both so she wouldnt buy this little photo thing that cost a fortune and now the pictures are ruined for her too.....oh good heavens.

Down in the dumps in Ohio


05-15-2003, 11:08 PM
I am soo sorry for what has happened. I don't even know what I would do.

05-15-2003, 11:59 PM
I am so sorry Goofymom/Pop!! What a horrible thing to happen!:( This happened to me once, my Mom came up to visit me from Florida 5 days after my son was born...we took picture after picture and some great shots too with my grandparents because it was 4 generations...well I got them developed and everyone of them were processed wrong and looked washed out...the entire 3 rolls were ruined! The very next day, DH and I went out and bought a digital camera and we have never had that problem again. I know exactly how you feel, I have been there and I know that there is nothing I can say to make you feel better, but I do want to give you a great big {{HUG}} and you can cry on my shoulder anytime...

05-16-2003, 02:56 AM
Awwww... that is awful... BIG ((((((HUGS)))))) for you...


05-16-2003, 06:56 AM
What at nightmare. I'm so sorry this happened. It's my biggest worry when I'm at important events. I like to carry a digital camera and a regular camera at the same time to really big events because I figure if I have pictures from two different formats then surely some of them will survive if something goes wrong. Digital cameras have their glitches too so I'm not saying go completely digital just spread yourself out so that it's unlikely you'll lose everything in one accident.

05-16-2003, 07:34 AM
Oh I feel your pain! That is my biggest fear! I can't even imagine!
Had had several rolls of film developed at Walmart after our last trip. Never again. They didn't ruin them but the quality wasn't as good as others. I love Snapfish.com. Never had a problem and have over 1000 albums I think o their site!
But I do keeping thinking digital is the way to go!...
but I love my camera! I do think once it dies I will get a digital.
If you want I could send you some Disney pics. That maybe you could work in the your book. Land scape pictures? Let me know, I know it wouldn't be the same as your memories but if you could get your most important pictures reprinted then add some generic pictures it might work

05-16-2003, 08:42 AM
and thanks for the offer Spinning. I may take you up on it. My album will survive as we have been to WDW several times. Its my girlfriends book I am most upset about. If I hadnt told her about it then I could just let it go, but dumb ole' me said dont worry about your broken camera I will make a scrapbook for your family......ugh! I guess in the grand scheme of things I should remember the trip was awesome and we had a wonderful fun filled time. Loads of sun and no rain.

Thanks for the shoulder to cry on everyone....now I am off to salvaage what I can from these pix.


05-16-2003, 08:57 AM
Oh, Cindy, I'm so sorry!! I'm sure your friend will understand when she sees how upset you are.

05-16-2003, 10:35 AM
Oh, Cindy, that is the scrapbooker's worst nightmare. I'm so sorry your precious pictures are unusable. :( But I am glad you were able to enjoy a wonderful trip -- good for you for looking on the brighter side.

05-16-2003, 10:48 AM
OMG, you poor, poor thing. I can't even imagine how you must feel...although, like everyone else, this is my worst nightmare. A very similar situation happened to another scrapper on the 2Peas board, only her films (48 rolls) were ruined by the x-ray machines at the airports...the new HEAVY DUTY ones. Her pictures came out very much like yours and when she took them to a professional after developing that's when she found out what had happened. So when we went in March I made them hand check every single roll both going and coming...they were not very happy with me but after reading the nightmare story I took no chances.

SSSSOOO, what everyone did was to take some extra pictures for her on their next Disney trips...kind of like a giant RAK. I took the Animal Kingdom pics for her.

If you are interested, I'd be willing to take some for you when we go back. Unfortunately, that won't be until October. I can, however, go through what I have now and send you some, but I'm not sure how many I have that would be of use to you, since it was my grandson's first trip and most are of him.

Please, please, please let me know if I can help. Anything to help another scrapper in need!!! I know it's not like having your own, and I am in no way trying to minimize your situation...what happened to the photos is horrible...but I would love to help if I can.

Donna C.

05-16-2003, 11:10 AM
Hi Cindy,

I noticed you're from Mentor...I live in Concord. Don't know if I have anything you can use but we've been going to Disney at least once a year for 10+ years and I have TONS of pictures...so if you'd like to look at any of them (they aren't even in books yet, I just started scrapping 6 months ago!) let me know!


05-16-2003, 01:45 PM
Dear Goofymom/pop I felt so bad for you when I read this! I actually read it yesterday and was so upset for you I didn't even know what to say. :( But today I have been trying to think of how you can make lemonade from your lemons :)

You can still use the best of the pictures you have and just do more journaling. Tell what the picture is about, what you are doing, how you felt, etc. Use post cards if you have them, also ticket stubs, receipts, etc. If your friends bought souviners you could make their picture wearing/holding each one and describe why they chose that item, why it's special, etc. Use WDW paper and stickers on the pages. Be creative - if your don't have a picture, use stickers or die cuts of your friends' favorote things that happened. Write about your favorite restaurant - print the menu off the internet onto pretty paper and highlight what you ordered. If you watched the fireworks, decorate a page with fireworks stickers and describe your experience.

You can still make a cool, very special scrapbook for your friend even though the pictures are not what they should have been.

Good luck!

And just think, maybe you can convince your friend that you should go back next year, so you will have another chance at the pics ;)


05-16-2003, 05:14 PM
Cindy, I am so sorry that this happened to you :( :(. I just sent you a pm. Let me know if I can help in any way.

05-16-2003, 06:46 PM
Thanks so much for all the great offers of help. I have been spending some time today going through the pics. I am reasonably sure that I can get enough to do her a good book. Not as big as I wanted but still special. My hubby says they arent as bad as I think they are and that I like things perfect.....ya da da.....but I do like my pictures to be good. Strange thing is my sons little throw away camera pix came out pretty good. go figure! So I using all of his and his water camera pix.

I am going to do my best!!!!

Thanks for the tips on extra journaling and stickers. Your right it can still be good.

Thanks again for all the moral support, this is just the best board!


Peggy......hello fellow Ohioan...how cool, we live like 5 minutes from each other. We have to get together and tallk Disney and scrapbooking. I go to a crop the first friday of each month at my church. Let me know if your interested in meeting up some time. Thanks for offer of pix I will let you know.

05-16-2003, 06:46 PM
I am sooo sorry to hear this happened to you. How awful. My understanding is that if the developer screws up the roll of film, they are supposed to give you another roll of film to "make up" for it. Obviously doesn't even come close, but you may want to try to get some film as well.

I know your friends camera broke on the trip, but was she able to take any pictures before it happened? You may still be able to do a smaller scale scrapbook. Also, did you or she buy any of the professional pictures in the park?

I truly feel for you. My sister broke my expensive point and shoot in Disneyland last year. I had let her borrow it while I went off on my own (last day of vacation and I had had enough family for awhile). Everyone claims it just broke, but the entire back fell off. I only lost a roll, but she is not allowed to touch my cameras anymore (she also broke hers before the trip)

I know I have some duplicate pictures at home of some of the scenery at WDW (tree of life, All Star Movies and the countries at Epcot come to mind right now). If you'd like, send me a PM and I'd be happy to send some extras your way.

Last but not least - use some of the grainy pictures of the families. You can journal about what happened and about how even with the developing mishap, that you had a wonderful vacation.

05-16-2003, 06:51 PM
I never thought of going through my own Disney scrapbooks (I have 7) and getting pix from them. I have an awesome copier that would work wonders......dah....talk about blind rage.....lol!!! Off to search my other books.

Thanks a bunch girls!!!!!!!

If I am missing pictures I cant replace I will let you know. Thank you to each of you who offered pictures and help....Fellow SB's are the best;)


05-17-2003, 10:42 AM

I PMd you.


05-17-2003, 07:24 PM
I normally lurk on this board but had to comment on this thread. Wed while we were down in Orlando (the day before we were leaving) We dropped oour photos off at walgreens for 1 hr service. I wanted to fix my daughter an album that she bought so it would be ready for her to take to school on friday. My dh and grandmother picked up the photos and were not please we paid 56.00 for two rolls to be trashed and able to be printed and the rest of our rolls were half ruined. The photos have a huge black spot alomost like the photos were cut inhalf. Half pic and half black space. We lost so many memories and I had plans for a scrapbook, framed collages and etc.. I thought I was going to die.

I am so sorry your photos were runied.

05-18-2003, 06:24 AM
prints of any of the 4000 disney pictures i have in my snapfish account! Just send me your email and categorys of pictures you're looking for - i'm sure you don't want all 71 albums:p