View Full Version : my personal opinion Sizzix VS quikkutz

05-11-2003, 01:10 PM
As many of you know I have been toying with making the big purchase! Any way yesterday I had the chance to use both a lot...
This is my personal findings....:D
many dies to purchase
able to buy at ACmoore/micheal's and use coupons
easier on the wrist
not portable
plastic board seems to be easily marred and needs to be replaced

Quic Kutz:
Very portable
wonderful fonts (I actually like them better than Sizzix)
easy storage
Limited die cut size
tiring on the wrist (at least for me)
Hard to read which letter is which ( again could be me)

So now that I have played with both I really think I am going with the quic kutz. Reason why; I do like the fonts but like both brands. But I looked at my style of scrapping. I really don't use die cuts. Maybe here or there but none that I would use over and over again. I also have many punches that I use only on occassions but feel they are well used HAHAHA so I don't think I would want to buy many die cuts but know with my personality I would! LOL!
SO The savings pot now begins! Also I have to pick out which font I want!

05-11-2003, 03:38 PM
I have a sizzix, when I bought it the Qk wasn't widely available and was only sold in sets which were very expensive.

I've used both, and I do prefer the fonts on the Qk, but I found it very very hard to use. I am pretty happy with my sizzix, but I don't buy many dies, I have the lollipop, and Serif alphabets and if the cursive ever appears I will buy that, but I am not tempted by the individual dies. I know if I had a QK I would want ALL the alphabets. It's a really tough choice isn't it