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05-04-2003, 06:42 PM
Okay it is Sunday, May 4th and I am just starting my journal. I asked for DD's help to get this started but I think I heard her say "Mom just thinkabout it" - so I did and I think I got it - on my own even!! She will be so proud :p

Today was a day of r & r which meant a list of things to do and only about half got done. That's okay - I am learning that it will be there tomorrow.

No exercising (did some yard work) walked 6 miles yesterday, so this is according to plan.

Food OP today - nice omelet, nachos (baked chips) and b-bq chicken and my favorite veggies of sauted summer squash, onions, broccoli with bit of salad dressing right as they are done! Yummy! Oh yeah an orange for dessert. I really like, that I look forward to veggies and fruit as my sweets.

Had some really nice PM messages today and they all mean so much. Actually, somebody moved the kleenex from the computer area, had to go find some! Makes me so glad to have found this support board - now I know I can do it! Not just lose the weight, but acutally change my eating habits and knpw that food is not number one priority for me.

I am going to like this journaling it too will make me accountable and that is a great source of making me stick to this new committment.

05-05-2003, 07:23 PM
Started the day with a shorter walk - 2 miles - but inclined and varied the speed - so I was okay with it. Added some floor exercises and yoga - really need the stretching. Hope to keep that up. Should I have a goal here? I'll think on that.

Raining this morning - didn't imagine walk at noon possible - but sun out and walked 1.5 mi! Oh good a mid-day metabolism boost!

OP for food today 1 point shy actually - but it's 7pm and no more food for the day. Probably tea later -

Off to pmTammy and see if she is up for a treadmill challenge and then out to plant some flowers - a few more calories burned!

Oh yeah almost forgot! Today I challenged 3 others at work to not use elevator for x number of days (don't know that we settled on a # of days yet) Boy, before I knew it, I was at the elevator and pushing the button. I came to my senses and marched right over to the stairs. I am going to have to retrain myself! Have to throw $ into a jar when we forget and ride - heard some say today, where's the jar! Oh goodie - they forgot and rode- we are going out for salad when the challenge is over, using that jar $ - hope mine is free!!

05-06-2003, 03:03 PM
love that elevator challenge idea Mom, you are so clever ;)

Would someone else please remind her that she needs to eat her minimum points everyday? Anyone? When I tell her it goes in one ear and out the next (no blonde or senior comments needed)

I challenge you to do stretching/yoga three times next week!

are you game?

doesn't have to be super long time-wise, just hit your major muscle groups, especially your legs with all that "milling" you are doing!

PM me if you want me to tell you some "flow series" we do in yoga, though I think they are in that little yoga book we both have

05-06-2003, 10:45 PM
Ohmom-you're on and of course I will be the winner at this one if I just do it. I will start tomorrow on WI day. I do need to do more of this. Also, I am very close to points everyday and thinking that 1 point off just allows for misjudging:rolleyes:

today was a good day of exercise tho it was hard to get the legs going from yesterday workout. Walked 3 miles including some varied speed and inclining. When Tammy is available we are going for a treadmill challenge. Will let T decide. No lunch walk - I ate my 4 pt Smart One while walking friends went out to lunch to decide on the rules for our weight challenge at work.

The no elevator challenge sparked an interest in a total weight loss game. Okay by me - all the accountablity I have will keep me honest!! Looks like we are going for $15 in the pot and 10 weeks of losing! It will be based on % of weight lost-total number of pounds not really the winner. Still good - I doubt that I win but I am into the WW points and will be a real game player. Anyway, ends 2 week after Mexico trip but this trip should not be a weight gainer! DH says that if I eat "street food" while I am there I will be a real contender at losing - oh yuck I remember being sick in Mexico it is really awful but I did lose weight for sure!

Okay - I have simmered down about Chris (36 year old single skinny sometimes nice sometimes obnoxius guy) and this challenge. He is so skinny and he wants to play the game so that he can just be a part of it and wants to be the official weigher so that he will know what I weigh. Yes, he actually said that it would be good so that he could harass me about how much I weigh and then lose. He just doesn't get this is a big deal for me to step on scales in front of anyone at work and really let them see how much that number is!!! So, he just kept on saying those kinds of remarks over and over. He has a real problem of not letting things go - I finally said that I was about to "whap" him upside the head and he continued to laugh..............argh................. okay it does help to write and I am done but he just was totally immature and I was proud that I held my tongue, I was afraid if I got started I was going to say way too many things I would be sorry for, so I ate my pringles as my stress relieve and was still in points today since it was my planned cheat!! (okay, so I am probably overly sensitive about this .but I am................. I'm done whining. He won't be the official weigher and I will play the game. This could be a good thing as moral is so low at the office this might just be the spark that some of us need to regain some fun at work.

Also, mowed the lawn tonight for the metobolilsm boost that I missed at lunch. I am looking forward to a good WI tomorrow will be disappointed if I am not a loser!

And hooray my buddy lost enough to go get a 5 lb clippie - Good for her! She was very excited too!!!

05-07-2003, 07:51 AM
You are so awesome! I wish my Mom would think about doing a thimble full of the exercise you do every day! WOW! :) ohMom is lucky that you are into all this healthy living jazz. :) Means you plan to stick around for a LOOOOONG time! :)

What a nerd that guy at work was! Just ignore him. You did the right thing by not laying into him. People like that feed off getting other people upset.

I am really impressed with your great attitude and your enthusiasm for exercise. You are full of spunk and energy! :) Really, from the picture that ohMom posted, you don't look like you weigh much at all, but I still respect your desire to keep those numbers to yourself! ;)

Have a great day! Love how the elevator contest turned into a 10 week challenge. It's almost like a random act of kindness. You are a great influence on those coworkers!!! Hope you got to work on time today! ;)

05-07-2003, 08:21 AM
ok, first off, it's Chris you're talking about. Remember? This is an example of just why he is a single guy! Yea right, like any of you ladies would want him to be the weigh-in guy. get real! do I need to email him a reality check? just kidding, but I would!

tell him he can be in charge of the money or something if he needs a "job" to be included, how old did you say he was?? :cool:

Another 2 lbs gone!!! You are on fire! How close to that next clippie are you now? pretty close if I remember right! Probably next week it will be yours! I will plan WW friendly meals for our Mother's day for sure! I already have a yummy OP dessert for us to try!

And - my .02 on you going under pts is this: It is a range to allow for miscalculations. I don't have the book, but maybe Annie can confirm this for us, I don't think it would say stay under your range to allow for miscalulations/mismeasurements, etc. You see, if you have miscalculated, you will still be in your range , say it with me "range" Good job :)

bottom line is Mom, you are not doing yourself a favor if you mess up your metabolism, you know that. Maybe you should enter in a days worth into www.fitday.com to see how many calories you are eating? that would be good. it would either shut me up or make you aware of how little you may be eating some days. I would want you to do like three days for an average. Or we can do it here this weekend. it's not hard, just a little time consuming. Do it at work. he he he

i'm so proud of you, just think of how great you're going to look when we host Nikki's baby shower! Everyone will be like "Wow, you look great" and we'll be like, 'yea, I know!' :smooth:

05-07-2003, 08:14 PM
Thanks TigH for those nice words - guess you are right I do hope to be here for awhile I got some living to do yet! I appreciate the reminder too that it was a good thing not to whap Chris - then I don't have to feel bad for saying stuff and yelling, etc. Much better example this way.

And Molli I am trying to eat all my points a day! sometimes I revert to thinking I shouldn't but I do by the day's end (well before 7:00 for me)

Did my treadmilling, yoga, stretching and even a walk at lunch. Talked to M during afternoon and we both said we were hungry! I had an apple and more H20 and potstickers for dinner. I was in points and they were good but not all that filling - this is where good choices - give rewards - a full tummy all evening!


Today at work the buzz was the weight loss challenge. Lots of people in - I am just sticking to my already working plan and whatever happens, happens. The $ would be nice, but I am going to end up a winner if I keep losing period! People are actually excited so this ought to be good thing and maybe some fun, too! Mel and I are already thinking we need to add some challenges etc to keep people reved up.

Life is busy but I am doing good - I am just watching the stuff stack up on the dining room table and think oh well. I am waiting for one of those fairies that flutter around the boards to show up and do some cleaning and dusting. I might even go ask if there is a way to get one to come to Ohio. M would be interested in that too. Heck I would love to share a good cleaning fairy with her. She might have time to make more of those yummy WW desserts then - mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

I just can' t believe that I got into another pair of pants today that I couldn't wear last summer. I may have to get rid of some of the bigger stuff - not yet but I will. to quote others "woo-hoo"!!

I am marching - downward.................

05-09-2003, 07:44 PM
oh good, you ate all your points :)

definately do some mini-challenges at work. I know that the challenges Karen and I do; and the weekly WISH WW challenge encourages me to kick it up a notch. Be aware of food deprivation challenges that last too long, I had some regression after no candy for 5 days!

I'm soooo excited that you are wearing pants that were too tight before! yipppeeee! you have the power over the Hogan curse!

enjoy your Panera tonight - do tell what you had!

05-13-2003, 09:42 PM
Oh am very happy at this moment! DSIL just helped me get a computer working. Says we may not be out the of woods on having things retrieved from the hard drive, we'll see taking back to Best Buy as warranty in effective. Hooray that we bought the extension!

Okay it was a good weekend at M's house and the girls were so cute in the recital. Hope the pix can be retrieved! Had good food, good company and good entertainment for a great Mother's Day weekend. Stayed in points, I think, and even had a couple of diet rummy cokes, saved the pts to enjoy them, so hoping I can make my 1 lb loss this week to change my clippie.

On Monday the 10 week challenge started at work, 11 takers and biggest % wieght loser takes all. Hope its me could use the rest of the $ for the WDW trip in Dec.

Today good day, walked 2 mi, 1.5 at lunch, had a wonderful massage after work and stayed in points. Whew!

Enough catching up but worth it - Love my computer guru DSIL- love him anyway cause he is so good to our girls but it is a nice extra that he saved one machine tonight.

05-21-2003, 09:33 PM
journal journal journal
Your Clippie Fairy

05-22-2003, 10:30 PM
Finally getting to that note to me - journal! OMG it has been over a week. Well in capsule form - was a good week exercising and lifestyle changes of eating. Down 2 pounds at WI - surprised - someday I will believe that this is really working!

Sat hectic day DH in truck accident / whew it was his old one and the new one still okay. Blessings that no one hurt and new truck was not the one being driven at the time. Oh, thank you!!

Busy at work and in evening trying to get stuff done and DH gets a little "bent" that I am on computer. When there is only one pc and I am using it, he thinks I spend too much time, but I seem to notice he plays a lot of free cell. Oh well, we will be back to 2 soon!

Challenges this week, T-A- M whew - no wonder I keep a spreadsheet of what I am doing and check off that I do it. I am too confused! But, it is the way to go, it is so much accountability and I love it!!!! I am convinced that 4 mi per day and the treadmill routine has kept me in the losing mode!

I was so excited for M this week that she lost 4 lbs. Mini-goal already and she deserves it she has been working hard. I don't really think much about food and the gooey - yummy stuff - has lost its piz-zazz so not to hard to pass. Baked some brownies (to give away) and didn't even think once that I needed to ear one- breakthrough here!! Now I am - looking forward to those petit fours at Nikki's baby shower and I plan to have at least 2. Yes - 2!!

Challenges at work going good - I don't even think about using an elevator now - it's stairs all the way. Some folks are just not really serious, about the dieting tho, that's okay with me. I am sure I won't get the $ but I am a winner anyway and if I can lose another 10 lbs in the 9 weeks left I will be ecstatic!! Again, accountability everywhere. $15 buck well spent.

Well, I am thinking this has caught me up for the past several days - nothing majorly exciting but it will be here to come back and look at if I decide too sometime.

And Kath would want to read Wow - another 2 lbs gone - forever - hooray. And, yea I really do feel that way too!!

Which reminds me, that this week I was laughing out loud (sort of a snicker) and DH said "what's funny" told him I was thinking about Kath's butter and duct tape and just that evening I had pulled out an empty 3 lb. margarine container (got it at M's, I don't buy that much of that stuff) but anyway, I was thinking man - I lost enough fat to fill 5 of these suckers! - Oh gross- totally disgusting and now just where would I duct tape that back too - oh yuk and thank you, thank you it is gone forever!!!!!

Enough till next time - and not so long in between

One more thought for the road - bought a pair of 12 shorts (better 5 less fomr now but I will get there soon) at Clothesline and tonight tried on a pair of jeans that I wore 5 years ago to our 1st Mexico trip - never dreamed they would fit and they do!!!

05-25-2003, 10:06 PM
Not too bad on getting back here to jot down thoughts. Have been doing pretty good - keeping up with challenges and drinking lots of h20! Many pits stops at work and who cares - well my boss is thinking I am never at my desk!! Work weight challenge still on - Mel is a serious Atkins she has lost 7 lbs. one other guy will probably win but I am being the tortise and just plugging along - I am still happy with losing about 2 lbs per week. I am thinking when I get to the stalling edge I just may do the rotation diet for a M-F to get me jumped started but not yet counting WW pts is a good thing.

Serious talk with Dan today about the 2005 1/2 marathon. He thinks I can do it tho he says will be a challenge. I am hoping that with 30 lbs less I should be able to move a little faster too. I did Dan's 3.1 (5 k) course today in 45.10 (no jogging at all) and did it for a base line to see if this 16 min pace would even be feasible. I think there is hope. And, it seems to be the goals that help me stay focused. And, I no longer have the fear of failing so what is there to fear...nothing.

I sort of thought that when we really talked about going in 2005 that he would probably go too, haven't mentioned anything about maybe a 3 day cruise, wait to see if that will even happen!

Also, did a 2 mi WATP tape today and must start doing that too. I need to do some strengthening exercises - upper bod just not getting worked at all. Need to think about the Mexico trip - I probably won't work on the house build much but should be doing some things in case I do!!!

Have stayed OP pretty much and found a new treat - Smart One choc drumsticks -2 pts. such a deal!!!!!

Am hoping for a loss this week, but already thinking that I have to be good as I am eating 2 petit fours next weekend at the shower!!!

Really getting ready for fresh fruits and melon that will make it easy to stay in points, too. But it has been chilly here and furnace came on the other morning - where is the warmer weather?

06-02-2003, 09:14 PM
Well made it through the weekend successfully. DD's family over and DD and I hosted a baby shower for my niece/cousin. It was fine. Had some of those scrumptious petit fours. DSIL took pix of DD and I and I still look way toooooooooooo heavy. Well I am down 19 lbs. and grateful but pix just have a way of making reality sink in! Am still a WW point counter and that is what matters.

doing okay on the Alex challenge and yes I am journaling as that is something I committed to do! Walked 5 miles this am and another 1.5 at lunch - back on track today and that is a good thing. Annie posted for mini-goals need to go there and commit not sure what though.

Worked in the yard tonight too, so glad that we have flowers planted and some color peeking through here and there. The weather is more like March than June - but hey I don't mind no humidity thus far! Nice to be outside tonight until the bomber mosquitoes start attacking.

Off for quick look at boards - have to get up early to keep on track with AC - think I will WATP tape tomorrow.

Keep at it - it is a healthy lifestyle :D

06-03-2003, 07:55 PM
Hey what a challenge will do to get one motivated - I really am here again.

Busy day today at work got off too late but not working for a couple of days so that is that.

First time to do the 3 mi WATP - loved the arm work - will definitely go for this one whenever possible.

Need to drink, drink, drink, can't tonight but I was too busy at work and don't think I drank enough today :mad:

Put on a pair of pants today that were biggish - like that !!

Hoping for a one pound loss tomorrow to get my new clippie! May be tough - but should maintain if I don't lose (did a sneak WI)

More tomorrow - trying to keep up with the Alex challenge so will be back to journal real soon!!

06-04-2003, 10:11 PM
On target for the Alex c. Almost forgot and there is no cheating here because it is dated:-) Good day today down 1.5 lbs. for a total of 20.5 hooray! Off work and catching up on some things - did a 5 walk this AM and have met that part of the challenge need to do more journaling and WATP tapes and I will have succeeded. Like being home better than work - but when I go Friday - bosses gone all day so won't be too bad.

Had a good dinner tonight - chicken tetrazinni - good recipe modified to ww - has been cool here today so comfort food was just right! Drank all the H20 today and even some extra.

Funny how when I WI and its good I just am not that psyched about cheating or going over pts for the day! Plan to set mini-goal for 3 pounds by July 4th!

Off to sign me up for that!

06-05-2003, 01:52 PM
Home again today so easier to journal but boy the day is zipping by! DH just stopped by and caught me eating soy crisps (they are allowed) but shoot when he finds my "good" stuff then it is gone too quickly! Gotta buy some more of them - they are tasty!
Trying to keep him eating things he should so it really it okayand he doesn't know all my hiding places yet anyway :D

Didn't walk or exercise yet - off to do that pretty darn quick! Doing the WATP tape first so I stay on target with Alex C. If I do today's and tape tomorrow I will have completed my own challenge to me. Glad that I added the extra miles walking this week down 1.5 and might not have been otherwise.

Not sure that I will do the Vija challenge until we get back from Mexico will be hard to keep track of points there. I am hoping to lose that week since the work challenge will not be over until July 18th may get a couple of pounds off - still don't think I am going to win there but that is still okay I am a winner - 20.5 lost - woohoo!!

Trying the mini-challenge of 3 pounds by July 4th - so get going to do the tapes - time's a wasting!!

06-08-2003, 01:09 PM
Well it's really raining hard here so am glad that I did a 2 mi WATP and then 6 miles outside before the storms! It was beautiful when I was out so actually decided to walk extra for today.

Yesterday did 6 miles and wanted to do more so I just flipped it and tomorrow I am taking Monday off ! Hoping for a lunchtime walk if weather cooperates.

Nothing major going on this weekend and I am maiking progress on the "to do" list. Off to hem DH's pants - alwasy put that off and I must do today.

Oh yeah, he said he was down a couple of more pounds and just 2 more to go for him and he would be down 20, also! He cheats so much and he still loses weight, yeah I know men just lose faster! Except this time ,I will soon be weighing less than him and that will be a satisfaction to me:D He ran 7 miles today tho so he is doing good at exercising too- but I won't let him slack!

06-09-2003, 10:52 PM
New week - actually I don't like Mondays at all. The weekend is much more fun and I really do exercise better at 7-8 am than I do at 5:30!

Stayed OP today - no exercise but that was the plan so okay by me! Should have drunk more h20 but didn't happen - when I have a meeting at work too hard to do since I can't get up for pit-stops!

Tomorrow a treadmilling day at least 4 mi will see what I think about it in the morning. Lunch with Sondra at Steak and Shake so better make it 5! I think I will go see if their site has better info that what I found at DWLZ, probably not! Well, next time I will pick, but I can find something.

A (pmbuddy) still has no internet service - that is the pits! Glad I have a computer guru SIL :D

DM said tonight that M (DD) looked so good (well, M and I will laugh) cause we know she can't really see, but the real compliment to her (DD) was from her DU - he said she looked skinny! Course, he didn't tell me that I looked thinner - but brothers can be that way!!

06-21-2003, 06:56 AM
that I haven't been here for such a long time! I am not very good at keeping promises to myself! I like it when I do but ......... the best promise right now is to keep OP and I am doing that so I am forgiving myself of not journaling.

Last Sat I made a "big" deal about roller skating 6 miles - first time I have rs's in several years! It was fun and plan to add to my routine - tho I think I may take it easy until after Mexico Dan wants to make sure I don't break my bod so I am able to go on trip!

The girls were over this week and of course that is alway fun! M is WW pt counting too and she looks great! Skipped the rummy coke since it was during the week and saving points to have one at her cook out today.

I have gone down a size to 12's and can fit in some that are "hand-me-downs" (Denise from work-consignment store) so I think I am a real 12, now!! Looking forward to being a 10 and when I get rid of another 20 lbs that should be possible.

Work challenge goes until July 18th. I think I am doing well, notice that other folks cheat too much on the weekend and boy after Annie's message of cheating on the weekends is 1/3 of the time - that's not for me - well not until I get another 20 lbs gone - then my plan now is to be strict on the weekdays and lax on the weekends and continue to exercise so I am hoping that will keep the weight off. this is the first time that I can say I am a successful loser and I don't want to do this again!!!

Time fo rexercise - it's the Saturday 6 miles and I think I will just walk down at the park today! I'm off.................