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04-26-2003, 07:55 PM
Started WW March 9 at 159 - current weight 146.5

February 27 measurements:

Arms - 11"
Chest - 39"
Waist - 35.5"
Hips 40"
Thighs 22"

Current (as of April 20)

Arms - 10.5"
Chest - 36.75"
Waist - 31.25"
Hips - 35.25"
Thighs - 20.5"

B 1/2 cup cooked oatmeal 1/2 banana

L 2 oz brie cheese, 6 sesame crackers, medium pear, 8 carrot sticks

D 6 oz chicken breast, 2 oz potato, 1 spoon lowfat sour cream, small salad w/ 2 tbsp. light done right ranch dressing, cup steamed broccoli w/ sprinkle of parms cheese.

S 1/2 cup sugar free instant jello pudding made w/ skim milk, topped with small spoon of regular cool whip.

Drank water alllllll day, power walked just under 3 miles with Ross and Jen. Did 50 minute pilates tape, WOW! Skipped working my arms w/ weights (ugh!). Felt fluffy earlier in the day, but all the water has helped me feel much better. Wishing I didn't have so many cheat meals last week, but not feeling guilty about it, which is a big improvement for me!

04-26-2003, 08:51 PM
Looks good to me. DOn't kick yourself over something in the past. Focus on the future...the future you can achieve. You of all people can do it :)

04-27-2003, 11:23 AM
Back on track today!

Weighed in and I'm up 1.5 lbs. YUCK! ;)

Had my normal brekky (oatmeal and banana) and just had my lunch (same as yesterday). Off to my Aunt's for a cookout later and I will REALLY practice some restraint there. I only have 26 more days until the trip to England and I want to make my goal of 145 by then!

Power walked with Jen and feel great. We walk so fast when it's just the two of us. Will do my hang weights when we get back from the cookout (work biceps).

Will report back later! ;)

Ok, it's later in the day. Didn't do my arm exercises, had a few margaritas at my Aunt's and also had some yummy snacks and some off plan foods for dinner. But what the heck! :) Back on plan tomorrow. I am going to dust my rollerblades off and wheel around in the Florida sun! WOO-HOO!!!

04-28-2003, 12:59 PM
So far, so good!

On plan for the day. Just finished drinking some delicious water. Went out on my rollerblades for 30 minutes. Off to lift weights (finally!!!). Then I have a fun trip to Wholefoods (health food store) planned. Was going to make some whole wheat buns for Ross, but our wheat flour is kind of old and I am running out of time, so I will just buy some buns today. Plan to get some organic veggies for us too, and maybe some organic fruit. Also, I want to check out their cheese. I have been getting my brie from Publix, but Wholefoods has so many wonderful looking cheeses. I think I will splurge ($$$, not in points/calories) and get something nice to subsitute for my Publix brand brie. ha ha ha!

Mmm, I hope they have berries at the store today. I think I would like those for my after dinner snack tonight. Heck, I think I will even check out their soy meat products. I need some change in my menus! ;)


Just back from wholefoods and what a great trip! I got organic everything (it seems). I found some soy italian sausages that i might try with some low sugar organic marinara sauce, zucchini and mushrooms. MMM! And I also got some fresh blue berries and raspberries, organicly grown broccoli and spinach, whole wheat buns for Ross and loads of other stuff. I feel healthy already. OH! My biggest find was brie cheese covered in chopped chives! I feel like such a dolt - all this time I was cutting off the brie cheese rind thinking it was some inedible (is that a word?) stuff when in reality you're supposed to eat it. DUH! Anyway, I will have my new brie cheese on Wed. and I am really looking forward to it (also got some organich whole wheat and poppy seed crackers to use w/ lunch, YUM!


Had dinner (WW philly cheesesteak recipe sans the wheat bun, yum!) Just back from the power walk. Have to make some WW chicken casserole for Ross' lunch this week. That and a tummy that feels very full is giving me a reason to postpone pilates until TOMORROW! I think it's better to do it in the morning before I get all full!

On a scale of 1-10, I started today feeling like a 2 and ended feeling like an 8, so I'm really thankful for all the wonderful choices I made today! Woo-hoo!

04-28-2003, 04:11 PM
you've lost 5 inches in your hips!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

(that's green for a reason!:))

ok, how super for you! Are you doing toning exercises specific to target your hips! or are you one of those people that are just lucky!

You are brave to try the soy meat alternative! let us know details!

No real comments this time, I'm saving it for later!

04-28-2003, 06:32 PM
Originally posted by ohMom
you've lost 5 inches in your hips!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

(that's green for a reason!:))

ok, how super for you! Are you doing toning exercises specific to target your hips! or are you one of those people that are just lucky!

You are brave to try the soy meat alternative! let us know details!

No real comments this time, I'm saving it for later!
Ha ha ha! Better there than my ****ies, I say! ;) I have no idea how it happened. I think I must have measured wrong the first time or something!!!! Thanks, Molli! You cheered me right up! ;)

04-29-2003, 07:39 AM
Up early w/ Ross to make him a yummy WW breakfast. Got his lunch all packed. He's having that chicken mexican casserole thingy this week and I hope he likes it!

I should be out rollerblading by 8:30! Yaaay! Today is a MUCH better day than yesterday already. I have a feeling I am retaining water this week (dreaded monthly coming up) but I know as long as I stay OP and bump up my activity a little I can STILL reach my first goal by May 23!!!!!

B- half raisin english muffin w/ 1 tbsp. whipped cream cheese and half a banana.


Back from my rollerblading spin around the neighborhood. Phew! I added an extra length on the main road today and it felt great. I want to find a nice trail to skate on eventually, but I don't know if I'd be brave enough to do a trail w/o Ross along. ;) Off to do my 20 minute pilates now! :)


okey dokey, did my pilates tape (phew!) and had my regular lunch, but I had new crackers today!! Wow, what a difference! I got them at the health food store. They are called Rite Lite Rounds, made by Barbara's Bakery. I got the Savory Poppy Seed ones and they are YUMMY!!! "All natural crackers made with organic flour". MMM! 5 crackers per serving, (I had 6 crackers) is 60 calories, 2 grams of fat, 11 g carbs (sorry, Atkins people!;)) no fiber (darn) and 1 g protein. I like them alot!

Anyway, had the steak, onions, spinach, for dinner w/ steamed cauliflower and a small salad. Now I'm having a bowl of fresh blue berries and raspberrys with a little cool whip for desser.

My sister and I power walked (w/o DH, so it was fast!) ;) and I came back home and used my hand weights to work my triceps! That's two days in a row of using my weights, so hopefully I will make this a habit!!!

Despite all this, I am feeling WICKED fluffy today! DH swears it's PMS but that doesn't jive with me, but it could be! ;) I need to go find that evening primrose to see if it helps prevent me from bloating. I just keep holding onto the faith that I am DOING everything right, sticking to my plan and bumping up my activity, so once the bloating fairy leaves me, I should see a good loss. Phew!

Oh, and I bought some Splenda today and had it in my tea and YUMMY!!!

04-29-2003, 03:06 PM
WOW! You've got a 31 inch waist!!!! That would bring huge grins to my face!!! You're doing so great and wanted to pass a bit of your encouragement right back at ya! Keep us updated on your exercise- I love reading about new classes/tapes-

Great job!!

04-30-2003, 09:53 AM
It's dreary and cloudy here today (rats!) Looks like rain is moving in. I didn't get out early to rollerblade and I can't rollerblade in the rain. I will do my pilates tape though, and hopefully by tonight the rain will have cleared out so we can power walk!

B - 1/2 english muffin, 1/2 banana, tbsp. whipped cream cheese.

Tried Splenda in my coffee and it was GROSS! That is just too weird! I LOVE it in my tea though. I guess my tastebuds DO enjoy my coffee with just skim milk now. It was an interesting experience. So anyway, I will just look forward to a Splenda sweetened hot tea every now and then! :)

Feeling very puffy today! ick! Hopefully by next Tues. things will be sorted out and closer to back to normal! ;)

I get to try my new brie cheese today, woohoo! It should taste great with the new crackers. Well, I'd better go workout soon. And do some laundry, that should burn a few calories! ;)


Ah, this is much better! I was feeling kinda blue earlier, but I got out of the house and feel much better!

Had my "new" brie cheese today and it was DEVINE!! Less mushy than the other kind I was eating (ok, firmer is probably a better description!)

I drove to EPCOT and walked from the CREATE parking lot all over FW and WS. The Flower and Garden Show is in full swing so I was in my element enjoying all the nice plant/floral displays. I walked for about an hour and 15 minutes (sometimes slow, sometimes fast) and that looks to be it for exercise today (except for some light weight training later). It's raining now, so no power walking and I don't feel much like pilates. ;)

I had a meatless day and I'm excited about it (don't know why!) I had Smart Links Soy Italian sausages tonight (2 sausages, although 1 sausage is one serving, 90 calories, 3 grams of fat, 7 carbs, 2 fiber and 8 protein each). YUMMY! Not bad for meatless sausage. Ross grilled organic zucchini and yellow squash for me that I'd sliced lengthwise. I sauteed organice baby bella mushrooms in some PAM and added them to a cup of organic, fat free, low sugar marinara sauce. What a meal! I just smothered everything in the mushroom marinara sauce and it's delectable!!!

Need to enter my dinner data into fitday to see where I stand as far as calories go today. All in all not a bad day, especially since I worked on my attitude. After walking by Mexico in the WS I had BIG TIME cravings for Mexican food and was *this close* to calling DH to see if he would go cheat with me. Then I walked by the Fountainview Cafe and was dying for a frozen coffee drink, but I made it safely out of the park and resisted temptation! There will be plenty of time to enjoy margaritas and chips and salsa after I reach my goal (and maintain!)

04-30-2003, 08:52 PM
hugs sweetie....you are always such an encouraging and uplifting person, I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated :)

05-01-2003, 06:43 AM
You are doing great! I've been reading your journal as my main
source of inspiration. (Mostly because you seem to like the same kinds of food I do and I like seeing how you incorporate some of the more sinful ones into your plan.) Just wanted to say great job! I would love to ramble, but this little blurb has taken 5 or 6 mins. to type!:eek: Must have coffee! I'll check back when my brain wakes up.:p

Keep the Faith!

05-01-2003, 06:46 AM
Tig - you demonstrated such great willpower! You should be very proud of yourself! Your day and resistance of all the yummies at Epcot will be an example to tuck in my memory for an occasion where I become tempted! I can't imagine walking around Epcot and not having a snack at least!

Grilled veggies sound totally yummy! I'll have to remember serving with marinara sauce. Did you find low-sugar at your health food store? This is encouraging to me to be a little more adventuresome ;)

Cool to see the flower show - I'm sure it was beautiful. How cool is that to go, enjoy the park for what it is, and leaving knowing you are still in control of the food!

05-01-2003, 07:42 AM
Awww, thanks you guys!!!!! You are so sweet (but sugar free and 0 calories!) ;) This journal thing is great because I can ramble on so much! You are very brave to even attempt to read this, ha ha! :)

Finished last night by working my back (hand weights) and had a half cup chocolate sugar free pudding made with skim milk and a tiny dollop of cool whip! ;) Painted my fingrernails and toenails to ward off any other temptation and didn't drown myself with water before I went to bed (smart!)

This morning it's the same ol' for breakfast. Will do my 20 minute (maybe 50 minute?) pilates tape later in the morning. Then off to do some discount shopping with Mom which will exercise my patience, ha ha! ;) Hopefully this rain will clear out by tonight so Jen, Ross and I can power walk!

Ross is in a grizzly mood this morning because he weighed in and he's up to 207.5. There's no consoling him! I even pointed out that he was telling me the same things when I was up earlier this week, but it doesn't matter. Poor guy! Now I have to enter his food into FITDAY to see if I was off with his calories this week. I don't think so, I think it's sympathy PMS. PLUS he lifted weights yesterday, so maybe it's some type of fluid retention from the muscle breakdown/buildup process. He will weigh again on Sunday and I'm sure he'll be at or blow 206.5, hopefully! ;)

Thanks to a morning filled with rain, there was no rollerblading. Went shopping with Mom instead and didn't feel like killing her! We actually got along and she bought some cute capri pants and she also got me a nice sleeveless printed t-shirt. I FINALLY got my sexy new sandals (my 10 pound loss reward). We went to Burlington Coat Factory and WOW! I found some great dainty looking tan and turquiose frou-frou thong sandals. They are SO CUTE and ultra feminine (trying something new instead of the play it safe shoes I usually buy!) And they were only $12.98, so that was a great price for me!

Did my 50 minute pilates workout before we went shopping. Is this the same tape I struggled through the other day? I must have hit some weird time/space continuom today because it didn't seem to take as long to get through. AND I made it through all the moves because this time I paid attention to the girl doing to modified moves for the ones that were too tough for me before. DUH!

Jen and I power walked after my delicious veggie dinner (see last night). Now I am super stuffed and feeling wicked bloated and I'm not sure I want to do my squats/lunges tonight...but I will do them tomorrow!

Going to be a busy weekend and I'll be out of the house alot. Will pack my lunch every day but will have to face temptation at MK on Sunday, yikes! I am planning to eat a salad at either Pinnochios, Cosmic Rays or Columbia Harbor House. NO fries and DEFINITELY no melted cheese on anything!!! Monday is my cheat night (woo-hoo). Chef Mickeys here I come! I plan to behave there, but I am going to eat a big old heaping of parmesan mashed potatoes (maybe a little heaping).


05-01-2003, 08:36 AM
{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} for Ross! He's so lucky to have you as his cheering section! You know what I think, he just nees to....

Keep the Faith! ;)

05-02-2003, 08:41 AM
Yaay, it's Friday! One of my PM buddies and I decided to change our weigh in date to Friday since we like what the scale reports on Fridays vs other days of the week!

Sooooo, I already checked in for this week in the check in thread, so I will check in next week on Friday after I weigh then. But I had to weigh today and I'm DOWN to 146!! A pound away from my goal and 2 pounds from a 15 pound clippie. WOW! I had shown a gain of 1.5 on Sunday and I did have too many cheat days last week, so I really stuck to it this week, ate w/in my plan, threw in some rollerblading and did my weights! Whew! I think it paid off. I also tried not eating potatoes, bread, pasta and the like after 4:00 so maybe that has something to do with it!

This morning I have arleady done two loads of laundry. I will rollerblade, then do pilates (not sure if 20 or 50 minutes yet) then my lunges and squats. No power walking tonight because I have to go to the airport with Jen to pick up her friend and the kids. Woo-hoo, big doins' this weekend. I plan to pack my lunch every day we are out and make healthy dinner choices! Monday is my cheat night, but I am tempted to NOT cheat becuase I REALLY want my new clippie before we go on vacation!

Tried on some pants last night and man, they are messing with my head! Right now my Eddie Bauer capri pants (10) are comfy, not loose and not skin tight like they were back in March when I started WW. They are just right and I can't wait for them to be falling off me! However, I tried on some old pants last night that I haven't worn since 1999 (best shape of my life days). The knees are very dirty (worked at a garden center and got the pants muddy all the time). They are Levis, size 11. They fit, but were tight, especially in the bottom! THEN I tried on some Gap button fly pants that my skinny minnie sister gave me back in 1999 (best shape of my life days) ;). They fit too!!! But they are labeled a size 8! ARRRGH! Also tried on some Levis shorts (size 11) and they fit, but snug. So all these clothes I could wear in 1999 very easily (loose fitting) fit me last night, but pretty snug and I wouldn't go out in public with them (well, they are old and have some holes too!) ;) This gives me MUCH needed hope because I have tried them on over the years and couldn't get them past my fat rump, much less button them and walk around in them! So maybe my ultimate goal will be 140 if this is how things are fitting at 146. I am sure I'd be able to fit into SOME brands of pants that are labeled size 8 when I get to 140. 135 would be SWEET, but I don't know if I can do it.

I'd swear this darn coffee was caffienated, but it's not! D'oh!


Doing my MC Hammer "Can't Touch This" dance because I just got back from rollerblading for a little over 45 minutes, woo-hoo!!! Off to hang more laundry, do 20 minute pilates (time constriants) and then lunges and squats. I don't want to do the lunges and squats, but I have some PM buddies that I have to report back to and I don't want to send them a lame excuse message, D'OH!!! ;)


20 minute pilates - DONE! 3 sets of 10 lunges, DONE! 3 sets of 10 squats, DONE! Delicious same old WW lunch that I love, DONE! Off to get ready to go to the store (Oh, 4 loads of laundry, DONE!) hee hee! ;)

Bichon Barb
05-02-2003, 10:12 AM
Great job TigH. We sound similar in our starting weights and goals. (Except you are almost there -- wahhhhhhhh!)

About the sizes, I think odd numbers 9, 11, 13, etc. are junior sizes, and even numbers 8, 10, 12, etc. are misses sizes. Don't junior's run smaller? I'm not sure 'cause my butt has always been so big that I could never wear juniors. Even when I was thin I had a bubble butt. :p

Have a great weekend.

05-02-2003, 05:10 PM
jeesh! you go you exercising fool!

Levi's ........ahhh, Levi's. That is one of my goals too. They run small. I used to wear Levi size 11 in my thinner days of very easily wearing 10s. Don't put to much weight in their sizing.

I'm so sure you'll be an 8 soon!

you are winning the race.....................


05-03-2003, 07:29 AM
I hadn't thought about the whole juniors/misses thing before. Aha! Well, that makes me feel much better! ;)

I'm not winning yet, ohMom! Rocky couple of days ahead. You could pull past me if I crash into the rocks from hearing the calle of the siren(sp) near the Dole Whip stand... ;)

Busy busy busy weekend! Up early today, will not have 3 cups of coffee (decaf) per the norm so that I can try to get in a 20 minute pilates tape. Off to St. Augustine with very energetic :eek: :eek: kids to spend the day at an alligator farm, take a scenic cruise, and stroll the Old City. Will pack regular lunch and bottles of water. Hope walking is enough to keep me on program! Not sure what the deal is for dinner. Will try to hold out until we get home because I have left over veggie stir fry (with tofu, not too bad!) to pop in the microwave.

Wore shorts yesterday that were previously waaaaay tight everywhere but are now comfortable TO loose fitting! Wahoo! Also wore white tank top that fit well (instead of too tight). Think pilates is working to firm my bottom, it seems to be more sculpted and less "flat and wide".

05-04-2003, 07:22 AM
Survived yesterday. Stuck to my regular BLD, Snack, drank water. Did 20 min. pilates and bicep workout before heading to St. Augustine. Did a fair amount of slow walking (loved the Alligator Farm!!!) Today up early, no time to exercise, had normal B, will not be bringing L to Magic Kingdom as I have backpack and camera to carry already. Will have salad from a FF place for lunch and a sensible dinner (from another FF place). Debating on whether or not to have Dole Whip since it will be hot and I'll likely burn it off... maybe! :) No exercise planned for today other than keeping up with kids in park from 9 in the morning until they drop!

05-04-2003, 04:27 PM
I swear that I have not seen that I could even come and read your journal (or anyone else's for that matter). You my dear little exercising commercial, deserved the dole whip today - I hope you had it!

I am so tired from just reading all that you did - I am hoping osmosis is in transaction and I burned some calories too!

You will be a below your goal in no time the way you are going!

Can't wait to try some of the crackers - sounds like they are a good choice. I just tried a boca cheeseburger last night and it was decent. I will try those again. AnnieT has said before that she likes those too.

You go girl - wait you have been going - good going girl!! Keep it up!

05-05-2003, 07:59 AM
Aww, Bev! You say the nicest things! :) Hee hee! I didn't have a Dole Whip because I had a pineapple float! (vanilla ff soft serve in pineapple juice!) Don't tell Molli, ok? ;)

Ulp....I went off program yesterday! D'OH!!!! Had my normal B, had a ceasar salad from Cosmic Rays for lunch, had water, had a pineapple float from the Aloha Isle Dole Whip counter in Adventureland and it was AWESOME! Then we ended up at Cosmic Rays again at 6:00 and I had a grilled chicken sandwich with the biggest bun ever and some french fries. BUT I DIDN'T get a greasy burger and I DIDN'T use any cheese sauce, so that's an improvement! Tonight is Chef Mickeys, so to day On Plan I am going to fill up on salad and veggies and have a little protien. No pasta or potatoes or starchy veggies and no dessert (maybe some fruit!)

Walked my Tigger buns off yesterday and enjoyed the most magical day at Disney ever! Going with little kids is the best! They were in COMPLETE AWE over the characters. Does Cinderella really live in the castle? Where did Buzz go (back into his ride?) Do Mickey and Minnie really live in those houses? Etc. It was amazing!!! :)

Off to rollerblade soon, then 20 minute pilates, then triceps. That's the plan, so I'll report back later as to whether I did those things or not. Then an afternoon of resort touring, Downtown Disney, Chef Mickeys and hopefully the Polynesian Beach to see the EWP! :)

(Oh, had my regular B and will have my regular cheese and crackers, etc. for lunch before we leave!) ;)

back from rollerblading. it's hot out! felt great. cooling off then my 20 minute pilates workout. And now ohMom convinced me to add pushups, so will try those too! :) dang, and I thought I had a good excuse to not work my chest area. Arrrgh! ;) I'll get her back though... mu ha ha ha ha ha!


done with exercise for today! did the 20 min. pilates 3 set of 10 push ups (knees bent) then used hand weights for triceps (2 types of exercise, 3 sets of 10 for one, 3 sets of 12 for the other, second set with increased weight!) D'oh! My tris will be crying later! ;) Thanks, ohMom for the tip about the push ups. I had forgotten all about including them! :) Yipee! I feel like I am on a roll. Enjoying my typical lunch now, yum! :)

05-05-2003, 01:18 PM
actually I'm glad you had that pineapple float! sounds yummy and refreshing! And think of all the worse options you didn't choose!

I'm going to be researching your exercises..................(heeehehehehehehe my witch laugh to counteract your deep scary one )

05-06-2003, 09:12 AM
Originally posted by ohMom
actually I'm glad you had that pineapple float! sounds yummy and refreshing! And think of all the worse options you didn't choose!

I'm going to be researching your exercises..................(heeehehehehehehe my witch laugh to counteract your deep scary one )

Well, how's this. I can't even LIST all the stuff I ate at dinner last night!!! So much for staying on plan. You'd better do some loud witch cackling (and I'll get you back too....) ;) Let's just say I ate so much last night that I felt HORRIBLE and payed for it later. WAY too much! I will never go to Chef Mickey's for dinner again. I may never go to a buffet again!

05-06-2003, 09:14 AM
Thank God today is a new day!!! Last night I bounced back to old Tigger mode and cleaned the buffet out! ;) WOW!!!!

Back on track today. Have loads of cleaning to do as we are having Jen's friend and her kiddies over for a cookout tonight. Plan to rollerblade HOPEFULLY do 20 min pilates and then work my back. All my meals are planned out and no temptations (foods to munch on) are lurking around the house! phew! Off to start cleaning after this next cup of tea!


Yaaaay! I cleaned the bathroom (Tiggers don't like to clean bathrooms) and thought up a new approach to cleaning that I will add to my daily list of "to dos" to make life easier! :) Woo-hoo!

Went out rollerblading and was out just short of 50 minutes, woo-hoo! Added another leg to my journey, so that was a nice challenge. Did my 20 minute pilates tape, and ohMom was good enough to whisper into my ear that I needed to increase the weight on my dumb bells today for my back work out. She also told me to go really slow on the release to keep working my muscles good. How does she do it? ;) I'll get her back! ;) ha ha!

Anyway, I feel much better now than I did last night after dinner. Back in control, back in the game, back on track! Woohoo! If I can keep this up until WI on Friday I will be a happy camper! Off to shower and do some shopping and get ready for our cookout tonight! :)


Cookout a success. I stayed on plan all day! :) had my chicken, broccoli, salad and some sugar free butterscotch pudding, as well as lots of water. Phew! I'm glad today is over! I did not touch a burger, fries, bun, potato salad or chicken nugget (all of which were out for our guests, and hot dogs too, but I wouldn't eat one for a million bucks anyway!) ;)

Onward and downward. Tomorrow is an early day, so exercise is scheduled for after lunch! :)

05-06-2003, 01:32 PM
well, the PM buddy in me says "Ooohhh.....a buffet? Remember your mini-goal! May 31 - approaching fast!"

good thing the friend in me overspoke and quoted nativetxn

.... The past doesn't count here on WISH. We don't worry about the past (I thought you knew that, I could have sworn it was put into the WISH bylaws). We don't worry about the past, we don't beat ourselves up about the past, we don't feel guilty about the past. You know why don't you? Well...because that's history. We can't change history so why go through a lot of emotional trauma over it.

What is going on this week? Lots of folks falling off that wagon, but I think you seemed to have had a good eye for spotting it on the return trip. Jump back on Tig! That's the hardest part!

oops, you already did, Good for You! Onward and downward (good thing there's no "backward" in that motto!)

05-08-2003, 10:36 AM
Ok, back from a morning of rollerblading. The radar thing the police set up in our neighborhood to crack down on speeders clocked me at 13 MPH at one pass and 15 MPH for another pass. WOW! Of course, I was breathing like crazy trying to get it up to the 15 one! ha ha ha!

Off to TRY pilates (TOM, not sure how I'll feel about that) and then do my lunges/squats. Woo-hoo! Then a trip to the grocery store to stock up on veggies again. Oh, and gotta hang some laundry. It should dry really fast today, as it's very sunny and hot. Yaaay! :) Love quick drying laundry days!!!

Back later....tomorrow is weigh in and I am psyched!!!!!

05-08-2003, 12:01 PM
Hi TigH, just thought I'd drop over to your house to say HI! and thank you for your encouraging words. You are a real asset to the WISH forum. Thank-you for being here and stop by my little hut anytime! ( My little hut (journal) is on the beach in Grand Cayman, so bring some sunscreen next time. LOL;) )

05-08-2003, 01:50 PM
Originally posted by Hannosmom
Hi TigH, just thought I'd drop over to your house to say HI! and thank you for your encouraging words. You are a real asset to the WISH forum. Thank-you for being here and stop by my little hut anytime! ( My little hut (journal) is on the beach in Grand Cayman, so bring some sunscreen next time. LOL;) )

Oh, I am so jealous! :) Thanks for the invite!!! I will be right there. Do you need any sunscreen? How about a cooler full of iced water and fresh fruit? Can we go snorkeling? I'll bring you a sarong to match your bathing suit (I'll bring a few since I don't know what color you want!) Ooooh! This is so fun! After I visit you, I might have to build a virtual house for my journal too!!! :)I am a total copy cat! ;)

05-08-2003, 03:37 PM
You are too funny!!! I just read the post at my hut, and you have been such a great guest. I feel like my little hut has been decorated and fancied up. But you made me seriously long for my cruise in August. You should come too!

Copy cat all you want. I love copy cats, I'm a bcc (born copy cat).:D

05-09-2003, 07:41 AM
Ok, I am copying Linda's idea of having a virtual home in my journal. So for today I am going to be posting from my verandah on the Disney Magic! We are docked off Key West (for more than a day since I love the Keys!) It's sunrise now and I can see the port start to come alive. There are even some dolphins swimming nearby.

Well, what a way to start the weekend! I met a goal and I am so psyched!!! When we got back from visiting my brother in NC, I thought there was no hope of meeting this goal. BUT I got my stuff together, added rollerblading to my exercise routine and got a great challenge from ohMom, so it has paid off!!!! Today I weighed in at 144.5, just .5 pound away from my 15 pound clippie!!! I wanted to be 145 on or before May 23 and I did it! I really hope I am closer to 140 than 145 by the time we leave for England (a little wiggle room on my trip would be nice). The closer we get to this trip, the more inclined I am to stick to my WW plan as much as possible! I can still enjoy a few treats on the trip, but not go hog wild like I was planning when we bought our tickets months ago!

Ross said I could buy the other Winsor Pilates tapes that I got an offer for yesterday. I may just get them!!! Got an e-mail offer for tapes that hit specific body parts and it is tempting!!! :)

Off to Macys for some shopping with Mom today. My jeans are not fitting well (darn, too baggy!) so I need to get some for the trip, but I don't want to buy pants because I want to get into those 8s!!! Hopefully there will be some nice jeans on the sale rack! :) I really want a cool shirt to wear to Ross' parents house tomorrow, and some cute sandals. I have a big time cute sandal fetish. Losing weight and getting in shape has stirred up this odd desire to go frou-frou. I usually wear very plain clothes, but now I am painting my toenails like crazy, my sister got me an ankle bracelet and toe rings, I am obsessed with dainty little sandals and stone jewelry and ultra-feminine clothing! And I like it!

Had oatmeal today because we ran out of whipped cream cheese for my half English muffin. Must hit the grocery store today. We are having something new for dinner. Grilled salmon! YUM! I hope to find some asparagus today, getting a little tired of steamed broccoli every night. Ross doesn't like zucchini, rats! Will be nice to enjoy some salmon, I am surprised at how much I like it.

ohMom challenged me to stay on plan through Sunday night and to not have any alcohol, so I haven't had an adult beverage since the last Sunday in April. That's cool! :) Have a cheat night scheduled for Tuesday and plan to have a beer or two at EPCOT!!! Meeting friends there to walk around WS and then maybe got o Palio at the Swan for dinner, woohoo!!!

Ok, enough rambling. The sunrise is over and I have an early moring appointment for a massage, then an afternoon appointment for snorkeling. (remember, I'm on the virtual Disney Magic docked in Key West!) ;) TTFN, TigH. :)


What a lovely virtual massage. Back from rollerblading, did 20 minute pilates and used hand weights to work biceps. WOW! having carrots, crackers, an apple (heh heh, ran out of pears, d'oh!) and some new cheese today. I picked this new stuff up at the health store the other week. I don't remember what it's called, but it's a hard cheese and has a parmesan type consistency. It's ok, not as yummy as my brie. :( pout pout pout! ;)

Off to get ready for the shopping spree soon. Toodles, darlings! ;)

05-11-2003, 12:54 PM

Today I am journaling from a comfy lounge chair on my cozy verandah at a 5* resort on Maui. :) Palms swaying in the breeze, crystal clear water lapping at the white sand beach, tropical adult beverage (with requisite fruit/paper umbrealla garnish) at my side.

Yesterday did pretty well. 20 min pilates, push ups and tricep workout. Ate regular B, had lunch in the car on the way to Sol and Estelles (regular WW lunch). No snacks awaiting us, phew! Nice dinner for Mother's Day at a restaurant of Estelle's choice. Had a few tastes of Ross' gumbo, had one salmon cake w/ lettuce, walnuts and blue cheese, and a few bites of the chocolate bread pudding. Made a pouty face when I saw the CHOCOLATE MARTINI listed on the special drinks menu as no-alcohol challenge is on thru tonight, rats! :) I am feeling great today though, so I must say this has been an awesome challenge.

Up early this morning, power walk with Ross and Jen, 50 minute pilates (kicked my bottom!!!) and worked back with hand weights. WOW! Having regular lunch now, off to get new sneakers soon at Sports Authority and then go to Publix and SAMS in search of crab legs for my Mom's mother's day dinner celebration! woo-hoo.

Ah, here comes someone with a ukulele (sp?) now. Gotta run, shows gonna start! ;)

05-11-2003, 06:31 PM
patting your back for resisting your favorite drink at the restaraunt!! that is truly awesome!

i'm eagerly awaiting my next challenge.........................
i really need it :confused:

it really didn't sound like much for your dinner, hope it was satisfying for you! you are melting before my eyes...............

05-12-2003, 06:56 AM
ohMom, working on your challenge! :) Will write soon!

Had a decent day yesterday!!! Went shopping with Ross. Returned 2 shirts to Old Navy (size M, they were too small) and got another sleevless like the one I got the other day, but in white. Ross got some shorts in a smaller size! They are snug, but so were his currently loose shorts about 2 weeks ago. He is over the moon. They are a size 35 (never heard of that in mens) and he has not worn anything smaller than a 36 since I have known him and since he can remember! Woo-hoo! He also got a cool Hawaiian shirt (with Aloha and pictures of the islands all over it, coolio!)

We both got new sneakers. Mine are for power walking and just wearing in England in general. They are pure white right now, but I expect them to dull up a bit soon! ;) Ross ALSO got some awesome rollerblades and pads (he has a bike helmet already, so his noggin is safe). WOW! I am so psyched!!!!! He is going to practice skating a few nights a week after our power walks. On the weekends Ross and I will skate on some of the trails around our area and Jen will ride Ross' bike (once we fix the flat). I am so proud of Ross for losing weight AND trying a new sport!!! He was a bit wobbly on them at first, but built up his confidence really quickly in the short time we practiced last night!!!

Had a crab leg and some steamed shrimp and broccoli for dinner last night. That was our "surprise" for mom. Also fixed a great fruit salad that everyone was wild about. Had thought about getting Mom one of her favorite treats from the bakery, but she said while ago she wants to eat healthier. Got them light cool whip to top the salad with. They were all going crazy scarfing this fruit salad down! :) Had a small bowl of popcorn with cheese topping during Survivor last night. WOW!

Off to rollerblade this morning and then do the 50 minute pilates tape! :) Friday is my official weigh in but Monday is my sneak weigh in. Well, I got my 15 pound clippie today!!! :) Woo-hoo! Was an even 144 on the scale, so I'll go change that in my stats and then update my new clippie. I know I would not be at this point without WISH!!!

Ross and I are talking about me getting out to the driving range to practice hitting some balls. Thanks to Rosemary and her tales of the soccer field, I am thinking about trying golf. I never thought of myself as someone who would enjoy sports, I know I hated team sports like volleyball, kickball, softball, football, soccer, etc. in school, but I think I could hang with golf. It would give me a chance to see some beautiful courses and lots more animals, so why not? :)
Back from 57 minutes of blading. Added another lap to my routine, woo-hoo! :) Saw a neighbor I hadn't seen in a while and he said I was looking sporty, so that made me feel great! :) Off for pilates after I cool down a bit!
50 min. pilates tape done! i think it's a little more than 50, but still under 60. having two pine trees taken down today. just heard a large HEAVY section hit the ground. THUD! ;)

05-13-2003, 12:58 PM
Update to yesterday - went power walking with Ross and Jen. Had veggies for dinner (veggie Italian sausages, yum!) :) Then went practice rollerblading with Ross.

This morning - 20 minute pilates, ohMom fantastic workout challenge (WOW!) and an hour of rollerblading. Basic B and L, off to pack for a night at WDW! Tonight is a cheat night - beer swilling with Ross and SideShowBob around the World Showcase and then dinner, looks like a late one at Palio. Tomorrow some pool time (just lounging) for this Tigger, reading a book I suppose, then back home in the afternoon to work out. Ross and I are bringing instant oatmeal and bananas for our WW breakfast, so right back on plan for both of us tomorrow.

Tonight I am wearing some new stuff and I am so excited! Got a white sleevless shirt from Old Navy the other day that shows off my arms! My mom got me some awesome jewelry yesterday from Parisian. It's stone jewelry, was very expensive but on WICKED SALE for only $9.99 each (original prices 90, 72 and 48... wow!) Also wearing my cute new sandals I got for losing 10 pounds, basic shorts, new toe rings and new ankle bracelet that the Easter Bunny (Jennifer) gave me. Wow, I am almost a whole new person tonight! :)

Ross is wearing his new Old Navy size 35 shorts, WOO HOO and his new Old Navy blue Hawaiian print shirt. Will try to take some pictures! ;)

05-13-2003, 06:02 PM
Hi Karen! I was just getting ready to go to my hut, but I wanted to stop by and thank-you for the wonderful virtual Mai-Tai. It was wonderful. OH, I just thought of something.....maybe it was too many Mai-Tai's with you that made me lose my mind and sign up for the marathon. Thats it........... it's your fault!;) :p

Please whatever you do, take a picture of your feet tonight. I really want to see the toe rings and ankle bracelet. I should just erase this, it sounds so off, if ya know what I mean. LOL (Stop laughing!)

05-15-2003, 03:23 PM
Linda, I'm so sorry, but I didn't see your post until we got back (and my feet are not my best feature, so you are really lucky!) ;)

Let's see - had an awesome cheat night. LOVE the beer at Big River (and although we didn't eat there Tues. night, we have enjoyed their cheesey spinach dip in the past!)

Met up with SSB and a friend and had beer around the world. Split a pretzel with Ross. Should have worn real shoes and not sexy shoes - will know better next time! ;) hee hee!

Had a LOVELY meal at Palio, ate in moderation, enjoyed every bite and did not feel guilty.

Spent Wed. morning sunning by the pool with a book. Life was good. Came home, did weight routine ohMom sent me, power walking with Jen and Ross at night. Today up early with Ross, both of us feeling great and like nothing can stop us. Rollerblading, 50 min pilates, ohMom weight routine (legs, KILLER!) put on Eddie Bauer size 10 shorts and they fit loose like they did the first summer we moved her, so I am overjoyed!

Working on a before and after series of pictures of me and DH. Will try to get it completed tonight or tomorrow to share on WISH. Power walking scheduled for tonight and then a quick trip to the driving range so I can practice for my upcoming tour on the LPGA (or Senior LPGA...) ;) hee hee!


Had a nice veggie dinner. Power walked after with Jen and Ross. Then Ross and I went to the driving range and split a bucket of balls. I started out strong and then psyched myself out too much and was shanking all over the place, not to mention hitting the mat. However, it was fun and I feel all sporty! :) I am visualizing a nice set of clubs, a great golf bag and sassy golf shoes in my future! Would love to hit a nice course in our area by the end of June! :) It was a fun evening!

Had an apple for a snack and some water. WI tomorrow and I am looking forward to it! Woo-hoo!

05-16-2003, 08:37 AM
It's Friday, woo-hoo! Have to update my stats on the first page of my journal. Have lost 16 pounds since March 9 and have lost a total of 14 1/4", I think! WOW!

Just figured out that I am blading over 6 miles a day now. I am out for about an hour, give or take a few minutes. There is a stretch of road that I cover and I make 5 laps (start at one end, go to the other, turn around and that's one). Well, the distance is 1.2 miles for this area, so I am doing 6 miles here alone, and at least another mile before I start my laps, so maybe 7.5 to 8 miles altogether! Not too shabby.

Went blading before it was too late. Had a nice workout. Home and debated over which pilates tape to do, but 50 min workout won. I will do the 20 min tomorrow and Sunday. Gotta give my abs a little rest! No lifting today (I think I'm supposed to take today off, but ohMom will let me know if I'm wrong, d'oh!) ;) hee hee! Having carrots and pears now, but no cheese or crackers. Off to the beach with Mom and Dad for lunch. They can order greasy fried stuff, I'll get salad and steamed shrimp. Then we are going to walk the beach and look for those nasty sharks that like to bite people in the feet (or bottom, oh no!) ;)

05-16-2003, 08:28 PM
no today is no day off!!! You do Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3

then you get a day off!!!!!

oh well, if you took it you just gave your muscles a blessed rest! pick back up and repeat the 3 day routine tomorrow

have a great weekend!

05-17-2003, 10:24 AM
OHMOM!!! D'oh! Well, I was already planning to work out those muscles again today, so I'm back on track! Hee hee (insert sheepish grin here!)

Saturday started off great! Made Ross a pre-happy-anniversary breakfast (just added mushrooms and green pepper to his typical egg white and lowfat swiss cheese omelette! Heh heh!

We just got back from an hour of blading. Ross did a GREAT job! I am so super proud of him!!!!!!! He let me go ahead and zip along at my speed. I was just so happy to see him out there, having a good time, sticking it out for an hour. The distance between us grew and then closed so during the last lap I was catching up to him, but silly Ross decided to stop coasting and keep going, so I had to skate MY BUTT OFF to catch him! Arrrgh!

Anyway, we are going to do the 20 minute pilates workout now. He said he wants to do pilates with me in England. I have to write all the moves from the 20 min tape down so we'll know what to do. I figured he might want to actually TRY it in American while we can watch the tape to see if it's something he will really like.

We're heading to Margaritaville in Citywalk for our anniversary tonight (6 years on Monday, woo-hoo!) It's a cheat night. I will enjoy a nice, cold, tangy, GOOD margarita and some nachos. Ross is planning to have the cheeseburger in paradise. I might steal a bite of his burger and a fry, and I will certainly share my nachos (I know I will have alot left over as yesterday I had a small salad with grilled fish for lunch and it stuffed me, I just can't eat like I used to!)

Bichon Barb
05-18-2003, 09:50 AM
Hey Karen. Told DH about your pending trip to Margaritaville, and we want to know how it went. We've never been there. Want to go next time we are in Orlando. Please tell all!

Just last week I bought the Jimmy Buffet double CD on a whim. I was listening to the radio in the car and Margaritaville came on. Thought it would be a great CD for the summer. I think summer is FINALLY descending up here in the great white north. High today 73 degrees and sunny. Come on over to my sunny patio surrounded by the green of spring! I'll make ya a bloody Mary to kill whatever may ail you this morning. The robins and cardinals are singing. (I COULD get a sling shot if this is unacceptable.)

For now, I'm off to walk a couple of miles on the Erie Canal.

05-18-2003, 02:44 PM
Oh, Barb! You guys will enjoy Margaritaville!!! We didn't even have a reservation. Only had about a 10 or 15 minute wait (around 5:00) so we had our first drink in the bar! :) Food was good, yummy, not spectacular, but still it was a good "cheat" night!

Let's see, I did my blading, pilates and weights yesterday, then got my hair done, then Ross and I went to Margaritaville. I had the volcano nachos (sans jalepenos) and they were good! Ross had the Cheeseburger and fries. I only had two of his fries and NONE of his burger! The perfect margarita (I think that's what it is) was good, but too small for the price. I have to say, I tried three different margaritas and although they were ok, I was a bit disappointed. I make better margaritas at home!!! (I am a margarita snob!) ;) If we go back, I'll just stick with Corona. ;) We walked to the Royal Pacific hotel and peeked into Tchoup Chop, Emerills newest restaurant. It looks gorgeous! The appetizer list was very appealing, so we may visit there over the summer for drinks and appetizers (none of the entrees grabbed me).

For dessert, we drove to the Polynesian! I love this resort SO MUCH!!! We split a Lapu-Lapu in the lounge and then had dessert at the Kona Cafe. Ross had the white chocolate cheesecake (YUM!) and I had the kiluea (sp?) torte, yummy! Then we walked to the GF, I started to feel sick, we each drank a bottle of water and I felt like I was going to toss my cookies. I think it was a combination of wolfing down a bottle of water, the alcohol, and too much food. So, our fun anniversary celebration night ended with me wishing I hadn't pigged out so much. Lesson learned!

Today we rollerbladed, I did 50 min pilates and another session of the Molli Muscle Mania workout. WOW! I am SO LUCKY Molli sent me this workout, because I feel GREAT! I am seeing so much more definition in my body and I feel stronger too. Thanks to her suggestion about push ups, I can see a difference in my chest!!!! REALLY! I have the teeniest chest ever (yikes) but there is a certain lift that wasn't there before, hee hee!

We are cooking chicken on the grill today for my birthday. It's an on plan day. My sister got angel food cake, FF cool whip and fresh berries to make me a healthy birthday dessert. I have to say I am wicked happy with how I feel and look on my 34th birthday. I can fit into all the clothes I could wear when I turned 30, so I am back to where I wanted to be. The only thing I didn't do the last time I was in this good of shape was get visible abs, so I am making that my goal now. And I want to get my body fat % measured too.

Happy Sunday! :) xo

05-18-2003, 04:06 PM
Well, such accomplishments in such a short time! Yes, sit back and relax for the rest of the day and just enjoy all that you have done! You are a real achiever and what a visible reward. Wishing you success as you continue on this journey - tho it seems like you've arrived to me - I can tell that you are still in the get healthier mode! You go girl - I am wondering if you are going to be needing some of that body oil to show off them abs! We will definately want pix of them! And can't wait for the before and afts of you and Ross!

Enjoy - Happy Birthday

Xo {{hugs}} xo


05-19-2003, 07:43 AM
Up early today to make Ross a special anniversary breakfast! :)

Plan to head out rollerblading around 8 or 8:30 today. It is just getting too hot to go out any later. Also have a million and one things to do this week to get ready for the trip, yikes!


Did my skating (woohoo!) 50 minute pilates (which is getting easier every day now, thank you very much!) and my last day of the Mollie Muscle Mania challenge. :) WOW! So I went out this afternoon and stopped at Old Navy and GUESS WHAT!!!! Those size 8 capri pants that were too tight last week FIT me now! I was like, "Hey, I'm buying these..." ;) And I got two itty bitty halter tops to wear with them. The pants I'll take to England, the tops will stay here as it is TOO COLD to even consider packing them for the trip.

How is it that in less than a week, pants that were XXX rated tight on me now fit me fine and make me look good? I just don't get it! But who am I to question the laws of physics... ;)

Hopefully we'll power walk tonight. The rainy season is FINALLY starting, so my dry lawn is getting a well deserved drink, but the rain could prevent us from getting out tonight. As long as it clears up by 7:00 we'll be ok. :)

05-19-2003, 07:54 PM
how did those muscles feel?? did you feel the thigh ones? i thought it's a great routine and I hope to repeat it in another week. After talking with DH I decided to step back a bit this week and let my muscles recover, not skip but just old routine and then I'll pick it up the week before mini-goal.

I think the Whoosh fairy is visiting you! what a deal that the 8 capris fit, in like what, a week?? or was it even two weeks? you go girl! It's hard to imagine that you EVER wore an 18? you are such an inspiration!!!

Promise you'll relax and rest your bod on vacation! Plenty of days to work it out hard afterwards :)

05-19-2003, 08:45 PM
Hey! A belated Happy Birthday! And Happy Anniversary!

Your pictures are wonderful, you are so beautiful!

I've been away for a while, had a little kidney infection and had to spend some time in the ER hooked up to IV's and the last few days resting. Love those pain pills! Anyway, I'm better now. Sorry I missed your birthday!

We're heading to Pennsylvania on Thursday to visit our 2 boys and daughter-in-law and (best of all) our granddaughter. She will be 3 on May 25th! Seems like she was just born yesterday.

Congratulations on your fabulous "get healthy" sucesses! Have a great time in England and have a pint for me!


05-21-2003, 07:33 AM
Well, yesterday I didn't really exercise like I could have. I woke up from a restless night of sleep and felt like doo-doo. I did rollerblade, but just didn't have much energy. I think I was a little dehydrated, because I just drank a bunch of water after rollerblading and I started to feel much better. Yesterday was a rest day for my weight lifting, so I just decided to make it a rest day from pilates and power walking too. Did some errands and convinced Ross and Jen to reschedule our Thurs. night cheat meal to last night! Heh! Went to Hops and had a few beers, half a burger and half a plate of fries. I was sooooooooo stuffed. I used to clean the plate, but not anymore! :)

Today I plan to do all my regular exercises. I have to go down to Disney to get some more stuff to bring to England! Gotta head out blading early so I can fit everything into this day!!! Yikes! :) Have already had a nice glass of water and two cups of herbal (caffeine free) tea. Want to make sure I am nice and hydrated today!!! :) That yucky feeling I had yesterday was enough to convince me to keep the fluid coming in!

06-04-2003, 11:26 PM
Miss you, hope you're having fun!

06-07-2003, 11:23 PM
Just tidying up a tad before Karen gets home... http://www.hallospass.de/smilies/haushalt/smilie_staubsauger1.gif Don't mind me.... http://www.hallospass.de/smilies/haushalt/smilie_waschmaschine1.gif I'll be done in a minute... http://www.hallospass.de/smilies/haushalt/smilie_waesche.gif

WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!! http://www.hallospass.de/smilies/smilie_blumen1.gif

06-09-2003, 01:38 PM
Oh, it's nice to be missed! Thanks for cleaning the place up for me! :) It's great to come home to a clean and tidy house!!!!

Well, back on track and feeling GREAT!!! Followed my normal WW eating routine yesterday. It felt GREAT to do but was a little difficult. We have open bags of candy around the house (from our trip) and I found myself mindlessly REACHING for a chocolate or licorice allsort and then having to pull my hand back! No snacking, but I came close several times. Today is much better as I am not spending any time in the same room as the candy, ha ha!

Walked with Ross yesterday and that was it. Did my blading, 20 minute pilates and weight lifting today, woo-hoo! Hope to power walk tonight if it's not raining!!!

I felt so fluffy at the end of our trip, I was sure I had blobbed out, but not so. We ATE AND ATE AND ATE and did lots of walking. Sunday morning I weighed in at 143.5, which isn't bad (but I didn't change my weight in my signature, heh heh!) I will officially WI on Friday and I am hoping to be back down to what I was before our trip. I feel absolutely marvelous today!

Gotta get that vacation laundry washed and put away. Tried on those REALLY old size 8s that I inherited several years ago (back in 1999) and they fit great today, not cutting my circulation off at all. I still have some body fat to lose, so I feel kind of crazy saying this, but I think I might actually end up at a size 6 when all is said and done. WOW. That just blows my mind!!!!

Off to the virtual bar now to see who's hanging around waiting for a fruity drink. Need to work on my tan anyway... ;)

06-10-2003, 04:38 PM
Woke up feeling REALLY great, nice and lean and thin! Have stuck to my WW plan today, did my rollerblading and skipped pilates to go to my folk's place and help them with their house. Did some scrubbing in the pool (it really needs a cleaning and I have no idea what the heck I am doing....) ;) Anyway, will lift weights tonight and hopefully power walk if it's not raining. I ate lunch early (10:45, but breakfast was at 6:45) and am paying for it. Had a cup of tea for a snack but really don't want to eat a "snack". Was going to have my dinner salad early but we don't have any lettuce! Ross has my car since his truck is in the shop, so he is stopping at the store on the way home.

Anyhoo, I have been DYING to call him up and say "Let's go to Chevy's" tonight for margaritas and Mexican on the patio. However, I am on a no alcohol challenge, which is fine by me, and I REALLY don't want to have a cheat meal tonight since we have one planned for Friday. I don't know why I am craving stupid tortilla chips, stupid salsa and a stupid margarita, but I am. So I figured if I just wrote about it here in my journal I would be able to get over it!!!

So maybe this is part of my vacation binge withdrawl? I don't know. My parents had oatmeal cookies and gardettos snack mix at their house and I didn't let that stuff tempt me. I guess I am just feeling snacky and that is pretty weird for me. We are supposed to do a cheat night the weekend of the 20th at a pizza place that Scott Joseph said was great (in College Park) but I am having SUCH a Mexican food attack that I may try to convince Ross and Jen to change cheat night plans. Poor guys, we are always going out for Mexican though.

Enough whining, I guess I will start cooking some broccoli and check the radar to see where the latest t-storm is! ;)

06-11-2003, 05:56 PM
Made it through the day, thank goodness!!!

Regular B, L, & Dinner. Rollerblading early today (left at 8:15) and then went to Mom and Dad's to work on the house. Took off all the faceplates, stripped a wallpaper border in the kitchen and washed their kitchen cabinets. Then came home and did 20 min pilates. Will do my lunges and squats later, possibly power walk (depends on when Jen gets home from a late meeting and the rain).

I can't figure out why I am SO TOTALLY craving Mexican! It is almost driving me nuts. I know I can go have it if I want, but I really want to stick to my no alcohol challenge and it's not worth it to go have Mexican w/o a margarita. Ross and Jen graciously agreed to skip Italian for the 20th of June cheat meal so I can indulge in chips, salsa and margaritas! ;)

Anxious for the weigh in Friday morning. I am wondering about my measurements too, I feel smaller, but am really just anxious to see what my weight is after the 2 weeks of feeding frenzy in England.

06-13-2003, 08:19 AM
It's Friday, woo-hoo!

Did get out power walking with Jen last night. We ended up RUNNING about 1/4 mile on the way home because the rain started. I mean running too, lungs exploding running. God that felt great! I can't run due to my knees, but once in a while won't kill me and last night made me realize how much I MISS IT! Especially now without all the extra weight in my legs and tummy, it felt GREAT to run! Did my squats but not my lunges, heh heh!

Today is a just for me day (no helping the folks at their house, woo-hoo!!!) I am already doing laundry and plan to rollerblade, do my 50 min pilates tape, push ups, triceps, etc.

Weighed in and was happy to see I'd lose the vacation weight and a .25 pound too, so I am down to an even 142. I can live with that. I am DYING to get my 20 pound clippie, but I will be PATIENT!!!!! Ross is really anxious to get under 200, poor guy. He thinks he has hit a plateau. I know it will come soon enough. I can feel his muscles in his back and his collar bones are popping out. He gave me a nice hug last night and I can really wrap my arms around him, and both of us had to laugh because we don't have opposing bellies anymore (we used to push each other away in the belly department!) So we are laughing that this is what it feels like to hug a skinny person! :) He is just too cute!!!

Hopefully his truck will be ready today and we'll be able to get some moving done over the weekend. No walking scheduled since we have a ton of furniture and boxes to try to get to my parents house, so that will be our workout. WW meals planned through the weekend, so after our cheat night tonight, it's back on track. And today I am not going to think about margaritas or chips and salsa! :)

06-14-2003, 12:52 PM
Yesterday I did my 50 min. pilates tape and was happy that I made it all the way through and basically was able to do everything that I had done before we went on vacation, so I feel great that my stomach muscles are still really strong! Phew! Also worked my shoulders, triceps and chest. :) Now that my hair is getting longer, I don't always take the time to blow dry it, but I did yesterday and that made me feel really good about myself. I put on some shorts and a nice halter top that I got recently but haven't worn yet (size M) and it felt nice to be in clothes that flattered my figure with nice looking hair. I have spent most of the week feeling grubby and unattractive since I have been helping mom and dad at their house so much, exercising and running around. It felt GREAT to take care of me and wear nicer clothes!

So anyway we had a pig out night and I had tortilla chips and nacho cheese (but it was kind of gross nacho cheese) then some store brand onion and spinach dip (both kind of disappointing) reduced fat ruffles, taquitos and three jalenpeno poppers and one moz. stick. Then I had three small cookies for dessert, NO beer or other alcohol, I just stuck with diet rite. So anyway, it was a fun night but I felt too full and really did not enjoy any of the foods I cheated with. Ross says my food standards are getting pretty high, and he's right. I am not satisfied with the junk I used to crave/eat all the time. I would rather cheat with a REALLY nice gourmet meal than this frozen food or highly processed food.

Back on plan today and feeling great. We've moved 4 truck loads to mom and dad's and will move one more after lunch. No "exercise" today and we probably won't exericse tomorrow either, but between the moving and errands we have to run and yard work we will do, it will be enough movement to satisfy me. :)

06-15-2003, 12:03 PM
Stayed on plan yesterday and felt great! Had a skinny cow ice cream sandwich last night for the first time and enjoyed it! Ross had a dulce de leche one and I had regular old vanilla with a chocolate sandwich. YUM! I will try the dulce de leche tonight!

Ross and I got a big container of chocolate flavored protein shake powder from GNC yesterday. I want to increase my protein intake but don't really fancy the idea of eating a chicken breast in the middle of the morning. I think that 1200 calories a day is a little low for the amount of exercise I am doing, so instead of adding a smaller meal between b and l, I am going to have a double dose of the chocolate shake. That will be 210 calories, 46 grams of protien, 3 grams of fat and 6 carbs. I think the reason Dan (Snacky Stacky) is losing during maintenance is his slight increase in calories per day. Ross and I want to expiriment to see if upping our calories per day, heavy on the protein, will help facilitate our weight loss. He is eating about 1800 a day, but his weight loss has come to a crawl, so we will see how this week goes for him.

Right now I am happy with the size and weight that I am. I am really going to focus on just getting more muscle tone. If I do lose more weight, that's fine. If I get to 139, that's fine, but if I don't, that's fine too! Did alot of thinking, especially after a great and encouraging message from ohMom the other day, and I am pretty much where I want to be. If I can get my BF% to 19 that would be great, but I am not planning to compete in any body building competitions (yet!) ;) so there is really no reason to get it too low. I just want to see IF I can do it, and I'd really like to have washboard abs and a really flat stomach and a cute belly button! ;) So from here on out my focus is on continued healthy eating, increasing my weight lifting routine and enjoying the occassional cheat meal! :)

Will just work on tweaking my diet to see if I can shed a few more pounds of FAT and increase my muscle! :) So that PROBABLY means the scale won't budge, but that's ok too. Will continue to measure.

I am just besides myself that I am able to fit into my wedding dress again. All these old clothes sat in our guest room closet for years while I would dream of one day putting them on again. I see my honeymoon pictures and think, "I was thin then but I thought I was really overweight" and now I am back in those clothes again! Need to work on how I see myself. What I see in pictures is different than what I see in the mirror or how I feel after I get full. This is a size I can live with and I need to adjust my attitude and my way of thinking to embrace where I am and celebrate that I have come this far.

06-17-2003, 02:17 PM
Where I am, oh yeah, today is Tuesday. ;)

No rollerblading this morning, and today is my "off" pilates day. Had to get the house in shape for the appraiser as we are refinancing soon. So cleaning must count for exercise, heh heh heh! ;) Will lift weights this afternoon and move some stuff to mom and dad's tonight and also power walk with jen and ross if it's not raining.

Am loving the chocolate protein shake, have it around 9 or 10 in the morning and it really holds me over until lunch. I feel lighter today and would have LOVED to do a sneak weigh but promised Ross that I'd wait until Friday (he promised too!) So anyway, Friday can't come fast enough because I am anxious to see if I have any weight loss results from this experiment week.

Dad says I am boney looking, which I am taking as a compliment. Jen seems a bit miffed that I am her size and when we went swimming on father's day she was comparing her legs/butt to mine. I still see myself as bigger than she is. It doesn't matter WHO is bigger, but it's funny how she just looks smaller than me. She *is* taller, but she's always been "the thin one" so maybe I am smaller than she is in some areas (duh, the ****s!) ;) but I just don't see it yet! ;) Anyway, she is going to lend me some shorts for the weekend to wear when I whisk Ross away for the night on Saturday, so hopefully they will fit. All my shorts are too lose but I don't want to buy any new ones yet (waiting for the summer clearance, heh!)

My feet forced me to go to Payless today and they tried on many cute sandals, but we left empty handed as it was not a planned shopping trip and I really don't want to rock the boat with Ross right now (what do I need new shoes for?) BUT I will get some before the 4th of July because we are going to a housewarming party for a friend of his parent's on the 5th and I don't have ANY sandals to wear with the outfit I want to wear, heh heh heh!


Well I got my butt out and rollerbladed for an hourish. I pushed myself hard for half of each lap, so I feel good. My legs were a little sore, but in a good way (like letting me know I was using them). Also did my weights before rollerblading. Just had the most fabulous dinner ever. Poached chicken served with a tablespoon of Thai sweet chili sauce, roasted tomatoes & mushrooms w/ garlic (sprayed with olive oil PAM), and steamed cauliflower. I had a small spoon of some olive spread stuff to flavor the cauliflower. Oh, and a great baby romaine lettuce salad. YUM YUM YUM. I am stuffed, and it was go good and so healthy!!! Off to power walk with Jen and move stuff to my folks and then have a skinny cow, mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Just adding that we power walked and moved two loads (not very strenuous lifting though). No pilates today, hee hee, but I did have a skinny cow and it was YUMMY!!! :)

06-18-2003, 09:50 AM
Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried on my Old Navy 8s that I bought pre-England. I have to wear long pants today 'cuz I am going to meet my friends and their horses. Sooo, they are almost loose!!! Not falling off loose, but really loose in the waist (just not the butt, but that's ok!) WOW!!!! And I tried on some size 8 Old Navy shorts that Jen lent me for the weekend and they are almost loose too!!! I think I am closing in on smaller 8s or maybe even BIG 6s!!! (insert me fainting here!!!!)

WOW! So anyway, I feel wicked happy today. I think the extra calories are helping me to BURN fat! My body feels very different this week, much smaller and toner! I am eating my regular meals, working out to my regular exercise routine, only thing different is I added the protein shake to increase my calories and grams of protein. WOW!!! :) I feel awesome!!! I can see that between my belly button and my chest, there is a hint of definition! Still working on that little pouch below my belly button, but I know in time it will disappear. WOW WOW WOW, I REALLY feel like I am just about where I want to be!!! Very lean with nothing to jiggle (waaah, no chest jiggles either!) ;)

Friday can't get here fast enough! Just hope I can stick to that healthy Greek lunch, heh! ;)


Mmmm, greek salad with grilled chicken. How many points was that? :) It was yummy. Skipping the skinny cow tonight and having a light dinner. MMMM. Ate the big block of feta cheese that was on my salad, LOVE feta cheese!!! And on the bright side, my new size 8 jeans are loose!!! mu ha ha ha ha ha ha!

06-19-2003, 09:20 AM
Tomorrow is WI day, woo-hoo!

Today had 1/2 English raisin muffin, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp. whipped berry flavored cream cheese.

Did squats and lunges with hand weights, felt great!

Going to have my chocolate protein shake now, then go paint at Mom and Dad's. Will come home for lunch and rollerlbading (early morning showers so can't blade now).

No power walking tonight as Ross is getting a tattoo and I am going with him to watch! oooooh! :)


back from painting, i don't think that burned too many calories, it was not strenuous at all! ;)

Had my brie cheese, crackers, pear and carrot sticks for lunch. Felt pretty full after, I know it's the shake. I was totally hungry before I had the shake and that filled me right up. Have been a water hog today too and am happy to keep drinking it!

Did a VERY quick 37 minute walk. I would love to know how fast I was going cuz I burned rubber!!! It's misty out, but I figure if Molli can jog in a light drizzle then I can certainly walk in one. Phew! I REALLY wish it were blading weather, but it's not. I will get some rollerblading in tomorrow though.

Off to shower and hit the grocery store and then cook dinner and get ready to go to Ancient Art to watch Ross get his tattoo.

06-20-2003, 09:07 AM
I am so excited, today is the day I have been waiting for all week! I am finally under 140, actually at 138.5 and I feel GREAT! My belly is ALMOST flat! I feel so muscular and full of energy, ready to take on the world! I wore a halter top and low waist denim capri pants last night when I went with Ross to the tattoo parlor. Then we went to Publix and I felt a little awkward, like I was showing off. I know I look good and that I can wear fitted, semi revealing clothes now, but it will take some getting used to. The "old" me is still inside saying I shouldn't be wearing stuff like that! ;) Anyway, will work on tweaking the attitude.

Ha ha ha, just got off the phone with Jen and she is mad! :) I know I shouldn't laugh and it shouldn't matter, but I don't care! She says she has to lose like 20 pounds now! :) I wish she wouldn't be so competitive, but I guess she feels like she has to regain her "skinniest" title over me. Whatever!

So anyway I am wicked psyched, I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. I am really looking forward to tomorrow when I kidnap Ross and take him to South Florida for the night. He can't wear a tank top because he needs to keep his tattoo out of the sun for a few weeks, but hopefully he will survive the heat and humidity in a t-shirt. We will do lots of walking and window shopping and have a nice cheat meal tomorrow night (that is the plan anyway). Going to eat our regular WW breakfast and have lunch in the car on the way down, then eat instant oatmeal and bananas for breakfast on Sunday. Economical and on plan, that's what I like.

It's another rainy day here. I will do my 50 minute pilates tape and my push ups and triceps and shoulder workout, and hopefully the weather will clear enough for a blading session. Jen Ross and I are going to walk around EPCOT tonight and I am having two beers and a pretzel! :) Heh heh, not too many points over, I don't think!

06-22-2003, 03:05 PM
karen i just have to stop by and say after having a few minutes to catch up on your journal, I'm sooooo happy for you! And impressed ;) You are a true example for me in how to not get "wrapped up" in food and truly use it for the purpose it has - fuel for our body. It's obvious how great you are feeling while eating healthy, including the protein shake, and exercising consistently.

Jen = :bounce: :bounce: - well, too bad! You have worked very hard to accomplish the look you have and you should flaunt it. You look great! My size 8 jean shorts are a little snug today, after a cheat cookout my PM buddy is responsible for ;) I can't fathom size 8's being loose !!

I know you will contiue your success in the fat burning mode b/c you don't change your habits once achieving the goal! that is a great inspiration for us all here on WISH!

thanks for sharing your thoughts - they help me get through weak moments (me dusting off doritos crumbs here - don't worry i'm counting the blasted points!)

06-23-2003, 08:15 AM
Molli, I LOVE when you come for a visit! My ego thanks you, mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I think that is the one thing that has grown mucho since I started WW! Oh well, I can live with that, I suppose! ;)

Had a fantabulous weekend with Ross. Kidnapped him Saturday morning and we spent a whirlwind time in Coral Springs (thanks to priceline, love priceline!) Enjoyed a big cheat meal Friday night. Did not enjoy all the booze though, and learned that I am NOT the same drinker I used to be! I might even go so far to say I DON'T like to drink anymore (although I had a glass of wine and a beer Saturday night. I think it's just out of habit that I order the stuff, we'll see).

Anyway, I'm on a no alcohol challenge until the 4th and I am doing a no-cheat challenge until the 4th as well. I think this will be my first weekend since starting WW that I will be cheat free (I think) so I am going to come up with some creative on plan treats to get me through the weekend.

One big change I have noticed is that I want to shop all the time now. I never liked to shop before, I NEVER was interested in shoes and frilly clothes. Now I stop and stare in every window that has a cute display. Oh no!!!! I am making wishes left and right for the spondoolas to flow our way so I can go on a shopping spree.

And a good thing happened over the weekend. Instead of comparing myself to all the "skinny, beautiful" people we saw, I felt like I fit in! I didn't feel out of place, frumpy, dumpy or fat. I felt relaxed and happy to be out with Ross, period. I didn't waste time worrying about how I looked, I just got dressed, went out and had fun. WOW! That normally never happens, so I guess I am really making some attitude adjustments!!! I love this new lifestyle and I am surprised it has taken me this long to realize I can do this and that I deserve it. We did have quite a bit of fun with the "are those real or not" game we played over the weekend, ha ha. I think there are alot of successful plastic surgeons in South Florida. Too bad I can't convince Ross that I am a great candidate for that surgery, hee hee!

Off to lift weights, do pilates, rollerblade, and then go to WDW on a postcard shopping spree!!! Woo-hoo! It's gonna be a sunny day and I am psyched!!!

06-23-2003, 11:32 AM
ok, here's my wisdom for you to avoid hangovers:

stop drinking at least an hour before you go to bed and drink lots of water, preferably down a multivitamin with it ;)

just barf and be done with it :)

ok ok ok - where did that come from. You and I, well, we really aren't the lushes we used to be! hooray for us! first off, it's a pricey habit (i'm a cheap-o) and not a great example for my DDs. And, more along the WISH thinking, our bodies are given to us, they are a gift, we need to respect that and treat them accordingly. Over-indulgences in any way (food, beer, wine, obsessive exercising) is not what God had in mind, I believe. And so we pay for it. Life lessons - moving on...........

I'm really impressed that you are shedding your self-consciousness and accepting that you have a great bod! wooo hooo!!!!! that is a big big hurdle for those of us who have had negative body image for too many years!

enjoy your day at Disney today! you lucky duck! how crowded is it now? tonight I will rollerblade in your honor :)

06-23-2003, 04:55 PM
Well, like a dizzy ditz, I forgot my AP! So I only went to Downtown Disney, but let me tell you, LOTS of people there. Now what are all these people doing in the World of Disney in the early afternoon on a Monday? Go to a park, people! ;) Got a few postcards, hope if I get one in the mail to Taylor tomorrow that it will make it to camp before she leaves!!!

I don't know what it is, but I am feeling REALLY super fluffy today! I ate my WW brekky, did my weights, 50 min pilates, had my choc protein shake, bladed for an hour, showered, had lunch, went to DTD, then to DSW for the first time ever where I purchased some GORGEOUS red thong type shoes (not flip flops, well, kind of, but very pretty and not plasticy or spongey!) Hee hee!

Last Friday I felt super duper thin, today just feeling about 5 pounds heavier than last week, don't know why. Shouldn't be a visit from the bloat fairy for at least 10 days or so.... hmmm. Oh well, probably just some fluid hanging around from the weekend. Must be all the sodium I had? I can't figure it out! Just trying to do the "onward and downward" chant as much as I can today! ;)

Thanks for the hangover tips, Molli! Hopefully I won't ever need to use them, as I REALLY don't think I will do that kind of heavy drinking again. YUCK!!! Wish I could have just barfed! ;)

06-24-2003, 09:14 AM
Ah, today is a new day! Got a list of things to do an already accomplished having a WW breakfast at 6:30, washing one load of laundry and hanging it out to dry (it will be sunny here today, woohoo!) one more load ready to be hung, squats and lunges, chocolate protein shake, took vitamin and evening primrose. Now I just have to hang that second load of laundry and go blading. I love it when it still feels early and I have accomplished quite a few things!


Back from blading. Ross rotated my wheels. I was a bit wobbly at first, but made it through the whole session w/o falling, woo-hoo! When I do get replacement wheels, I will make sure to rotate them often so I don't have this reall worn down on one side, regular on the other side thing to deal with. Off to clean bathrooms (wish I could give a sincere woohoo here...) d'oh! ;)

06-25-2003, 07:11 AM
Got a few more errands done yesterday afternoon, never got around to running the vacuum though, d'oh! Power walked with Jen after dinner, then Jen Ross and I moved the box spring and mattress over to Mom and Dad's

Darned bloat fairy is hanging around and I am in a very grumpy mood as a result (could that be pre-PMS?) I though the evening primrose was supposed to banish the BF, so I might have to take two a day now instead of one (bottle recommends up to 3 a day for reducing PMS and encouraging nice skin, woo-hoo!)

Early pilates today, then rollerblading, then shower and over to Mom's to take her to the dr., then enjoy an afternoon by the pool!!! Oh, with a trip to Publix thrown in for groceries, d'oh! Hopefully weight train before dinner, eat, then power walk with Ross and Jen. MAYBE shift another load to Mom and Dad's tonight if Ross is feeling up to it.

Try not to be too grumpy or hard on myself today. I am doing everything right so it's not my fault and this could just be some whacked out PMS. Also not going to be too hard on myself if I don't get everything on my to do list done every day, it's a guide not a mandatory sentence!


Much better attitude this afternoon. Several sweet and uplifting messages from some Tiggerific PM buddies made me cry, then feel better! :) Awwww! I know this is some PMS going on here! ;)

Anyway, got my blading, pilates, power walking in (forgot weights, will take today as a "day off" then get them in tomorrow!) Helped Jen mow her lawn after power walking. Took Mom to her dr. appt. and he is keeping her on the meds, so that is a good thing! Spent an hour in the sun at their house so now I'm looking more like a Floridian. ;) Got bunches of healthy stuff at Publix and figured out the proper portions for everything I am going to put into my taco salad on Friday night, woo-hoo! I am looking forward to that and to trying the WW oven fried onion rings on Saturday (just trying to think of something to eat those with, maybe veggie burgers on whole wheat?)

Oh, just had a coffee flavored Skinny Cow sandwich and this may be my alltime favorite flavor. I grew up hating coffee ice cream, but I LOVE Starbucks Frappuccinos. This is the next best thing! YUM, great, melt in your mouth, YUM!!!

Well, another early day tomorrow. Going to veg out in front of the TV for a while to try to wind down. Tomorrow IS vacuum day (really). And mow the lawn day, and laundry day, and not spend so much time on the PC day! :)

06-26-2003, 07:28 AM
Going to do my push ups, tricep workout and shoulders this morning. Skipping my rollerblading (give my blister a chance to heal!) and driving to Disney for some walking!!! This is a mental health day. Figure the walking at EPCOT will be my morning exercise and my mind will be at peace just taking in all the eye candy. Not sure how to handle lunch, maybe will pack a small cooler and take it with me and have a picnic someplace on WDW property.

06-26-2003, 08:06 AM
awww Tig, now don't let these hormones get you down! yes, PPMS is very possible, I believe in PPMS, PMS, DMS (during) AMS (after) and that oughta cover anytime in the month you need to label it! Maybe your system is a little outta wack to with all this good healthy food and exercise and just trying to find the balance again. I think we shake up our balance, in a good way, during this WISH journey

So..............http://www.millan.net/anims/giffar/smileyhug.gif to you

and many more to chase away that BF too! She will be gone I say!

I have thought of trying those baked onion rings too, the recipe is in my WW cookbook, let me know how they turn out!

Enjoy your day at Disney!

06-26-2003, 04:10 PM

Well, I did enjoy my day at Disney. I did my weight routine at home, showered, packed my lunch and went to Downtown Disney to eat. The Gourmet Pantry is CLOSED!!! It's being made into a place called "The Earl of Sandwiches", so I had to go to the Wolfgang Puck Express to get my water (2 20 oz bottles, like 5 bucks, gotta buy some bottles from Publix to have on hand for things like this). Found an umbrella shaded table by the water near the margarita stand and had my lunch. YUM!

After lunch went to EPCOT and walked around, especially over by Mission Space to see if they were letting anyone in, but not while I was there. Rats! :( Just walked around the WS pretty quickly, then over to the Fountain View and I got a SMALL (8 oz)cappuccino, sweetened it with equal and sat outside on the terrace to watch my fountain. Very relaxing, I love the Fontainview. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Ross was there with me. I ALWAYS miss him alot when I go to EPCOT by myself. *sigh*

Went to Publix on the way home. Found a low cal/low carb (in my opinion) BBQ sauce to try with some lean pork chops on Saturday (will have the oven fried onion rings with this). Ross will grill the pork and I'll ration out the BBQ sauce. He is going to have oven fried french fries (doesn't like onion rings, so more for me, ha ha ha ha!) Also picked up a copy of Shape and Allure so I could sit around this afternoon and read them instead of vacuuming, D'OH, which is what I am going to do after typing this. Um, also got some Boca smoked sausages to see if they are any better than the Boca Italian sausages, some organic lettuce mix (YUM!) more grape tomatoes (I am addicted to them!) and a new light dressing, Hidden Valley Ranch Light - sun dried tomato and feta cheese flavor. So it's a ranch/sundried tomato/feta cheese combo, should be yummy on my salad tonight (just having a big salad w/ chicken breast, yum!)

Oh oh oh, my favorite cashier, a very sweet older man named Ron, did a double take and asked me if I had lost weight!!! Woo-hoo! I felt great! He has lost weight too, not officially on WW but using his past WW materials. I could tell his Publix apron was fitting looser on him! :) Was very nice for him to notice, so that made my day!

Guess I can't put off running the vacuum any longer... TTFN!

06-27-2003, 08:11 AM
Ran the vacuum yesterday. Had an awesome big salad w/ grilled chicken for dinner. Power walked with Jen. Then she helped me mow our lawn, PHEW! Gosh was our grass long or what.

This morning on the schedule is biceps and back, then 50 min pilates and then rollerblading. Need to put a band aide on becaus for some reason the blades are rubbing my foot funny in one spot! Waaah! ;)

Made it to 138 today. I feel great. I can see a little bit of definition in my upper abs today. I don't think anyone else could notice it, but I do and that's all that counts!!! Just the motivation I need to stay focused through the weekend. Ran out of vitamins so must head over to the health food store this afternoon to get another bottle.

Ross is up to 200.5 today, so he is pretty sad. Well, he says he isn't right now, but he was pretty upset at WI this morning, poor fellow. I am staying cheat free until the 4th, so hopefully he will stay cheat free too and I know he will see some great results come Friday! :)

Today I am going to add weight to my bicep routine. Will work the muscles until they are exhausted, hopefully I can even do one rep with the new weight! ;) I should be able to, because the current weight I'm lifting is getting easier and easier to lift.

Bought a copy of SHAPE magazine yesterday, but was pretty disappointed. Seemed like it would have some great info in it, but didn't really enjoy it very much. Also got a copy of Allure and it's ok, but mostly about make up which is like reading Chinese to me (just don't get it!) :) Anyway, there is a pretty detailed article in Allure about home pedicures, so I am happy about that. Jen and I were going to get pedicures (for the first time ever) on the 3rd of July, but she is short of cash and we have errands to run on the 3rd (for the 4th supplies) so we are just going to do our own pedicures at home. I am looking forward to that!

Oh, I totally forgot this! I had a different breakfast today. 6 egg whites scrambled with two slices of turkey bacon and one slice of wheat bread. YUM! For lunch I am skipping the brie to finish up some hummus we have. The brie will last, the hummus is a little iffy! ;) For dinner we are having taco salads with REALLY lean ground beef (2 cooked ounces for me) fat free cheddar cheese, low fat sour cream (2 tbps for me) black olives, 2 cups of lettuce and some taco sauce. YUM! Oh, and 6 tortilla chips (organic, no hydrogenated oils). Should be very filling. So it's going to be a different meal day for me today, nice to try a change!

06-28-2003, 07:33 AM
Had a great dinner last night. Felt like a cheat night because it was a different meal. Portion controlled and very filling, I loved it!!! Had home made taco salad (with lots of lettuce) and it was really great! Ross loved his too, said he felt like it was a cheat night. We had organic tortilla chips and they were BETTER than regular old Tostitos!!! Bearitos All Natural Tortilla Chips - wholesome corn, organically grown, stoneground, cooked and packed the same day. No hydrogenated oil. 15 chips per serving (they are about 1/2 the size of Tostitos triangle shaped chips, but pack alot of flavor) 140 cals per serving, 6g fat, 18g carbs, 2g fiber, 2g protein. Very yummy!!!

I also got some San Pelligrino sparkling water and limes last night. When the water was nice and icy cold, I poured it into a wine glass, added a slice of lime, and ta-da! I had a frou-frou drink that tasted great, was bubbly, and no calories OR alcohol!!! I felt like I was cheat drinking too! :) It was delicious, and something I could totally enjoy on our patio on a hot evening. I guess I am a sparkling water convert.

Back to my 1/2 English muffin w/ 1 tbsp whipped cream cheese, 1/2 banana and a cup of tea with Splenda for breakfast. Ross and I are going to power walk later, then vaccuum and clean Buggy and his truck. :) I also have to do squats and lunges today. Man, I added weight to my bicep routine yesterday and could only do 2 sets of 8 and 1 set of 7. Then I worked my back, then after that I decreased the weight on the dumb bells and went back to the weight I had been using for my biceps and did 3 sets of 12-15. :) So my biceps got a great workout yesterday.

Put some fake tan on and I think I am darker this morning. For dinner today we are having grilled boneless pork chops with oven fried onion rings, a salad, broccoli and a little bit of BBQ sauce. Hope it tastes good!

Looking forward to a cheat-free weekend and a cheat-free week until the 4th. :)

06-29-2003, 10:55 AM
Ok, just back from a power walk. That's all the exercise planned for today, although I will spend about 20-40 minutes out back weeding. :)

Wish I could report back about those oven fried onion rings, but I SOOOOO busted my no-cheat streak last night and went to Hops for yummy beer, a yummy burger and fries, and then had a yummy pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream (the high octane stuff, there was no frozen yogurt version of CM around, darn it!) :)

Back on track today. I had to confess to my PM buddies, which was really hard because I feel like I went back on my word to stick to my challenge. So far it looks like I am forgiven (phew!) :) They are so sweet!!!

Back on plan this morning, regular B, getting ready for my chocolate protein shake (with all the food I ate last night it's funny that I am HUNGRY right now!) Ross and I will make the porch chops and oven fried onion rings today. Will stick to cheat free plan until Friday the 4th. :)

Just planning to let the past stay in the past and move forward from this moment on! :) If I can lose .5 a pound this week that is great, because right now that it my goal (.5 a week until I reach goal). I think that's pretty reasonable.

06-29-2003, 08:26 PM
Still Sunday.

Stayed on plan, woo-hoo!!! Made those oven fried onion rings. One cup serving is only 1 point. They were GOOO--OOOD!!! :) Ross like them too (although he had oven fries with his dinner). Between a pre-dinner salad, broccoli, the oven fried onion rings, a small serving of boneless pork chop and 2 tbsp low sugar, low cal, high flavor BBQ sauce, I was STUFFED! (but not too stuffed to have a skinny cow an hour or so later...) ;)

Feeling a bit of PMS symptoms. Took a second evening primrose earlier. Not feeling moody, but slightly bloaty! ;) Hoping TOM doesn't get in the way of my Friday weigh in.

Back to the regular exercise routine tomorrow. I just love exercising so much! I read a bunch of old Muscle and Fitness Hers magazines today (and one regular M&F) and feel like my current daily nutrition is pretty much in line with what the magazine recommends. I am thinking about making this week my last brie lunch week and switching to something else for lunch (lean protein w/ whole grain carb). And then maybe after the holiday weekend switching from my muffin/banana breakfast to either egg whites and oatmeal or egg whites and whole grain bread. Will play around with some breakfast recipes I found in some of the magazines, they look really good. :)

06-30-2003, 11:46 AM
Where does the time go? How can it be so late in the day already? I got up at 6:15 like normal, sheesh!!!

Well, did chest/tris/shoulders today. Then 50 min pilates and can feel TOM coming on, yikes! Could mess up my pilates schedule for the rest of the week, oh well. Had regular WW breakfast before any exercise, then around 10:00ish had protein shake, then water, then vitamins and evening primrose, then went blading. Back now, cooling off, need to take shower and have lunch and pick Dad up. Ross left the truck home today and Dad and I are going to Daytona Beach to borrow the pressure washer from my Aunt. Trip to Publix when we get back so I can pick up the staples for the week, then finish washing sheets and put clothes away. Then make dinner, power walk and have a skinny cow!

Poor Ross did a cheat weigh today and he's at 201 even. He is so bummed. I think it's sympathy PMS. This week he is changing his workout routine. He'll do full body at the gym today (weights) then cardio T & W, then full body again on Th (since this Fri is a holiday). Anyway, he will endup doing 2 days full body at the gym and the rest of the days at the gym spent on cardio, and then a plus will be any day he power walks with me and Jen. Hopefully this will get him over the hurdle. I also cooked his breakfast with one less strip of turkey bacon and I don't think he noticed. Mu ha ha ha ha ha! :)

06-30-2003, 01:57 PM
Hi Karen!
Is Ross getting lots of water in each day? My DH always claims to be drinking his water, but when he gets stuck, that's usually the reason. Maybe an increase in his water would help? It's awfully hot and humid! His body may just be holding on to it!

Ross is doing SO great!! I hate to hear he is getting discouraged. If he drinks a lot of water, hopefully the WHOOSH fairy will come for a visit. Even guys need a whoosh fairy visit! :)

07-01-2003, 07:42 AM
Hi, Terry!

You know, yesterday I almost said, "Yes, he's drinking lots of water!" Because on Friday he came home and told me about all the water he had guzzled down. Well yesterday I mentioned what you said to him and he said that he ONLY drank alot of water on Friday and that yesterday he wasn't sure he drank much water at all (he has diet pepsi, I think caffiene free, at work)! D'oh! Anyway, he is going to work on upping his water this week (I hope he remembers!) Thanks for the info!!! :)

It's starting out to be a busy day already, so I will try to report more later! :)

07-02-2003, 09:07 AM
Yesterday had 6 scrambled egg whites w/ 1/4 cup FF cheddar cheese and 1/2 cup dry (cooked with water) multi grain cereal and 1 tbsp. golden raisins for breakfast. Had the same today. Yesterday I had my 2 serving shake of protein powder, today I am going to just use 1 serving in the morning, might do another in the afternoon if I feel hungry. Today and tomorrow are the last brie and crackers lunches for a while, will be having chicken breast and brown rice starting next week (kind of a modified stir fry, w/ veggies and green onion and maybe a teeny bit of teriyaki sauce...)

Yesterday did my biceps and back, then ran to MGM to meet up with friends. Did some walking, not too much. Had lunch at Sci-Fi, salad for appetizer (w/ blue cheese, yummy but dressing wasn't too heavy) and BBQ chicken sandwich w/ fries. Did NOT eat the bun OR A SINGLE FRY, or the fried onion straws. Did eat the small slice of cheese on the chicken and the entire chicken breast. Then home late in the day, quick cooked dinner for Ross and had me a hearty salad and then a peach and watermelon. Went to 7:00 show for the Matrix, LOVED it, said no to theater snacks (although Ross and I agree when we go see Pirates of the Caribbean we are going to have buttered popcorn!)

Today had the same breakfast as yesterday, off to do work my legs, then 50 min pilates, then rollerblade (heck, I don't know what the weather is like out right now, but hopefully it's good rollerblading weather!)

Anxious about the Fri. weigh in. I anticipate either the same as last week or a gain, thanks to TOM. I am feeling very fluffy this week, and I know it's thanks to the bloat fairy!:) Oh well! Onward and downward, I am confident that my workout routine and eating habits are working for me and that this week's weigh in will not get me down if it's not a loss. I am in this FOR LIFE! :)

07-03-2003, 08:04 AM
Power walked with Jen and Ross last night. Had chicken breast with cauliflower and a little teriyaki marinade (YUM!) and a hearty salad. Skipped the skinny cow/pudding for 1 cup of watermelon. Ross and I are loving the San Pelligrino sparkling water! :) Got a big box of them from SAMs on Sunday(?) and they are great to have on hand.

Doing laundry now. Will rollerblade soon. Same breakfast as yesterday. Feeling fluffy still. Not looking forward to WI tomorrow, but will do it anyway. If it's a gain, I KNOW it's just TOM because logically (ha ha, is there ever any logic in the battle of the bulge?;)) I know that I have been on plan and working my behind off and that my muscles are growing and my body is using fat for fuel, so looking sculpted is just around the corner. I know NEXT Fri. will be a Tiggerific WI!

Ross felt great this AM and decided to WI today (might WI tomorrow too). He was back to an even 200, so he is happier today. He is lifting weights again today (whole body). Twice this week he got compliments on his weight loss at work. Some chick told him he was looking thinner and his supervisor told him he was looking thinner. I can really tell, but Ross is so hard on himself. He is making more of an effort to drink that water! Yesterday there was a picnic at lunch for work. He paid the picnic price to attend, but ate his lunch from home. It seems like he is just accepting that he can stick to his plan now and resist those office temptations. I think it used to really bother him before, but now he is very determined and very proud of himself for not having the donuts and cake that show up at work every so often. He has not said anything about the shortage of turkey bacon on his breakfast sandwich, so neither have I... ;)

07-04-2003, 07:50 AM
It's a holiday today but I was up before the alarm would normally go off (thanks, TOM...):) Actually it was all the water I had last night. And man, did I ENJOY having cherries and grapes for a snack last night instead of a skinny cow or sugar free pudding. I had 20 grapes and 15 cherries and it was SOOO yummy, refreshing and satisfying! :)

Had a yummy breakfast today! Sauteed some onion and mushroom in PAM, then added them to my 6 egg white omelette (w/ serving of FF cheddar cheese). YUM!!! Also cut my hot cereal portion in half as it has been quite filling at the full serving size. So instead of 1 cup cooked, it's 1/2 cup cooked. I am stuffed. Oh, that hot cereal still includes 1 tbsp golden raisins. I add them right when the water starts to boil and they plump right up and really sweeten the cereal!

Well, I BOUGHT 2 PAIRS OF SIZE 6 SHORTS YESTERDAY, so I had a BIG TIME emotional moment and then realized I was at my goal! ;) I am SOOOO happy!!!!! I REALLY did it! And I am going to continue to workout and eat right! Weekends will still be monitored slightly, but with completely guilt free cheat meals!!! :)

I am so proud of Ross! He was an even REALLY even 200 today, maybe a hair under (but that will be even more under next Friday). Last night he went to Old Navy and bought SIZE 34 pants and SIZE 34 shorts for the FIRST TIME since he can remember!!! About a month ago he bought 35s and felt great, but he really had to try those 34s on last night (after my size victory!) He looks AWESOME! His 36s still fit, but they don't flatter his figure. Now his 34s really amplify his weight loss, and if I do say so myself, his bottom looks QUITE nice!! Rrrrrrooow! :) Hubba hubba!

Ross is suffering from the same disease I have though. He looks at men that he works with who are 34s and thinks he is much larger than they are. Just like I can see tiny size 7 and size 6 people and still feel larger than they are. It's all mental and it's quite a phenomenon, something I am going to research. I want to find some type of mental exercises we can both do to retrain how we see ourselves. I am perfectly happy with how I feel and look and I am very proud of myself, but I am very curious about how to shed this image of me as a larger person that I am still carrying around.

Well I made low fat onion dip, got NATURAL (new product!) Ruffles, reduced fat chips. Will make a low fat version of the Knorr Spinach dip later on to serve in a pumperknickle (sp?) bread loaf, I have very lean ground beef that I am going to make burgers with (for me and Ross, with chopped onion, red pepper, mushroom and maybe some egg white to help bind them. The mushroom makes the burgers juicy and I think adds some fiber to them. The onion and red pepper will add some flavor! I also got Wonder Light hamburger buns (couldn't find whole wheat buns, RATS!) and fat free cheddar cheese slices. I will add about 100 dill pickle slices to my burger, I am a fan of a burger with LOADS of pickles! We also have lots of fruit for fruit salad (cherries, grapes, watermelon, nectarines, bananas...) YUM! Jen and I have to pit the cherries later. Mom is making macaroni and potato salad, but I don't really want either of those. I might have a bit of bratwurst though.

Oh, and I made a deal with Ross, only 3 margaritas for me today. We got some Fresca so that will be a nice and refreshing change for a diet soda today. I'm sure it will be hot and we'll be outside alot, and I know I will be chugging some water.

Well, off to do my morning workout! :)

07-07-2003, 01:09 PM

I think that is my biggest lesson. In my mind I can still toss 'em back. I love a good beer and I LOVE a wonderfully crafted margarita. I just wish I would STOP after one. Two wipes me out and leave me feeling like major doo-doo!

I made low fat dips for the 4th and they were ok, but nothing fabulous. I just ate them to eat, I think. Then I was too full to enjoy the lean burgers I made! ha ha! Had an awesome fruit salad though, it was the best!

Sat. went to Gerry's for his housewarming. It was nice, had some dips and a little of Ross' corned beef sandwich meat. Had more than a few mini danish/desserts! Got some nice compliments from Gerry, Sol and Estelle!. Naturally my MIL thought Ross looked great and told me he didn't need to lose any more weight. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: I can roll my eyes at my MIL in a post, can't I? ;)

Yesterday Ross, Jen and I power walked, then went to Magic Kingdom to renew our passes. Skipped the premium passes since we didn't go to ANY water parks or Pleasure Island over the last year. Figure we can always upgrade later if we want. Had a tasty and light salad at Pinocchio's and had a pineapple float w/ vanilla soft serve from the Dole Whip place (and then didn't have dessert at home).

Today I got up at the crack of dawn with Ross. Made him his WW breakfast and lunch. Had 1/2 cup cooked cereal w/ 1 tbsp. raisins, 6 egg white omelette w/ 1/4 cup FF cheddar cheese. That fills me up SO MUCH but also gives me the energy I need to make it through my morning workout. I feel so much more full than I did on the 1/2 muffin 1/2 banana. I also had a double serving of protein shake at 10:00. Will try just a single serving tomorrow morning and the other serving in the afternoon to break things up.

Just had a new lunch (new for the week). Gave up the brie and crackers last week just for a month to see if I notice any changes. I had 1/2 cup cooked brown rice w/ 3 oz broiled chicken breast and 1 tbsp teriyaki ginger sauce (Lawry's makes it, I think). YUM!!!!!!! I don't like brown rice, but the teriyaki sauce stuff made this dish delicious! Ross is going to get the same thing but larger portion for lunch this week, with some veggies tossed in (like snow peas and broccoli). I had my 10 baby carrots and a medium pear too. I am stuffed beyond stuffed, but in a good way.

My stomach has felt too full all weekend, so I think the junk food just wasn't digesting right. ;) I much prefer this way of eating over the "eat anything" way I was living before. I feel satisfied and healthy. WW has been such a great program, I really feel like I got back in control with my nutrition.

Did my weights, rollerblading and CRUNCHES today! Taking a week off pilates to see how I feel, might just stick with crunches for 3 weeks then back to pilates. We'll see. Off to shower and hit the grocery store to stock up on supplies for the week. Am in the middle of organizing the bedroom, hopefully that will help me sleep better (you know, feng shui and energy flow...) Right now I have a messy room, so I'm sure my brain will be able to settle down better at night if there aren't piles of junk in every corner! I know I'll just feel better once it's done so it's not on my list of "uncompleted" things to do!

Should be an interesting week. Taking the brie out has really lowered the daily fat intake, but it's too low now. I need to find a happy medium. Keep reading that my carbs should be up, so trying to find that balance between protein and carbs while keeping fat to 20-25%. (under 30% daily would be ideal). No problem with the protein, that is working out GREAT! I am so lucky I like egg white omelettes and this protein shake - and am learning new ways to make chicken breast appealing.

Anyway, will not sneak a weigh in this week. Feel like today the bloat fairy is finally not attacking me to death! ha ha! Hopefully by Fri I'll be back to 138 (was up last Fri for WI, thinking it was just TOM bloat). Up or down a few, that's ok. I'm HAPPY as long as my clothes fit! ha ha!

07-08-2003, 08:40 AM
Ross wore his new 34s to work today. He is looking great! His chest is really starting to pop out (he worked chest yesterday and his pecs are looking awesome!) I saw a hint of his spine this morning when he bent over, WOW! I don't think I've ever seen his spine before! Also, his gut is much smaller and I think his love handles are almost history. He is so happy today! He snuck weighed and was a hair under 200! PHEW! He said he felt so great that he didn't care what the scale said, so that was really awesome!

Today I made him a 6 egg white omelette w/ lowfat swiss cheese, one slice of turkey bacon and a cup of cooked multi grain cereal (with 1 tbsp raisins, a dash of cinnamon and a little brown sugar). He was complaining last night about not having alot of energy, so I am sure this breakfast will keep him fueled through the morning.

I woke up feeling like the bloat fairy has finally left! PHEW! Today I am working chest/tris/shoulders, then rollerblading. I did crunches yesterday instead of pilates and it felt great. I have never had such an awesome ab workout (just from crunches). Anyway, I like the idea of taking a few weeks off from pilates. I am curious about my WI on Friday too. Hopefully this week of a new eating plan will show up on the scale, but more importantly at the end of July I hope my measurements are great! Just focusing on body fat/getting my stomach to show now. I am eating about 1400-1500 calories a day. I feel GREAT, very energized, just slightly impatient. ha ha! That will never change!

07-09-2003, 07:53 AM
Ok, did my weights and rollerblading and power walking yesterday. Felt GREAT! I am hoping to be back to 138 by Friday and it's looking (well, feeling) like it will be so. I am feeling really different through my mid section! Like right beneath my chest, it seems like there is some type of shadow of an ab poking through! Woo-hoo! This just has me all fired up to keep going!

Today had 6 egg white omelette w/ serving of FF moz cheese, 1/2 cup (cooked) multi grain cereal and 1 tbsp. raisins. Will have one serving of choc. protein shake around 10. Then lunch will be one nectarine, 10 baby carrots, 1/2 cup brown rice, some steamed broccoli and 3 oz. chicken. Will mix the rice, chicken and broc. w/ 2 tbsp of this teriyaki ginger marinade, yum! Lunch will be around 1:00, then at 3:30 second serving of protein shake, then 5:00 big salad w/ lots of veggies, tbsp pine nuts, 6 olives, 4 oz chicken, 2 tbsp Light Done Right dressing, then dessert at 7-7:30, 25 grapes and 16 cherries. Add to that lots and lots of water! I am not hungry at all during the day. I know all these little meals are just pure energy for me! WOW! So I am full all day and full of energy and I am burning fat! This is great!

Have to get the lawn done today, not putting that off. And doing laundry too. Oh well! I miss using lots of smiley faces in my posts. Wore my size 6 shorts around the house yesterday afternoon and they fit better, not so snug in the bum. I think at the end of July I will take some after pictures to post.
Ok, did my weight routine, abs, and went rollerblading. Walking tonight is a wash out (thunderstorm). Unfortunately I convinced Ross to go to Chevy's...D'OH! Unscheduled cheat night, but I can deal with it! ha ha! Back on plan tomorow morning. I did get the back yard mowed before the storm rolled in, will cut the front tomorrow or Fri.

07-11-2003, 09:35 AM
GREAT NEWS for Ross! He was 199 even today, so I think he is super thrilled! He is looking great. His chest is getting sooooooo nicely shaped. I just love getting a Ross hug these days. No more battle of the belly bulge for either of us, we just get to hug a nice lean healthy person! Woo-hoo!

Wish I could say I was lighter at my WI today, but I am not letting it get me TOO down. I can't get over how much muscle tone I can feel in my shoulders and back. And my bum appears to have shrunk. It no longer just curves to the top of my thighs, and there are some weird lines under it (at the top of my thigh). I am hoping this is not just some extra skin? Weird!

Kamy sent me her work out rewards chart. I printed it out and will start filling it in (from yesterday). She does WI on the same day of the week as me so all I had to do was modify the reward part a little bit. Woo-hoo! I know I journal here and keep up with my workouts, but this will be a nice new incentive, especially with the "weekly reward" and it's up on my cork board so I can glance up and see the empty days start to fill as I work out for the week! ;) Woo-hoo!

In the middle of lunges now. Added some weight, so I am holding 20 pounds per hand as I lunge. Woo-hoo! When I first started lunges I was using no weight and I could really feel it after the first day or two. Then I moved up to 10 pounds each hand, I think? Or maybe 12? Anyway, with all the weights on each bar I know I have 20 in each hand. I am hoping tomorrow or Sunday I will be able to "feel" that I have worked my thighs/glutes!

Ah, that was a great workout! Going to rest a little and then do squats and plies (I don't know how to spell that!) then abs then rollerblade then mow the rest of the lawn.

We are going out for pizza tonight. I was looking forward to it until we went out for Mexican on Wed. The "abs" I had been starting to see earlier this week have hidden themselves again and I know pizza is not going to help uncover them, but c'est la vie, I told Jen and Ross ages ago that we would go to this place and I must keep my word! :)

Mental note to self ----- Looks like I took the MMM challenge starting May 13, so had two weeks "off" in England, and this Sunday is the 13th of July... That makes it about 6 weeks of routine weight training. It feels like much longer than that. So I have to BE PATIENT and know that in another 6 weeks I will be MUCH further along in the game than I am today. So that would be around Aug 25/26 or so for a full 12 weeks on a regular weight lifting program. Hmmmm.

07-12-2003, 09:25 AM
Didn't do too bad last night. I am happy that I stuck to ice water with lemon, woo-hoo! Ross and I spilt some fried calamari. I had mostly the tentacles, and they were tiny! It wasn't very greasy or too heavily breaded. It was ok, and I don't think I had more than a loose cup (you can't really compact tentacles into a cup very well...) Then I had three slices of pizza from about a 14" pizza. Two Hawaiian and one green pepper and mushroom. I came home and put the data into fitday and it put me over my regular intake, but I was still in the "burned more than I ate" range for the day, so I am feeling really good about things.

Back on plan today. We just had lovely egg white omelettes made with sauteed mushrooms and red pepper and a little fat free shredded cheese. YUM! Ross is starting to really enjoy his hot multi grain cereal with raisins too! It is so filling! :) We are going to power walk with Jen later, then I have to do my shoulder/chest/tris and then we are going to shower and head out to get Jen's new kittens from the pound. WOO-HOO! Ross and I are going to the Whole Foods Grocery this afternoon in search of buffalo (bison) meat. Ground, steak, or burger form, we really want to try some. If we find it in burger patties, I will pick up some whole wheat buns and other yummy burger fixings and we'll have that for dinner. I have some "oven fried" onion rings and "french fries" in the fridge, so we can have those and a salad for a side.

Tomorrow we are considering going to the Disney Wildlife Refuge (they own it with the Nature Conservancy or something like that) to do some hiking. I'm not sure if I want to drive that far though, or just go to Wekiva Springs which is much closer.

So the plan is to stay on plan for the weekend and through next week. Next Sat. night we are meeting friends at the Kona Cafe for dinner. I will try to oder w/in my plan, although I am going to indulge in a sugar free dessert! Then next Sunday we are meeting Kabuli and Luvinit at EPCOT and I know some beers will be had and then we are going to the Flying Fish for dinner, so some yummy dinner will be had. That's why I need to stay on track all week so I can slide a little next weekend.

07-13-2003, 09:00 AM
No hiking for today. Instead we are going to EPCOT to hike around there! ha ha! Have plans to pack lunch in the cooler so we are not tempted to eat any Disney food (might get a Disney coffee drink though, not sure about that yet!) Anyway, will work out with my weights this morning, then we'll head to WDW and get our "walking" in there for several hours, eat our healthy lunch there too, then come home and have a healthy dinner.

Went with Jen yesterday to adopt two kittens (she adopted two kittens). Jack and Cow, two brothers who are THE CUTEST KITTENS EVER and they are 12 weeks old. They have to stay at the shelter until Tuesday (snip snip day) and then they can come home with Jen. I can't wait! They are so adorable! Cow is white with dark grey/black spots and Jack is a striped tabby (I think) with a white spot on his face. They are both SOOO cute. I wanted to adopt all the cats there, but Ross was with us and he said NO! :)

Anyway, last night we had buffalo burgers and they were great! We spent $6.99 on a pound of ground buffalo, I put the data into fitday and we were able to each have a hearty 1/2 pound burger on a whole wheat bun. OH MY GOSH were they good! I cooked mushrooms in PAM and we added those to the burgers. I can't wait until next time, it totally felt like cheating but buffalo is so lean and high in protein, it was the perfect burger for us to have!!! Very tasty meat. My only complaint would be that it was a little dry, but it was our first time cooking it so next time Ross will just not cook mine so long! :)

I also was wishing we'd go out last night, but I didn't want to go to the movies an be tempted by popcorn and I REALLY didn't want to go to a bar and end up having one too many, so we stayed home and made cappuccino with skim milk. YUMMY! Only 40 calories since we each had 1/2 cup skimmed milk (frothed!) in our caffiene free coffee. What a treat!!! We don't use that machine enough! Anyway, I am so proud of us for sticking to our program on what could have been a very bad Saturday night and today I woke up feeling LESS stomach than I ever had before! I am soooo pumped up today! I feel like I am so much more closer to goal than I have been in a long time. And I snuck a weigh in today, was a hair under 140, but that doesn't matter. I am leaner now than I was at 138. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! And did I mention that I tried on a bikini yesterday that was very scary looking on me a few months ago?

It's a hand me down from Jen. It's blue with white tropical flowers on it, kind of Hawaiian looking. The top is a string bikini with itty bitty triangles to cover my itty bitty chest. The bottom is a small bottom, not string (Thank God) but tiny nonetheless. Anyway, it fit and I showed Ross and HE SAID it looked great. And he would not lie about something like this, because he wouldn't want me to go out in public in something unflattering. So I just need to apply more tan in a can and maybe one day over the next few weeks I'll be able to wear this sucker at my parents house or to the beach. We are going to the Keys for a long weekend later on this year and I needed a new bikini, so I think this will be it! Easy on the budget and a goal meeting thing too, as I had been hoping to wear a bikini at the pool in the Keys that I felt comfortable in. And this fits the bill.

Well all this tea has me typing up a storm this morning. Better go start my workout!

07-14-2003, 08:12 AM

Ross and I stuck with our healthy eating plan yesterday. Ran into temptation everywhere, but we did it! I'm so happy and so proud!!! We both felt great this morning when we got up too.

Yesterday I did my back/biceps and then we did about 2 hours of walking at Disney, but it was not power walking. We did try to check out Mission Space, but it was not open! RATS! I don't know how all these other people have gotten lucky enough to ride it! ;)

Today is just an abs/rollerblading day (off from lifting). Need to catch up on cleaning and laundry anyway.

Still feeling really lean. Wore my new size 6 shorts to EPCOT yesterday, first time wearing them in public, and felt great! We went to the Polynesian to look around and the guard at check in made some comment about me not having a belly!! Thought that was kind of weird, but nice anyway. I wanted to shout "I've lost weight on Weight Watchers" but I didn't want him to rip the parking pass out of my hand... ;)

07-17-2003, 01:39 PM
Thursday already, how did that happen?

Looking back over the last week on my Kamgen chart, I can see that I did some form of exercise every day, woo-hoo! My 8s are fitting really loose, so I am wicked happy. Will be heading out to blade shortly (late start w/ exercise today because I went to visit some horses with my friends this morning! neato!!!)

Been a hectic week, I am looking forward to the weekend to let loose a little. Meeting friends for dinner Sat. night and will TRY to stay on plan. Meeting WISHers on Sunday and will just try to use common sense! ha ha!

Worked biceps/back today. Feel great. Been drinking alot of water, just very thirsty today. Hopefully I can blade and get home before any afternoon showers start.

07-22-2003, 12:51 PM
Went blading earlier, need to do my ab workout today since I missed it yesterday. Had 1/2 bagel w/ low fat cream cheese and six egg white omelette w/ ff moz. cheese, 1/2 cup each of sauteed mushrooms and green pepper. YUM! That gave me plenty of energy for blading. Am going to cook some broccoli now for lunch and dinner.

Catching up on laundry and cleaning, so that is a little extra calorie burning too. Plus it just feels good to know the house is getting more organized.

No cheating this week until Friday. Feels great to be back on plan. I got really carried away over the weekend with eating off plan stuff, but that's ok, I know it will happen once in a while. Kept up with my workouts so that was just fine. Not sure what the weigh in will hold for me Friday but really that is not even a huge concern right now. Usually I am tempted to drag the scale out for a sneak weigh during the week but this week and last week I haven't wanted to. Just focusing on getting my workouts in and making sure I keep up with the balanced meals (love fitday!!!) Got some frozen strawberries so I can have some banana/skim milk/strawberry smoothies for a snack at night this week on the nights that I don't have my cherries for a snack.

Gotta go wash some sheets!

07-24-2003, 07:35 AM
Taking Ross in for his cardiologist appt./stress test later on. I had a yummy breakfast (Ross can't eat until later, poor dear).

Feeling great, still exercising and devouring any information about weight training, cardio, carbs, protein and fats in my diet, etc. that I can. Back to feeling like I want to hurry up and get there this week, but I think it's only the end of week 7 of weight training, maybe the middle of week 8, and I know I still have a few more weeks of training left before I am at "goal" and then it's up to me to keep on training and watching my calories/carbs/protein/fat to maintain.

Butt seems to be a lot more firm, and getting smaller too! I think really my lower belly and my butt and my upper thighs are the last areas that will be carved out. My lower legs look great and my upper body looks great too, so it's the middle section where all the fat seems to be clinging on right now! ;)

Gotta go get ready to head to the doctor's with Ross. They told him no food this morning (none since last night after dinner really), no coffee, no nothing except water. He can't even have hid medicine. They said to bring a PBJ sammich along to eat between tests, something that was high fat (could have been any high fat sandwich I guess, but maybe PBJ is the easiest to prepare?) Anyway, got some Publix brand natural PB yesterday that looks good, is high in fat but also lower in carbs/sugar than another brand and higher in protein! :) Yaaay! I might be having PB in the future too! ;)

07-25-2003, 11:15 AM
Had a great day yesterday, stayed on plan. Was tempted to have a spoonful of PB while making Ross' sandwich, but abstained! ;)

Was able to do my workout when I got home from the Dr.'s office. Did 12 guy push ups, much to my surprise and delight! Also worked tris and shoulders. Didn't rollerblade as it was late in the afternoon, but did do the 3.5 mile power walk with Ross and Jen. Had an awesome banana/strawberry/skim milk smoothie last night, YUM!

Just got done with my abs/weight lifting for today. Off to rollerblade soon. TOM due next week, not feeling any PMS symptoms as of today. :) Maybe the evening primrose will work this month? I might start taking 2 a day until TOM arrives.

Weighed in same as last week, 138.5. Took measurements and have lost a total of 20 1/8 since joining WISH (I think that's my total!) Lost some on my chest and waist over the last month. Can't complain, I know my chest measurement ISN'T ALL about what is or isn't in the front, that includes back fat too! ;)

Off for Mexican tonight. Really looking forward to queso fundido and a tamale and guacamole! YUM!

Ross will get his test results next Wed. afternoon, so I am looking forward to that. I have a really good feeling that everything is a-ok and that he might not have to take this medicine forever, or at least not the dose he is taking currently. He says it makes him feel funny, so hopefully the dr. will lowe the dose and give Ross permission to lift heavy weights again and workout more intense. He is down to 197 today and feeling great! I am really proud of him for sticking to his plan so much!!!

07-26-2003, 09:33 AM
Well we enjoyed the heck out of our cheat night last night. Queso fundido split three ways. I had chips and guacamole, a small chili relleno, a small beef enchilada and half of this thing they called a chalupa (which is not like a Taco Bell chalupa) and one frozen margarita! JUST ONE! ;)

Then we went nutso and Ross and I had a pint EACH of some gourmet ice cream. I had Chunky Monkey (Ben and Jerry's) and he had some blackberry mixed with chocolate chip by Edys, I think. Anyway, it was so tasty but we felt so gross after so we decided to just split a pint next time or get something lower octane! ha ha!

Will be power walking later this morning with Ross and Jen. No abs or weights today, it's an off day. Then moving some HEAVY stuff to my folks house (some concrete blocks that used to be a very ugly patio at Jen's house until we made her a new patio!) :) Mom and Dad's pool has been mostly screened in, it should be finished up today, so we will more than likely spend tomorrow afternoon there hanging around the pool!

This morning Ross said my tummy looked really flat and nice. He also said I was feeling pretty firm. I couldn't have asked for a nicer compliment!!! I am really amazed at how great he is looking. His belly is completely gone (the dunlop doesn't lop over anymore) It's not flat and firm, but it is well on the way to being there. His collar bones are staring to make an appearance and I found a knobby little bone at the top of each of his shoulders. I can even see his spine a little bit when he bends over, and his bum is looking GREAT! ;) hee hee! It's funny because we both feel like we have a new spouse! It's hard to keep my eyes off him these days, but I don't really want to. I am just so happy that he decided to join me in losing weight and getting in shape. He is the BEST BEST BEST and I want him to be with me for a ver long time!

07-27-2003, 06:31 PM
Great day today!

Happy to report stayed on plan yesterday and today. Yesterday was tempted to get BEER BEER BEER at the new gourmet food place we found, but resisted that temptation (will go back later though). Did buy a pound of buffalo meat and got 4 4 oz burgers out of it, so we had buffalo burgers last night and tonight for dinner, on Wonder Light hamburger buns. YUM! GREAT stuff and very worth the trip (but the place we got them at is closer than the other place we got them before and $2.00 cheaper per pound to boot!)

Went power walking this morning with Ross and Jen and also did my lunges/squats/plie thingies. Feeling great. Wore the hand me down from Jen bikini (ie: TEENY BIKINI) to my parents today as we spent the day there in their pool now that they have the new screen enclosure. WOW what a great day. I felt pretty self conscious in my hand me down bikini but thought it was better to break it in at their house than in the Keys! Just a month to go until I will be wearing it there, so I figure that is enough time to really get my tummy in shape. Doesn't seem to be as fluffy as it has been in the past, but it's no where near washboard territory! ;)

Ross and I had steak and potato and broccoli for lunch, all measured out and weighed on the scale! :) Woo-hoo!!!! I'm so happy we stuck it out this weekend and didn't drink any extra adult beverages or anything (aside from Fri. night cheat night). And we are planning to see Pirates on Fri. night and I had been really looking forward to pigging out on popcorn, but now I am really thinking I will just go with some gum and be happy about seeing the movie. Popcorn with melted fat on it just isn't as appealing as something else I could cheat with! And we have plans to eat out at EPCOT next Sat. with Jen and then with Ross' family on Sunday, so that will be two cheats in one weekend, so I really don't need the movie popcorn (besides, I sat through the Matrix w/o popcorn and lived to tell the tale...) ;)

Hoping for a great week on plan this week. I am WISHING like crazy for a loss on the scale, it's just very nutty thinking that I am losing fat but it's not something I can see in the scale numbers, but I am also logical enough to know it doesn't matter. BUT STILL... ;)

07-29-2003, 03:00 PM
Going to try tuna steaks for dinner tonight, with asparagus if it looks good in the store.

Got in my blading and bis/back workout today, have planned PW tonight but as usual depends on the weather.

Feeling rather decent considering should be in full blown PMS right now, maybe the evening primrose is working? Who knows!

Friday night we are going to see Pirates and I've already decided movie popcorn is NOT worth the calories/fat so will save that "cheat" for Saturay if we go to EPCOT! :) Woo-hoo!

So far been on plan since last cheat night (Fri) and feeling great! Ross is looking so awesome, I am wicked proud of him!

07-30-2003, 09:41 AM
Karen, thank you for being supportive. I really appreciate the thoughts of encouragement among the WISH Family.

I opened my thread up for comments, something I probably need to keep my focus... thanks again.

07-30-2003, 11:56 AM
Thanks, Jason! I wasn't sure if I should post in your thread or not! :) I just couldn't help myself though, ha ha! I promise not to be too much of a pest.

Today has been great. I decided to try jogging and skip rollerblading. My goal was to make it 1 mile and then keep going if I felt ok. Well, I ended up doing over 4 miles, not sure how much over 4 (probably .1, ha ha!) but you bet your bippy I will jump in my car later and drive the route to see what the real distance was. It was a slow jog, but enough to keep my heart rate up. The last leg was rough, if anyone had been listening they would have thought I was crazy. I kept talking to myself to stay psyched up enough to make it back to my driveway! ;)

Anyway, off to do some ab work and then get ready to pick Ross up for his appt. with the cardiologist. I can't wait to hear about his test results, I am just so confident they will say he's in super shape and that his heart looks great and that they will either decrease his dosage or pull him off the medicine. He says it makes him feel weird, so I don't like that at all.

Hoping for a great weigh in on Friday for both of us. I am really hoping Ross will be 196 this week, or less, that would be great! If I could get to 137 one of these days I'd be happy with that too!

Oh and our tuna last night was pretty good. The propane tank ran out of fuel so the tuna didn't cook like I had wanted it to. Next time we are going to get the grill red hot and just sear the tuna on each side and leave the inside raw. The whole steak got cooked last night so it was tasty but not quite up to par with what I had at the Kona Cafe last week. Anyway you'd have thought it was a million dollar meal prepared by Emeril himself the way Ross was going on... ha ha!

08-01-2003, 06:58 AM
Okay, I figured earlier on that reading your journal would just depress me and remind me of all the things I should be doing, but haven't been! I was right, BUT it's inspired me to work a little harder too!!!

Tig, my goal for Labor Day is 137......think a little competition challenge will push us both there? (Insert Molli's witch's laugh here, please!):eek: :)

You'll hit it before I do, but the competition might be fun!

08-03-2003, 10:18 AM
Annie, I would love to take your challenge. I am just trying to figure out what to do, keep eating my "new" way or go back on WW for a few weeks to lose some more pounds. Live by the scale or by how my body feels? :) I seem to have lost my discipline over the last two weeks and I need to get it back!

Well, today is a new day. THANK GOD because I have just been eating willy nilly for a little while now. Going to be totally on plan today through the 7ths (anniversary dinner for my parents) then again until the outlaws arrive (dinner at Boma and then they are spending one night here so I have to cook a regular dinner). THEN after that will be on plan until another friend comes into town and we have plans for Artist Point! :) WOW, lots of company, lots of eating!

I still want to have a flat stomach by the time we go to the Keys, so I need to stick with my cardio and weight routine and really stick to some clean eating. I'm going to do my best to go with the 15% fat this week instead of running closer to 20% fat. If that means not having my regular salad dressing, that's fine by me, I can figure out something else to do. I think!

Well, off to power walk and then do my lower body workout and then mow the lawn. Need to stay off the PC this week as I have to get ready for the outlaws and that means clean, clean, clean, and weed the garden! Yikes!

So from today until the Keys trip, NO unschedule cheats and NO going over 15% fat on the days I am totally on program! GOT IT!!!

08-03-2003, 01:37 PM
Glad to see your post, Karen, but you didn't mention.... how were Ross's test results? I hope they are great and they were able to reduce or eliminate his meds.

Here's to a great week for you both!!! :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce:

08-04-2003, 11:49 AM
Ooops, Terry! I knew I forgot something!

Ross's test results were great. Heart beat is great, blood flow is great, everything is great great great. He has to continue with the medicine he is on (but the Dr. told him to take it at night if it's making him feel weird) and one aspirin a day and his regular multivitamin. He CAN workout like normal but the Dr. told him he should probably stay away from racquetball. Naturally he is going to play racquetball.:rolleyes: But oh well. We are going to ask our regular Dr. for a recommendation for a cardiologist because we just didn't click with this guy. Anyway, it's VERY comforting to know that Ross' heart is mostly ok, from the looks of it. The medicine SHOULD prevent the atrial fibrillation(sp?) from happening again, but if it does happen, he can take one of his pills to try to slow his heart beat down and if it doesn't slow it down in 30 minutes then he has to go to the ER. They still don't know WHAT causes it to happen, but at least it seems to be under control. I hope! ;)

08-04-2003, 03:24 PM
Whew, whodda thunk I'd be happy to see a Monday? I've about had it with PMS and hormones. Last week was just hideous and I don't want to look back on it at all! ;)

Yesterday and today have been great on plan days! Didn't exercise full swing yesterday but today I have gotten so much done. Started out with abs and weights (did crunches between sets, stole that marvelous idea from Poly Pal, he is DA MAN even if he is trying to out push up me allllll the time;)!) and then went rollerblading. Have also cleaned both guest bathrooms, done about 50 jillion loads of laundry, finally put away a whole bunch of clean laundry, stripped the guest bed, washed those sheets and made the guest bed, cooked Ross' & my breakfast, washed all the breakfast dishes, unloaded the dishwasher, cooked a bunch of brown rice for the week, got Ross' lunch for tomorrow packed and prepared...I feel like a tazmanian devil! ;)

Hopefully we'll be getting some power walking in tonight (depends on rain, story of my life this summer!) ha ha! Just the thought of the outlaws coming makes me wish I had a blender full of rum runners, but I know that won't solve anything and I will just feel rotten physically and mentally after anyway.

Well today brings us a day closer to going to the Keys and I felt really pumped about it when I was doing my workout. Nothing like having a vacation goal to work towards. :) Fit in the Jen bathing suit in public, that is a great goal. Thank goodness for tan in a can so I will look like a Floridian by the time we get to our resort...woo-hoo!!:bounce:

08-05-2003, 11:59 AM
Today I did 30 manly man push ups! Woo-hoo!!!!!!! Poly Pal is my push up motivator - he's DA KING of push ups, so I am just trying to keep up with him! ;) (I only did 30 push ups by way of 3 sets of 10 with a nice rest in between sets, but I did 30!!!)

Did the bent knee push ups, worked my tris and shoulders with hand weights and went rollerblading. It's a beautiful day and I am getting alot accomplished around the house. Phew! Glad to be back on top of things and back in my groove. I have been pretty good since Sunday about keeping my fat consumption under 20% of my daily intake, so I'm happy about that. I just love fitday and wouldn't know what to do without it! ;)

Less than a month till we go to the Keys, that is on my mind every day when I work out, so I'm feeling really motivated to stay on track as much as I can! :) Gonna do some splurging down there and I want to make sure I don't have a huge gain while I'm away.

08-06-2003, 12:25 PM

Well, compared to a real runner I probably move at a sloth like pace! But it's a start! Didn't cover the same distance as last time. I did run (jog) 3.5 miles and with my warm up walk covered 3.9 miles, and did that in 46 minutes, so it's about a 11.5 minute mile which is pretty good for me!!! I was going for distance and I had to slow down for the last mile and a half. Gosh it was hot out today and I was so sweaty when I got home I felt like I had gotten out of the shower without toweling off! ;) Felt like barfing a little, so I know I had a good run! ;)

Prior to my "run" I worked my biceps and back and did crunches. Yaaay! My "bloat" from last week is gone, my stupid TOM is driving me crazy because I'm a week late (a week and 3 days). ARRRRGH! No, I am not pregnant because Ross has had an operation to take care of that, so my body is just driving me mad!!! I got the PMS bloat/mood swing last week and then no stupid TOM! ARRRRRGH!

That said, my arms look more cut to me today! :) I finally bagged the salad dressing at night and the pine nuts and olives and am having FF cottage cheese mixed with salsa as my "dressing" so my fat% per day is in a better range. Hopefully that will help my body burn more of this fat that seems so at home on my body! ;)

08-07-2003, 02:36 PM

Today is an off day for abs/weights. Decided to try running again. Went what I thought was 4 miles (will clock it in the car later, it's definitely more than 3.9 miles but not sure if it's 4 or over 4 slightly, and every .1 counts!) Jogged from the end of my driveway today w/ no walking warm up. Started out too fast and petered out by the end, but still made it all the way "jogging"! ;) Oh and in 47 minutes too, give or take a few seconds on either side.

Then went to Mom and Dad's to cool off in their pool, heh heh! Had a nice visit there, ate an apple and had a big glass of water, yum! Back home late for lunch, had leftover tuna from last night (yummy tuna steaks!) with asparagus and brown rice. GOSH I love tuna!!! It is sooooooo yummy (especially when it's still pink in the middle!)

Tonight will be a challenge, will I or won't I stick to a healthy dinner the restaurant. And why did Jen have to go and order A WHOLE MOUNDS CAKE? This deli/bakery nearby makes the best cake, it tastes JUST LIKE a Mounds candy bar, perfectly chocolate with coconut, it is my favorite. So I know I will want a bite of that after dinner, hopefully I'll stick to a bite since I plan on trying all the desserts at Boma tomorrow!

08-07-2003, 03:27 PM
ooohhhhh.....I've had desserts at Boma....forego the Mounds Cake!

Good for you for jogging the whole way!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

08-09-2003, 07:44 AM
Mounds cake, Zebra Domes, Chocolate Mousse on cookies, foo foo, calamari AND MORE! Yikes!

Have been eating like there's no tomorrow (well, Thursday for dinner and last night for dinner!) Feeling fluffy but will be mostly back on track today. Hope to get some exercise in this morning. Have to make a jambalaya today for company, yum! I will go easy on the rice and sasuage when I have some for dinner (but heavy on the chicken and shrimp and salad. And wine. HA HA! ;)

Tried to rollerblade yesterday but it started to rain before I could even do my first regular lap, so I had to bag it. Can't rollerblade on a wet surface (I think that's how Ross ended up falling and busting his chin before we left for England).

08-11-2003, 08:11 AM
Well, had a bunch of food over the weekend, but I'm not feeling guilty about it. I did my exercise and I ate "normal" for most of the days, it was just dinner and dessert that I had more than normal! ;)

Today is right back on plan, getting ready to go out for a run in a little while (after some ab work) and will go ahead and restock our brown rice supply and grill up some chicken! :)

I think my attitude about my body is finally changing. Instead of feeling blue about what I ate over the weekend, I just enjoyed myself and felt great knowing that I was able to reach my weight loss goal and that I continue to work on my fitness goals. I know we won't always have huge eating out plans every weekend, so it was ok to indulge and get over it. This weekend coming up we have one eat out night planned and the rest of the weekend will be "regular" healthy eating, hopefully we'll find some buffalo this week so we can have some "burgers" over the weekend and feel like we are cheating!

It's a bright, beautiful, Monday morning and I am feeling very happy and positive and just ready for a wonderful week full of accomplishments! :)

08-12-2003, 09:30 AM
Had a great day yesterday! Did a 5 mile "jog" (very slow pace) but felt great that I had done it! Getting loads done around the house, so that is the silver lining to my inlaw visit (they can't be the outlaws anymore if they have gotten me into a cleaning/accomplishing stuff groove!)

Also did my abs yesterday and a power walk with Jen and Ross last night. Went to visit a friend in the afternoon and had some lovely caffeine free herbal iced tea while we sat on a cozy sofa in her home and looked out a picture window into her large back yard. It was a great time, we talked about all sorts of fun things and shared lots of happy and positive thoughts about life!

So after a big weekend of eating it seems like my body didn't fluff out too much. That "extra skin" that seemed to be living full time on my tummy isn't as noticeable anymore. It's still there, but the fat seems to be melting away and the skin is starting to shrink up a bit, thank goodness. Doing push ups today I didn't see quite as much horrible skin hanging down from my belly, so I think in a few more months maybe the extra bits will just disappear.

Found some asparagus at the store so we will have that with our grilled chicken tonight. YUM! Next to pears, asparagus is my other "surprise, I really like this" food item. Woo-hoo!

08-13-2003, 01:34 PM
Forgot (ha ha!) to do my ab routine today, d'oh! Did do my bicep and back workout and also ran 4 miles today (12 minute mile). I know that is slow, but I have to keep a slow pace to cover the distance, but I'm hoping to do 4 in 40 over the next few weeks, or 5 in 50! :) That would be great (for me!)

Had 1/2 bagel, 1 tbsp reduced fat cream cheese, 6 egg white omelette w/ 1/4 cup ff cheddar cheese and sauteed mushrooms and red peppers for breakfast. Had a protein shake around 10, then a nectarine at noon. LOTS of water! Had 1/2 cup brown rice and 4 oz chicken with a little sesame/ginger sauce for flavor for lunch at 1:00. Getting ready to mow the lawn, have already cleaned the patio from top to bottom, made the guest bed up with clean sheets, vacuumed the house, and a few other neat things. Feels great to be on top of all this and not accumulate any clutter. I'm so used to the kitchen looking like I just dropped a bomb in it, ha ha! Being "neat" is neat! ;)

Thinking that tonight would be a great night to sit on the patio with a frozen rum runner, now that the patio is all spankin clean and the back yard is about to be trimmed up nice!:smooth:

08-14-2003, 10:12 AM
hi there Karen! how you been? did you treat yourself to a rum runner last night? thanks for the recipe but I haven't gotten to a point to enjoy it quite yet! I'll stick my rummy coke splurge every now and then and try the rum runners in a few weeks I think. I know DH would probably like them too :)

hey, I noticed you mentioned "extra skin" and i've been meaning to ask our group if anyone has feels like that too? Warning: following may contain TMI: I've lost like 4-5 inches in my tummy/lower abs and it almost looks like yukky loose skin. ick! i'm glad to hear your skin is adjusting and we aren't too old to have lost all the elasticity yet! i'll just hang in there and keep crunching!

Just wanted to pop in and tell you how very proud I am of you and your new jogging healthy habit! WTG! Don't be thinking that 12 min mile are shameful or embarassing, girlfriend, lots of folks can't run that far! I use my short leg status as an excuse for my slow jogging! he he he

08-26-2003, 07:30 PM
I am sorry but it just seems weird to see your journal so low on the page so....


it goes!
Whew. http://home.no.net/ungpike/emoticons/puh.gif I feel better. :)