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04-25-2003, 12:52 PM
April 25,2003

I know what I need to do to get/stay healthy, but there are things that consistenly get in my way.

One thing is Salt. I must be very sensitve to it. I also CRAVE it.
I do try to limit my intake, but it is in everything! I just
returned a multivitamine I had purchased from Sam's
Club. I noticed that it tasted like pure salt when I had
the unfortunate experience of it landing squarely on the
tip of my tongue. (Usually, I just slam them all down at once,
and never taste anything) This corresponded with a significant
increase in my blood pressure, which I thought might be caused
by the new calcium supplements I has just started taking. Go
figure. I have since switched back to my normal brand, and
my BP is fine.

I NEVER add salt directly on my food.

I rarely add it during cooking.

I have started buying low sodium items.

Another thing is Light, or the lack of.

I do get depressed if the sun doesn't shine. I also tend to eat
more during the winter months. I have notice since I've been
trying to keep the lights off during the day, that I eat, or am
at least hungry, more often. I have heard that restaurants do
keep the lights dimmed for this very reason; people tend to
order more food. My kitchen faces north and has only a small
window and in fact, most of the areas I need to spend
time in, are gloomy. My office is in a nice sunny spot,
and I do like to spend time in there, but that doesn't get
the laundry done, or dinner cooked or blah, blah, blah.

I need to keep the Kitchen Lights ON.

I need to be outside more. (but this doesn't get the house
work done)

This will be a hard one for me.

More to follow.

Edited to include vital stats

I'm going to start keeping track of my measurements here, starting with todays stats:

Bust: 39.5
Waist: 30.5
Hips: 42
Thigh: 24
Arm: 12.75

April 29, 2003

Just some thoughts for the day.
The Kellogg snack bars (Krave) suck. They are too sweet and gooy. Blech!
The B&J's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt is not as good as I remember it. :p
The people on this board do give me strength and keep me focused. :)
I plan on having a very nice day today. I'm going to the Y to use the ellliptical, then swim, then sauna. First I'll have lunch and walk with DH. (Emphasis on the D, for darling:p )
I'll not beat myself up for the B&J's. It is all becoming clear. I'm winning! Every time I put a supposed treat into my mouth, I learn something. Usually, I learn that it isn't worth the calories. :)
I love learning!

OMG!!!! I just had the best workout of my life!
I am going to have to do this at least every other day!

1. Walk with DH for 20 mins. Just a nice stroll to warm things up.
2. Go to Y an do 30 mins. on the elliptical trainer.
3. Shower off and swim laps for 15 mins. (would like to work up to 30.)
4. Use sauna for 10-15 mins.
5. Hit the showers and float home! :p

I feel so PHAT!:p

Don't know what's for dinner, but I'm not really hungry. Must have wine.:p

04-30-2003, 02:14 PM
April 30,2003

So, todays successes:

1. Went to the Y for my Vista Spa workout.
2. Had a really good breakfast, and lunch.

Today's screw ups:

1. Let the PMS Fairy get the best of me this a.m.
2. I got on the scale this morning, when I shouldn't have.

Today's wish:

That I don't get "hormonal" on my family this evening or tomorrow.

Oh! Another thing I need to work on. Recognizing the PMS Fairy, when he shows up. Th rest of my family spots him right away. Why can't I see it!?!?

05-01-2003, 07:24 PM
Hope it's ok to post in your journal. If not, get the ruler out and crack me on the knuckles! ;)

Just want to say good for you for getting to the Y, despite the PMS fairy showing up yesterday! ;) He seems to be visiting everywhere these days. You are doing great!!! Good luck with reducing sodium. That's something I could work on too!

05-02-2003, 10:13 AM
May 2, 2003

Well, it's awfully dark and gloomy today.:( Yesterday was somewhat of a bust. Never did make it to theY, though I did get some strength training in. I'm kind of down about it. It was gloomy yesterday, but we did need the rain. It could clear up today, though.:rolleyes: So, again, the lack of sunlight is affecting me. (Flourescent light just doesn't help much, contrary to all the hoo ha about SAD) I think I'll do some yoga today. Focus on something other than the dark cloud that is hanging over my head.
To make matters worse, I had too many margaritas last night. Actually, anything over one is too many, and I had 3! Had trouble sleeping because of it, and of course today is just not what I had hoped. (Have you ever checked the graphic at fitday after you've had a cocktail? Fully 20% of my calories yesterday came from alcohol! :o That, my friends, is a sobering illustration!)
As if that wasn't bad enough, I fouled up my coffee this morning! DH says "coffee smells particularly good this morning." I go into the kitchen to pour us a cup and it's all over the kitchen counter and running onto the floor! UGH! Apparently, I had poured the grounds directly into the basket, having forgotten to put the filter in, causing the drip port to clog and the basket to overflow with mushy coffee muck! Needless to say, I really didn't need that complication, especially since I hadn't had my coffee yet!!!!!
However, I remain committed. My little black dress hangs on my closet door in full view. Last time I wore it I was 135! I could lose that much by my Vegas trip, but not at the rate I'm going, and I wonder if that is really what I want. Probably not. I'm sticking to what's working, albiet a bit slower than I would like.
WOW! I feel a bit better getting that all off my chest. Think I'll have some brekky and then some yoga and a long hot shower!

Keep the Faith!

OH, I guess it's ok to post to my journal. Don't want to be a party pooper! Anyway, you know how I love all y'all!

Just back from the Y. I don't really feel any better. What I really wanted to do was cllimb back into bed for the rest of the day! But I'm 5000 steps closer to my goal! (OK, ready? 3500 calories=1lb. I did 5000 steps on the elliptical today and burned 450 calories, according to the machine, which is set at 150lb default. So, bear with me, 3500x15lbs=52,500 calories I need to "deficit spend" to lose the weight I need to reach my first real goal. 52,500/450 is roughly 116 sets of 5000 steps, for a grand total of 580,000 steps. So I can knock off 5000 every time I visit the Y! 580,000 is a pretty big number, but 5000 less each day can tame that in short order. 4 months to be precise. Just in time for our 16th anniversary:) . OOOOH! Now there's a happy thought. :p )
Anyway, didn't have anything but a giant pretzel for lunch. I'm just not hungry, so I'll have something decent for dinner early. Sweat like a pig at the Y, which means I'm hanging on to a lot of water, which is a good thing because in a few days, I'll have a woosh! Something else to look forward to.

Thanks to everyone who helped me through my yucky day. OH! I found my first grey hair today.:( Maybe I should just go back to bed.

Still Keeping the Faith!

05-15-2003, 09:58 AM
May 15,2003 WOW!
It's been a while. It's rained all but 2 days since my last post. I could have curled up in my comfy chair and banged away on the boards all day, but I figured I had nothing positive to say, so I said nothing. Instead, I cleaned house, planted 5 rose bushes, 1 clematis, 2 salsa gardens, one herb garden, went back to A2 to purchase 3 lilacs, 4 spirea, & 2 hostas. (most of these still need to be planted.) Whew!
I've also been doing my pilates and strength training, but haven't made it to the gym in over a week! I'm still in a funk, but figured I needed to report in. I guess seeing it in print helps motivate me. This morning, I was laying in bed, looking in the mirror (talk about masochistic! Who positions a mirror directly across from their bed so the first thing they see upon rising is their frumpy self!?!?), when I realised I was actually not bad looking. If I just lost 10 pounds, my face would look so much happier, instead of droopy and in a perpetual frown. OK, actually, I was giving myself a virtual face-lift, and realised a 10 pound weight loss would accomplish the same effect. So I need to up the intensity for a while. Vegas is just around the corner, and DH has ressies for Picasso for my birthday (whatever that is :confused: ). I need to wear something nice, and I have no intention of buying anything new, as I actually have beautiful clothes, just a size too small! So I'm off to do my pilates, then some errands, lunch with DH, walk and then maybe hit the gym. I've managed to maintain my weight, but I need to get off my sad, sorry, rump and make it happen! Hopefully I can report back this evening with some success!

05-29-2003, 02:47 PM
May 29, 2003

So I need to get back to what works.

1. Walking at lunch w/DH
2. Odwalla bars.
3. An hour/day at the Y.
4. No eating out.
5. Politely refusing Grandma's yummy offerings.
6. Paying attention to portions.
7. Journaling.
8. Yoga every other day.
9. Lots of water and tea.
10. Visit WISH Daily.

Ten simple rules. Ten things to do for me, and my family.

11. Review this list every day!
12. Keep the Faith!

Todays results:

Ate 1220 calories, walked for 20 mins, did pilates, and drank a bunch of water.

I know I'm carrying water, as I've been eating out way too much and have not lost water from T.O.M., due to grandma visit over the holiday. I can tell I'm getting less puffy though, so I will not weigh myself tonight (I usually cheat on Thursdays ;) ) and do it tomorrow. It would probably just depress me anyway.

08-19-2003, 11:40 AM
Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Breakfast: 1C. Frosted miniwheats
.5C skim milk
.5C melon

Lunch: Dannon smoothie

Dinner: Ceasar Salad (2C lettuce), .25C dressing
1slice bread
1 Glass wine

Feeling motivated. Did pilates today.
Will try to get to gym or do strength training at home

I blew it.! Went to lunch with DH and planed on not eating, but had two pieces of pizza instead and a regular pepsi! (Gave DH my iced tea, as he cannot have regular soda, and drank the pepsi he had.)RATS!!!!!
Well no sense in fretting about it now. Time to get DS to Football and then get dinner going and do strength training befor DH gets home. I don't think it will be too much of a setback, but still...

Keeping the Faith!

Oh! one more Darn!
Did my measurements. YUCK! Gained 2.25 inches in my waist, .5 in my hips, .75 in the thigh, .25 in the upper arm, and LOST an inch in the ole bossom! See what I mean about how the weight looks uglier than it did before? I thought (hoped?) I was imagining it, but the #s don't lie!:( Oh well! Even more motivation!

09-22-2003, 04:13 PM
Sept 22, 2003

Well, after a month of renewed resolve, here are the results:

Weight: 155 (-2lbs)
Bust: even
Waist: -1.25 in.
Hips: even
Thigh: -.25
Upper Arm: even

So, a net loss of 2 lbs., and 1.5 inches. Not exactly the #'s I was hoping for, but still a loss! Eagerly awaiting my new clippie, and feel confident that next week will be the time for that. Only 2 more pounds! I can do that no problem. Hoping for first mini goal (145) by Halloween. That's 10lbs in just under 6 weeks. It will be done. I will then have lost 8% of my body weight. shooting for at least a 20% loss. (Gosh, that sounds huge, but it is neccessary to bring my BMI into the safe range. ) I'm hoping for goal by the first of the year. I was thinking that I would scale back on the dieting and incorporate more exercise to compensate, but with the holidays approaching, it is just as well I keep my cals in check so I don't hit the skids. So 1200-1500 cals/day and I'll be shopping my way down the Camps-Elysees by March! (and won't feel bad about eating and drinking my way through Tuscany!) I feel pretty good since I've looked at it that way!

09-24-2003, 09:21 AM
September 24, 2003

Just some thoughts about this journey. Even though I've slammed on all the weight I lost, and haven't kept a faithful workout program, I have noticed some permanent changes. The reason I consider them permanent is because this is who I am, no longer who I'm trying to be.
I hate fast food. No longer do I say things like "Boy, I really could go for a BigMacWhopperChalupaChampburgerPizzaFriesOnionring sCoke. Just the other day, we had to stop at Rally's on the way to Cedar Point. I reluctanly orderd a combo with a diet. Only ate half the burger, half the fries and half the coke. I should say choked it down! Blech! (Rally's fries were far and away, one of my favorite foods.)
I am a lable reader. I don't buy convenience foods. I try to always have fresh fruits and veggies in the house, and I like them better than any sugary ar salty snack. When faced with hunger and the possibility of grabbing something not so great for me, I either take the time to prepare something nutritious or run to the store for the same, if the cupboards are sparse. (I used to just grab a hunk of cheese or chocolate or even have been known to scarf down a sizable chunk of a loaf of bread!)

When I first moved here, I ate so much out of boredom, (not working + no friends = a pretty dull existance) that I was always in pain, and couldn't figure out why I was slamming on weight! Now, when I'm hungry, I eat. And I start out small, wait 20 mins. and if I'm still hungry, I repeat the process. (usually, I'm not hungry, though I may eat again in a few hours, but just enough to keep the hunger pangs form making me crabby.)

I like to exercise and miss it when I don't. That isn't always enough to motivate me, but I do like the fact that exercise no longer frightens me.

I have conquered the salt monster, and have noticed a direct correlation with a drop in my BP. My heart arrythmia has become much less frequent.

Things I still need to work on:
Self image. When I first joined WISH, I was really upset when I read posts about how other WISHers felt about their bodies. Even though I no longer had my 26 year old bod, I knew that I was beautiful inside and convinced myself that it showed through. Since gaining back all the weight I lost, I now feel much less attractive and do have a vanity factor working here. I don't really like that aspect of who I am, but it is motivating.
Eating out. I need to stay away from Hooter's and Cebolla's. If I can do that, maybe the next time we visit, it will seem like Rally's Fries, and I won't care. (unfortunately, DD loves Hooter's and DS loves Cebolla's! But hey, I'm doing this for them, too)
Sabotage Triggers. Also known as parents and Grandparents. I really need to find a way to impress upon them that we, as a family, are committed to our health and we don't eat the way they do. I'm to the point of being rude, since my latest jump in weight was a direct result of my inability to say no, as well as my resulting self medication, to dull the pain of what was inevitably going to wind up as a winter long battle. Eat crap, drink Margaritas, was how I spent my summer. I need to be rude and push my plate away, walk to the market and buy something healthy. Maybe, if they waste enough food, they'll get the picture and not be so "kind" next time. I know it's harsh, but it's for my own good and the good of the rest of my family. I hope my DD absorbs what is going on around her, and reallizes it's not OK to blindly eat what is set in front of you, just because it comes from Grandma.

Just a few thoughts. Sure I'll have more. So long for now!

Keep the Faith!

09-24-2003, 02:41 PM
I've read through your journal today. You truly are on an amazing journey. You even said so yourself, when you noted that the foods that used to taste so good now don't seem to be worth the calories. That is a profound realization - it means that you will never eat the same way again!

You seem very committed and sure of where you're headed. I admire that!! Just remember, there will be small bumps in the road. They don't matter if they are only once in a while and if you get right back on track. When they happen all the time or when they trigger a three month binge, then they're a problem! :p

I'll be checking in on your journal. I hope you continue to work at understanding what works and where your perils are - I think you're on the road to great success!!!

09-25-2003, 08:58 AM
Thanks for the supportive words!:)

You know, this is the very first time in my life I have ever really tried to lose weight. Until now, it's always been about getting healthy. I figured if I changed my eating habits, and made daily activity a part of my life, the rest would follow. Well, I have made those changes (For the most part) but the weight has not gone away. So I need to watch my calories for a while. The good news is that I'm not having a really rough time of it because of the other healthy habits I've adopted. So there are effectively 3 parts to my healthy life, and losing weight has become a priority.
I do wonder what will happen when I reach goal. I'm a bit nervous about it. I've watched my mother rollercoaster all my life. She never keeps it off for more that 1 month before she starts "treating" herself. Hopefully, my food choices are ingrained deeply enough for me to treat myself well, instead of like a garbage disposal.
So far today, I've done my pilates. I volunteer at DD's school today, but it is right down the street from th gym so I intend to do some TM walking afterward. I'm really tired right now and can't possibly think of doing the elliptical trainer, but I might. I'm feeling a bit sluggish today from not doing any cardio since the weekend. I need to get moving. Maybe I'll skip the elliptical, come home and dance through my house work. (watched Mrs. Doubtfire last night and am inspired.)
I'll check in when I get back!

09-25-2003, 08:57 PM
September 25, 2003
Well today didn't go as well as planned. I didn't get anything done. No bills, no gym, no nothing. Although, I did make a spectacular dinner, which was why I accomplished little else. I spent most of the day grabbing groceries. I did go a wee bit over my calories today. 1536, which isn't horrible, just like to keep it closer to 1300. I had a Gourmet S'more for desert (Chocolate Graham with a mint filled Ghirardelli chocolate square and a marshmallow!) and a beer (Mich Ultra-<3g. carbs and <100 calories;) ), which put me past my comfort zone of 1300. The S'more accounted for 160 of those calories and the beer 95. I guess I'll see tomorrow if I ruined anything. I think it should be ok, but I do feel kind of bad about it. The interesting thing is, the S'more sounds better than it was. And I think the beer gave me a headache. Live and learn. The most upsetting part of my day was that I didn't accomplish my 2 main objectives.. the bills and some sort of cardio workout.
I have to go to the Dr. tomorrow, and I will discuss my rapid weight loss plans with him, and hopefully get some feedback on what I'm doing right and/or wrong. I like my Dr. When I first met him, it was Oct, 2001. My regular Doc split for Oregon. (That's how awful it is here. She had a good thing going with a population loaded with obesity related disorders. Very steady work, but she chose to move to Oregon. Don't they have socialzed medicine? And aren't their Docs some of the most under paid?) Anyway, she left and her replacement was one Abdul Sankari. Yikes! I'm thinking 9/11. I'm angry that I have to reconcile this in my head. I don't like suddenly being wary of anyone because of their name or ethnicity. But I was. When we finally met, he was as apprehensive as I was. Kind of reminded me of Dr. Suesses Empty Pants story. Now that he knows I'm not a racist biggot, though I'm sure he sensed my initial fear, we have such fun! I'm always joking with him about getting tanked up on vino. He is the nicest Doc I've met here. Not stuffy and full of himself like most of the others are. He works with me. He never tells me what to do, but presents options, and helps me decide what works for me, otherwise, he says, no treatment will help if I'm not going to follow through. Anyway, just a little story of how we size up our situation and how we handle uncharted territory. Hopefully, I can take these lessons and apply them throughout my life.

09-26-2003, 09:01 AM
September 26, 2003

Feeling a bit perkier today, though I do have a bit of a headache, but that will go away. On my way to the TV to get Pilates done. I haven't lost any wieght this week but I can tell that parts that were once very jiggly and dimply are firming back up. I attribute this to two things: Pilates and not retaining salt. My clothes aren't fitting any better, but my belly is looking more like the one I know and love. That makes me happy. It's bad enough that I have and always will have a gymnists butt and thighs, but when my tum gets big, too, well I know it's time to sit up and pay attention. Anyway, I am seeing results in the mirror, if not on the scale. OK, enough for now. Pilates, shower, Dr.s, and then lunch and Mow the Lawn. (Gym is closed 'til Next wednesday so they can move the equipment!!!! I can't wait til our new one opens. We can all go together and have a great time). Check back later.

Back from Dr. He's happy I haven't gained weight but was unaware I was trying to lose. I told him my plan and he said what I'm doing is healthy enough, even if it doesn't seem rapid enough. Said I have a Sluggish metabolism. I asked if I should up the calories and he said it probably won't make that much of a difference. It's a simple matter of mathematics. If the # of calories in < the # of calories out, you will lose weight. An interesting point he made was that if I am restricting to the point that I have little energy, my workouts will not be as effective and that could slow my progress. That could be what's going on because I find that I am wiped out by 7:30. He suggested uping my calories a little at a time so I can comfortably make it through a daily workout and still be alive at 9ish. The thoughts of that scare me, but I'm willing to give it a try. Maybe ad a few pieces of fruit of a Smoothie. So, I'm off for lunch. A big Salad of field greens, toasted walnuts, chicken breast and blush wine vinaigrette dressing. Maybe a glass of skim milk. Thats a really good way to add energy without all the calories.

09-26-2003, 09:31 AM
Sounds like you're doing well! I enjoyed your Dr story! :p It's so hard to find a dr that fits your personality and style and who you can really trust! My doc right now is a gem and it sounds like you've got a great one as well!

Try not to beat yourself up over what didn't get done. I know it's hard - I catch myself doing it all the time! When I have one of those dreaded tasks that is overwhelming and I don't want to face, I set my timer for 5 or 10 minutes and just work on it that long. Then, if I want to stop, I stop. Usually though I'm feeling better by then and I keep going. It's the getting started that's the tough part!!

A new gym - that's exciting!! Hope it turns out nice!!

09-28-2003, 09:27 AM
September 28, 2003

Still doing fairly well. Taking things one day at a time. I'm so tempted to weigh in today. I have been keeping my calories below 1300 for the most part so I know I should see a loss thid week. (No other reason not to. No TOM, No high salt intake, etc.)
But, I do feel guilty since I didn't exercise yesterday, and I had a S'more and a beer and 3 pieces of pizza (cheese onions and mushrooms, so still doing meatless). According to fitday, it all added up to 1326 for the day, so I really shouldn't feel bad at all. Again, the beer and the S'more wasn't worth it.

I did kick butt in friday though! Did Pilates, Yoga, and gardening, including raking the nuts from the burr oak! Anyway, DH is back home (for 2 whole weeks!) Hopefully, I can keep up the pace, and not get sidetracked by an extra influence. I have more gardening to do. 3 Mugo pimnes and 3 mums. Supposed to rain today, so I may not get to it.

Thanks Doreen for your wise words. You are such an uplifting person!:)

09-29-2003, 09:24 AM
September 29, 2003

Well, I was right to weigh in yesterday! 155 this morning. I know it's all water because I started getting thirsty around 7:30 p.m. last night, as did the rest of my family. (I must have drank 7 huge glasses of water between then and 5:30 this a.m.! Yes, even through the night I had to refill my glass.) That spaghetti sauce! That was the last of that salty batch! I'm going to start using no salt added tomato sauce when I make my sauce. Between the sausage and the regular tomato sauce, it is just more than I can handle. Funny thing is, it used to taste good. Now it just tastes salty! Anyway, I'll lose that today, as I will be in the garden, putting things to bed for the winter, and sweating it all out! According to fitday, I was still in the safe zone, but only by a few calories. (corn muffins :rolleyes: ) The other thing about yesterday was I "decompressed" with DH, which meant we sat around and watched all the shows about Europe and back episodes of The Thirstey Traveler we had recorded. Good thing we live in Indiana, or I would have really blown my diet and budget by going to the liquor store and buying scotch and champagne! As it was, I settled for a so so glass of red wine.

My eating habits need to be tweaked a bit. I really should focus on getting a better breakfast. Thing is, when I eat more than about 100 calories, I get really hungry for the rest of the day. Should get some oat bran cereal. That usually works for me, but I'm trying to save $$ for our Europe trip and the only way I like my oat bran is mixed with Silk, and that is expensive. Maybe I could try skim milk with a bit of splenda. I do like splenda. I put it in my coffee and can't really tell the difference, though I never used much sugar anyway. (<1/2 tsp) I think I'll try that tomorrow, since I've had my brekky already.

Off to do Pilates, then start the laundry, then outside (brrrr! 46 degrees!) to get my beds ready for the winter.

09-30-2003, 10:14 AM
September 30, 2003
Woke up today ravenous! I can tell I'm going to have one of those days. Skipping pilates today in favor of trying to get my gardening done. It has rained every day that I've attempted to do so. I've been waiting until it warms up, but it hasn't and just when I get ready to get out in the cold, it starts to rain. (i can handel rain and I can handle cold, but not at the same time!) So the sun is out, it's 45 degrees and I am hungry! Guess I'll get out there before it starts to rain!
Yesterday, my workout was lacklustre and my mood is declining. Tomorrow the gym opens and I am eagerly awaiting a solid cardio workout. I don't mind walking alone, but I do much better if I have a little competition :p . DH isn't up to speed yet and if he goes too far, his back, feet, hips, etc., hurt, and we don't want to give him any reason to not get out there, so we settle for a moderate pace and a somewhat abbreviated distance. But I am not blaming him. I just do better with some motivating body in my midst. Even at the gym, there are others keeping me going. I recently read that it does help to have a man with you when you exercise. Evidently the Pheronomes they release cause a feeling of well being, which is, in turn, associated with the activity. That must be why I love the gym! All those sweaty guys! (Not much to look at, but OOOOH those pheronomes! :p ) Maybe thats why I don't do well in solo situations and aerobics, which are female laden. HMMM!all this talk of homones has me feeling, well, never mind! I'm off to the garden!

10-01-2003, 03:39 PM
October 1, 2003
Well' what can I say about today? I'm disappointed. After a less than 1000 calorie day yesterday, (I measure and lable read and use fitday, so I can't be too far off) and an intensive therapy session in the garden, I gained 2 lbs! (normally I don't weigh in on Wednesday, but when I tried to put on my levis, they were terribly snug, so I punished myself by weighing in!) I don't know if BF is visiting or what (perimenopause is wreaking havoc with my cycle!), but I am a bit undone. I was hoping for 2 lbs/week loss and have managed to pull it off with an extra pound to boot, but that is little consolation when I feel like I will not see any loss this week!
Anyway, today I have remained on target with calories and percentages of fat, carbs and protien, and have managed to get some strength training in. I'm going out to spread mulch, and will drink lots of water. I haven't been getting as much water as I should lately, and maybe my body is in super slug mode: just not giving anything up! Still keeping the Faith!

10-02-2003, 11:30 AM
October 2, 2003
Today I'm tired. Still hanging on to the water, and maybe even more, because I was up all night last night thirsty from dinner. I will not weigh myself, because I know nothing good will come of it. I was giong to do piates today, but now I am considering going to the gym and walkingor using the elliptical. I was still an target for calories yesterday. 1269 calories, but most of that came form carbs, then fat, then protien and most of my fat intake was from the cheese, so that =saturated fat. Who knows, maybe that will kick start my metabolism. I only mulched for 1.5 hours and my neighbor so graciously reminded me that I shouldn't be doing that and definately should not cook dinner. Of course, that reminded me I had to stop mulching and cook dinner!
Today, I tried my oatbran for brekky with a 1/2c of mango and splenda. It was pretty tastey. Big salad for lunch and chicken something for din. Bet I don't get to the gym today! It's 10:30 already. Mulching will have to suffice!
Keeping the faith, but losing motivation. I'll be ok though. Tomorrow is another day, and this day is still young.

edited to add...
Well, I pretty much got through the day. I did manage to get most of my mulch spread, and will probably finish it all today. I even did some digging and edging. So that will work out to about 3 hours of some pretty vigorous work, and according to fitday, about 700 calories. It doesn't feel like that much but my back is killing me and I'm sweating like a pig. (I was very careful about lifting with my legs, but I just think I'm not getting my Pilates moves quite right. Therefore, my back isn't as strong as I think it is.) I am going to get some Motrin and have DD help me finish with the mulch, and then go out for dinner. I did say that this was the week I would eat at home every night, so maybe I'll get carry out. :p Or maybe I'll just fix the family Mac and cheese from a box, and take a hot bath and skip dinner all together.

10-09-2003, 06:04 PM
October 9, 2003
I've been out of town for a few days, so here's the short version.
Oat Bran with mango and skim and splenda for brekky.
2 sliders and fries for lunch (blech!)
Large salad for dinner and a few sips of a white russian.

Special K with 1/2 % milk
Big salad for lunch.
Beef Stroganoff for dinner and a beer.

Oat bran and skim and mango and splenda
Big salad (lettuce, goat cheese, chicken and balsamic vinaigar, chick pea salad, bran muffin and an apple.
Big salad for dinner

Oatmeal w/brown sugar
Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup (blech!)
Big salad, corn and blechy pizza

pancakes, sausage.
Big salad, potato salad and turkey sandwich
3 fish tacos and a beer

Oat bran, mango, skim and splenda
Big salad with lettuce, goat cheese and balsamic and walnuts.

Don't know what I'm having for dinner. DH wants to go to the "crack house", and I'm almost too tired to fight abour it. Maybe I'll go and havve a marg and nothing else and pass out when I get home!:p not really, but I am having a lousy day.

Good news is I've lost a pound, and am proud of my resolve not to eat the donuts and pig out on sliders. I'm also happy the ones I did eat were nasty. Bubbye Bates! You don't own me!

edited to add
Well, went to Cebolla's! Had 2 margs and a tostada w/o cheese.
Still within acceptable calorie range, but the salt is killing me. There is a ton of salt in the beans, meat, guac, and salsa. Not to mention the margs, which always bloat me up. Anyway, up 2 pounds but not worried. Not really. The plus in all of this is that one of the physical benefits I've noticed, is that lots of foods I used to drool over, no longer taste the same. Don't get me wrong. The margs were yummy, but the food didn't do it for me, and the salsa, which I could drink like water, was also lacklustre. That is good. Maybe I'm enjoying foods that aren't smothered in salt and fat, because there are other flavors dancing on my tongue! It will be a lot easier to stay away from the "crack house"!

10-10-2003, 10:45 AM
October 10, 2003
Already got rid of one pound of water, and will probably have it all gone by tomorrow a.m. Still haven't haven't had brekky yet. (locked myself out of the house this a.m. :o , and just was able to hunt down my neighbor who has a spare key!) So I'm thinking the usual for brekky and then a walk with DH at lunch. I really want to get some toning and strength training in this morning because I am seeing results and I like results. Better get going! Will finish posting later!

10-16-2003, 04:33 PM
October 16, 2003

A week has nearly passed. What have I accomplished?
Not much, really. I lost all my water weight, and at last weigh in, was 152. Not quite as good as I had hoped for. At this pace, I will miss my Halloween deadline of 145. But if I'm really good, I would be happy to see 148, and grab my 10 lb clippie. Thats only 4 pounds in 2 weeks. (Halloween candy doesn't bother me, so at least I don't have that demon to fight.) It could be done.
In any event, I'm not discouraged by what I've been doing, or seeing as far as a new shape in the mirror. I have been feeling much better physically. This cold I have is not too awful and I really think it is because I have been taking much better care of myself. I have noticed an improvement in my level of exertion as well as endurance. I can actually get through 150 crunches without feeling like I'm going to barf. I ran around the football field at DS's game on Wednesday, in the driving wind, rain and freezing temps, and didn't die! So I guess things are going well. It is funny, that when I first started this journey, I wanted health first and the weight loss was icing. Now I've committed to losing weight, and I'm seeing health benefits, and very little weight loss.
:confused: Oh well. It's all good.

10-17-2003, 09:23 AM
October 17, 2003

Well, yesterday was not as bad as it seemed. Actually, in all my funk, I managed to have a very productive day.
1. Srubbed my kitchen.
2. Did strength training for an hour.
3. Stayed on plan.
4. Went to the gym finally. Did EFX for 30 mins and power walked for 15. (had to pick DH up from airport and had to cut workout short.)

So it really worked out to be a fine day.

So far today, I have been feeling a bit lethargic. Probably overdid yesterday, not to mention this cold thinggy. So, I'm having my usual for brekky and doing Pilates, and going to Hooter's for lunch with DH. We split a buffalo platter and I have a huge garden salad, so it should be ok. Then we will go to the gym tonight. Sounds like a plan. Dinner should be my famous chicken fajitas, but the chick is still frozen, so I'll have to come up with a back-up, just in case. (Secret is to marinate for at least 4 hours. Overnight is best.) So I'll have to think of something else and hit the market.

UGH! Went way off plan today! My back up plan was a failure. I made hamburgers that grandma had left behind when she left for Florida. (Even from afar, she has a negative impact on my eating habits.) She pre-forms her burgers and then freezes them "Grandma, what kind of ground beef do you use?" "Just plain ground beef." "How big are those patties?" "half pound." Fitday says one burger with bun and mustard and ketchup is 771 calories. Add my wine, and popcorn, and I'm off plan by over 400 caloris for the day. And I didn't get to the gym! DS came home with a bad cold and so we all stayed in and watched Martin Scorseses Blues. Great program, but I think I'd rather go to the gym. Listening to John Lee Hooker right now! UNH HOW HOW HOW HOW! There's always tomorrow!

10-18-2003, 07:37 AM
October 18, 2003
I am so upset about yesterday. I really want to weigh myself to see just how much damage I did. I'm not going to though. I'm going to the gym this a.m. and not drinking beer while my team plays, and I will behave myself for the next 2 days!.. I was so hoping for a whoosh, and I'm afraid I really put that in jeopardy. I will check back later. Oh yea! In yesterdays post, I didn't mean to sound like I blamed grandma for my stupidity. It's just an example of how hard it is to break bad habits. I should have known by the sheer size of these burgers that I would have trouble with eating a balanced meal and staying under budget.

Camping Griswalds
10-18-2003, 12:21 PM
Hang in there. Don't give in to the temption to weigh yourself. It will only be depressing. The cool thing about messing up is that it can strengthen your resolve...hope it does!!

10-20-2003, 03:13 PM
October 20, 2003
Have a few minutes while my coffee is brewing, so here goes.

Had an incredibly bad weekend! Not food wise. I managed to keep it under 1500 calories, but Saturday I was a very bad girl. I pleged not to drink any beer while my team played, and I was true to that. But I drank an entire bottle of wine, instead! (and still sayed under 1500!) It was a total emotional binge. I have a hard time when DH is home lately. He is gone so often that when he is home, I just can't get too close or I'll be devastated when he leaves, so I put this incredible distance between us, and I did it with ALCOHOL! Then I had a melt down about it on Sunday and basically blamed him for everything! I know it is in no way his fault he has to be gone so much, but the truth is, he is my best friend and I am lonely without him. (Co-dependant? Our picture is in the dictionary!) When I sense someone is going to cause me pain, I withdraw. So that is what I did on Saturday, and somehow I paid for it in my total loss, which was zilch, zip , nada! And I had been so on track with eating and exercise!

Anyway, that was my weekend. I think I explained myself to DH and hope he understands. He says he does, and maybe I was speaking for both of us, I'm not sure. But we feel much better and he gets to stay home for almost an entire month! I am overjoyed! I hope this traveling phase is wrapped up in the next couple of months. It is great for my diet, as I spend loads of time exrecising to keep my mind off of him, but it all goes straight to hell when he comes home. It is a real rollercoaster. I can only imagine what he is going through with his health issues.
Well, coffee is done, and the ironing isn't! So long for now.

10-23-2003, 11:19 AM
October 23, 2003
I have been trying to get my journal entries but have had trouble with these boards for the past few days. One more try.

I have been faithful to my exercise pledge. I have been meeting my eating targets. I have been feeling much better since this week end. But, I did my measurments and nothing has changed. I'm so confused because my clothes are fitting so much better, and I can see a difference in the mirror. Maybe I'm just firming up key areas, and am not as puffy or something. I can tell I've lost weight, and am really tempted to weigh in. I was also considering going back to a Friday weigh in. How I got stuck on Mondays, I'll never know, but I really liked Friday better. Probably because when I weighed on Friday, I was motivated to keep going over the weekend, where on Monday, I'm usually devastated from the week end. (Though I tend to start the week with a heightened level of enthusiasm when I see what I messed up on over the weekend!:rolleyes: ) Truthfully, I should only weigh once a month (like on day 5 of TOM), but I can't gage how what I'm eating affects me if I only do once a month. Maybe once a month should be my ACTUAL loss, and the rest just the general trend. Sounds good to me. So let's see. A month ago I weighed 155. That was Sept. 22. I'm going to weigh in tomorrow and see what my ACTUAL loss for one month is. I know I'll be disappointed, because it is now where near the 8-10 pounds I was shooting for, but it should be gone forever, no matter how much it is!:teeth:

Today, I did Pilates.
Yesterday I did 1 hour cardio.
Tuesday, I did Strength training for an hour and strolled for an hour.
Monday, I did cardio for an hour and strolled for an hour.

I will probably squeeze in an hour of cardio today when I take the girls to the Y. I feel a bit better from the shot. I may not get a real vigorous work out, but I will do something.

10-24-2003, 08:48 AM
October 24, 2003
Yesterday was awesome and awful! I worked my butt off! I did Pilates. I did cardio, and I did "Spinning". I must have sweat out 3 pounds! Alas,! I'll never know, because as I was leaving the Y, DH called and said I had to drive to his office after I dropped off four other children and bring him his car keys which he left in his coat in my car from when we went walking at lunch! So by the time I had picke him up, it was 6:30. We all decided to go to the Crack House for dinner, because we were all famishe and it is just down the street from his office. UGH! I had my usual: 2 margs, steak fajitas and chips and salsa. Running the fitday numbers showed I wnt over my target calories by 300, but really it was about 600 because I have been staying between 1200 and 1300. Then you add in the salt, and well, I guess I'll not even bother with the scale today. I'll just get back to business, and get to the gym and then do some strength training, drink tons of water and have a great day food wise. I'll weigh in on Monday and hope for the best. According to fitday, I still managed to burn 1000 calories more than I consumed, but the salt and type of calories will be causing me fits for a few days. On top of that, TOM will be summoning the BF any day now. Oh well. Check in later to report on my progress.

11-05-2003, 01:48 PM
November 5, 2003

I have been sort of disappointed with my loss lately. What loss? So here I am back to my journal. I am tired of Fitday, as I have been making much of my own food and it just takes too much time for me to analyze my own recipe, but I know about how many cals, fat cals, carbs and protien, so I know I have not been being bad. I did get into an exercise slump which ran from Friday til Monday. That coupled with TOM and a salty few days, has me maintaining at 151. Not too bad, but I missed my Halloween goal by 3 pounds, and it looks very much like I'll miss my Thanksgiving goal of 140. It's ok though. I am setting high goals and being happy with steady progress.
I have noticed some very nice changes in my life lately. One is that Halloween was no problem whatsoever! I had 1 beer. That was my indulgence. Over the rest of the weekend, I did have a whole bottle of wine :earseek: and a bag of tostitos, but the rest of my meals were super healthy and on target. The whole problem was being at the Island. (the chips were there from when grandma and grandpa left for Florida. I would never buy them, because then I would eat them!) It was cold and rainy, so no walking. I can't really workout in the house, as I seem to shake the entire structure, and even if I didn't, my kids laugh at me!:o (That's what I get for doing the same to my DM when she was my age!:p )
Another change is that I have begun to get the Whole Foods concept. I just try to eat as much organic, whole food as possible. It is expensive, but I find I eat much less, so it is about a push. Not only that, but the price one pays for convenience food is horrendous! It makes me feel good too, knowing that I am helping many of my local farmers here in Indiana, by buying from the local co-op. Yea, the veggies are smaller, but they do taste better, and there seems to be much less waste. Oh yea, convenience food. Gone! To much salt, and words I can't pronounce. I even make a lot of my own bread!
I have also begun to gradually eliminate snacking. I do eat apples, and nuts and things like that on occasion, but that is it. I won't poison my body with refined sugars, preservatives and other nonsense. Don't even like the looks of it. I have come to the conclusion that it is me against the food industry, and I will not let them tell me what to eat. Though those Dannon smoothies are lifesavers in a crunch, and I can't figure out what the half of that is made from. :rolleyes:
Just a few observations.
Today, I had a Dannon smoothie for breakky, some Quinoa taboulie and a small salad and some sort of miso soup with all kinds of veggies and cumin and tofu for lunch. I did my short pilates today and will go to the gym for an hour of cardio when I drop off DD for her class at the Y, and then maybe make Coneys for the family while I have leftover pork roast for dinner. I feel pretty happy today, though I know I'm not progressing at the rate I would like. I am progressing though. I do think I'll start weighing in on Thursdays, for the GOBBLE CHALLENGE. So Maybe tomorrow will hold good news!

11-06-2003, 08:07 AM
November 6, 2003
Yesterday was a pretty good day. I did my mini pilates, did an hour of cardio and then walked with DH for an hour. I was feeling a bit sluggish and thererfore did not get as good a workout as I had hoped, but at least I went through the motions. I had sushi for dinner last night, and it was disappointing. I have not been getting sushi from this particular place lately, as thy are catering more to the california roll/inari crowd. Well I won't be getting my sushi from them anymore. I also had a rather lacklustre glass of merlot as my dessert. Maybe my taster is off.:confused:
Today, I have so many things to accomplish. Pilates at 10:30, and sometime between the workout, laundry and TOM (which always throws what feels like an extra 50 pounds on my back), I need to shop for and prepare a yummy chicken salad and a spinach salad for DS's Football banquet tonight. At least I know what's for dinner. :D
I did Weigh in today, and was pleased to be down a pound to 150. I know that I'm nowhere near my projected path of loss to meet my TG goal, but considering TOM and all, I am not disappointed. I think by Monday, I'll be grabbing my 10 lb clippie.
I will weigh in on Monday, as that will be day 4 of my cycle, which is my most dependable day for charting true progress. I keep track monthly as a more accurate loss, as week to week can give very misleading and usually disappointing results.

11-07-2003, 09:35 AM
November 7, 2003
I am so proud of myself today. I went to DS's Football Banquet last night and totally behaved myself. I had a spinach salad (which I made, so I know it was healthy), a small amount of the chicken salad, (which I also made and therefore know it was not healthy:p , which was why I only had about 1/3 cup), a few bites of a mexican rice and bean dish, which was loaded with cheese and salt, but tastey. I also tried some sweet potato and white potato dish that I could tell wasn't worth the calories, so I only had a bite and threw the rest out. I also threw out a cornbread dish which looked good in the beginning, then I realized it was cornbread topped with Hormel chili and crushed Frito's :eek: I did indulge in a bread pudding dessert. It was good. Brown sugar on the bottom and bread smothered with egg and vanilla and topped with apples and pecans. I had 3 small bites. I was really happy with my choices. I was not at all tempted by the plethora of pasta, pork and pizza dishes, nor the "salad" table which largely consisted of dessert type salads, pasta salads, with little in the way of green offerings, and I could have passed on the entire browniecheesecakecookiecupcakesnickerdoodle table, except for the thing with the nuts looked like it would be good and not too terrible. (go figure, I was the only one I saw eating it, and indeed, there was hardly any gone at the end of the everning. :rolleyes: )
So I guess my first outing at a buffet since my healthy lifestyle changes, was a success. I am feeling very confident in my ablilty to resist (or even not have any interset in) that type of sustanance. Next stop, Sterling Brunch, Las Vegas! (My last buffet, before changes!:p) Though I did stick mostly with the sushi and caviar. :tongue: and all the champagne you can drink, so I did. I probably will not get to exercise today, but will not rule it out either. I'll have to see how I am doing with TOM. So far, not so good, but that can change for the better, as easily as for the worse. I'll keep myself ready!

11-10-2003, 02:27 PM
November 10, 2003
This weekend was a wash! Started out everyday doing well, only to blow it on the evening meal.
Friday, went to the crack house. Though I only had 1.5 margaritas, and 2 veggie fajitas, the salt in the salsa and the fajitas did me in.
Saturday, same thing. Great morning, but evening meal was ceasar salad. Too salty.
Sunday, I thought I would pull it off! Walked downtown and had great breakky and lunch. Had hibachi style japanese food for dinner. Again, mostly veggies, and shrimp and a few bites of chicken and steak. Over ate and bloated from more salt.
Today, started out great, but then had leftover ceasar salad for lunch and salted up again! Maybe I'll just skip dinner! :rolleyes:
I will weigh in tomorrow, even though I'm feeling very puffy. I could probably use a good slap in the face right now. Thinking about pulling out of the Turkey day challenge, but then what incentive would I have?

11-11-2003, 01:32 PM
November 11, 2003
First, business. The scale at the gym said 152 fully clothed,with shoes. Came home, scale said the same. Then-off with the clothes, on the scale-149! Yea Baby! That's what I'm talkin' about! On-off-on-off-on-off! Still 149. So I'm pretty happy about that, considering I can tell I'm still retaining water. (Jiggly belly and my arms show a 1/2 inch increase, and it ain't muscle:rolleyes: )

Now for some thoughts. I am finding it increasinly necessary to exercise. I am almost witchy when I don't.

I have also not been paying any attention to my salt intake, which accounts for most of my frustration.

I am happy about these things:
I never feel deprived.
I am at worst, maintaining my weight.
I have much more energy.
My 10's fit me nicely. Not tight, but not baggy either.

I am worried about these things:
Thanksgiving, now that my entire family wants to spend it here.
What to do about maintenace, once I get to where I want to be.
OOOOOH! I know! An extra glass of wine! :tongue:

11-13-2003, 08:38 AM
Yesterday was great! I was really tired, as I haven't had a really good night's sleep in 3 days. I did manage to stay completely on plan. Went to the gym and did my hour of cardio. I find that if I don't get my cardio in at least 3 times a week, I stall and have a two week lag. That is why even though I was wiped out, I did it any way.
Oatbran with skim milk, raisens and splenda

Spinach Salad with cucumbers, scallions, and Roasted pepper vinaigrette, and stir fried squash.

Subway 6" turkey on wheat, loaded with veggies, and oil and vinegar, and a Dannon Smoothie

A large glass of Sauvignon Blanc

Today I have pilates, and if I'm up to it, I may do some cardio, but I don't know. Kath really hurt me last Tuesday :p and I'm not sure what she has planned for me today. (I told one of the students in one of her other classes that I wouldn't recommend the Pilates class, and lo and behold the next meeting she ups the intensity exponentially!)
I will weigh in at the gym and post on the Thanksgiving Challenge thread. Hoping for that clippie today. I also want to cut my hair, like short. The only thing is when I work out, I cant stand hair on my neck or in my face and I dont think I want to go so short that that isn't an issue. So, I'll probably just get a trim.
DH returns today and has already stated that he wants to go to the Crack House for dinner. Maybe I'll just empty the checking account and tell him we cant afford it!:teeth: Sounds like a plan!
I'll check back after pilates. Did I mention I have a cold and would really rather not do this? But I am so close to my clippie, and my first mini goal is only 3 pounds away from that, how can I not go?

11-13-2003, 03:57 PM
Checking back after Pilates and I have earned a new clippie! Not just 148, but 147! I did my Pilates and a half hour of cardio, came home had a big salad to celebrate, and watched the Ya Ya's and cried. DH will be home soon and I will hav ea wonderful weekend! Dinner? I don't know. That depends of whether or not DH makes his connection in Chicago. If he does, it will be crack house, if not homemade crack (tacos). Now I need a cup o joe!

11-14-2003, 01:44 PM
What can I say about today? It's a lazy day. Have been pretty much sitting in front of the computer, surfing and getting ticked about my up coming vacation, thinking My TA just threw together a few things and gave me a price and rushed me into something and I'm thinking about cancelling the whole thing and just doing it on my own. Besides that, I need to get to the gym. I went to the Crack House for dinner last night. Had 2 veggie fajitas, chips, loads of salt, I mean salsa, and 2 margs.
Today I have been extra good eating my gruel and mangos for brekky and black bean and corn and roasted peppr soup with a salad and a 1/2 bagel for lunch. Dinner will probably be tacos. (More salt :rolleyes: )
I think I will go to the bank, and when DD gets home load up and take them all to the gym. DD could really use the exercise, and so can I. I need to sweat out all that water I'm holding from dinner last night. I will feel better then. Oh yea!
I also cancelled thanksgiving dinner at my house. To mush temptation, and not enough people willing to do what needs to be done to pull it off. I actually said NO to something. This must mean I'm getting OLD!

11-25-2003, 12:04 PM
First thing's first. Went to fit day and checked how my basal/lifestyle calorie needs matched up against what I am doing.
It says I need 2609 a day. That seems like a lot. I have standing work as my lifestyle, which contributes 1200 calories to my daily need. I think that is too much. I don't think my metabloisim is that high. I'm figuring I need about 2200 tops.
With that in mind, so far I've eaten about 370 calories today. I've also burned abour 150 during my workout. This leaves me with a net burn by days end of 2200+150-370=1980. So that means I can have whatever I want for dinner! Not really. I'm going to have a snack of about 100 calories and them will have a typical dinner fo about 500 calories. That puts my net burn at 1300 calories. That is still too much isn't it? That works out to 9000 calories a week and about 2.3 pounds. That is too much, though I think I could do it because I don't get hungry on that amount of food. Shoot! I need to eat about 1700 calories a day to lose weight in a healthy fashion. That's 500/meal with two 100 calorie snacks. I don't think I can do this. That means I should have already had 1000 calories, and I've had <400. I need 600 more calories plus dinner? UGH! Man I need some perspective on this and maybe some counseling!

11-25-2003, 01:31 PM
Tracy, here's a :hug: for you! I know you're struggling right now to not let this take over your life. I'm worried about you. I do think you're doing some very healthy things, like using Fitday to see how many calories you should be eating.

You are just so incredibly focused on this right now. Please know that you are more than a number on the scale or a clothing size. Your body and your looks do not tell the whole story.

Don't forget to focus on the personality traits that make you a good person and on your skills and talents that you can share with the world. These are more important than your looks. Beauty is truly only skin deep - it's what's in your heart that makes Tracy a special person.

You have given so much to others on this board. You are always ready and willing to help others. You have a wonderful positive attitude and a great sense of humor. These are the things we love about you.

Please continue to find a healthy perspective. If the path is too tough on your own, consider counseling. Having someone objective listen to you can be incredibly helpful - I know from experience!

Take care of you, OK? I really like having you around here! :happy1:

11-26-2003, 08:38 AM
Here's how yesterday went.
After my 370 for lunch and brekky, I added an Odwalla bar for 240, and I had my roast pork for 220, a half of a baked sweet potato at 230 and applesauce for 130 and poached pear for 130 and 2 glasses of wine. That adds up to about 1460 for the day! I went to the gym with DH and walked for 20 mins at a very slow pace. Didn't sleep well last night because DM called and got me all upset about everything! (She wonders why I never call her!)

Anyway, my plan for today is same brekky, and then I have no plan. I need to go to the market to get all my fresh ingredients for tomorrow, clean up the joint, go to DD's school, lunch with DH and probably have left over pork roast for dinner tonight. (The rebels will be taking up arms! My family hates leftovers, even if the original dish brought rave reviews!) Anyway, yesterday wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and I was up all night getting rid of some water, and that will be good when I put on my pants, this morning. I should do some sort of exercise today, but I probably won't get to it. I will try though.

OK! OK! I went to Hooter's today for lunch! I had a huge garden salad and 3 wings and iced tea. I figure it reuns about 60 calories per wing and 120 for the salad dressing and the greens surely are a negligible amount, so say 30 tops. So add 330 to todays total for 570 so far. I'll have a snack later and pretty much a repeat of last night for dinner, which should put me again around 1400-1500. Haven't got to exercise yet. Must drink more water.

12-04-2003, 01:30 PM
Well, maintenance is the word for today. That's OK considering I have not exercised in a week, at least not that I remember. I have been trying to tweak my food consumption and have been feeling yucky with TOM, so I've been not getting it all done. Anyway, TOM is on its way out and a WI on day five of cycle is a really good indicator. That means 147 is here to stay. No more 150s. Now if I just get back to exercising, I could get to my mini gaol of 145 by Christmas, and I know I can maintain throughout the holidays, since I managed to do so with the Turkey day and Halloween. Who knows? I may even have a whoosh once I get back to exercising. I promise not to over do, and under eat. I just think that with my metabolism hopefully being kick started again, and exercise, I should see some results.:goodvibes

So far, my meals have been similar to what I was eating, but just a bit more on the portion size. I no longer only eat a few bites and wait to see if I'm still hungry or not. (I've gotten pretty good a fooling myself into thinking I'm not that hungry, and walk around for an hour or 2 enjoying hunger pains!:rolleyes: ) Now I measure my portions and eat it all. I'm usually stuffed, and feel like I over ate, but so far not to the point where I think I need to "get rid of it", to put it politely.

All in all, I think I'm doing well. Sometimes I want to go to the gym for the entire day. Today, I did do my pilates and then 35 mins of cardio. On the way out, I really wanted to turn around and go back in, since I had, by that time, stopped panting and sweating. But I kept walking, and came home for a big salad loaded with walnuts, dried cherries, avocado, tomato, cucks, red onions, and Roasted pepper dressing. Haven't the slightest Idea how many calories that was, but I'll bet it was close to 500. I'm making Spaghetti tonight, so that will put me up around 1400 calories for the day. I think that is a good place for me, combined with exercise.

Scale is still in the basement, so I think I will start weighing in weekly at the gym, as I do need to lose some more weight. It should not be a problem, but I will keep my head in the right place.

01-05-2004, 11:00 AM
Well, all in all, I was pretty bad.:p I ate out almost every day for the first week of Winter Break, then noshed on very salty foods, like chips and dip and Harry and David's Smoked Turkey (BLECH! Way too much salt and fat, but it did make a fabulous soup base!) for the second week. I also became a martini drinker (Vodka, shaken, not stirred), and found out about why I don't drink cheap wine.:rolleyes: So I have learned that I would rather drink good wine and forgo Martinis, but' alas, DH has developed quite an affinity for the drink. New Years Eve was tough and New Years Morning was worse. I don't often get hangovers, and I guess every decade or so, I need to get one to remind myself why I don't drink at parties!

Went with the whole family to Indianapolis to see Trans Siberian Orchestra, and had a great time. Too bad though. Indy is a beautiful city, and should be more inviting. However, on our walk from the beautiful Murat Theater to the Omni Severin Hotel, there was nobody on the streets, but myself, DH, DS, and DD, and the homeless. :( I kept saying that it reminded me of Ft. Lame but couldn't figure out why nobody was out and about. In Ft. Lame there is no reason to be out and about, but Indy has lots of fun spots that should have been bustling with people on the night before New Year's Eve. Instead, I guess poeple would rather stay home than deal with the tough realilty of poverty and homelessness. DS was scared to death on our walk back to the hotel. (Reminiscient of John Belushi on the steps of Dean Wormers office in Animal House. :p ) I told him to stop acting like a victem and not 30 seconds later we were approached by the first of 3 homeless people who would darken out spirits that evening. But we still had a good time and left the next day to host our very first New Year's Eve Party. Probably our last. Our food was not the best, and the kid to adult ratio was way too high! But I think everybody had fun. We made Canadian Cheese soup (ala Le Cellier at WS). Yummy! Then we watched the Rose Bowl, and My Wolverines got slobberknocked! Oh well! It's just a game.

Now the kiddies are back to school and I am trying to get back to my routine. The final damage was a 4 pound gain. I'm not going to let it get me down untill my weigh in next month, as this months was the day I started TOM, so I'll see what happens in a few weeks after I get back on track with exercise. I can tell I'm puffy from salt, as my 10's still fit, but I'm just jiggly. I'm not making any New Years resolutions, as I figure I'm not giving up on My WISH for good health and I didn't slip up too bad. I don't have any real vice except coffee and even that is only 1-2 cups a day. Don't drink soda or eat junk food. I guess I could resolve to be more organized. That will have to be it, but I'm not counting on it! It's tough when you're practically perfect. :p
Keep the Faith!

01-05-2004, 11:23 AM
Watch out Tracy or I'll start calling you Mary (for Mary Poppins - practically perfect in every way). :teeth:

You've done well and that 4 pounds will be history in no time! I know I'm happy to be back in the regular routine of work and school again because I tend to do better with my food and my water drinking. Hopefully your routine will help you to get back in the groove too!

I'm glad to see you posting to your journal! I've missed you! :sunny:

01-05-2004, 04:51 PM
Mary has a nice ring to it, and of course that was exactly what was in my mind as I attempted to describe how I was feeling about me today! Tried to get into my groove today, but will have to wait 'til tomorrow. To much "after the holiday" business to take care of today and I am beat! (Had to switch all my financials form one institution to another and all the auto pays and so on that go with. UGH!) So tomorrow is the day. Can't wait to get to the gym and clear my head. Congrats on your successes lately. I have not even been lurking over the winter break, so I have some catching up to do here as well! Take care :angel:

01-06-2004, 08:38 AM
Taking a page form Doreens journal, I'm going to outline my daily goals. Here goes!

1. Drink Water, at least 64 oz.
2. Go to gym.
3. Clean living room.
4. Laundry
5. Make bread for dinner tonight.

Yesterday was pretty good though I did not exercise.
Brekky was Oat Bran w/slenda, skim milk and raisins.

Lunch was a ceasar salad.

Dinner we went to Smokey Bones. I had 4 ribs and a garden salad w/ Santa Fe dressing.

BUT, my downfall was snacking! Still snacking on Holiday leftovers. (Cheese, chips chocolate!:rolleyes: )

6. Throw out leftover garbage!

I'm off to start on the laundry, living room and breakfast/water.

Noon and I have:

3/4 of my water down.
3/4 of the living room cleaned. (much to the detriment of the rest of the house! :rolleyes: )
Only one load of laundry!

Not too bad though.

1. Drank all my water!
2. Did not go to the gym!:mad:
3. Cleaned the living room!
4. Did most of the laundry, now I have to Iron.:crazy:
5. Did not make bread.
6. Did get rid of all the garbage!:bounce: :bounce:

Now for the bad news! I went with DH to the crack House. Had chips, salsa, one veggie and one mostly veggie fajita. Aslo one margarita. Feeling a bit tipsy when I got home and just had to try this new vodka. Ciroc. Made from grapes. Tastes like a very clean grappa, but makes a lousy martini.

01-07-2004, 08:50 AM
Todays Goals:

Water-64 oz. isn't enough for me. I had tachy heart all night last night. Could also be because I didn't eat much yesterday.:rolleyes:

Work in DD's class. Blah! Really don't want to go there, but it is my job!

Shopp for healthy snacks, and lunch food for kids. School lunches are atrocious! Breaded turkey sandwich, bisuits and gravy, chicken fried steak, are the usual offerings! Plus chocolate milk and desserts! Not a piece of fruit, but ice cream, cookies and even donuts! Sat through lunch with DD once. Most kids eat dessert first, (go figure), have the choc molk and pick at the rest of their food. No wonder when DD comes home she's hungry!:mad:

Bake bread that I didn't do yesterday.:o

Go to the gym.

Lunch with DH.

I'm really tired today. Had to have DS to school by 5:30 this am, and did not sleep well last night. I have no real energy to go to the gym but I think I'll got to work with my gym bag packed, go from there to lunch with Gary, then to the gym then to the market then home and make my bread. Yum! (I hate the bread from the market.)

That's my plan.

01-08-2004, 09:38 AM
Goals for the day:

1. Water...32 oz. down!
2. Exercise...Pilates for 25 mins, done!
3. Get Oil changed in Van
4. Go to gym and walk for 30 mins.
5. Make dinner. Spaghetti! (this also means clean the kitchen that my family trashed last night and this morning! It looks like a college apt! :rolleyes: )
6. Do loads!
7. Start taking down Holiday decor. BLAGH! (I hate that job!)

Some thoughts about where i'm at:

Pilates was hard today. I'm out of shape. I will work on my strength and take aerobics easy for a while until my energy level improves.

The cold is really affecting me. Totally slows me down. All I want to do is crawl into or a nice hot bath! Must keep moving.

I'm doing really well on my portion control! That is good news since it was one of the lifestyle changes I needed to make a priority. I sometimes "over eat", but not really. I just get very full on much less food. That is good news. Now that I have some healthy snacks in the house, I will have a much easier time keeping that blasted bloat fairy from bothering me!

I need to get back to 1-2 glasses of wine instead of the 2-3 I was ingulging myself in over the holidays. :rolleyes: Party is over.

I have to make my upcoming trip to Europe a focal point. I will do much better if I picture myself able (Physically, if not financially) able to do some serious clothes shopping while there.:D

OK time to hit the shower and have brekky. (Wasn't hungry for some reason this a.m. Maybe that's why Pilates was so hard?)

01-12-2004, 08:47 AM
First thing's first. I just noticed a new tag, and despite my pretty lousy day, (and it's only 8:40 :rolleyes: ) it really made me laugh! So an already bright spot to my day. Thanks TF! :p

Goals for today:

Drink my water. (been lax the past few days)
Go with DD to gym at 5:00 (hopefully most will be having dinner)
Take down the remaining Holiday decor.
Marinate chicken for dinner.
Hug my kids, because we got off to a pretty bad start today. :(


1/4C. oatbran
3/4C. skim Milk
1/3 mango

Total cals-175

Lunch should be a yummy salad and dinner, BBQ chicken w/roasted veggies and DS's famous chili vinaigrette. OMG, I'm drooling just thinking about it! ::yes:: Maybe an Odwalla bar for snack.

I had a so-so salad for lunch. Romaine, chicken, mushrooms, avocado, onion, walnuts and parmesean cheese. DD left the goat cheese opened and it got funky, which is why the salad was so-so. I was really looking forward to goat cheese smothered walnuts. Total for my so-so salad, a whopping 500 calories! Thanks to the avocado and walnuts. But it's good fat right?

Calorie intake > 675 calories. Not really too bad. Dinner should be right around 600.

Rounding out the day with my dinner report. Did just what I said. Yummy BBQ chicken with roasted veggies and chili garlic vinagrette. OMG! I ate so many veggies and I am stuffed, but it's OK. Veggies are almost free.

Did not get to the gym, but did dance through my chores and was busy all day. DD is a bit disappointed but we will go tomorrow, as I will have had dinner already and she gets home earlier!

UGH! still didn't get the decor down! And I didn't hug my kids!!!
See ya! have some hugs and kisses to hand out! ::yes::

I'm in such a good mood! Listening to Music from the Parks! Zippidee Doo Da! Zippidee aye!

01-13-2004, 01:10 PM
I am so tired today. DS had me up until midnight last night and the had his clock alarm go off at 5!

Today's Goals:

Drink more water. I've been at a training seminar all morning and need to play catch up!

Do Ironing. Blah!

Got to Y.

Not much time for anything else, as it is already 1 o'clock. I guess I need to fix dinner too, so I'm not tempted to go off plan.


Oat bran with splenda, skim milk and mango. 175 calories

Odwalla bar 240 calories

Salad w/ grilled chicken, roasted eggplant, yellow and red bell peppers, tomato, mushroom, onion, asparagus, and chili garlic vinaigrette.
190 calories

That puts me at 600 calories. Right on target!

Just finished dinner. BBW chicken breast, with spanish rice and salsa. Very yummy, but I over did the rice and now I'm uncomfortable. DD is requiring me to take her to the gym right now! Well at least I stayed close to my goals today, but I know the rice was loaded w/ salt. (Doctored rice-a-ronie:p ) Total calories for the day 1380.

Well we did get to the gym, and it was so crowded, I had towait 45 mins for a machine! :rolleyes: So I went int the hot tub for a while and then thought I's swim with the kids. WRONG! Water was way too cold. Upon exiting the pool I stepped on something and bruised the bottom of my foot!:rolleyes: It hurt so badly, I could hardly put any weight on it. So much for my work out. I sat in the steam and sauna for a while, and had a lovely discussion with a lady from New Jersey. She was very nice and we had a ball bashing Ft. Lame. :hyper: I hope we bump into eachother again. (Not that common gripes are anything to base a friendship on, but she and I have at least one thing in common, besides not liking our current location. We both need to lose a few pounds. Maybe I could talk her into joining WISH.::yes::

01-14-2004, 08:49 AM
Woke up this a.m. with a headache. I think the coffee may have killed it, but I still feel it lurking. Maybe some Motrin before I head off to School.

Goals for today:

Water. Still not getting enough.

Stay ON PLAN. This will be tough because DH is scheduled to return this evening and of course he wants to go to the crack house. DD does not want to go and I so admire her for that. She won't admit it, (just says we eat there too much and she hates it) but truth is those chips and salsa are addictive. We all say we will not eat them, but like anything else, when they're brought to the table, who can resist? She knows it, and so do the rest of us. We have collectively decided that the salsa is the crack and the chip is merely the delivery system. DS said he would eat the chips without the salsa, kind of like the addict who just sticks themselves with the needle, or burns an empty pipe. (I am in no way belittling the situation addicts face. It is hard enough to kick the food thing, I can only imagine how hard it must be to get a hold of something that causes actual physical changes.) So that will be my challenge for the day.

Go to the gym. I think my foot is feeling better, but if not, I will do Pilates. (not much standing work.)

Again, not much else I can squeeze into this day.


Usual oatbran w/ fruit 175 cals.

01-30-2004, 08:55 AM
Day one SB

Well, I stuck to the plan, except I only had one snack and no dessert. I got a little hungry around 4, but managed to hold off 'til dinner which was at 6. (I did have my afternoon snack, and didn't watnt to have 2.) Drank some water and just stayed busy. Dinner was ok. Nothing really exciting. I had Trout instead of the salmon called for in the meal plan. DD had the fish kabobs from the meal plan and said they were good. DS and DH had yummmmmmmy broiled talapia in coconut curry sauce. Not on my plan, and it is one of my favorites. Oh well, in a few months maybe. Asparagus and a tossed salad rounded out my meal. We did make the Ricotta cream and it was good, but a bit too sweet for me, so I let DS have it. I'll probably try it again with a bit less splenda. DD didn't like it. Too gritty. I didn't let texture bother me too much. I did try whipping it with a mixer, but it was only marginally better. I'd rather not do the extra dishes and deal with the texture.

I did have a headache all day, but I'm certain it had nothing to do with the diet, as I awoke with it. I was pretty much a basket case after dinner though. "Looks like I picked a bad week to quit drinking." (Lloyd Bridges in Airplane :rolleyes: ) DH came home and told me he was on the receiving end of a potentially career threatening miscommunication. (My assessment, not his) I prevailed and touched not a drop, though I have found he has no problem drinking alone. He went straight for the Scotch. "... do me a favor and fill a glass with ice? And while you're at it, put some Scotch in it." (Tracy, the real estate barroness to Matthew Perry's partner in Fools Rush In) Of course I'm thinking not only is he out of a job, but he'll never work in the Aerospace industry again. (Seems he irritated a gentleman who works for a world leader in Aerospace. I don't want to mention the company, but there are ony a few to choose from. :rolleyes: )
Needless to say, I didn't sleep a wink, and when I did manage to catch a Z or 2, I was dreaming about moving in with our Grandparents! :eek:

Today is a new day. I have had breakfast and am getting ready to Pilate. Even though SB works without exercise, I feel it is even more important to do what I can to maintain strength and muscle mass. I am afraid I'll be burning it instead of fat, and turn into a bag of bones. I think I'm going to grab a cheat free clippie! (is it cheating when you don't have snacks and dessert?)

I'll report again tomorrow.

OOOOPS! I just realized, this was my 1000th post! It must be a sign!

02-01-2004, 07:09 AM
Day 3 SB.

Haven't cheated yet. Last night was hard. I had steak, mashed cauliflower, (which wasn't bad, but still nothing like mashed potatos. I would not recommend them to someone who doesn't like cauliflower, though the Atkins version with real butter and heavy cream may be better ;) ) and salad and fresh cauliflower and celery dipped in hummus. I don't know why things were so hard . I think it was mostly because DH was drinking cocktails, and seemed to be enjoying himself a bit too Much. Though I wasn't craving anything, from a physical standpoint, I was annoyed with him slightly, and I had a headache. I don't feel any thinner, on fact, I am feeling quite bloated, maybe from the salt on the steak, or maybe from lack of fiber, though I eat so many veggies and the cauliflower should have helped, I was hoping. Anyway, I am a bit disgusted today and feel like this is going to ba a waste of time, but 10 more days is not a big deal. DD is really enjoying thefoods with me and may have even lost a pound or two, so that much is good. Anyway, today is a new day!

02-02-2004, 07:40 AM
Day 4 on SB

Yesterday was difficult. I spent most of it feeling wiped out. I have been following this thing to the letter, and did not feel like anything but bad until I varied from the plan by making myself a taco salad. I put 3 0z of ground sirloin over a large bed of icegurg (blech) lettuce and a half avocado and a small roma tomato, with a tablespoon of FF sour cream and a bit of cilantro. It was Ok, and I finally had the energy I have been promised from SB. Still feeling bloated and irregular, which has become a major irritation. I am reluctant to do the metamucil thin, as I see it not unlike using laxatives to loose weight. (Just my own hang-up, I know. :rolleyes: ) I do like the mini quiche cups, and the turkey roll ups, but other than that, most of the food in this book is rather bland. I will have to kick things up a notch if I'm going to keep eating like this.

All night, last night, I dreamt I keep sneaking bread! :eek: I really don't like that. Anyway, 4 days down, 10 to go. In between all that, TOM should arrive, and I guess that will be the true test. I think I may stay on Phase one until Day 5 of TOM, which is when I normally weigh in. That should be somewhere around Feb, 16th. That means a few days over 2 weeks, but if it gives me a good loss, then it will be worth it. If not, I will decide on a new course of action.

02-02-2004, 09:49 AM
Sorry to hear you're not enjoying SB more. :( I've got to give you credit for sticking it out though, to see if it works! ::yes::

I hope you start feeling better soon and find enjoyable foods to eat.

Here's an extra :hug: !

02-02-2004, 10:59 AM
that's rough that you're having a hard time with phase 1 of sb. i hope you can make it through! and once you get to phase 2, you should be able to vary your food intake more, and hopefully that will make it easier. good luck! :)

02-03-2004, 07:57 AM
Thanks for the support Doe and Marsh. I'm still pretty sure I am not the best candidate for this particular diet. Some things have been good though. My DD is doing very well, though obviously not following the plan prcisely (She's not yet 11), some of the changes she has made are giving her good results. Even she says, "Mom, don't ge discouraged. Maybe your body type just isn't cut out for this type of plan." Then as she smooths her shirt, she says "But I think mine is." :teeth: She may be right. The other good thing is I have decided I am not an alchie!
: :hyper: I was really worried that my nightly cocktail would be difficult to not indulge in, but not a problem. I really don't miss it other than I miss it, if you know what I mean.

Still I woke up this morning more bloated than ever. My waistline is non-existant, and my arms were falling asleep all night last night, which indicates I'm consuming too much salt. I think from the cheese and balance subtitute, as well as the egg subs. I don't know. I will probably weigh in on thursday, for a one week analysis. I will keep in mind my proximity to TOM and try to get myself over it. Dinners are getting difficult, as DS and DH are not ready to eat the tings called for in the book, so we went to Hooters last night. I had a large garden salad with vinaigrette and 3 naked wings. I did not eat the fried pickles or drink anything but iced tea. Had pistascios for dessert when we got home. I know wings are on foods to be avoided, but I think there was less than an ounce of meat between them, so I'm keeping my clippe!

02-04-2004, 08:22 AM
Day 6 on SB.

Yesterday went pretty well, other than the kids were out for another snow day, so that puts a real crimp on my exercise routine, and I did spend way too much time here on the DIS.:D
But I have stuck with this and am beginning Day 7 today. Checked the meal plan for today and decided that Smoke Salmon Fritatta was no place I wanted to go today. That is way too much salt for me, (though I wouldn't think twice about slathering a bagel with cream cheese and throwing a slab of lox on it! :tongue: ) so I opted instead for some cottage cheese with cucumber and tomato and a hard boiled egg. I think I'm getting way too much cheese, so I'm cutting back further. (I never use the reccommeded amount anyway, as I dont really like cheese. I only use enough to hold things together)

Yesterday's dinner was gross! Balsamic chicken. (what a waste of time and good chicken! I get my chicken from a local amish farm and it is expensive!) I should have known better than to marinate anything in balsamic overnight. But I did thinking that most of the dinner entrees have been bland and maybe this would perk things up. It tasted like sour chicken. Sour and still bland. (I make my own version of this anyway, just use Newman's Balsamic and marinate for 3-4 hours, and it is great!)The good Dr. A may be a great cardiologist, and nutritionist, but a chef he's not.;) However, I do like most of the brekky dishes and the snacks as well. The lunches are almost exactly what I ususally have for lunch anyway, so that is good, too. The dinners have been disappointing though. I always leave the table unsatisfied. Full, but unsatisfied. And usually, by bed time, I'm hungry. I just go to bed. (And wake up ravenous!)

I jsut can't figure out why my pants aren't falling off yet! My 10's are still tight and my twelves I can wear very comfortably with longjohns underneath. But I was hoping by now they would be too big. The thing I am thinking is that Dr. A says that you lose belly fat first. Well guss what? I'm a pear, not an apple. So all my weight is in my hips and butt. Asl, though I may be losing belly fat, it is being offset by the bloat. So, I will continue to struggle through until Feb 16. That will be my day of reckoning. I keep telling myself I had better lose 10 pounds, or it isn't worth it, but if I lose the 8 pounds promised, I will probably continue, but on phase one untill I leave the 140's. (10 pounds from start.)
That's my plan...I'm sticking to it!

02-04-2004, 09:59 AM
you are unbelievably determined! even though you're not really enjoying your dinners, i'm so impressed that you're not giving in to late night snacking! and that balsalmic chicken does sound nasty. balsalmic is a very strong taste, marinating overnight does NOT sound like a good idea! seriously, whoever thought that was a good idea must not have really thought it through :rolleyes: .

i'm sorry you're not seeing the results in your jeans that you'd like. my only advice is to give it a little more time. i know it's frustrating, but i'm sure you'll get there. just keep sticking to the plan, and i'm sure things will start to happen for you! :)

hope you have a great day today :sunny:

02-04-2004, 10:21 AM
I'm glad you're enjoying your first two meals of the day - that's a plus! Sorry that your dinners have been less than satisfying. I know that feeling of being full but not satisfied. I can deal with it once in a while but it sounds like an every-day occurrance for you. Here's a :hug: and a sincere wish that you can find something you really love for dinner on SB.

Getting rid of that bloated feeling is one of my favorite things about low-carb. I do hope that extra water weight disappears soon for you!

Take good care of you!! :sunny:

02-05-2004, 09:15 AM
Day 7 on SB

Yesterday went fairly well. I have to say I do much better without the snacks, and cheese. :confused: For brekky I had a hard boiled egg and some cottage cheese with chopped tomato and cucumber. No snack and lunch was hummus and broccoli and cauliflower and my last 3 Hooters wings. (I don't think I'll order those again. Why bother? :p ) I did get a bit hungry around 3 and had a mini spinach quiche. Dinner was "DA BOMB"! DH and I went to the crack house! We split an order of steak fajitas. He had the tortillas and the steak, I had the tomatos onions, peppers, guacamole, and pico de gallo, and a little bit of crack on top. (Crack is their salsa! It is addictive!:teeth: ) I did not touch one crack delivery system (i.e. tortilla chips), or one drop of DH's margarita. (Though I did find myself absentmindedly reaching for both! :crazy: ) I went home feeling triumphant, and went to bed without another bite of food. I did wake up ravenous today, however. I will weigh in today after lunch. I know I'm holding water from the crack last night, as my arms kept falling asleep last night. So I'm drinking tons of water, trying to flush out the salt. I figure if it's not gone by lunchtime, it's mine to keep. I'll report back after lunch.
Dinner tonight is Senagalese Lemon Chicken soup. It is a Cooking Light recipe, but has no off limits ingredients except rice, which I will use beansprouts as a sub. I really had such a good day yesterday, in large part because I enjoyed my dinner. I think I am going to make some of my own recipes from now on for dinner and just make them SB acceptable.
Yep! Yesterday was OK!

Weigh In: 147

How I feel about it: It has been the hardest 3 pounds I've ever lost in my life. Still, it is 3 pounds. :D Off to Pilates! Boost that Metabloism! Maybe if the snow starts flying, I'll head to the gym, do some cardio and sit in the steamroom. UMMMM!

02-06-2004, 05:39 AM
Day 8 on SB

I'm over half way through Phase one and I am still in a funk about this. Yesterday was very hard. I had a yucky egg beater, red pepper and canadian bacon scrambled eggs for breakfast, a humongous salad for lunch, (hoping for the best) and dinner was so hot, I could only eat a little. It was good, but my endorphines were in overload. I really felt a bit tipsy. Next time I make it, I'll remove the habanero befor it disintegrates into mush. :eek: I have a lot left over. Hopefully it will mellow overnight!

I don't expect my mood to improve anytime soon. With TOM waiting to pounce, DH in Montreal for a week and constant school closings/dalays, I just am about toasted. But I will keep on going.
I really like my new pilates DVD. It is ther first time ever doing pilates that I feel like I am getting a good workout, and they are only 20 min sessoins. I just try to do 2-3 sessions / day. I am also concerened that I am burning muscle, as my skin is kind of wrinkly, and I feel it in my legs when I have to use the stairs. I really don't like that. It scares me, so I need to make a concerted effort to make sure I am getting my exercise to keep the muscle. I'm too old to have to try to re-gain that. Anyway, ever faithful to SB (for now:p )

02-06-2004, 01:55 PM
just stopping by to offer my support and encouragement. once again, i know it's tough, but you're doing a great job making it through phase 1! and 3 pounds gone! that's so great! and i'm glad you're enjoying your pilates, it's a great workout :)

02-06-2004, 02:13 PM
Wow TL! You are SO determined! I really admire you for that!:cool:
My DH asked how I was doing the other day. I told him lousy! 4 weeks and I've barely lost 5 lbs!:mad: He starts in on how I expect too much, give up too easy, yada yada.... Who said I was giving up? I just said it was going lousy! We will keep fighting our fight! And we WILL win!!!:crazy:
Give it time and I hope the bloat fairy beats a path right out your door!:Pinkbounc


02-07-2004, 09:46 AM
Sharon, I don't ever give up. Tenacity is my middle name. Yes we will do this. (One way or the other and if it takes forever.) Thanks for your support.


Day 9 on SB

Yesterday was hard as I am hormonally off balance. Really had nothing to do with SB. I finally decided to take my measurments and actually gained in my waistline. It could be a little water, but I know that it is more distention than anything. I really look about 3 months along! So I bit the bullet and went to fitday to run some numbers and found I was getting an average of 12 grams of fiber a day. Not good. I rushed to the market and grabbed some fiber additive (Like metamucil) and am hoping that helps. (My luck it will help on the day I have to spend on a field trip with DD! :o )

Breakfast yesterday was cottage cheese w/ tomatos, and cucumbers with a ton of black pepper, and a hard boiled egg. Lunch was Leftover Senagalese soup and a portabella mushroom topped with tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella and balsamic/olive oil. Snacks were all pistascios. (I think I may be eating more of those than I should. They may be what is making me so thirsty. They are about the sweetness level I crave. :tongue:
Dinner was lettuce wraps with cilantro mayo, ham, onion, red pepper and broccoli sprouts. They were yummy!

I may need to drink more water, too. I drink 16 oz with every meal and snack, upon awakening, while exercising and right before bedtime. That should be enough, but I find myself thirsty at night. :confused: (i know Diabetes acts that way, but I do check my sugar periodically, and have always had normal readings. Except while pregnant with DD, which is why I do check every now and again, as I am at risk for developing Type II since I was insulin dependent while carrying her.) So, I'm thinking I need more water. (or less pistascios :) )

Looking forward to Valentines day, so I am assured of Legally (as in Legal Seafood) eating one of my favorite dishes, Portugese Fishermans Stew, ala Craig Common. I will also have a glass of champagne! (Maybe two! :eek: ) My WISHers from the NE will appreciate my excitement about that.

So for today, that is it. I will stay OP and get through this. I must say, I have been temted to throw in the towel, but as I said, tenacity is my middle name. (it can get ugly at times. Think Pittbull on fresh meat. :hyper: )

02-08-2004, 04:18 PM
Day 10 on SB

Yesterday was very pre-menstral! Breakfast was 2 min. quiche and a glass of metamusil. :crazy2: Lunch was a salad, of course, and a glass of metamusil. I am beginning to get a bit tired of them. Snack was cauliflower and broccoli with hummus and dinner was taco salad, and yup, a glass of metamusil. I went off on my kids right before dinner. :o DS is a junkie and he was doing everything in his power to get back to his fix (Anything cyber:rolleyes: ) and I had had enough of it. After 3-4 hours away from the cyber world, he returned to me as the child I know and love. :happy1: We watched Spaceballs and then watched 10 Best Hawaian beaches and went to sleep dreaming of his 15th birthday, so we can go there and he can learn to surf. :teeth:

The metamusil is a very slow go, but I can feel some intestinal rumblings and that must be good. :confused: It does fill me up though, which could be useful. Still having misgivings about this route I'm taking but still hanging in there.

Tonight I'm making one of my family's favorite dishes, Ferakh bel Hummus, which is an Egyptian dish of chicken stewed in onions, garlic, & turmaric, served over chick peas. It is a great SB friendly dish. A 1C. serving is only 275 calories, with 7.5 g fat (1g. sat fat, 2.4g mono, 3.6g poly,) 25.7 g. protien, 6.3 g fiber, 59 mg. cholesterol, and 26 g. carbs. After dinner, I think we'll head to the bookstore for a few books to celebrate Black History Month. Something inspirational from Maya Angelou for me, and maybe a kids Civil Rights book for DS and DD. We are trying to have one African meal a week to help us in our celelbratin, and while Egypt isn't exactly where the earliest African Americans came from, it is African nonetheless. We have also done Senegal, which is closer. I'm going to have to find some great soul recipe too, I think, but I'm not sure how SB friendly that would be. I bet it could work though. Anyway, hasta manana!

02-09-2004, 03:25 PM
Day 11 on SB.

Well, only a few more days to go on phase one, I hope. yesterday went quite smoothly. I am starting to get some energy back, but I am still having doublts about my rate of loss. Though I haven't weighed in since Thursday and, therefore, have no real basis for this opinion, I just feeli sluggish and bloated. Pants still tight and doing Pilates is getting more difficult, as I am uncomfortable rounding forward for many of the moves. :mad: My family is growing frustrated with my not being able to just drop this thing and move on. I told myself I would stick it out, and not be disappointed one way or the other. Still hoping for a whoosh. (And a reason to end this whole thing.)

Yesterday's breakfast wasscrambled eggbeaters w/ onions and peppers and metamusil.
Lunch was a salad, and metamusil.
Dinner was Ferahk bel Hummus, and it was soooo yummy, and metamusil. I am getting concerned that regularity has not come about yet. Doing everything I can to move things along, but so far, things are disappointing, to say the least.

Today has been difficult. Spent the whole day at DD's field trip, had very little brekky and a very abbreviated lunch which only allowed me time to finish about half of my salad. I did eat all the chicken on top, knowing full well I would not get to my snack! :mad: Anyway, I have no plans for dinner. DS has a dance at 6:00 ahd DD doesn't get back from the Y 'til 6:00 and I just want to hop into the tub and soak!

So about 3 more days to go officially, but again, I think I'll wait til Saturday or Sunday, to give my verdict.

02-10-2004, 07:10 AM
Day 12 on SB

Yesterday I practically starved! Too busy to eat. When dinnertime arrived, I was wiped! I had leftover Egyptian Stew and it was really salty for some reason, and I just couldn't stomach it. I did have some almonds for dessert though. I'm getting concerned about why the metamusil isn't working and I realised I wasn't using enough, and even then, it can take up to 72 hours! So I'm upping the dosage and hoping today is the day!
I am feeling more upbeat as the end of Phase One draws closer, though yesterday I had the worst cravings I've had in a very long time. Maybe it was the salty stew, or maybe it was my body telling me it meeded some energy, and that triggered the sweet tooth. I just wanted something sweet. This went on for about an hour. I thought maybe I could get a cappuccino, but no milk, so that was out. That is why I settled for almonds. They are a bit sweet. It did pass eventually, but I honestly don't get cravings like that even when I'm not on a diet that is supposed to eliminate these types of cravings. :confused:

So today begins day 12, and I am still hanging tough. Hoping to get some pilates in this A.M. to keep the old metabolism up and muscle tone from going buh bye! DH comes home today. Maybe I'll see just how committed he is to his health (He told me he needs to get to the gym) and go to the gym with him. Even if all we do is walk the track, it is better than sitting on the sofa, siping martinis. (well, not really better, but better for us! :teeth: )

Until tomorrow!

02-10-2004, 09:34 AM
i'm so impressed with your determination! you are really having a rough time with all of this, but you're sticking it out anyway. i hope that things turn around and you end up seeing the results that you're looking for. good luck :bounce:

02-11-2004, 08:13 AM
Day 13 on SB

Marcia, I am getting really tired of this. I know that this should be working for me, but so far I have only managed tolose the weight I gained over the Holidays. While I am happy about that, and don't think I would have done it without going on some sort of regimented plan, I'm not yet convinced of the claims this diet makes. At least not for me. I will keep at it though for the next few days. Thanks for checking in on me! :wave:

Yesterday was a great day. Breakfast was cottage cheese and chopped tomato and cucumber. Lunch was tuna salad with chopped pickles, cucumbers onion and dill mixed with low fat mayo, lemon juice and dijon mustard, served over greens. Dinner was mahi and veggies. No snacks and no dessert, but I felt pretty good yesterday. Got all my laundry and ironing done! Then DH came home with a weeks worth, but it's OK. At least I'm caught up.

I'll be going to the gym more frequently according to DH. We'll see. Maybe that will help get things moving in the right direction. I have no plans for dinner tonight which means I had better start thinking about it or I'll be in trouble. I spend all a.m. with DD's class, so there will not be much time to prepare when I get home.


Oh boy! The Golgothan is making a departure! :bounce: (thank Goodness for metamusil and indoor plumbing! Can you imagine that problem in an outhouse this time of year!?!? :eek: ) However, he's been replaced by the Bloat Fairy! :mad: But that is a trade I'm willing to make! :p I still look pregnant, but it must be mostly water, as I can see the imprint of my blues in my thighs. Not the seams mind, but the grain in the denim! :eek: Things are looking up! I never thought I'd be happy to see the bloat fairy, but if it kicks the other demon out, that's fine with me! Still WISHing for a whoosh!

02-12-2004, 06:13 AM
Day 14 on SB

Yesterday was terrible. Breakfast was leftover tuna salad, lunch was a salad with a hunk of mahi left over from the night before and dinner was edamame Succotash. TOM is here with a vengence, and I am still wiped out. I was in bed by seven and sleeping by 8:30. I'm supposed to weigh in today, but I don't think I will. I can tell I'm holding too much water and I don't want to get discouraged with only a few more days to go. Had incredible sugar cravings last night, and it dawned on me it's from TOM. This too will pass. I won't be able to exercise today, and maybe not tomorrow either :mad: . But I promise to stay on plan today. That's the best i can do. Good news is I should be back on my game by Valentines day. :D

02-13-2004, 07:42 AM
Day 15 on SB

Yesterday was good. Brekky was one mini quiche. Lunch was a salad, with almonds for a snack, and for dinner we went to a Japanese Steakhouse. I passed on the rice, soup and most of the salad. (it was yucky iceburg with a ginger dressing that isn't really good, and I'm sure it has sugar in it.) I had onions, mushrooms, zucchini, beansprouts and chicken with a few bites of beef. Oh yeah, and 3 shrimp. Probably the most food I've had in a single meal for 2 weeks, but while I was full, I was not overly so. The bad news in all of this is that everything is cooked in butter and tons of salt. Not good fat, but I'm sure this was not a deal breaker. The salt will have me for a while but I am drinking, drinking, drinking my water. I may actually get to exercise today, but not promising anything today. I think I will weigh in "officially" tomorrow. By then, most of the water should be gone, and I can better guage how this diet is working for me. I have pretty much made a mental committment tho keeping to Phase one untill I lose 10 pounds, so I'm praying I have lost at least 8, which would put me at 142. That would be two important milestones for me. I will have officially lost 15 pounds since starting WISH, and I will have met my first mini goal of 145! So I am kind of excited. Actually, I'm excited already as I know I have already lost 15 since my heaviest of 162, (which happened after I started WISH! :o ) And, for the most part, I have managed to keep all but 3 of that off for several months! So I will check in tomorrow with an official statement.

02-13-2004, 11:15 AM
hey it seems like everyone is going through tom right around now! crazy! don't sweat the cravings, you gotta give in sometimes.

hope weigh in went well for you! :sunny:

02-16-2004, 08:36 AM
Day 18 on SB

Valentines day I was baaad! Woke up with a headache. I was really good for brekky and lunch, but the dinner hour got away from me. I was really busy all day, and didn't get to start dinner until almost 6. Since my weigh in that morning showed me at 144, I was not going to not have a glass of champagne, so I did. While cooking, I began snacking on pistachios, then another glass of champagne. Repeat above scenario for yet another snack and glass of champagne. Dinner was not the best I've made, and I was very disappointed. All in all, I wish I didn't even open the champagne. (But it was the best part of the night!:p )

I'm not suffering greatly because of my indescretion. No cravings were sparked, and I'm still on plan. I did meet my first mini goal milestone, but can only report a 6 pound loss for my first 2 1/5 weeks on SB. Not exactly the progress I had hoped to make. Still only 4 pounds away from 140, and that will be a happy day for me. (havent seen under 140 sind Dbil passed away, and that was just a trauma reaction and very short lived) I am now at the "I need to lose 20 more pounds" point. I'm hoping to lose another 5-10 befor the end of March. I will start Phase 2 of SB when I've hit 140. That could be sooner than later, as I will be hitting the gym for some cardio work. I know it is going to get harder, the closer I get, but I bet by this summer, the gramdparents will be amazed. Oh yeah, DH is starting to cut carbs! Not going all out, but just things like no sugar in the coffee, and a lot less bread, and cereal. (we don't do potatos often and rice is not a staple either. Pasta is another thing.:rolleyes: I have purchased some whole wheat pasta, and that will be a side dish for my first phase 2 meal.)

That's it for now.

02-18-2004, 09:36 AM
Day 20 on SB

Today is the day I come to my senses and realize South Beach is not working for me. With the single exception of Valentines day indulgence of some Champagne, I have followed this thing to the letter. I have lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. That is only 2 pounds a week. I have zero energy to do anything. I am wiped out by 4 in the afternoon, I can't live without metamusil and I am definately losing muscle. That is the final side affect that brought me to this conclusion. I have always been able to lose 2 pounds a week when I was very strict with myself. And I know what my body needs and what it can and can't handle. I need to exercise. I like exercise, but on this particular plan, I haven't the energy to do so. South beach has given me my single most successful loss. If my body isn't "detoxed" from bad carbs yet, it will never be. This 3 weeks had psychologically programmed me to fear anything with fructose, sucrose and any other form of sugar. I have stopped having my wine with dinner, which was not a real problem, but I haven't really seen the benefit either. Since I pretty much eat a phase 3 diet anyway, I think I'm just going back to watching my portions, and keeping my carbs on a limited, (fiber rich) basis. I'm not saying SB is not a good eating plan, but I have only 20 pounds to lose, and I don't want it to be muscle. If I'm too tired to exercise, I won't and then my muscle will further deteriorate. At 40, I am losing about a half pound a year anyway. I can't afford to lose more. I am a bit disappointed, but I have made some improvements thanks to SB, which was what I was hoping for. I don't feel like a failure. I just think that I wanted more than it had to give me.

Today for breakky, I HAD OAT BRAN! Skim milk and splenda. We'll have to see how that affects any sugar rushcravingcrashs I may have. I have been checking my sugar and it has been consistently 84-86. I just finished brekky and will wait about 20 mins and check it to see how things go. For lunch I'm having ceasar salad, and my famous chicken fajitas (with LC whole wheat ::yes:: ) wraps. See, still pretty much SB friendly, and truely the way I normally eat anyway. :) I already did pilates, and will go for a walk with DH at lunch. I think I'd like to hit the elliptical sometime today as well, to get my legs back.

So long South Beach! Thanks for al the tips!

Ok. Checked my sugar. It was 146! :eek: So, a definite spike, however, there was a concurrent spike in my energy level, as well! :hyper: Checked it again, an hour later, and it was 111. My energy level, however has not diminished at all. :teeth: I have not noticed any increase in appetite, any cravings. I am preparing my lunch right after this, and I imagine I will be hungry by the time it is ready. I will check my sugar right before I eat, and it should be back below 100, if my body is handling the sugar, the way it is supposed to. I have had no desire for a snack. So far, so good.

Sugar 2 hours later: 84. Guess I'm doing ok. Lunch was yummy and filling. I won't be walking with DH at lunch :( , but will go with DD to the Y directly after school. It will be a family affair, as I will take DS with me.

02-18-2004, 11:33 AM
i'm sorry that south beach did not work for you, but i am glad that you have come to this conclusion and are working on a plan that will do you well! i agree about your muscles. if you were feeling too tired to exercise on south beach, that can't be good for you. i hope that your new way of eating will give you a great boost of energy and that you will be able to exercise again :hyper:

good luck!!:bounce:

02-19-2004, 07:13 AM
Yesterday was great! I did pilates and 1/2 hour on the elliptical. It almost killed me though. The heart rate monitor was flakey. I noticed my heart was beating harder than normal and when I took my pulse it was at 34/10 seconds! :eek: It took 10 mins. just to bring it back down to 150! Man! I am out of shape. But I felt really good for the rest of the night. (Once I convinced myself I was not going to have a heart attack)

Brekky was oatbran, splenda, and skim milk.
Lunch was ceasar salad
Dinner was chipotle chicken stew.

I actually had the energy to stay up past 10! I also had energy to tidy up my house. Things were getting rediculous around here. I was not keeping up with the housework, and in bed by 8:30! That is no life. Now I can see why my family was unhappy with me. They were, however, very supportive.

I think I have found where I belong in the health spectrum, and need to remind myself that I have lost over 15 pounds. I will lose the rest sooner or later. Though tenacity is my middle name, stupidity has no place in my life. Live and learn!

Well, OK, so I'm weak and stupid! :jester:
I just got back from the gym and found that I have been working waaaay beyond my fintess level. Is that possible? I ran into my pilates instructor and she wondered where I'd been blah blah. Anyway, I was asking about personal trainers and how they work. (she is a certified something or other). Anyway, she gave me a mini session. So on the elliptical, I was running right around 172bpm. She said "Woah! That is way too high for you!" I told her that is about where I get to feeling like I'm actually doing something. Anyway, that is way below my 80% aerobic level. She asked how I did in math.:teeth: Seems I was taking the target bpm and multiplying by 10, not 6! :eek: So here, all along, I thought I was just doing a moderate 55-60% level, when in fact I was doing way too much. That was stupid #1.
Stupid #2 was the balsamic Chicken recipe from SB meal plan. I must have been crazed with hunger or something and was too stupid to trust my better judgement when I thought the recipe called for me to marinate the chicken over night in a balsamic marinade. Upon re-reading it, I realised I was only supposed to use the dry ingredients as a rub, and drizzle the balsamic over the chicken towards the end of cooking! :o I'll have to give it another try.
So, I learned two things today, and now I am somewhat less ignorant. :teeth: It is a good day so far. Did my cardio, the right way, for 40 mins. I would like to get a pilates session in, but who knows. I would also like to do some strenth, but my legs are still a bit sore form Monday!:mad:
One more thing I have noticed. My face looks happier. I think I must have lost all 15 pounds there, as my measurments don't reflect much of a change. :p But I do look happier, like I'm not in a perpetual frown.:p That is good. Maybe it's is from not drinking as much alcohol. Certainly less beer and beer will bloat. I think I'm done with beer. (At least until next September! And then only one per Quarter! :teeth: )

02-19-2004, 11:39 AM
oh i am so happy for you! you can just hear the motivation in your post! that is excellent that you are feeling so much better, makes me so happy :hyper:

glad you found out you were exercising too hard. better late than never. and now, like you said, you can fix it. same with the balsalmic chicken! i knew that didn't sound right! glad you got that one figured out. maybe it'll actually taste good when made that way :eek:

hope you have a great day today :sunny:

02-20-2004, 07:17 AM
Another winner yesterday! Though I did get really hungry around 3, and was in no positon to snack. Brekky was oatbran, et al, Lunch was a humongous salad, but I forgot to put some protien on hence, the hunger around 3, and I did have (eventually) some almonds and broccoli with baba for a snack, and leftover chicken chipotle stew for dinner with a glass of syrah. Yum! I got my bedroom cleaned, got to the gym, and tried on some of my clothes that used to fit last summer then got way too tight. They ar too big! :eek: I have very mixed feelings about this. I'm happy that I am seeing results, but these were expensive clothes. I'm going to have to find a good tailor, and have them taken in. It's got to be cheaper than buying new. Some of these outfits I have only worn once, as I bougth them on the premise that I would continue to lose, when, in reality, I gained! I figure I'll wait until I reach my second goal of 135, before I have them altered. Than they will have to come in at least 2 sizes, and I'll have less of a chance that I will outgorw them again.

What will I do for me today?

1. Exercise
2. Try to have lunch with DH (He's been in meetings all week :rolleyes: )
3. Put away the remaining boxes of Christmas stragglers that have been cluttering my Family room for a month!

I will make jerk pork for dinner tonight, and have the usual for lunch and brekky.

HI Marcia! Thanks for the inspiration. I must hit your journal 2-3 times a day to get me ready to roll! I'm so glad to have you haer to keep me going.

Have a :sunny: day everyone!

02-20-2004, 11:15 AM
i am so glad to help keep you going! that makes me so happy, but you're making me blush :blush: . i started out this journey learning from and being inspired by the others on the board, it makes me so happy that i can be of some help as well :teeth:

that's great about the clothes! really, it is. i know it stinks because they cost so much money, but i think your approach is a good idea. tailoring sounds like a wonderful solution ::yes::

hope you got to have lunch with dh and that you have a great day :sunny:

02-20-2004, 03:45 PM
I just got caught up on your journal! You are amazing for giving SBD such a thorough trial, learning from it and then moving on! I love your story about last summer's clothes being too large - a good tailor will get them all fixed up for you when you're ready!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :sunny:

02-22-2004, 06:46 AM
Friday was good. Stayed on plan. Jerk Pork was amazing! I did my full strength session, and on Saturday, was not sore at all!

Yesterday was good too. Brekky was oatbran. Lunch was actually an early dinner at Hooters! I had a garden salad and a few bites of DD's grilled chicken breast (though I think their idea of grilled is griddled), and 3 fully dressed 911 wings. OH MAN WERE THEY GOOD! Iced tea to drink. Went to the Mall for a walk, but that was a waste of time. I forgot about teenagers and the mall on Saturday evenings. Went home and split a most amazing bottle of wine with DH. We Watched Grand Canyon and I slept like a baby.

I woke up early this morning and made coffee, and am waiting for the rest of the family to wake up and start the day. I didn't exercise yesterday, but I did do some vigorous housekeeping. I'm grabbing my 15 pound clippie as well. Though today is not my weigh in day, I jumped on to see if exercise was helping, and I'm at 141! Talk about whoosh! Not to mention the motivation it gives me to keep going at get exercising. I could be to my second goal easily, by the end of March.

Doreen, thanks again for the kind words. I don't know why SB didn't work for me. I do know that it wasn't from lack of trying.

Thanks to you too Marcia! It is so nice to have my WISH:angel:'s watching over me. You guys are inspirational and keep me going. Thanks!

02-23-2004, 11:07 AM
I was sort of bad yesterday. I had 2 pieces of bread with dinner, and some brown rice with lunch. I also did not exercise at all. I was really run down all day. :rolleyes:

Today is another day. Went to the gym and did 40 mins on the elliptical, and walked fast for 20 more mins. I came home and did a pilates session and had the usual for brekky. I'm on my wayto lunch with DH and wondering if we will be walking. Linch is salad and dinner will probably be a roast with grilled veggies.

I weighed myself at the gym this morning and I have decided that it isn't calibrated correctly. ;) It showed me up 2.5 pounds from what i weighed yesterday on my scale. It could be right though, because I am beginning to hold waster from approaching TOM! Not worries though. Not counting any real progress until after all THAT is over. I also have not been drinking enough water. I need to keep my bottle handy. That is all for now.

02-24-2004, 08:34 AM
I was so busy yesterday that I didn't get a chance to make dinner, so we went to the crack house. I was good. Nothing but iced tea, to drink. I did have one tortilla and about 10 chips. The rest was tomatos, onions, peppers, guac, and pico. But, the jiggly fairy is still here, and I gave her even more incentive to hang around, with all the salt in that food. Still hanging tough at 143 tho. I probably won't get any lower than that, while the BF is lurking.

I need to get to the market this morning. Mother hubbards cupboard is bare. Then I will have oat bran for brekky, and probably a salad for lunch and the roast I was supposed to cook yesterday, for dinner. I will do some strength training today, but won't attempt the gym, as I have way too many things that need doing. The gym for me is like the computer for some. Once I'm there, I have a hard time pulling myself away. (I intend to get a quick 30 min workout in, and I'm there for 2.5 hours.
:rolleyes: )

Hasta manana!

02-24-2004, 10:54 AM
i know you said you aren't going by the scale at the gym, and that's a good idea. different scales tend to give different readings. definitely just weigh on your scale at home. that'll give you a "true" reading.

and that is good that you know yourself well enough to know you can't go into the gym today! you can get just as good of a workout strength training at home ::yes::

hope you have a great day :sunny:

02-25-2004, 09:44 AM
Blah! Yesterday was awful! Did not work out. Strayed a bit from plan. And was very disappointed when I found that the market was out of my favorite wine and will not likely get any more anytime soon. I spent the day running errands and cooking dinner and all the other mundane things that have defined my life for the time being.

Brekky was 2 mini quiche cups. Lunch was oatbran and a huge salad, and dinner was roast beef and risotto with a glass of so-so wine and pistachios for dessert. I must have gone over calories by about 300! Not exactly a dealbreaker, as I figure I had between 1500 and 1600.

Still holding water, which I hate, because it makes my tummy jiggle, and my hips wiggle! Even my hands are fat! I so dislike this time of month. Worst of all, it seems to come everu 12 days, and last for about 2 weeks. So I get about a week every 3 that I feel good. But, I will be out of this funk soon. I'm shooting for 2 pounds/ week. I have tried this before, and failied. Well, not really failed in the sense that I didn't lose, just not 2 pounds/week. I think I can do this now that I have changed some of my carby habits, and don't snack.

So now I am going to take my meds, drink a huge galss of water and do some strenth training, although my body really wants an aerobic workout. Maybe I can squeeze that in when I take DD to the Y this afternoon.

02-25-2004, 09:51 AM
I think 2 pounds a week is an awful lot to expect. Maybe if you lower your expectations to 1 pound a week, you'll be happy when the scale shows more of a loss and not so disappointed when it doesn't? Just a thought.....

Hang in there through the "jigglies" - we all get that way and you know it's only temporary. Drink that water and give your body an excuse to let go of the excess that it's hanging on to.

You're doing just fine. Keep it up! :sunny:

02-25-2004, 10:56 AM
Hey Doe! I totaly agree with your thinking, but, I figure if I shoot for 2, I can realistically expect one. Sort of hope for the best, but expect the worst. Actually, when I go by the month, 6 pounds is about what I average, if I'm being good. My best news is that when I'm not being good, i don't gain either.:p So that keeps me moving in the right direction. I am a bit worried about the not gaining over my upcoming trip. I'm more worried about this than I ever was about any cruise I've ever been on. (Not a big fan of cruise food. :confused: ) Wine, cheese, olive oil, bread, gelato, sauces! :tongue: OH Stop me before I gain weight just thinking about it! Moderation! Walking, and maybe a head cage, will get me through it unscathed. :earseek: Maybe. :crazy:

02-25-2004, 11:39 AM
i think that for vacation, it's okay to not follow your plan to a tee. make good choices, but don't deprive yourself of all the good stuff you know you love. i'm sure you'll do just fine. even if you come home with a slight gain, it's not a huge deal, just get right back on track, simple as that ::yes::

i do agree with doe about 2 pounds per week being high...but if you average 6 per month, i'd say that's a more realistic goal. i jsut don't watn you to feel like you're failing whne you're actually doing a great job! alright, enough lecturing from me. you know what's best for you :)

hope you have a great day today :sunny:

02-25-2004, 12:58 PM
Tracy - I know I'd love to loose 2 lbs a week. And there was a time in my life where that was a reasonable expectation. NOT anymore! I have been on plan for 7 weeks and have dropped 8 lbs. Yes, it is going slow, but it is going, so I am happy with that.

Vacation - I say don't worry too much. You have saved and worked all year to get to vacation. I say relax and enjoy it. No, you don't need to go hog wild, but you don't need to pass up every indulgance either. Moderation is the key, as it is in everyday life as well.;)

keep up the good job with the exercise. That will certainly help battle the jiggly monster as well! And the water!:crazy:

Have a good day!

02-26-2004, 02:56 PM
Finally! A chance to sit down for more that 2 mins.

Just got back from the Y. That felt good. I had the usual fiber laden gruel for brekky today and a ginormous salad for lunch. I also did 25 mins of Pilates, though it didn't feel like much, so I may do some crunches later on. I think I'm making Fajitas for dinner tonight.

I was bad yesterday. Not only did I have 2 glasses of wine, I had a cocktail! :eek: (am I the only one who craves alcohol while PMSing? ) Well, while I can justify the cocktail due to the fact that I was wound way too tight yesterday, and it did much to level my mood, I really paid for it last night! Blech. I was up all night sweating and tossing and turning and thirsty. Had a headache when I woke and was sluggish til I mad my sorry butt get up and get with the program. I feel much better now and think I will skip my wine this evening.

Weigh in today was fine. Didn't lose, but didn't gain. All in all, I'm happy with that, considering last night and the bloat fairy is visiting. This could go on for a week or more depending on when TOM actually decides to visit. (Never the same # of days twice)
But when it is all over, I usually have a pretty good Whoosh.

Marcia and Sharon, I plan on being really naughty on my vacation!
That said, I also don't have the luxury of sitting around on my bum ordering cocktails from Ojack (My favorite Bartender on the Magic), and doing little else. I will be taking tours of Versailles, Giverny, the Louvre, Musee d 'Orsey, and all the other must see's in Paris, before going to San Giminagno, Sienna, Chianti and the Uffizi, Academia, and the Duomo while in Florence. All this happens over the course of 8 fast and furious days, so I doubt there will be a lot of idle time to just sit and eat. Even the "evening meal" will probably be shorter than the average, as I expect we will all be quite tuckered out. And you're right. If I come back with a gain, well, I'll just have to deal with it, and get on with it. Thanks for checking in on me! I won't feel like a failure until I can't exercise anymore. As long as I never see 150 again, I feel like a success! My clippie gets me going too. Funny, I didn't think much of it at the time, but I have to say WOW! I've lost 15 pounds. That is pretty good. The most I've ever lost without squeezing out a pup! :teeth:

Take care!

02-26-2004, 03:21 PM
Tracey, your cruise sounds WONDERFUL! I'd LOVE to cruise through Europe! What cruise line are you going on? This is DH's dream - to go to Europe - and this sounds like a great way to see a lot in a short amount of time and still only unpack once! :p

If you're weighing the same through PMS, I think you deserve a gold star! I crave all sorts of things through that time of the month, including alcohol. I try to limit myself to chocolate though - my cheat of choice. :p

Had to laugh at your last remark about "the most I've ever lost without squeezing out a pup!" :teeth: :teeth:

Hope your day is filled with :sunny: !

02-27-2004, 08:29 AM
Hey Doe! Sorry if I was confusing. We are going the standard way to Europe. That is what I meant by not sitting around drinking. We will be doing a lot of walking! Though I have planted the seed in DH's Head for A repo cruise to Europe for our 25th. Though he immidiately pointed out that DD will be starting college that year, and we wont be doing anything like that for a few more years!:teeth: That's ok! I still am planning.

Today I woke early (4:30), had gruel for brekky and I am off to drive DD to school (missed the bus) and then right to the Y. Then to lunch with DH and then Maybe home for some strenth training. Fajitas for dinner (had tacos last night) Anyway, so long for now! Have a great weekend all!

02-27-2004, 11:21 AM
ooh, your vacation sounds like it will be wonderful, you and dh should have a great time trekking around europe :cool1: . and i'm so glad that you're have already decided to "be naughty". hehe. i think that's the best way to go into a vacation, that way, you have no problems with guilt! enjoy yourself, you deserve it. and like you said, you get right back on track when you get home. wonderful plan :teeth:

hope you have a great day today :sunny:

03-01-2004, 10:24 AM
Only 29 more days to go. I was hoping to have gotten to 140 by now but the BF has got me stuck at 143. That means 8 pounds in 4 weeks?!?! Don't think so, but you never know. After the BF leaves, I could be under 140. It is not at all uncommon for me to whoosh away 5 pounds after TOM.

This weekend was not good. I did zero exercise, but I was very active. Did a great deal of shoppong and yard work, so it wasn't all just sitting around. I was good for breakfast on both days, but lunch on Saturday was pizza. Definately not worth the calories. Sunday was A chorizo burro. THAT was worth the calories! OMG! It was better that Filibertos! Probably not the best thing for my diet, but I did use La tortilla wrap and packed mine full of leftover fajita veggies, and went light on the chorizo. Dinner was a disappointment. BBQ ribs with beans. Not the best I've had and it certainly was a letdown after the burro.

Today I had the usual brekky, and just for back from the gym. I had a great workout. 35 mins on the EFX, and 35 on the TM. I'm sweaty and need to get in the shower before lunch with DH.

A quick hello and have a great Day to all my WISH pals! I will try to catch up after lunch!

03-01-2004, 12:03 PM
good morning! glad you're being realistic about the weight loss by vacation though. 8 pounds in 4 weeks is doable, but it's good to just be content with whatever happens. but ya never know, especially with the whoosh fairy on the way :)

shower sounds real good after such a great workout! i love that feeling! hope you had a great day, and a great lunch with dh :sunny:

03-02-2004, 10:32 AM
UGH! It's only 10:30 and I am starving!:confused: I had my regular breakfast, so I don't understand why. Maybe it's because I just got back from the market and wnat to eat all the yummy stuff I bought, like broccoli. :rolleyes: Well, I am going to try to hold off until 11 at which time I will construct one Mutha of a salad.

Yesterday turned out really well. Lunch was a subway club in an Atkins wrap, and dinner was a very small chorizo burro and a really large salad, and 2 glasses of beaujoulais.:tongue:

Today, I am doing laundry, (of course I'm doing laundry) and paying bills and then at 1:00, I will do some strength work and then pick DS up from school and head to the gym for some cardio and more strength, I hope. I want DS to teach me how to use the machines. Hopefully he will find it amusing and not embarrassing.:p

Dinner will be Albondigas! Yummy. DH says we are the wrong race. :p


03-02-2004, 10:59 AM
aaa, starving at 10:30, that's no fun! but i'm sure it definitely has to do with being at the market. whenever i go grocery shopping, it makes me want to eat! so i guess the best time to go is right after you eat so you're full. too bad schedules don't allow us to do this though :rolleyes:

that's a really great idea to get ds to show you how to use weight machines. especially since he knows what he's doing, he will defintely be a big help for you. i'm sure he will find it amusing. when i took my mom to the gym to help her out, it was definitely amusing and not embarrassing at all! we had a lot of fun :). hope you have a similar experience :)

03-02-2004, 01:24 PM
Well, Tracey, sorry to hear you're not cruising through Europe but all that walking sure will make it easier to eat all the yummy food and not feel guilty!! :p

Your menus lately sound so good!! You're doing great, Tracey! :sunny:

03-03-2004, 08:34 AM
I had such a great day yesterday! My visit to the gym with DS was a lot of fun. He's quite a motivator. "DS, I'd like you to show me how to use these machines." "Which ones?" "Whatever will work my arms" "Yeah. You really do need to work on that." :p See what I mean?

Anyway, I had a great workout with DS and will try to get back there again today.

Yesterday's meals all went as planned, and I finished off the day well within range.

Today is starting out well. Brekky is done, meds are done, vitamines done and water is doing well. I am getting a bit worried though. The BF has apparently disappeared, and TOM hasn't arrived yet. :eek: That would be my luck! UGH! DH says I'm over working my body and that is slowing things down. I admit in the past this has happened. I always say that it is a fringe benefit of strenuous exercise! :p Keep your fingers crossed for me. I like my family size just fine. Besides, I found a little story DD is working on called "This is My Life", and in it she referes to herself as the "adored youngest child." I would not want to take that away from her. :earseek:

Other than that I am having quite a bit of success with my routine, and feel very confident about getting very close to goal by the end of the month. I was thinking that I would lose all the weight I was ever going to lose by then, but I forgot I have at least another month before Grandma and Grandpa cone home to fatten me up. I could lose all my weight by then if I behave myself (to a certain extent) in Europe. So I am shooting for 125 by my birthday, June 14. 17 pounds in 14 weeks. Maybe. I know it will get harder as I continue to lose, but I am trying to do this with more activity than with starvation. So far, I have been seeing results. I will try to lose the bulk of it by the end of April, which means I have to reach my original goal of 135 by 3/31, and be ready to hop right back on when I return. That means back on plan over Easter for sure! And no turning back until I am wearing my size 8's again. (I was hoping for 6's, but I have never seen someone my age with children who looked healthy in a 6, unless she had always looked that way, i.e. the likes of Sara Jessica Parker and co. So comfy 8's will be the goal. )

So long for now. I will try to catch up with all of you after work! :wave:

03-03-2004, 10:50 AM
tracy, yesterday really sounded like a great day for sure! the gym with ds seems like it was fun, i'm very glad it was a good experience :teeth:

that is so cute about your "adored youngest child"! and i'd definitely say that increased exercise could be what's causing your period to be late/missing. i skipped mine for the first time last month (and i'm not doing anything that would get me preggers :p), and i'm attributing it to running a lot. if you're worried though, you could take a test in a few days, just in case.

your goal weights sound like they're right on target. definitely focus on adding in exercise, and not starving yourself! actually, the more you exercise, the more you should eat. make sure to eat enough, otherwise, you could stall out.

oh, and my birthday is june 13! the day before yours, how fun :). we'll have to have a party :bounce:

03-03-2004, 11:04 AM
Tracy, I've never really wished TOM on anyone, but if that's what you want, I'll wish it for you! :p

Your goals sound good but 125?? How tall are you? That just sounds teeny tiny, but if you're built small & thin, then maybe it's realistic. Only you know for sure! I'd hate to see you trying to reach an unhealthy weight. (sorry, Tracy - it's the Mom thing again :rolleyes: - I really can't help it :p )

Hope all goes well today! :sunny:


03-03-2004, 12:43 PM
Thanks for your concern DOE. I am short, and petite. Though petite just doesn't seem to describe me except with regard to my height. I'm 5'3". I used to be happy with my weight at 115, but I think that is an unrealistic expectation, and family and friends said when I weighed that much, I looked too thin. :rolleyes: Then I look back at my pictures of that bygone era and think, "Man! I looked HOT!" DH says it had nothing to do with how much I weighed, and I ("no offense" he says) would not look like that if I were to weigh 115 again. I think 125 is realistic. When I weighed 140, before I moved, my Doc kept saying, "you know, you caould stand to lose 15 pounds." So that sounds like 125 to me.

Thanks for the wishes on TOM. While usually I would tend to agree, I will be eagerly awaiting this one! :p

03-03-2004, 12:51 PM
Hey Marcia! Thanks for all the positives! June 13! One of my dearest friends is also a June 13! (She just did the Disney Marathon, and she is 3 years older than me! My hero! Her anniversary is the day before mine, and her youngest child is one day off of my DH's birthday. Funny how much we have in common.) I will have 2 of you to celebrate now! :bounce:

I just got back from work. I volunteer at DD's school. I went there somwhat hungry and now I'm ravenous. I am going to make myself a LC roll up with Hummus and some healthy choice deli slices, sun dried tomatoes, sprouts, and lettuce. Dinner tonight will be ceasar salad, and I will most likely have a snack before I go to the gym this afternoon. Been drinking my water and need to go now before I have a meltdown!


03-04-2004, 08:35 AM
Blah! I am wiped out today. Was on the high end of my range yesterday, even though I only had a salad for dinner. (3Tbsp. olive oil, 2 Tbsp, parmesean cheese, 1/2 can anchovies, 2 slices of good crusty Italian bread and some really yummy wine) It was actually a fantastic dinner, but after visiting fitday, I realise I was over my salt intake by 100% :eek: , and over my fat intake by 14 grams! (though it was almost all olive oil) Still I managed to remain at a 1200 calorie deficit!

I ROCKED at the gym yesterday! Had a great 30 min cardio, and did the weight machines for 20 mins, really working my lower body and abs! It felt really good. I worked to the point where I felt like I couldn't do another single crunch, press, whatever. And I'm not sore! DS says I need to work harder. :p I told DH I was thinking about taking the day off today (from exercise) and he said, "I hate to bust your chopps, but TOM is comming soon, I promise, and you know you won't be getting any exercise then. You'd better do it while you can." How's that for support!? He must be liking what he sees! :teeth: Either that, or he sees how exercise improves my mood. Whatever it is, I'm glad he is supportive, instead of feeling like I'm obsessing again. (I have been putting in at least an hour a day, and the housework is suffering a bit for it :o )

I did not sleep well last night. My heart was really tachy. Part is from the fact that from 3:00 on, I only had 32 oz of water for the rest of the evening, and I should have had a lot more than that, since I worked really hard at the gym. I was concerned that i had not eaten enough yesterday, but, apparently, that was not the case! DH says it's TOM approaching. It is true, that is a pretty good indicator. I do get tachy a day or two before. :confused: Anyway, the lack of sleep is the major culprit for my lethargy. I should at least get going on my strength work, and I told DS I would go with him to the gym after school. I may not do that, depending on how the strength work goes. If it kicks my butt, then I will just pick him up and take him to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a chair for his bedroom that I have been promising him.

I need to get my water consumption up today to get rid of the almost 4000 mg of salt I ingested yesterday. Today, I am supposed to weigh in, and I may not do it. If I do, it will be after the gym, if I make it there. Otherwise, I will probably wait until TOM is leaving.

I have had brekky, but I ate more than ususal, because I really thought I hadn't eaten enough yesterday :rolleyes: and thought I had better get a good start. Lunch will be a LC roll up and I haven't even begun to think about dinner, which is not good. I have a ton of laundry to do still and must run errands today, so I don't know how I will get any dinner ready. Maybe we will eat out of a box tonight. Not a pizza box, although, I guess it would be fine for everyone else. I could just eat a salad.

OK! I'm off to tackle the laundry and start my day!

Have a great day everyone!

03-04-2004, 12:07 PM
Tracy, sounds like you've a busy day ahead AND you haven't gotten a good night's sleep! Take extra good care of you, OK? If you need some down time, try to fit it in between all those errands & laundry.

Thanks for clarifying your height and your weight goal. It sounds like you've got a realistic goal in mind - glad to hear that! ::yes::

Have a :sunny: day, with a little "me" time worked into it!

03-04-2004, 04:32 PM
OK, I did my workout, and I am wiped out! I did weigh in and I'm at 142. I guess that is a loss, but I was 141 a while back, so I don't know. I should not complain at 142. I can see linws in my ankles from my socks, and in my belly from my jeans. So who knows? Next weeks weigh in will be the official progress report. This weeks simply reminds me to keep going.

03-04-2004, 09:02 PM
tracy, great job rocking it at the gym!! sorry about not getting enough sleep though. i hope you got a chance to catch up on that tonight. you need to take care of yourself, especially when TOM is lurking ::yes::

hope you have a good (restful!) evening, and a great day tomorrow :sunny:

03-05-2004, 07:44 AM
I was weak yesterday! I had made a mental resolutin to not go out to eat at all this month and blew it yesterday. DH got home late and had to go directly to his stylist. Knowing I would have not mad it til 7 for dinner, I tagged along and we went to the crack house for dinner!:eek: I ate so much I was literally in pain, and half considered "getting rid" if what I had eaten. :eek: Though my sister always pops into my mind when I think like that, so of course I took the pain and internalized it as why I don't eat like that anymore! The thing is, we ordered the "usual", which is an order of fajitas, which we split, and a single basket of chips, and 2 magaritas. I couldn't figure out why I was so full. One other thing I had that I normally do not, 2 huge glasses of water! So I guess I wasn't as bad as I had thought. I couldn't even finish my second Marg, I was so full.

Anyway, the bloat is upon me, so I am headed to the gym for an early morning burn. Get it while I can. I feel better today, though I still did not sleep well last night. Getting weird about DH leaving on Sunday for 2 weeks! Then he'll be back for a week then we leave. That means I have a lot to do on my own. Who packs for Europe alone?!?! Oh well!

Having the usual brekky, and then salad for lunch. I don't know what for dinner. I have to do some work at DD's school tonight and it will just be DH and I. Kiddies will both be gone. Maybe we will just have a simple salad.

I anticipate a hard weekend, but I am, as always, keeping the Faith!

10:05 a.m.

Just got back from the Y. I had a great workout on the elliptical. I was thinking about staying and using the weight machines, but it was really crowded for some reason, (I think these folk only exercise MWF, and so the whole town is there) and with TOM dragging me down, I decided to go home, and take care of business there. Maybe I'll do some pilates. I feel so much better today than I did yesterday, thank goodness.

Have a great weekend everyone!

03-05-2004, 11:18 AM
Tracy, if my DH was going to be away for 2 weeks I'd be in a tailspin! I'd be stressed out the whole week before and the whole 2 weeks he was gone!! If you are also affected that way, then try to recognize it and give yourself a little extra leeway, OK?

As far as TOM and the bloat fairy, you and I both know that time will take care of it. In a few days, you'll be feeling much better! Try to make yourself as comfortable as possible and ride it out.

Keep taking those baby steps, Tracy! You're definitely headed in the right direction! :sunny:

03-06-2004, 03:02 PM
hey tracy, i'm sorry about the extra added stress on you about your dh going away, having to get ready for europe, and then all the normal everyday stuff too! man, i can definitely see why you're stressed!

i'm glad that you got to get in a good workout and that you're feeling better today. looking at what you ate at the crackhouse, really didin't look all that bad...maybe your stomach just isn't used to so much food anymore. this is a good thing, even though it made you feel horrible last night.

like i said, i'm glad you're feeling better today. hope the rest of your day goes well! :sunny:

03-08-2004, 01:34 PM
Tracy, just wanted to pop in and tell you I'm thinking of you! I know the next 2 weeks will not be the normal routine and I hope all goes well and you're not too overstressed. :sunny:

03-08-2004, 04:08 PM

Hi Everyone! I'm still here. This weekend was very busy. We lost power on Friday (all day!), so all the laundry, packing for DH and so on had to be done Saturday. All that and TOM shows up Friday :rolleyes: , and that puts me out of commission for 2-3 days! DH had to be to the airport by 8:30 a.m. on Sunday. I took the kids to see Hidalgo. It was all I could to to get off my butt and get to the show to sit on my butt for 2.5 hours! I did not have popcorn! Just split a diet soda with the kids.

Saturday, I was not only wiped out, but because of that, all I wanted to do was eat. So I did!:teeth: I had a 1900 calorie day!:eek: Not beating myself up over this. Once a month is not a deal breaker. Besides, I was a saint yesterday! Though I did have an extra glass of wine. Not able to exercise either day which is why I got right up and did my Pilates this a.m. Even if it was only 25 mins, it was a start. As it turns out, I got inspired around 1:00, and went to the gym. Did my cardio, and walked. I was not on my game to be sure, but I did keep my aerobic rate up for 35 mins! That is wat I needed to get me going. Now, I feel great.

As far as DH being gone, once he's gone, things settle down. It's just the 2-3 days before he leaves, that I get weird, and the 2-3 days after he gets home, and we have a stranger amongst us, that is awkward. I do miss him, but I also get a lot done when he's not here. (we like to spend too much time wrapped up in each other, to the detriment of other household chores/errands
:teeth: )

Trying to pack for this trip will be interesting. Ususally, when we go away, it is to the opposite spectrum of what is currently being worn. However, since Paris and Florence share close to the same weather, I can't really do too much ahead of time packing, as we are still wearing what we need to take with us. I expect I will do it all the weekend before we leave. Right now I'm just making sure we have camres, CD's and Players, toiletries, one nice outfit and shoes. Stuff like that. Trying to get the taxes taken care of so we have that at our disposall , if necessary, is also a priority.

Anyway, for brekky and lunch, it was the usual, and dinner will be spaghetti. I will get my "Official" monthly weighin on Thursday, and plan to stay on plan and exercise much like i did today, every day until we leave. I have been able to re-claim 4 "new" pairs of my old size 10's, and only have 3 more pair that are still too tight. Not for long! Interesting thing though, I can't see that I have lost any inches! Maybe a half inch in all ares, for a total of 4 inches overall. :confused: Whatever. All I know is my clothes fit again, and I feel good!

03-09-2004, 08:12 AM
Slept in until 6:20 this morning! DH called, thank goodness and woke me up. Now I'm a bit off kilter, but feel pretty good. Last night I was really good for dinner, but I did have a hunk of bread, and a glass of wine. Still well within range though.

Today, the usual for brekky, and for lunch I'll have a LC wrap, as I am going to the gym for some work on the weight machines with DS. (I need more protien when I do strength work) I will also do my cardio, but only 30 mins, as I will only have about an hour to spend there before I have to get home for DD. I may do some Pilates this a.m., or maybe this evening, as I have had much touble getting to sleep. That may help me relax. The only thing is, I work up quite a sweat, and though a shower before bed is always a great indulgence, I hate showering more than once/day, as my skin dries out too easily. I could take a nice bath with some skin conditioning thrown in. OK, now I'm looking forwrd to bed and it's only 8 a.m.! Not sure what dinner will be. Something easy. Maybe fish.

I'm looking forward to my weigh in on Thursday, if for no other reason, than to be able to gage how much longer it will be before I leave the 140s behind! I sometimes get frustrated with my rate of loss, but the truth is, I have really come very far. From 161 at my heaviest, to 142 (during TOM) is pretty darned good. Even if I don't make my target weight by my trip, I will be forever 20 pounds lighter! I can't believe I let myself go for so long, but I'm getting back to where I was. I am where I was when I moved here, and soon, I'll be where I need to be. (I'm only 1.5 pounds away from a normal BMI!!!!!!!!)
Thinking about the inches thing, I must be replacing a ton of fat with muscle. That must be why I haven't lost that many inches, but what I have is firmer and spread out better, which is why my clothes fit better. Just a guess. Could also be why my rate of loss seems slow. Or maybe I was just cramming myself into clothes that were waaaaay too small!

Anyway, have a great day everyone!

03-10-2004, 07:26 AM
UGH! I am so tired! I was sooo good yesterday, then something happened.

I had planned my whole days food, right down to the popcorn I was going to have with the kids while we watched POTC. I was well within range. Then came "the rum!" It just sounded so good the way Captain Jack Sparrow said it. So I had orange juice mixed with rum. I measured it out, so I didn't over do the rum part. It was good. I was also hoping it might help me relax enough to get some sleep. I was wrong. I didn't fall asleep until 1 ish! Of course I know alcohol interferes with sleep, I just wanted to get there sooner. Oh well. I feel like I totally ruined my plan, and and have sinned. I am not sure I will get to the gym today to do penance, either, as I have a birthday party to plan, a concert to go to and a host of other daily chores to get out of the way so I can have the day off tomorrow. Man am I dumb!

So, I think I'll focus on the positive. My triceps are sore, and so is my rear! I did get a better workout than I had thought, yesterday. And I probably will go to the gym, even if its for a half hour for cardio. (Need to keep that metabolism up!) And I will probably do a Pilates session to get energized and start my day. (already on my 2nd cup o joe and it is clearly not having the desired effect!)

Brekky will be the usual, lunch will be a huge salad and dinner may be subway, as I will only have a half hour for dinner, between the time I pick up DD from the Y and the time I have to be at DS's band concert. Then it will be straight home and into bed!

Tomorrow is weigh in day, and i don't want to be carrying around a buch of bloat.

OK! I have made an executive decision. (yes! I am the boss of me!) I am not going to the gym today and I may not even work out at all. I have been getting less that 6 hours/night of sleep. I am in the middle of TOM and I am worn thread bare right now. I feel like I have a cold coming on, (DH left with one) and the last thing I need right now is to let my immunities get run over from exhaustion. I have been staying within my calories range, and have been exercising hard. I am going to do my ironing, laundry and bake DD's cupcakes today. I will pick up DS from school and then pick up DD from the Y and grab a sub and go to the concert and go to bed. Hopefully that will get me ready for tomorrow, and I will have more energy. I only hope my guilt doesn't get the best of me, and i feel compelled to get to the gym. I never thought I would be praying for the strength to stay out of the gym! I just know I will be a basket case, if I don't take care of myself. My body is telling me to take a nap. I hope it will compromise and settle for a mundane day.

03-11-2004, 09:19 AM
oh my goodness tracy, just reading all the activity going on in your posts is making me tired! no wonder you need a break from teh gym! definitely a good idea to make that executive decision. when you're so tired and worn out, it's a really good idea to listen to your body and just take it easy. i'm glad that you're going to try to take some down time, even if it is spent doing other things ::yes::

oooh, so how did weigh in go? i'm interested to see. because i knwo you say your clothes are fitting better, so you know that's a very good thing. and if some pounds are missing too, even better! so i hope you got a good result :)

have a great day today, do try to get some rest if possible :sunny:

03-12-2004, 08:54 AM
Yesterday started out so good. I went to the gym and did 45 min on the elliptical and did some tricep work. Went to Subway for lunch and spent the day shopping and cleaning and cooking, for DD's birthday. Basically very busy except to sit down and eat and pick up DH from the airport. (He leaves again Sunday morning!) Dinner started out well, also. Had rosemary rack of lamb with goat cheese and merlot sauce, garlic smashed redskins and steamed green beans.

Now for my sins. 2 margaritas, but not my usual ones. I have begun measuring, so I know exactly what I'm getting. And the chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.:eek: It wound up being a 2000 calorie day!!!! Good thing I was so very busy. Hopefully I won't suffer too much for my indescretion. The bad part of it all was I really didn't enjoy the margs. Then again, maybe that's a good thing. But the cake was to die for. It is a recipe handed down on DH's side, and it is full of fat and sugar, but OOOOOH so very good. (I'm not much of a cake person, but I had to have some.) I was good and had one reasonable size piece. Not small, but reasonable. This won't de-rail me, nor will I beat myself up over this, but just keep moving in my projected path!

Weigh in was disappointing, but still a one pound loss. I was hoping to say goodbye to the 140's but it will happen eventually. Only 3 more pounds to my next clippie! If I keep up the good work I've been doing at the gym, I'll get there. I know I have been building muscle, which may be to "blame" for the slow loss, but I am all for muscle! I have noticed my endurance has improved and I do feel stronger. My workouts don't tire me out as easily, and I find myself having to add weights and more reps, so that is a good sign.

On Wednesday, I pretty much sat around and did housey chores, knowing how busy I would be yesterday, and I am pretty tired today, but will still go to the gym this afternoon. My left leg is sore for some reason, and I hope it will feel better by then so I can get a good workout in. If it feels better sooner, I will go sooner.

Thanks Marcia for checking in on me! I am staying the course, but I think I may be getting a bit obsessive about things and need to take a step back. One thing I noticed on Wednesday. I was irritable all day. I really think I wanted to get to the gym and get that release I get from exercising. I'm not sure, but I really think it improves my mood. But that is all behind me, and I went yesterday and will go today. Not sure how the weekend will pan out, as DD has a concert performance for the better part of the day on Sat. and I may head to Ann Arbor on Sunday, to see the Ann Arbor Symphony. I'm just going to see what happens, and stick to a good eating plan, and lots of water, as I have not been getting nearly enough, and have been eating way too much salt. My weigh in probably would have went better, as I could see imprints of my socks in my ankles, which I have not normally had a problem with, unless I get too much salt for too many days in a row.

So long for now!

03-12-2004, 10:03 AM
Just wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy Friday! Today is a new day. Don't forget that water! Hope you have a wonderful and successful day today!

03-12-2004, 02:06 PM
:Pinkbounc Bye-bye pound!! :wave2:

Tracy you're doing a great job but I always wonder if you're trying to cram too much into your days! Most people tend to slack off on their exercise so we encourage them to fit in at least a little every day. However, you seem to be hellbent on exercising every day no matter how crazy the rest of your day is. I think taking a planned day off now and then is healthy for you, if you think you're becoming overly dependent on it.

I bet you are looking great in those "new" old clothes!! Try to find some relax time this weekend, OK??


03-12-2004, 05:13 PM
Hey Doe! You know what? I just got back from the gym and I feel so good! I hear what you are saying about a planned day off from the gym. But whenever I do that, I get crabby, and feel guilty. I'm sure it's part mental and part endorphine.
:teeth: I just really like doing it and i like what I am seeing in the mirror. I also think that because I am, for all intents and purpose, a SAHM, I should have the flexibility in my schedule to get at least 30 mins a day in. It is all for me, and selfish I'm sure. Sometimes I let the dishes sit in the sink or the clothes in the dryer! :o I do take time off though. Durning TOM always two days, and anyday that I just need to take care of other things. It just irks me to have to do it. I guess I like to eat too many iffy things to not exercise. Speaking of iffy, I am up 2 pounds from yesterday!!!!!!! Lots of it is water, and I'm sure I haven't gained 2 pounds of fat, but man, am I fuming. I'm getting used to my fluctuating weight, and exercising is one way I keep mentally in line with my goal. Thanks for checking with me in this!

Keep the Faith!

03-12-2004, 06:14 PM
:hug: for you, Tracy! Thanks for putting up with my Mommy-moment. :D You know best what works for you and when enough is enough. Do what your heart says! ::yes:: There's a lot of truth in exercise raising your level of endorphins and improving your mood!

03-14-2004, 11:09 AM
hey tracy, congrats on that pound lost :bounce:

you're doing a really great job, i'm so impressed with your ability to fit in that exercise even though you're so busy! and i totally agree about the great feeling after a good exercise session. it's such a nice high :)

how did dd's concert go? hope you have a great day today and enjoy the ann arbor symphony :)

03-16-2004, 09:38 AM
Wow! You are doing so well fitting exercise into your busy schedule!! And the pounds will keep dropping!

Keep up the good work!!!!

Have a healthy and happy day today!

03-19-2004, 08:25 AM
Well, what can I say. It's been nutsy cookoo around here. Missed te gym two days in a row. I never did go on St' Paddy's Day. I had dinner going and a black and tan here. Why go to the gym?:teeth: Yesterday I was really feeling like cacka, and didn't go either. I found out why. I came home and entered my food into Fitday and had only eaten 300 calories by 3 o'clock!:eek: So I had a bowl of chili, a slice of bread, a handful of pistachios, and a few bites of Kashi. Oh yeah, and a glass of wine. I should have skipped the wine as it was a very robust Cabernet Sauvignon, and I had some sort of reaction to it. It was yummy though. I think I had better have some more to build my immunity. :p

So for the vitals:
Still at 141, but that is ok considering all the baaaad things I did while DH was home.
However, the inches are finally coming off! I know it's not much, but 3 inches in a month sounds good to me! A more impressive # is 8 inches form my worst. Still not earth shattering, but my clothes do fit better, and I am seeing som changes in my overall appearance.

Thanks everybody for stopping by last week. I know I have been lax in posting, but I have been taking some selfish time for me. I'm reading Angry Houswives Eating Bon Bons, and I am having a hard time doing anything else between packing, and being a single mom, getting my finances in order, and any free time I have, I read. I feel bad about not checking in with you, so I am here to say hi, and thanks for the support!

Time for brekky, meds, vitamins, water (the pistachios really salted me up!), and some laundry and filing all my 2003 bills/documents. I have mountains of paperwork that I just can never seem to get a handle on! It drives me nuts! I hate it. The 2 things in life I hate the most are dealing with paper and dusting!!!!!! (both of which are in desparate need of attention. Blech!!!!)

Have a Great, Healthy weekend!

03-19-2004, 09:12 AM
3 inches is a BIG DEAL! That's fantastic! Maybe this will be a better week for you to hop back on the exercise train! That reminds me, I really do need to take my measurements.

Uggh, I hate dusting too, well that and folding clothes.

Anyways, hope you have a great weekend!!

03-30-2004, 10:18 AM
hey tracy, it looks like you haven't been by in a while, i'm just stopping in to check up on you. hope you're enjoying lots of quality "me" time. just wanted to let you know that 'm thinking about you and i hope you are doing well :hug:

03-31-2004, 02:40 PM
Tracy, are you in Europe?? I know your trip was coming up soon so maybe you're off seeing the sights and having a wonderful time! I hope you're enjoying the trip!! :sunny: :sunny:

04-01-2004, 10:50 AM
oh yeah! europe! how could i forget about that?!?! i think you're right doe, she's in europe :bounce:

hope you're having a great time tracy! can't wait to hear how your trip went :Pinkbounc

04-12-2004, 09:55 AM
April 12, 2004

Thanks Marcia and Doe for checking in on me! ::yes::

Yes, I'm back and had an amazing time! It was a whirlwind visit, and now we need to go back!:p The best news is I was able to Maintain! Yeah! I ate what I wanted, and drank lots of wine, and had a Grappa every night before bed. (this was purely medicinal, as the 3 star hotel we were staying in turned into a 2 star hostel! Rampaging Italian teenagers every night from 12 a.m. until dawn! The grappa helped a bit ;) )

Paris was perfect. The people were as friendly and helpful as any small town America I've ever been in. We ate mostly at local cafes. Foot long baguettes, with thin slices of ham and not so thin slices of brie, were the staple for lunch. Breakfast was very good. More cheese, ham, pastries, eggs, yogurt. Very yummy. Dinners varied. We went on a River cruise for dinner one night. It was magical seeing Paris from the Seine all lit up. We also ate at some froofy restaurant called le Grand Armee, over looking the Arch de Triumph. Very expensive, and not even that good. One of those places where folk drive up in their Ferrari and have the valet park it 2 feet from where they Arrived. :rolleyes: The best place we ate at was Angelina's. Fantastic! They have the best hot chocolate drink ever! Made with African chocolate, it's like drinking a chocolate bar! By alternating the hot chocolate with champagne, OMG! I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

Florence was amazing! Crowded beyond belief, but still managable. Of course the food was devine, albiet, simple. The wine was heaven on earth. The Gellato was exquisit. Pecorino cheese ethereal. We ate in bars for breakfast, and grabbed lunch wherever we found ourselves, usually in cafes. Dinner was taken every night in a trattoria down the street from our hostle. Perfect pasta, chianti classico, pecorino, pizza, bistecca. Unbelievable! We took many trips to the Tuscan country side. Seina, San Gimignano, Castellina in Chinati. We tasted wine and had dinner in a castle, and went to an 1100 year old Romanesque church, that smelled of fresh rosemary. It was unforgettable. The smell was intoxicating. We used our last day to see Michaelangleo's DAVID. I had been told by several tourists that it was a disappointment. It was a long wait and there was scaffolding around it for it's current restoration and cleaning. We waited in the rain for over an hour. Finally, when we got in, I was prepared for the worst, but one can't go to Florence without visiting David (For whom my DS is named). As I turned the corner into the gallery, there he stood in all his glory. I almost passed out. Words cannot describe the emotion I felt, and then I realized there was no scaffolding, and it had stopped raining, so the natural light splashed in from above, as if God was creating an experience just for me. It was truely a life defining momment for me. What a way to end an amazing journey.

Now I'm back but I feel like I've left a huge part of me in Italy. As much as I enjoyed Paris, there is something about the Italian country that has always pulled at me. I am re-living my journey now as I read Under the Tuscan Sun. I am also finding it difficult to settle back into a routine. All I can think about is when am I going back.::yes::

I will need a few days to catch up with you all, as I have loads of laundry, and unpacking and all that. Hope you all had a great holiday, whether it was Easter or Passover!

Keep the Faith!

04-12-2004, 01:11 PM
Tracy, thanks so much for the magical description of some of your trip!! It sounds like it truly was the trip of a lifetime! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the amazing food!

Ease yourself slowly back into your routines - prolong that relaxing feeling a little while longer! Cherish those memories you've made - maybe write about them in a journal that you can keep and reread later when the memories aren't as fresh!

Have a magical Monday! :sunny:

05-12-2004, 03:22 PM
Well, enough relaxing. I'm up 2 pounds and am embarking on another round of calorie counting and sensible eating. The 2 pounds is a combination of water (impending TOM) and maybe real weight gain, as I had a really wild week. No real exercise since I've been back from vacation. Just too easy to maintain and I've been crazy busy with the past few weeks getting ready for summer etc. So the exercise has been very hit and miss, mostly miss. When I woke up this morning and looked at my once flat tummy, I look 4 months along. So I have re-committed myself to myself, and did my Pilates this morning. Had my gruel for breakfast and a chicken wrap (LC) for lunch. I'm at about 600 calories for the day so far, and that is pretty good. Dinner will be low carb Tacos. Trying to drink tons of water, as I can tell I am very bloated. Too much pizza, chips dip, and beer this weekend.

I joined the Independence day challenge and am shooting for 135 by July 4. I would be really happy knowing I have only 10 pounds to loose. I don't really care how long it takes. I have been maintaining for so long now, that I know that the next 8 pounds will be gone for good, and if it takes me another year to lose the last ten, so what? I am really happy with the ease of maintanence, and with the fact that my clothes fit me so well. By the 4th, I will probably need some new things, but it will be summer, and I can get by with just a few things. Maybe some cut sarongs and halter tops. One size fits all you know!::yes:: I srill want to have my old clothes altered, so I will need to wait for that until goal, but I figure If I need a few things, I deserve them. Maybe I'll do some shopping in Vegas in July. That sould be just about the right time for a change.

That's my plan. Please help me stick with it!

Keep the Faith!

05-12-2004, 03:42 PM
Tracey, it's good to see you back!! Isn't it amazing how pre-vacation, vacation and post-vacation can really mess up our good routines and habits?? No time like the present to get back on track, though, and it sounds like you're ready!! ::yes::

I'll be keeping an eye out for more journal posts! I missed you!!

:hug: and :sunny:

05-13-2004, 09:06 AM

Yesterday was pretty good. Stayed below 1500 calories and did some exercise. I still wonder who's waist I have though.
:confused: It's Ok though. In a day or two, TOM will settle in and I'll have a whoosh. That will be the true sign of my progress. Today is housekeeping day and I really need to cut the grass.

So goals for today are:

Cut grass ... done
Change bedding...done
Vacuum, dust, clean baths.
Drink water (>64 oz.)...done
Go get bone scan ...done..Above average! WOO! HOOO!
Stay under 1500 calories...done
No alcohol. (This could be tough, due to the fact that I am Hormonally unstable, but I will give it my best shot. My guests pretty much drank me out of house and home last weekend, so there is less to tempt me with. All I really have is beer :crazy2: and the wine I brought back from Italy, and I ain''t touchin' that!)

That is my plan. Off for my gruel and fiber additive. Sort of doing low carb for the past week and a half and it's time to get things moving along! :rolleyes:

Keep the Faith!

05-14-2004, 10:13 AM
Well, 5 out of 7 ain't bad.:teeth:
I failed to get the bathrooms done or the vacuuming or dusting. I hate dusting! I'd rather eat glass! Well, that is what tomorrows are for. I did have a glass of wine, but just one, and with dinner and it was mandatory, as we had homade pasta with eggplant, fresh mozzarella and prosciutto, and bread.

But...I did stay under 1500 calories!

Today, I am getting ready to go open the summer house, which means the carpets, dusting and bathrooms will have to wait untill Monday. Darn.

Plan for today:

Laundry, though I know I wont get it all done. My goal will be to have enough clean clothes for Monday and Tuesday.

Pack for the Island...done

Take vitamins and meds...done

Cage hostas and roses (Blasted varments are eating all my tenders!)

Drink 64+ water

Stay under 1500 calories.

I am also including my weekend plan:

No alcohol at the island

Don't eat anything I don't prepare myself

Walk to town and back both days, weather permitting

That is the plan.

Keep the Faith!

05-20-2004, 05:13 PM
Finally have a chance and the energy to post. I came down with some wicked virus Friday evening and have been just now able to get off my duff and do anything. Well, my weekend plans went down the tubes. I did drink some wine and a margarita or 2. It rained the whole time, so now walks to town. (3.5 miles RT), but I did do some strenuous house cleaning/work, and I did not eat any thing that ended in ito. I did have some corned beef though. Not a lot, but the salt was a killer. OH! And I did have a salad that I did not make myself and a small piece of pizza. All in all though, I did fairly well.

Back on track with the plan. Tday I have been exceedingly good. Dinner is roast pork with oven roasted potatos and a salad and bread. Possibly a glass of wine and then a walk in the hood if it isn't raining by then.

DH has tomorrow off, so who knows what evil temptations await me. :o :teeth: :crazy:

Oh yeah! Today is my "Official Monthly Weigh In" Back down to 141.5! Wooo! HOOOO! I'm sure looking for a nice loss to post for the Independence Day Challenge. 3/8 sounds nice.

Keeping the Faith!

05-25-2004, 09:13 AM
Sounds like you're feeling better and back in the groove, Tracey!! Glad to hear that icky virus is gone and that you & the scale are on good terms! :p

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!! :sunny:

06-01-2004, 11:10 AM
Well, Memorial Day was not good, and I am back up to my start of 143. I know much is water and sludge. I was not awful at Grandma's. I made my famous chicken fajitas, and ate that for most of my breakfast and lunches. Dinner on Sunday was Ham and potato salad and baked beans and chocolate cake. That was baaaad. While I didn't over indulge, and watched my portions, it was all full of salt, and fat. (Grandma's secret ingredients for everything. :rolleyes: ) I did have more to drink than I have been used to lately, and I don't mean water. Although, I did only have one rum and coke, and 2 margaritas the whole weekend, I did drink some champagne and an entire bottle of wine! :o

I did walk to town once, but the weather was otherwise lousy, and prohibitive. So my assesment is that I need to have a GRANDMA CHALLENGE! DD got home and weighed herself and was up 4.5 pounds! She came downstairs crying and asked if we could please not go back to Grandma's this summer. :( It is so hard when the ones you love are the most destructive to your efforts. IF DH doesn't get a grip, he'll weigh more than he ever did by the end of summer. We have to go to Vegas in July just to get away from his parents, who will be here. They are worse than Grandma! :eek:

I know it sounds like I'm blaming everyone for our weight problems, but the fact is, we all do fine until they come home. We are all they have and the single reason for returning from Florida every summer, so it's not like we can just not go. When I ask her if I can cook, she says "We can't eat the way you do", and so she cooks enough for an army and we all feel guilty and eat it. When I ask why she cooks so much, she says "well, the kids like it" Gee. I wonder why DH Has a weight problem? Not that he spent every summer in her care for year and when His DM was diagnosed with MS, Grandma was the caregiver for a long time. 25 summers of gaining 5 pounds a year, and you can see what I'm up against. Actually, now that I think about it, I've been going there for 25 summers! I guess I'm doing better than most, but my DD is following right in her daddy's footsteps. I am really worried for her.

On a bright note, we did go rollerblading together this morning, and she has been taking a half hour bike ride every day and jumping on the Trampoline. She is trying and we are trying very hard to support her. She even passed up a donut when she went with her Grandpa to the market. She also only had a few bites of ice cream, instead of a whole dish. I told her not to worry too much about the 4.5 pounds, that it is all water, but she still needs to be diligent with regard to what she eats at grandmas. We will go for a bike ride this evening

As for me, I did rollerblade this a.m., though I wouldn't call it much of a workout. I also did my strength training and will go to the Y for some cardio this afternoon. I really look nice in my "Harry Potter" dress, but I could look better. My son said I looked like a tramp in it. I didn't know whether to be flattered or offended. :p I went for flattered, but DH just about knocked him through a wall! Anyway, though my body shape is looking better, I am getting a bit flabby from not exercising often enough. So, hencefourth, I will exercise every day except Sundays for the next 6 weeks. I've seen those promised results before, and I bet I can get down to 135 before I go to Vegas. Grandma said if I wear that outfit in Vegas (Harry Potter dress and thigh high leather boots), I'll be propositioned the minute I step out the door. I told her that's what I'm shooting for! :p :crazy: :p :earseek: :p OH! She didn't really like that and looked at DH and he was just grinning ear to ear!

So much for me for now. Have to get going on my yard work, before the next batch of storms rolls in! :rolleyes:

Keep the Faith!