View Full Version : Disney Shooting Arcade Game

05-21-2001, 04:59 PM
Disney has finally succumbed to temptation and put out a 'first-person shooter' genre game, though they've sanitized it for general use (and maintained the 'everyone' rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board). The game is "Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Trial by Fire." And, while Disney calls the weapons that are used in the game 'tools' as well as simply making enemies disappear instead of lying there in pools of blood, it still promotes the idea of simply killing things (or people) that get in your way.

The San Francisco Chronicle said:
The point is, Trial by Fire is still an intense first-person shooting game that conditions a player to react to a threat by pulling a trigger. The game is populated by human or humanlike enemies wielding axes and other weapons whose only behavior is to start attacking until stopped.

Disney is trying to drum up interest in Trial by Fire by distributing for free 12 million copies of a 'prequel' game called "Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Search for the Journal" The CD-ROMs are available, for example, in the DVD package of "The Emperor's New Groove" and in certain boxes of breakfast cereal.

Trial by Fire and Search for the Lost Journal are attractive, well-produced games for teen and adult players. But marketing them to young consumers of sugary cereal and G-rated movies - well, Uncle Walt would hang his head in shame.