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04-11-2003, 12:11 PM
Micky Dolenz isn't monkeying around when he says how much he relishes playing the role of the villain in the Disney musical Aida.

The actor and former lead singer and drummer for The Monkees joined the cast of the Elton John/Tim Rice musical in February as Zoser, the father of Egyptian captain Radames. The tour comes to E.J. Thomas Hall in Akron Tuesday through April 20.

"It's one of the best roles I've ever been offered,'' Dolenz said by phone from the tour in Louisville, Ky. "Any actor will tell you that playing the role of a villain is fun.''

"I don't often get to play a villain. Since The Monkees, people of course have thought I'm a drummer or I only do comedy.''... Now, he's enjoying a meaty dramatic role in Aida. Zoser isn't your typical villain, Dolenz said.

"He thinks he's doing right, using and manipulating Radames to his own ends,'' he said. "He's groomed this boy from birth basically to become the pharaoh.''

He sees Zoser as an antagonist rather than a classic villain. And unlike other Zosers, Dolenz doesn't play the character as a very angry man.

"Someone who has that much power doesn't have to lose his temper,'' Dolenz said.

That's not to say that Zoser isn't still menacing and dangerous.

Dolenz, remembered for his wide face and shock of dark hair in The Monkees, sports white hair for his more mature role in Aida. At 58, he said he's the oldest actor to have played Zoser. He's also the only actor in the role who has had children, which he said gives an added dimension to his performance.

Zoser's two musical numbers are the reggae-style Another Pyramid and Like Father Like Son, which has a classic Elton John sound.

"I think they're the two best songs in the show,'' Dolenz said. "I'm a huge Elton John fan.''

His co-stars on tour are Paulette Ivory and Ryan Link as doomed lovers Aida and Radames. (Link will be filling in for Jeremy Kushnier in Akron.) Lisa Brescia also stars as Amneris.

Aida's national tour ends in August, but Dolenz's Zoser role will continue. He'll play the part on Broadway beginning in January, 2004.

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04-15-2003, 10:31 PM
Sarangel, we just went to see "Aida' last week and it was awesome!! Only problem was, while I loved Mickey's singing and stage presence, I could not figure out how he got so much older looking while I look the same as back when I used to watch "The Monkees". (grin)

Slightly Goofy