View Full Version : My 10yo wants to ride the Kraken! Advice please....

The Mystery Machine
05-21-2001, 12:02 PM
My 10yo DD saw the special on the Travel Channel, inside SeaWorld Orlando, got her excited and scared me. She is right at the height requirement 54". Is there a place she can get measured before we wait in line? I would like to avoid any embarassment for her in case she doesn't measure up by their standards. What do your "younger" kids think about Kraken after they rode it!

And yes I will take her on Atlantis first, that I am sure she will enjoy it and the height req. is only 45".


05-21-2001, 01:54 PM
If I remember correctly, an employee at the front entrance can measures here. There was a metal stand with a bar which I believe was used to do this. Also, there is a mock seat with the restraint at the front entrance. Your DD can sit in the seat and see how she fits in the restraint. HTH! :)

05-22-2001, 03:53 PM
My 10-year-old daughter loved Kraken, but then she is a ride maniac! One warning about Atlantis though, you may get VERY wet. Our boat literally went below the surface of the water, and our pants, shoes and socks were drenched! We'll do that one last from now on!:smooth:

05-23-2001, 03:06 PM
My DS aged 10 absolutely loved this ride. We rode it several times. I was a bit apprehensive at first but he was absolutely fine.

05-23-2001, 03:37 PM
my rule on anything is if they want to do it- let em! and if they get scared-well then they did and that will kill the curiosity.

05-24-2001, 12:49 PM
At the entrance, there is a bar that measures you. The ride ops also have sticks for measurement.

05-31-2001, 09:22 AM
My daughter is also 10 and goes on all the coasters with me. She liked JTA the most because of the roller coaster part at the end. Sit in rows 2 or 3 for your first ride. Kids love to get wet, bring a change of cloths for them, then it won't matter, especially when they get soaked with 50 degree salt water at the Shamu show.

Here's a link to a web site with a ride review.

The kid will want to go a few times, so do this first.

The line for Kraken moves fast, so there is no problem here. Although, in the mid afternoon, both rides can have 1 hour waits. Do the rides first, then go see some shows.

05-31-2001, 04:20 PM
How severe is the roller coaster part of JTA? I generally do not like coasters. Actually, I'm a little scared of flume rides but was going to try this one. I tend to get motion sick from roller coasters. Can you give me an idea of the roller coaster portion? thanks

05-31-2001, 04:54 PM
The roller coaster part of JTA only last for a few seconds. I'll guess and say about 7 seconds from when you start to go down the hill to when you splash down in the water. It's not a big drop, more of a banked turn to the left, then a banked turn to the right.
If you hold onto the bar, you'll be fine.

A typical roller coaster lasts for about 2 minutes.
On JTA, you have the big hill, then the roller coaster part. You're only going fast for about 20 seconds of the entire ride. I don't think you'll get motion sick from 1 big hill, then a 7 second roller coaster splash down.

This ride is too good to pass up, you must go.