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03-25-2003, 02:41 PM
OK, I know I've had all this explained to me before, but just humour me!

We like to spend most of our Orlando vacations in a private home, with a few nights onsite. Recently those few nights have been at Universal, but we're keen to do some Disney resorts again.

We'd probably want to spend about 3 nights a year at an onsite resort. Imagine I am stupid (those of you who know me shouldn't have too much trouble!) and tell me what to do!

03-25-2003, 03:29 PM
Umm, Deb - are you asking what to do re: DVC, or just what to do generally? I'll assume that you mean with regard to DVC, as you've posted this on the DVC board! ;)

As you probably know, the DVC system is based on an annual allocation of points to be spent on varying sizes / locations of accommodations requiring different numbers of points according to time of year. (Confused yet? :confused: ) Then read on:

The minimum holding of points (to be replenished annually) is 150 - for your example of a 3 night stay per year, those 150 points would be enough for a 2-bedroom home on Sunday-Thursday during the most expensive times of year (Easter & Christmas), or a studio including Friday-Saturday nights (w/ends use more points per night). During the least expensive times of year (January, September, first half of December) 150 points would be enough for a two 2-bedroom home any 3 nights of the week. That applies to VWL, BCV and BWV preferred view; the points for OKW and BWV standard view are slightly less.

So basically, the minimum 150 points could accommodate a minimum of four of you for three nights any time of year, or up to eight of you if you travel at quieter DVC times of the year (Not necessarily the same as the 'traditional' Disney quiet times).
Imagine I am stupid (those of you who know me shouldn't have too much trouble!) and tell me what to do!
You could
1. Buy a contract for 150 points at BCV direct from Disney (the only WDW resort currently available, I believe), or look for a resale if you want one of the other resorts as your home resort (that's a whole other issue which I won't go into here!).
2. Try to rent points from an owner for the accommodation you want.
3. Stay in one of the regular on-site resorts and forget all about DVC ownership!

I'm not sure whether that goes any way towards addressing your question, but I enjoyed answering it! ;)

Kevin Stringer
03-25-2003, 03:46 PM
Yeah, what Hilary said.

I taught her all she knows, you know.

Actually Deb, I found your question a bit confusing too. Have you been at the wine again?


03-25-2003, 04:00 PM
Have I been at the wine? Well, obviously, the answer is a resounding 'YES'.

The thinking behind my ramblings (here come some more) is that I could be better off buying into DVC for my 3 nights a year than I would be just booking a room at a regular resort.

Hilary - thanks for making what I know is a very complex topic, almost understandable! How much would the minimum 150 point contract for BCV cost?

03-25-2003, 04:21 PM
Deb, I'm sure if you offered Kev enough beer he'd be only too happy to take up some room on your sofa and confuse you completely. He might even talk to you about DVC. On the other hand, I don't suppose there is such a thing as 'enough beer' for Kev :rolleyes:
How much would the minimum 150 point contract for BCV cost?
Currently $84 per point (150 x $84 = $12,600), but if you took up the Magical Beginnings option, not only would you be totally confused, but you could 'save' $10 per point* by letting Disney have back your first allocation of points. As you've already got this year's trip sorted out, that might be a viable idea for you. (*I'm not 100% sure about the $10 - it might only be $5).
The thinking behind my ramblings (here come some more) is that I could be better off buying into DVC for my 3 nights a year than I would be just booking a room at a regular resort.
Annual dues are currently about $4 per point, so 150 would cost you about $600 per year. Now, with DVC you'd be getting bigger accommodation than a regular Disney resort room, but if you're happy with a resort room for three nights at the end of a trip, it might not make sense for you to buy into DVC.

More wine? :teeth:

03-27-2003, 04:59 AM
Deb, I've had both DVC and a house and worked the two quite well, although I had the DVC first. If you're only looking at 2 or 3 nights on site then, IMHO you're going to struggle to justify it, but if you'd also use either of the DVC beach resorts from time to time or think you'd stretch to a longer stay on site there could be some justification. If you haven't done a walk through resentation I think that would be a worthwhile task. Check out the Vero Beach and Hilton Head resorts as well, both are first class. Renting out excess points occasionally would also help to ay the cost of "dues" and soak up any surplus every couple of years.

03-27-2003, 05:28 AM
Thanks, both. On the face of it, it doesn't seem viable for what we want to do. I can see a case for shelling out 8,000 now to inflation-proof a lifetime of accommodation, but not when you also have to pay an annual premium which I assume Disney can change at will.

03-28-2003, 06:42 PM
Deb by "annual premium" are you talking about the "dues" ? they come in at about $3.50-4.50 per point at the moment and the amount they can be raised is limited 1) By Florida law and 2) the management company that runs DVC has a legal responsibility to make sure that dues are only charged to cover the costs of running the resort. i.e. DVC can not make a profit from the owners. Obviously there are charges like transportation that Disney (different than DVC) could raise, but it would be possible ( indeed I think the trustees would be honour bound to ask the membership) to remove or reduce transportation for DVC resorts. I don't think Disney would get away with charging DVC higher fees for the same services it supplies to other Disney ( non DVC resorts).

Like the house you have, DVC has maintanance costs attatched to it, after all one wants the resort to be in good shape. With the dues at least you know what you costs are going to be on a year to year basis, unlike a house where you can get caught out with an unexpectedly large repair bill.

03-29-2003, 04:00 AM
Deb, I can understand your thoughts.

My view was exactly the same when I first started looking into DVC. I could understand paying the premium to buy in OR paying the annual dues, but couldn't see how it was finacially sensible to do both!

As you know, I eventually came around to 'seeing the light' ;) and joined DVC - because I believe we get good value from our membership by using the points to suit our particular vacation habits (which are different from your planned scenario).

However, I have to say that I don't think I would have joined if I wanted only two or three nights per trip from DVC as you plan. I don't think it sounds like a viable option for your circumstances at the moment.

(I can't believe I just agreed with someone not wanting to join DVC!! :rolleyes: )