View Full Version : I've gone down a size in jeans...

03-25-2003, 09:35 AM
YEAH!!! And that's all I have to say!

Lois:D :D

03-25-2003, 09:40 AM
YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Go shopping!!!!! :smooth:

03-25-2003, 09:48 AM
I bet you feel like you are on cloud 9 right now! I've lost 30 pounds and are STILL wearing the same clothing! UGH -- I can't wait until the size starts to change. I am only 5'2'' so it takes quite a bit to notice.

03-25-2003, 09:51 AM
:Pinkbounc Keep it up!!! Congratulations!!!!! :Pinkbounc

03-25-2003, 09:56 AM
Don't feel bad, Jody!! I actually tried the smaller size on last weekend and then realized how baggy the others were. I'm 5'10" and have trouble finding jeans that are long enough (34" inseam). My major problem is ABD surgery which left a scar from just under my belly button vertically across my ABD. It's like the pouch is impossible to get rid of.:o :(


03-25-2003, 10:55 AM
<b>WOO HOO!!!!</b> loisg1!!! That is wonderful, terrific and happy news. Good for you. I know what a great feeling that is.

Well...at least I think I know. Like Jody, I've lost quite a bit of weight and I can still wear the same jeans. They are loose but the next size down is still too tight. Man, these things must have been way to tight for me before (I'm retroactively embarrassed).

Good for you sweetie. I'm proud of you.


03-25-2003, 11:53 AM
Good Job! I can't wait to go down a size, maybe that can be my next goal :)

Goal 1 - 10 by easter
Goal 2 - Down 1 size by May 16th (my birthday)

Ultimate Goal too far in the future :D

Big Disney Fan
03-25-2003, 12:00 PM
:Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: Well done!! :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce:

03-25-2003, 12:20 PM
Congradulations. Is'nt it wonderful to see your success like that. When I finally moved down 2 sizes along this journey I became a shopping fool! Having fun and just think there's more fun to come.

03-25-2003, 03:58 PM
Know what you mean, Katholyn!! When I was wearing these before, I wouldn't even put them in the dryer. But now, who cares. I can breathe when wearing them!! :bounce: :Pinkbounc

03-25-2003, 04:37 PM
Congrats. Way to Go:bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

03-25-2003, 04:47 PM

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

03-25-2003, 05:39 PM
Whoopee for you. I have been working out and have replaced my 14's with 8's in two years of hard work. Very hard work.
Good for you.

03-25-2003, 06:33 PM
WOW! Hooray for you!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Go get yourself some smaller jeans (what a wonderful thing!). :)

03-25-2003, 10:10 PM
Cool, Lois! http://www.wdwinfo.com/sites/family/neo.gif Congratulations!

03-26-2003, 04:21 PM
YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce:

What a great feeling!!!!!!!!!!! :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc