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03-24-2003, 05:53 PM
The Cast
Me, my mother, Zachary – just 8 and Danny 2½

Another filling breakfast today to gird us up for a long day. Straight off to the DL Park and hired a buggy for the day – these are really sturdy and come with a key so no one else can walk off with it. They also have a built in buggy-board for 8 year olds who can’t be bothered to walk. Cut through the mall and went straight onto Phantom Manor. {Reminder to self – do not take Danny on this ever, ever again!!} Even I got a bit freaked out in the lift! Those doom buggies sure do whiz past and trying to hop on with a whimpering toddler is not fun. Danny soon settled down though with hood firmly over his eyes. Zach thoroughly enjoyed this one. Then we got a fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain and headed off to Pocahontas Village to let Danny have a relax and run around. Zach and I headed off to do BTM waving to Mum on the way round. This was excellent. Colonel Hathis, Hakuna Matata and Restaurant Agrabah closed.
Unfortunately the Critter Corral was also closed so we headed off to Adventureland to have a look at the Pirate ship and Zach and Danny had more fun at the Pirates Beach. Zach decided to explore Skull Rock so I had to go after him and promptly got lost, eventually came out to find everyone waiting for me where I had gone in – Grrrr! Have to say about the Robinson family tree – Why???, apart from knackering out already tired legs that is?? .

Then off to Fantasyland and onto the Teacups, which was another walk on. Zach managed to totally nauseate me with the spinning whilst Mum and Danny just sedately went around, ignoring the wheel in the middle. Then on to Dumbo which Zach wanted to give a miss as ‘it’s for Babies Mum!!’ but he thoroughly enjoyed it after a 20 min wait. Had a short break to fill up on ice cream and popcorn at Fantasia Gelati before driving Zach mental with IASW. Have to say I thoroughly love this ride especially watching Danny chortling and giggling all the way around.

Finally around to Discoveryland, where Zach needed the chicken exit at Space Mountain as faced with the front carriage, he suddenly developed a need to go wee (yeah right!!). Anyway we all did HISTA (Danny with hood pulled down, sans 3d glasses). Autopia and Orbitron closed.

Back to Main Street, where we found a bench by City Hall to relax until the Parade started. I went off to the Bakeshop to fetch back refreshments – Coffees and Brownies, also made reservation for Billy Bobs. Loaded up my last film (APS) to discover it was a duff one and I had left Zachs camera back at the hotel – Aaaagh! Anyway, parade came down our way at about 16.15 so we had a good view especially as the doors weren’t open so it hung around for ages. Then gave back the buggy and went to rest sore feet back at the hotel for an hour, before heading back out to Billy Bobs for the Buffet. Really excellent food, but have to have a moan about the kids buffet, as right at the front was a great big bowl of sweeties – sigh!!! Zach filled up on Nachos and candy whilst Danny tucked into ham, tomatoes, boiled eggs, sausages and anything else I dumped on his plate. Meanwhile Mum and I tucked into nice health salads to start with before going for the main course, which was mainly meat, meat and more meat! Chilli, ribs, Roast beef (very, very rare) enchiladas etc etc. Then we had to have a small dessert – soggy lemon meringue for me and cheese for Mum.
Zach was getting a bit sugared out by then so he and mum headed off back to the room whilst Danny and I had a little more cheese, coffee for me, before joining them. €83 with cokes and a coffee.
Then another early night after more baths in Mickey’s bubble bath – which mysteriously found its’ way into my bag along with its’ friends Mickey’s soap and shampoo.

03-25-2003, 11:50 AM
Nice one, Elise. And I will wholeheartedly second your recomendation for Billy Bob's. I think a lot of people don't realise it is up there and it is a good one to do when everywhere else is busy. Excellent food, too.

03-25-2003, 11:55 AM
Wait a minute, do they play Country & Western music in Billy Bobs? I have given it a wide berth because I assumed with a name like that, they must do :teeth:

I think the Swiss Family Robinson tree is only worth it at night - there are some great views over the park at night-time.

03-25-2003, 03:39 PM
To tell you the truth - I didn't notice the music, too busy trying to control Zach. Plus it was very much in the background. I seem to remember it was quite loud downstairs but they serve the food up on the second floor. It was a really good night and for £56, good value for 4 of us.