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03-19-2003, 01:48 PM
I heard something interesting at my WW meeting this morning about drinking water. A lady said she went to her doctor and he said she was retaining water. She told him she drank between 1/2 gallon & 3/4 gallon per day. He said that was too much, so much that her body wasn't able to get rid of all the excess. She cut down on her water and lost 2.2 lbs. this week.

03-19-2003, 02:02 PM
I drink between 100 and 110 ounces a day....hhhmmmm wonder what is to much?

03-19-2003, 02:05 PM
Liz, thanks for the info.


03-19-2003, 03:08 PM
There are 128 ounces of water in a gallon. So that is 64 ounces for 1/2 gallon and 96 ounces or 3/4 gallon. I drink only water all day long and probably just get my 8 cups a day in. One thing my nutritionist told me was that you are also getting water from the foods you eat and to not fret if I am not getting exactly 8 cups a day.

03-19-2003, 04:41 PM
The guideline that I have always used was 1/2 oz per pound of body wieght. So for someone weighing 150 pounds, they should consume 75 oz of water each day or a little over 9 cups of water per day. With the minimum (regardless of wieght) being 8 - 8 oz cups.

But like Believe said you get your water from other things as well as pure water, such as veggies, other beverages, etc. It does not have to be only pure water.

I am surprised that the Dr. stated that 1/2 gallon was too much, since this is the recommended 8 - 8 oz cups per day.

03-19-2003, 08:19 PM
That's interesting. My physician told me to drink even more water than the 96 ounces I'm drinking now but to watch my sodium much more closely.

I retain fluid too and for some reason my doctor thinks I'm consuming too much sodium and not enough water.

Oh well, I'll stick with my 96 ounces a day. I like water :)

03-20-2003, 05:54 AM
I think this has been mentioned before: There is no recommendation about water consumption that is backed up by medical research. All recommendations thus-far could be tracked back to advertising by bottled water companies. :rolleyes: Various research organizations are currently undertaking the first studies related to water consumption. Their results should be released within a year or so.

What we do know is that some hydration is necessary, that water content of food "counts," that caffeine depresses the hydration effect of the liquid it is delivered in (such as coffee) but only moderately, and that there is such thing as drinking "too much water," but the amount is rather high, and the reason why it is "too much" has to do with water toxicity.

03-20-2003, 11:17 AM
Originally posted by bicker
All recommendations thus-far could be tracked back to advertising by bottled water companies.
I have read about this claim myself. But I have to wonder, a little, why have was the 8 - 8 oz glasses a popular recommendation, even in the days long before "bottled water" became popular?

03-21-2003, 05:41 AM
When do you think bottled water became popular?

03-21-2003, 11:31 AM
Originally posted by bicker
When do you think bottled water became popular?
Well when I grew up in the 70's & 80's I would have to say bottled water was not "popular," at least not like it is today. But I remember hearing in health class that you need to drink 8 - 8 oz cups of water per day. I can not put a dateline on when it did become popular. But I certainly would not say it was popular, when I first learned the 8 - 8 oz cups "rule."

So, Bicker, when do you think bottled water became popular?

03-21-2003, 11:49 AM
In the mid 60's I was told to drink 8-8oz glasses of water a day, too. We had never heard of bottled water back then. You could buy distilled water in gallon jugs but the bottled water craze, in East Texas, at any rate, hadn't occurred yet.

As a matter of fact...I remember in the early 60's in our health class we were told to drink 8-8oz glasses of water everyday.

Okay, I feel old now ;)