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03-18-2003, 10:03 AM
I know this is a hot topic so I hope I don't spark a great debate, I'm curious as to what my fellow CDN's are feeling right now.

I feel kind of like an on looker. Part of me has this idealistic notion that nothing will happen here in Canada, part of me is afraid we're heading to something larger.Ihaven't followed the whole thing to close-kind of like when a small child closes their eyes and believes they are hiding. If I sound confused its because I am. I've read alot of posts from our american dis'ers and I so respect their courage and patriotism(sp). While I am very grateful for our armed forces, some how we don't get as patriotic as our neighbors?? Maybe its because our government has also kind of taken the position as onlooker as well that I feel this way. I am in no way saying I agree with the war or don't, unfortunately I am not educated enough on the topic to make an informed opinion either way.
Do any of you feel what I am feeling or am I way out there? On to the WDW part of my post. I was planning a trip with my ds(7) at the end of August if finances allow. I have had a very difficult year and can't wait until my annual Jan trip. My problem is, as some of you may recall, I travel alone with my son while my husband stays behind. He is saying he refuses to have my son in wdw during a war, while he is at home unable to protect him/us. On one level I see where he's coming from, but I don't feel its a danger--I wouldn't ever put my son in danger on purpose. My belief is when its your time you go, no matter what the location it was decided long before I arrived when I would leave.

The obvious answer is for him to join us so we are all together. That will never happen, he will not travel for a number of reasons/excuses so that's out. Also because I've not followed the conflict closely enough I am afraid I've missed something and it really is a bad idea. Then there's always the fear that I go and God forbid something does happen and he was right. What would you do?

I know there are alot more important problems in the world right now than my summer vacation. I in no way mean to trivialize that but I believe my post to be about more and I'm hoping others have the same fears and doubts that we may help each other.

03-18-2003, 12:19 PM
I think if you just wait it out alittle with dh, you'll probably know if this is going to get bigger (war wise) or if it'll all be over by the time you really have to crunch to plan it for the end of Aug. trip. I wouldn't push anything ( him for an answer etc.) for the time being, see what happens, why stir the pot, when you can't control the future.


03-18-2003, 12:40 PM
That's good advice Wendy. I definitely have the luxury of time not like our fellow dis'ers who are leaving within the week. At this point wait and see is all any of us can do.

03-18-2003, 01:21 PM
I know I was certainly glad to have fit in our trip before anything happened in Iraq. I did notice that there was a larger Security presense in Disney, so that made me feel more secure.

03-18-2003, 04:29 PM
tmli, your approach to this conflict is very sensitive and thoughtful. My views are strong so I will not air them here. I just wanted to thank you for your kind point of view. I embrace your feeling of togetherness ~ I join you and other CDN DISer's with great hopes for a better world.

I think Canadians are patriots. At present, our role in the world is onlooker, I agree with you. (I don't like it, but I know what you mean). I do hope that Canada gets involved in humanitarian ways ~ sending food, medication, supplies. Our miliary is small, not weak. On the scale of things, we can't send 300,000 troops like the Americans because we don't have those numbers. The Aussies are sending 6000 troops. Our numbers would be more like that.

Again, thank you for opening a kind discussion. S

03-18-2003, 05:31 PM
My sister, her two DDs, my DS, and myself have a "tentative" trip planned for the end of July. I think we have to "wait and see" what is going on in the world in a few months. I am no more frightened of terrorism in Disney World than I am living 20 minutes away from the border. We will be driving, so one of the issues is how long it takes to get over the border. We won't have to worry about getting on a plane. My oldest son (who is not going and is pretty anti-Bush these days) is concerned that if the borders shut down we wouldn't get home. Everyone has to make their own decisions about this one - thank goodness that we, too, have the luxury of time.

03-18-2003, 07:33 PM
I would like to thank you all for taking my post in the tone it was intended. Sometimes in print it's hard to pass along intent and feelings but you all got it wonderfully.

Some how I knew I could get the point across here in writing that I have trouble verbalizing.

Do you think Walt knew all the wonderful and different ways he would bring people together? I don't think even he could imagine this!

03-18-2003, 07:39 PM
This is a very sad situation all around.

I myself have a quick trip planned for Easter Weekend. Have already prepared DD in the event that if the situation escalates to where it is not safe, we will not go.

I just have one thing to say, I hope this Bush has learned from his Father's mistakes. May it be swift and few lives lost.

God Bless all that are over there and may your Guardian Angel be with you at all times.


03-18-2003, 07:49 PM
Thankyou for your kind words. When I think about it I do agree with you Cdn's are patriotic. Perhaps I didn't mean to imply we weren't maybe we're just more passive (or low key?) about it then our american friends. I, too would like to see Canada get involved in a humanitarian way. I feel we are a compassionate and peaceful country, qualities I see making us strong. My fear is that other countries see us as weak for these same qualities. I feel great pride being a Canadian and I also see our military as small not weak.

I hope Mr. Bush has explored all options, one thing I do know is what he does in the next couple of days will have a lasting affect on us all.

03-18-2003, 09:12 PM
If it is still going on during our Dec trip we are going anyhow who really cares if there is a war it is my holidays damnit and I am going to WDW hehehe

03-18-2003, 09:52 PM
DSNY FN ~ I too hope the war is over for your vacation ~ it's a sticky time right now isn't it.

We are in a 'wait and see' mode right now. Iraqi is so far away that I have a hard time wrapping my head around this war. I still remember watching Desert Storm on TV. It was the weirdest time for me. I would go about my normal day, come home, make dinner, do the dishes and sit down in front of the TV and watch the war. Even back then, it had an odd feeling to it. The distance and coverage desensitize me. On 9/11, my world was rocked completely. NOW it's close to home, I thought. But time has passed. We humans are naturally adaptable. 9/11 is history. I still think about it everyday, but it is history, like WW II, WW I, the War of 1812 etc.,. Our world changes and we change with it. We humans are awesome survivors. We recover and move on. We are sitting on the eve of yet another future history lesson. When our children and grandchildren study this time in high school history class ~ they will have all the answers to what WE should have done. It will be hind sight and that's 20/20. Right now, we just go on and survive, live, love and be happy, good people. That's all we can do. And YES, I think Disney should be relished, especially now.

So now we wait. We hold each others cyber-hand and learn how truly remarkable we are. S

03-19-2003, 12:15 PM
{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}} also!


03-19-2003, 01:30 PM
Hi ~ I was talking about the Iraqi Freedom war this morning and it occurred to me how truly lucky we are to live in Canada. I felt like an "armchair commentator" about the war. I am very comfortable and safe here. I watched THE PATRIOT (Mel Gibson movie) on the weekend and it demonstrated "war is hell" on American ground. We did have wars here in North America. They were brutal. We have an amazing life now, a large part of that is due to conflicts ~ they molded our country. Now, another part of the world will have a war. And maybe after it is over there will be peace and calm and a better life for Iraqis. You guys are awesome! Thanks for this wonderful thread of compassion. It is thoughtfulness like ours that will pave the path to a better world. PEACE, Sandra

03-19-2003, 07:01 PM
I, too, hope that if there is a war that it will be swift with very little loss of any life. I guess we will know in a couple of hours-maybe if we all pray and sprinkle massive amounts of pixie dust, a war can still be averted.

We leave for WDW at the end of April-I too will wait a little longer before making any decisions. Hopefully it will all be resolved shortly.

03-19-2003, 07:23 PM
We're going to WDW on Apr 4th and I'm really not worried. I am planning on longer waits and the border and greater scrutiny of our luggage at BUF but I won't let this spoil our plans. I figure if anything the parks will be deserted.

03-19-2003, 09:59 PM
It's beginning........God Bless Us, Everyone.

03-20-2003, 11:06 PM
It seems it is business as usual over on the Disney Magic(except for the US navy in Cozumel!)...I was wondering what would happen if, and when the U.S went in...they even had the sound turned off on the TV(tuned to CNN) in one of the lounges, as the CM said, so as not to ruin the Disney experience, or something like that. I have not as yet been able to contact my friends who are CM's at wdw...want to see what they have to say.
I am also adopting a "wait and see" attitude, I was scheduled to fly to Bangkok at the end og April, then stright on to Orlando, where I was supposed to relocate as a CM in another non-Disney venue. This changes everything...I, as are we all, am praying for this to be over swiftly, and with a minimum of pain and suffering for all involved.
Still proud to be a Canadian :D

03-22-2003, 12:08 PM
We are on a wait and see mode too. We're all booked for Aug. Our flights still aren't booked so we have the choice of cancelling if necessary. I'm now debating whether we'd be better to fly out of Toronto instead of Buffalo. I'm still waiting on some good codes for Aug-we're booked at full rack rates-it bugs me when we've paid so much less--we'll see.

03-23-2003, 10:04 PM
We leave in 12 days for a 1 week Western Caribbean cruise (on Royal Caribbean, not Disney unfortunately) and then back to Disney for 1 week. I'm not scared or nervous at all. No more than the usual flying/travelling jitters that we have always had. I figure that life is far too short to be concerned about circumstances beyond my control. We've planned and prayed about this trip for the last year and a half and are not going to let anyone spoil it. My DS8 is a bit more nervous than usual, but has been about flying since 9/11. We're just reassuring him as much as possible and talking about all the fun we'll have both on the cruise and in Disney. The only way I'll cancel is if the borders are closed and I can't get on the plane or the ship. Good luck to all those planning trips.