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03-17-2003, 03:14 PM
I have some questions about Cynthia for you regular rumor millers.

I remember when she was promoted into head of the Disneyland Resort, replacing Pressler (I believe). I remembering reading good things about her on this board. People where hoping she would end the Pressler practices imposed on the parks.

However, it seems the public opinion tide has turned against her in many posts and articles I read.

What is the story with her? Is she another penny-pincher? Does she have no true power to get resources for the parks even though she wants too? Will her true colors shine through now that JR is in charge? Will the combination of JR and Cynthia be good for Disneyland (Will Marty Sklar get his numerous back-burner plans finally approved?).

03-17-2003, 03:47 PM
My impression has been that Cynthia's big problem is DCA. She had very little to do with anything in that park, but is responsible for making it a success which I find an impossibility (I'm still realing from reading that Eysnur actually likes the park. I mean, I like free tortillas on my birthday as much as the next guy, but PLEASE!

She has also had a spate of Runins with CAL-OSHA which doesn't make her life any easier.

I will say this, I've been to Disneyland twice while she's been in charge and for both visits, I found nothing to fault except a few paint issues. (something that is bigger then Disneyland)

Of course, she has very few options what with being so close to Burbank.

03-17-2003, 04:49 PM
Just for the record, I liked DCA also. There is not enough in the park to justify the ticket price,but I think the park has potential. We were to DL/DCA for the first time in Sept. quite honestly, after reading the Diz boards, DL was a bit of a let down from what I expected. Lot of peeling paint,monorail cars were in terrible disrepair, too many abandoned rides left to rust, too many rides down for refurb at the same time, (although I realize Sept is very much off-season).

03-17-2003, 05:15 PM
Ok thanks. Yoho, your post is similar to the vibe I get. She has attempted (somewhat succesfully?) to improve the maintenance of the park (left in horrid condition by our favorite gap employee), but doesn't have the pull to get any big dollars allocated to her

Regarding her DCA troubles: talk about being handed the Titanic and instructed to stop her form sinking with a bucket.

Another Voice
03-17-2003, 05:50 PM
Her problem has nothing to do with her performance. Her problem is that she was hired by Paul Pressler into Disneyland.

Whenever a new group takes over, the first thing they do is kill off all the competition. What you're reading is just the new guy's attempt to remove people so he can move his own staff into those positions. Paul did the same thing; Cythina benefited from it at first and now she's just falling victim to it.

The sad fact is that she did a pretty good job, certainly a much better job than WDW managed during Paul's reign. DCA is a disaster and she has done her best to deal with it, but other forces have stopped any meaningful moves to fill in that sink hole. Worse, she's being set-up by JR to take the fall for its failure. From his position, it's much better to shove blame down rather than up to where it belongs.