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05-18-2001, 05:35 PM
So, here's the thing.

In August, we're off to WDW for four days, then six days in Indian Shores (somewhere in Florida, my wife tells me) during which time we'd like to spend two days (maybe three, but there's an awful lot of other places we're supposed to be fitting in!) at DC/SW.

So, with the major emphasis on giving our two girls (13 and 11) the time of their lives (other than when they have the treat of being asked to tidy their bedrooms), any proposals for a two-day touring itinerary (must include swimming with dolphins) would be gratefully received.

And what do we need to do while we're still here in the UK, before the cases get packed?


IanEvans111 (why did my parents call me that?)

05-22-2001, 05:25 PM
Hello Ian :)
Do you have 4 days at WDW PLUS 2 to spend at DC and SW?
When you buy DC passes, you also get 7 consecutive days at SW, so really to get your money's worth, you wouldn't have time to fit any more in than that, also , bearing in mind the cost, you'd also want, I think, to spend a full day at DC. The dolphin encounter itself lasts for about 45 minutes, but then you have unlimited access to the other pools where you can swim and snorkel, seeing rays and various other fish, plus lunch thrown in, and beaches where you can rest and sunbathe.
From here in UK, you can book your DC passes on-line, at www.discoverycove.com and I'd be happy to help you with planning, once I know exactly how many days you actually have in Orlando.
Do come and visit us on the UK DIS too won't you? Follow the link in my signature, you will have to register there to post :)